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My son is now almost 2 years old and I finally...

My son is now almost 2 years old and I finally came to terms with the fact that kegels were getting me nowhere. I couldn't hold my pee at all, I felt loose, it was hard to push all the poop out (ew sorry), and it looked to me anyways, unsightly. Like you could see the bulge of my rectocele (herniation of the large intestines/rectum into the vagina)

I didn't take any before pictures because I ended up with a cold a few days before surgery. It was really depressing to look down there anyways so I mostly avoided it. I also had some scarring on my left labia from where I was stitched up when I tore giving birth.

The Dr. elected to fix that for free! He thought insurance would cover everything (it didn't) but he ended up still coming back in the room and saying that regardless of insurance coverage, he would take care of it for me and do a labiaplasty to remove the scar tissue and even everything out. I saw a uerogynecologist who specializes in labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. He did a vaginal reconstruction basically to fix the rectocele, and the labiaplasty.

The surgery was only about an hour and a half and everything went fine. I went home about an hour after. Recovery was/is brutal. I can't lie at all, this is a major surgery and you may want weeks of recovery time. I am on day 7 and still bedridden. I accidentally walked a little too much today and my stitches started bleeding so I'm still more confined to the bed. The first few days were unbareable, much much much worse than the pain of a vaginal birth with tearing. If I knew how bad it would hurt, I almost wouldn't have done it. I was popping oxycontin every hour.

I will edit this to add my pictures


Clit Hood

Although I don't have a before picture, you can see on the clitoral hood in picture #2 on the right side (your right) it looks like the hood is split a little. That was where the scarring started from where I tore giving birth. It also continued to tear down the labia on that side. The "scarring" wasn't so much excess tissue (though a little) but that it was sewn by the OB very loosely and didn't heal together at all. The skin was attatched but it still looked split. Almost like it was just glued back in place but didn't heal as 1 continuous unit. So a little bit of the scar is left, I definitely would never want my clitoral hood messed with at all. The reviews I see with the exposed clits are just terrifying to me, and visually unappealing. I'm really glad mine is in tact, even with the tear.

Also I will mention there wasn't much removed off of the labia. I would estimate about 3-4 mm of labial tissue was removed. My lips were just outside of the outer ones. Labiaplasty would never have been something I would consider having done. I was always happy with the state of things down there, but I think it will look pretty nice. I wouldn't have had the labiaplasty if the doctor hadn't been so generous in helping me for free. He is a fantastic doctor to boot!

Since I had scar tissue on the outer edges to remove, I had the trim method done. Yes it freaks me out how it looks lumpy, but I've seen before and afters that have healed really nice. Mine seems to be slowly getting there, I hope it smooths out pretty well. I'll continue to update until fully healed.

Picture update, 2 weeks 1 day

Well, the pain is finally gone for the most part. It's tender if I wipe, and when the doctor put his finger inside of me it felt sort of like my vagina had a soar throat (haha.) I got some stitches removed and had my 2 week follow up.

It feels A MILLION TIMES BETTER without pesky wiry stitches poking me. I thought I was told after surgery that all of my stitches were dissolvable. But I kept falling asleep while they were talking to me, so it's probably my mistake anyways. The stitches were on a little tight, the doctor says. I love him because he is so real about everything. He makes no excuses, he is upfront, and he is kind. Bonus: he actually cares about my health beyond the surgery. He takes the time to ask me about a couple other health issues he ended up solving for me. They were feminine issues, but unrelated to the surgery. He's just a really great doctor who obviously cares deeply about his work. Honestly I didn't do much research before this surgery because as I was fixing the rectocele primarily, I was viewing it from a medical standpoint instead of a cosmetic one. But I am thrilled with my choice. I recommend him to anyone considering this procedure.

As for the labiaplasty, it's still healing but looking pretty good. I can tell I am going to be thrilled. I'd love to hear updates from anyone else going through this as well! Hope you all are healing fabulously!

3 weeks

I've had a lot more pain this week than last, it seemed to spike after I got a few stitches removed. I still can't really sit down on my butt for very long or walk very far. Itching for the most part hasn't been a problem. Looks like it's healing pretty nicely, I'm happy with it. Still hoping/waiting for some of the bumpiness to smooth out a little. Also sucks because today is my birthday but no birthday sex will be had :( Wahhh

Anyone else? How are you guys healing??

Week 4 Update

I am healing slowly. This isn't a surprise to me, I always heal very slowly. I still have some stitches and glue left there. I'm in no pain or discomfort. Not much itching at all.

