Team Robles!!! TT,Lipo (Back,abdominal ,flanks & Arms) & BBL - Dominican Republic

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I'm a 29 y/o Female Married with two beautiful...

I'm a 29 y/o Female Married with two beautiful children I have a 5 y/o Boy and a 11 month old Daughter who were both born via Cesarian. I've gained a dramatic amount of weight for my last pregnancy my baby girl weighed a healthy 10lbs at birth she was the talk of the day at labor & delivery :) any-who I've always been overweight with stubborned belly fat and now it's time to get rid of it and put it where I lack like in my Tush area.
I chose to go with Dr.Robles,W from CECIP in Santo Domingo,DR. Looking at many profiles of her work is completely amazing this PS has a gift for sculpting you into a real natural looking women,it's what captured my eye.I've read many profiles and keep up with those who update and the results just look better post by post.
I'm extremely anxious,excited & scared just like I was for both my emergency C-Sections but the results were so worth it I love my children to death and well do it all over again if I had too but Mommy and Daddy are done having babies and now it's time for Mommy to have the body she always wished for & Dr.Robles is going to help make my wish come true just in time for her big 30th Birthday bash in June of 2014.
So far I reached out to Dr.Robles ans she send me a Plastic Surgery Book on what I need to know and expect its prett much straight to the point,I've also submitted my Health Questionnaire al, that's left is my Pictures to be sent and receive my quote $$$ then pick a date and schedule my flight... soon to cross over to the flat side!!! #Fingers-crossed
Anyone going around that procedure date hit me up, I'm going alone so we could bunk & heal together I'm from NYC,Bronx departing from JFK or LGA.

Patience is a virtual...The waiting game!

My tentative quote is $5,200 just waiting on Dra.Robles to review my pics and give me an actual cost so we can set a date but In the mean time, I'm continuing to read many journeys and look at alot of before and after pics and must say I'm so eagerly anticipating my journey...
Wishing all a healthy speedy recovery!!!

Wish pics...Emily B and Denise Bidot

Keeping it real my body frame is thick so I figured I go with a thick natural look...

My final total is $4700.00

Dr. Robles reviewed my photos and recommend the following:
"Tummy tuck + liposuction on waist & armpits"
No BBl or Lipo on Back she said it would be to extensive to my body,at first I was a lil bummed out but after excepting that my Tummy Tuck was more important it's totally understandable and figured I'll just go back just before my birthday to get my BBL to go with my Flat Tummy...Can't wait to turn 30 it's going to be a new me lol how many ppl say that now and days!
Now planning on scheduling a earlier date for TT surgery to have time to recuperate and go back to do a BBL all before June 2014...
Was thinking December 2013 for TT then head back in End of May 2014 and be complete by mid June...any suggestions are more then welcome!

Wow totally unexpected...HELP

I made an appointment with my PCP to get blood work done to see how high is my Hemoglobin levels. while getting my complete physical done and explaining to my Dr.about my PS plans He suggested for me to lose some weight before proceeding with this PS so it would be more worth while ($) He says I should get the "Lapband" and started to explain to me it's a tool installed in your body to help you control your intake on food and help me gradually change my eatting and living habits he gave me a web site to check out and said to give him a call if interested so he can give me a referral,I did and found out my health insurance pays for it and thought maybe this makes sense being Dra.Robles wants me to lose 20 pounds before surgery anyway so as of right now my PS is on hold till I have my lapband put in and see how it goes from there.My PCP and I know there will be saggy and excess skin and that's when I would need the PS done....does this makes any sense??? I'm kinda bummed about the whole ordeal,any inputs???Has anyone had a tummy tuck after the lapband or another kind of WLS???
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

It's a no go.....

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