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Wow, I have been researching and looking at pics,...

Wow, I have been researching and looking at pics, profiles in FB groups for some time now. I am 23 days away from traveling to the DR. I have changed my mind several different times, but my last decision is Dr. Walkiris Robles. Let me share my journey with you all... Well I am 39 with 3 kids, married (2nd marriage) I am 5'10" and I am a plus size girl (by society's standards). At my biggest I was up to 275lbs... I have since lost weight and wasn't happy with the way I was feeling and looking in my clothes. Last year 2013 I lost some weight and got down to 250 lbs. Don't get me wrong I carry my weight well because of my height, but I just didn't feel good, tired all the time, no energy levels and my legs were starting to get numb, after a car accident I was in. I have extremely high self esteem, but I had to make some changes health wise. So since May 2013 I lost 45lbs, and got down to 205lbs. But after the holidays, and I got a little ill and the loss of a relative, I gained 17lbs.. ugh... Kinda disappointed but, shit happens..... Now about my journey, I first was set on Dr. Baez, and was scheduled with her for 3/14/14, but decided to change my mind, I wanted an earlier date which she didn't have available. Now I later looked into Robles, Yily and Duran & Cabral but of course Duran and Cabral told me I needed to lose a little bit more weight. At the time of my communication back and forth with the docs Yily was on maternity leave. .. I was scheduled with Cabral but later decided to change my mind and go with Contreras because me being greedy I wanted my boobs done too. So needless to say, I changed my mind from Contreras and decided to go with Robles. I done that because he started to schedule to many people and alot of the girls said they didn't get the results they hoped for. Now he is great with Breast Augmentation and things, and I love his communication skills, he answers questions right away, however I think he is better with smaller ladies. I also decided to change to Robles because out of all the docs I have been in communication with, her staff was the only one that sent a booklet type - brochure what to expect. And I love how she shapes curvier ladies like myself. Laura her assistant has been lovely so far. Well I will update some more tomorrow.

21 Days Away - Robles Vixen & Hemo Building Tips!!

Well it is getting closer and closer and I am looking forward to my journey. I cannot wait to say good bye to this tummy. I am going to miss my family especially my husband and my kids, but this journey is necessary. I want this so bad it is in my soul to have this done? Am I scared? Kinda, but it must be done. I think I am more afraid of the pain of the muscle repair then anything. My pre-testing with my doc was on 1/22/14 and my hemo level was 13.2. Not bad at the end of August it was 12.9. A few things that got my hemo to 12.9 was Iron 325mg once a day, Vitamin C, B Complex and eating cream of wheat. So since the end of August I started taking Blood Builders in addition to my Iron Pills, once a day. It went up to 13.2. I thought it would have been a little higher. But based on I do not eat red meat that could be the cause. Now I have added a few things because I want to get my hemo up to at least 14. I got this tip from a girl in one of the Fb groups. I am only doing this 30 days before my journey. Well I take 1 Blood Builder when I wake up on an empty stomach. After breakfast I take 325 mg of Iron with 1 500 mg of Vitamin C. With lunch I take 1 B complex, 1 Folic acid 400 mg, 1 Vitamin D3 5000 iu (my Vitamin D levels are low because I hate Vitamin D milk). (Don't judge me, my skinny inner chic is vegan ... Lol) After dinner I take 1 more Vitamin C 500mg, then before bed I take 1 tbsp of Geritol. I know this is going to get my hemo where it needs to be and the messed up part is that I will get my monthly visitor while in DR.. Ugh!!! ** Please note I do not recommend this if you do not know what your current hemo level is **.... Well one thing is for certain is that with my review I am going to keep it 100 with everything, good the bad and the ugly. At first I wasn't going to share my journey because of pettiness and BS, but forget the negative folks. I will share my journey because I am sure it will help someone else.

20 Day to go Until I leave for DR

OMG!!! It is 20 days until I leave for DR, I am getting so excited. I have an awesome sx buddy to she is from Miami and going to Fatima Almonte. We are both beautiful plus size vixens. She is so cool and sweet. Glad we found each other in the Contreras group. It is nice to find a sx (surgery) buddy to share your journey with especially if your family cannot come. I will miss my kids so damn much. And I know I will be crying from being homesick. I wish my husband could come with me, he is my protector and makes md feel so safe. Ok with the mushy stuff let's get down to business. I have a few more supplies to get but I don't plan on over packing. So far I have Wipes -baby wipes, disinfectant wipes and summers eve wipes. A girl gotta be fresh since we can't wash up. I have surgi tape to help with the tummy tuck incision. I won't need that until I get home but whatever.... I have pads, Neutrogena face wipes, chuxs, urinal, Bromelain pills, laxatives, compression socks, arnica cream. I still need to get some wife beaters, 3 -4 sun dresses, flip flops, a few wash clothes, ensure & protein bars and some big mama draws!!! Lol lol, gauze, alcohol, surgical tape oh and a bobby pillow and all the toiletries to stay fresh. I am not overpacking I don't have time for that. Also my PCP won't give me a prescription for pain pills and I don't have time to be dealing with no pain after this Tummy Tuck, Lipo and BBL. Based on those pain pills in DR are weak I am going to the ER and get my acting skills on so they can write me a prescription....... O well a girl gota do what she gota do, not like I'm abusing em, hell I really need em shit!!!!! Well my nerves are bad I'm getting nervous but I feel like I'm bout to give birth to my new self. Well ladies if you have any questions please feel free to inbox me, I'm here to help as much as I can. Well until tomorrow!!!!