Just time will tell! I'm told it takes a few months for everything to smooth out, as far as the amount that was taken off I think it was perfect. I'm SO glad I had a trim. I had to have a trim because it was to remove scar tissue that left some nerves exposed from giving birth, but I'm always thrilled that I got rid of some of the darker pigmentation. I am getting impatient when it comes to healing.

Any ways anyone knows to speed up the process? I am sick with strep throat right now, so that might be impeding things too. How is everyone else doing? I'd love to hear from you all I hope you all are well!

6 weeks

No pain, not much sensitivity. Vaginoplasty surgery is completely healed with no pain. It is incredibly tight, even at 6 weeks when it was supposed to relax a little. I can fit my pointer finger in there (size 4, tiny fingers) and it is a tight squeeze. I'm so nervous for sex! The labia was definitely more finicky. All the stitches are finally gone. It looks pretty good, a little bumpy for my tastes. But I'm trying to be patient.

And also, I wasn't like most girls here. I didn't have large, protruding labia. I always had small neat labia, I just had scar tissue and some tearing on one side that didn't look nice to me anymore. So my doctor had to work with all that and try to repair. I am really happy so far.

1 month and 3 week Update! 7 weeks Post Op

Confession: I have not looked at my vulva since the last post I made. I finally got my period, and that sucked, but I think all the blood rushing to the tissues in that area helped the healing along somewhat. I was beginning to think I might end up unhappy, but I think it looks good and I was pleasantly surprised. I know I still have a few months to go before "final" results, I'm such a sloooow healer but it's all been worth it so far.

I had sex!! I had sex!!!!
A few times actually. First time was really tight and relatively painful, at the end once I was super turned on it wasn't painful anymore. It's definitely tighter, the next few times having sex was easier. 2 fingers hurts (both my husband and I have slim fingers) but can get in if I'm really turned on. I keep doing kegels because I want to take good care of the whole area and ensure long lasting results as much as I can. I'm hoping 3 months down the line it doesn't start to relax again like I've read from other people. I imagine if someone is very stretched out the surgical results might not be magical. The doctor and nurses said despite my rectocele herniation, I still wasn't "loose" at all or what they would consider to be relaxed. That the only reason for the surgery was to repair the rectocele but the doctor would of course make sure it was "back to how I was used to it." The nurses didn't seem to want me to get the surgery, but he chimed in saying that for me (naturally very thin and small framed) it was probably a big difference after childbirth from what I was used to. And it was. I'm glad that I got this surgery personally, but from the research I've done I can honestly say I don't think I would recommend it to women with significant "loosening." That's just my personal opinion because all (or most) of the reviews/stories I have read from women very loose (4 fingers or more) said they were unhappy with the results of the surgery. And it isn't like a labiaplasty where you can keep taking more off in the future if you want, most doctors don't really do "revisions" on vaginal tightening and seem averse to doing the procedure more than once. Hopefully more people can chime in on their results, I'd love to hear from anyone who is a few years out from the surgery and still happy with it.

If the doctor wasn't so kind and generous as to give me the labiaplasty for free, I'm not positive it would have been worth the money for just the tightening alone. UNLESS it stays how it is right now for years, then it is absolutely worth it to me. I'm just operating under the assumption that some additional relaxing of the muscles may occur (as it does to many women, not all, who get this done.)

HOW IS EVERYBODY!? Anyone had surgery recently or in recovery? I love hearing how you are all doing. I hope these pictures help someone. I have tried to continue updating with many, many pictures of the process. I hope it's not annoying, I just know I was looking for reviews with plenty of pictures of the healing process. I don't dig the "one before" "one after" style because it's just not as real to me. Thanks everyone for reading

OOPS, Didn't post the correct pictures on the last post

Please ignore that picture, the site isn't letting me delete that one for some reason, but that's actually from the previous week. I got confused because I'm wearing the same socks haha :)
Dr. Shashoua

A wonderful doctor who takes pride in his work and the happiness and health of his patients. Such a refreshing humble person compared to all of the arrogant horror stories I read about on here. He is genuine and in it for much, much more than the paycheck. His work is meticulous and fabulous. A++++++++++ From his website: Dr. Shashoua of Austin Urogynecology is board certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive surgery and specializes in female pelvic floor disorders. His understanding of vaginal and vulvar anatomy is essential when creating labial and clitoral reductions that appear natural to the individual patient’s body. Additionally, his urogynecologic background is crucial to safe and effective vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

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