Smartlipo: Arms, Flanks, Inner/Outer Thighs - Austin, TX

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I'm going to get into extreme detail here, hope...

I'm going to get into extreme detail here, hope it's helpful to the nervous. :)

I've been wanting to remove these stubborn pockets of fat from my otherwise skinny body for years, but my mind was made up this spring. In March, I'd dieted, bicycled and walk/jogged to my lowest weight ever (114 and 5'3") but I still had weird saddlebags when I wore pencil skirts and suit jackets looked bizarre because of my thick upper arms.

I decided to get this procedure done with Dr. Broder because I'd heard he'd been conducting lipo and smart lipo for 16 years and rarely had negative feedback.

I prepared for the procedure by quitting smoking a week ahead of time; most clinics I googled stated that smokers were more likely to experience complications. I also started taking Arnica tablets and vitamin K (both from Whole Foods) 3 days before, after I heard they could help with bruising. In case I was one of those patients who felt like they were hit by a truck for a week after the procedure, I prepped my guest room as a cush recovery room. Vinyl mattress cover, puppy training pads and dark sheets for post-op leaking, a breakfast bed tray for my laptop and eating, bottled water and saltines on the bedside table, and plenty of magazines and books. Ok, this was total overkill, but it made me less nervous to be prepared.

Two days before the procedure, I picked up my meds: Lorazepam (sedation before and during the op), antibiotics, and hydrocodone/acetaminophen for after the procedure.
Dr. Broder's friendly staff instructed me to start the antibiotics the day before the op (4 times daily) and to take one sedative the night before. I was out like a light.

The day of the surgery, I wore tie-up, loose, black exercise pants, and a short sleeve button up shirt, both things that I was ok with getting stained. Oh, and socks- it is really cold in the procedure room. I had another sedative when I woke up, and one more when I arrived at the clinic, so I was feeling juuuuuust fine!

The nurse had me change into a bizarre surgery bra, matching underwear and a short robe. The private waiting room had a TV with cable, and one magazine. I wish I'd brought a book, because I waited for quite some time.

When I moved to the surgery room, I was glad that they provided blankets, because it was freezing. Dr. Broder greeted me and walked me over to a backdrop in the corner of the room. We rediscussed the areas I wanted changed and he drew a contour map on those spots with a marker. Then he took photos from several angles of those spots.

I got back on the table, and Dr. Broder began injecting a numbing agent into several spots in each area (typical needle pain), he followed by pumping me full of tumescent fluid, which was very uncomfortable and swelled me up like a balloon. I recommend watching his video of the procedure on youtube to see what I mean here. After I was bloated up, the fluid needed to sit for fifteen minutes before the next phase. The very nice nurse, whose name I am drawing a blank on, set up a movie for me (Full Metal Jacket- w00t! It was a small selection, so I recommend bringing your own).

The next phase was unpleasant but only moderately painful at moments. I lay on my side, with a pillow propping my leg up, and Dr. B began the liposuction. I can only explain this as feeling as though I was being drilled; I felt/heard the vibration but no pain. He kept his hand over where he was pulling the fat to judge the contour. He then followed very quickly w/the laser. Although the movie was on, I found myself morbidly fascinated by the fat being sucked into the cylinder on a nearby table. At some point, I stopped paying attention to what he was doing, although I did note that on my arms, he used the laser first and followed with the lipo. When I asked, he confirmed that he swapped the order on small areas. During the procedure, his bedside manner was polite, professional, and occasionally showed a bit of dark humor, which I thought great.

After the procedure, the nurse put thick bandages on the puncture points, then helped me into a beige compression bodysuit. It covered my arms past my elbows, down to just above my knees. It has hook closures all down the front, and an opening at the groin, so you don't have to remove it to pee. It looked very strange with the giant bandages underneath.

I was pretty amazed at how normal, although spacey/happy from the sedative I felt after the procedure. I wasn't tired at all, and I hadn't leaked through anything yet. So, the bf and I went for a short walk before we went home. I could tell I was swollen, just a bit more than period bloated, in the affected areas, and I had begun to leak through the bodysuit. I ate dinner and took my antibiotics plus a half hydrocodone in case I started feeling pain during the night. I just woke up (at 1:30 am) and decided to write this. Still no pain, but I'm expecting it to hit me on the second or third day.

I go in tomorrow for bandage removal, quick consult, and a 30 minute gentle lymphatic massage. I'll try to get my before pictures too. I'll be happy to take the bandages off because they are uncomfortable under the suit.

Hope this was helpful!
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