19 Days to Go.... Bittersweet Realization, Passports and Stuff

Well 19 more days to go, and the nerves are kicking in.. I am ready to go, with these marital problems arising, I think I need a break from my husband. I am really not sure how things are going to go after surgery, but I am just going to plan to get back to work and move to a smaller/cheaper place. I have been trying to work this out, but seems like its not happening. I love him and all but sometimes some people just grow apart. I know I wanted his support as far as being there with me through this journey, because I feel that he would protect me and look out for my best interest. So my journey is a kinda bitter sweet. I am embarking on my new body, fresh new year, and possibly a new start in the relationship department. Well I have a new outlook on life... NO LONGER WILL I BE ANYONE'S DOOR MAT... I have been such a good friend, to people, good wife to my husband and just an overall rock to people when they are down, that I don't have any thing else to give. I am tapped out! I have to invest stock in my own self. I have to continue to build me up and stop settling and doing things to make others happy. I am so tired of it, and it started when I got the ball rolling on this journey almost one year ago. So for right now I am doing me and my kids.. if I didn't give birth to you basically you can kiss my whole BBL ass when I get finished! Bump the moochers, the soul suckers.. (you know them folks, them people that try to suck all the positive energy out of you) OKAY NEXT TOPIC...... Dolls as soon as you plan on going to the DR, go ahead and get your passport. I have been racking my brains because I decided to wait until the last minute to turn in my application. Well the reason..... I had to go through getting my licensed changed from my previous married name to my current one... such a frickin headache. There is no excuse I should have done it sooner, I can't blame nobody but me. So I had to turn in my application and expedite everything, pay for express shipping to and from the Passport agency. It was a total headache that ended up costing me $209.85... then you have to worry about receiving it in time. Don't cause yourself more stress and worry, just get it ASAP.. You will thank me later.. Well until next time.

Wants a 50" Ass already a 46"

Well I'm getting the last little details together and went shopping again today for some more supplies picked up some feminine wipes, baby wipes and some bactrin cream, going to pick up a few more things this week, then more on the weekend. Well took my measurements and of course I am a big girl and I love my curves, just this gut has to go. My measurements are 38-36-46. Keep in mind that I am 5'10" Ultimately after sx I would like my waist to be a 29, (hell I would be happy with a 31" or 30" waist) and hoping she can stuff my ass to a 50" or more. My hip to waist ratio would be nice with them measurements, but I may have to continue waist training to get it down that far. At the peak of my weight loss my waist was down to a 33, but been a little stressed and haven't been on my diet and exercise like I should. Yay I finally got my passport in the mail yesterday. Talking bout sweating bullets and cutting it close. Well I will post tomorrow good night all. Here is a pic of me to give you all an idea of my body type. I am not posting no naked pics so sorry.

OMG 14 Days to go....

So sorry dolls I haven't updated in a few days but I am freaking out!!!! OMG 14 days to go until I leave, and the nerves are kicking in. I had a pleasant dream the other day that I was in DR and I loved it and my sx was a success. Can't help but to feel underprepared even though I feel I may have got too much stuff... Oops forgot to get some ensure and some Protein Bars because I know I will not be in the mood for food the first couple days. I am excited and so nervous at the same time. I am ready to get this over with but been over analyzing everything and to not have control is bothering me. I been stressing myself out lately and on top of trying to get everything prepared I am coming down with a cold so I have to work on getting that taken care of before I go. I changed my return flight to Economy Comfort. Wish I could do first class but can't do that. Well that's all for now.... Sorry this post was a little boring I am a mixed bag of emotions right now. Until next time!

12 More Days Until I leave... Nerves are Gone Ready to Go!!!

12 More Days before I Leave for DR.....Well I'm over these nerves and ready to get that infamous blue pill. I have everything I need except for the pain meds. All I have to do now is get my girls in order, because my mom is watching them so must get their church clothes together.. Ok sue me I'm a heathen... LOL.. I need to be going to church myself, but that's a whole nother story.. Anyways I was thinking about paying for my tourist card up front and printing it out. But think I will wait until I get there. For those of you who do not know you will be given a form to complete on your flight to DR, it will ask you your reason for being in DR and how much $$ cash you have on you.. I must admit, I don't like that at all, and don't plan on disclosing the full amount that I have on me. I guess they are scrutinizing everyone and trying to break down on criminal drug dealing and so forth. Here is the link to purchase the tourist cards for anyone who may be interested. in purchasing I am not sure if I am going to pick up some Dominican Pesos or not, but I do plan on getting about $75 - $100 worth of 5's and singles. I ain't got time for nobody to be cheating me out of my change. Oh I am so ready for some warm weather, here in my home town it snowed last night and this weather is just crazy..
Another thing, I am thinking about changing my procedures to BA, TT and Lipo or just TT and Lipo, think I am going to wait for BBL. Not sure yet.

10 More Days and I'M OUT.....

Dolls I got 10 more days and I can hardly contain myself. My family is conveniently getting on my nerves and its a shame that I have to go to another country just to get away from them. Don't get me wrong I love them so much, however they act like they can't do nothing without me. Its like they think I am the "Wizard" in the Wizard of Oz.. like I'm google or something and have all the answers. I am so ready to get this over with. Okay now l last post I was confused on what procedures to get and still undecided.. Yep go figure. I wanted to share with you all what I bought so far CLOTHING - Wife beater tank tops, 3-4 maxi dresses for appointments, maybe a housecoat, flip flops not the ones that go between your toes but goes across, flats. I have a faja that I bought myself may bring that just in case, Yoga pants, a few t-shirts. SUPPLIES - 96 Maxi Pads, 50 Chux Pads, Depends, Feminine Wipes, Baby Wipes, Antibacterial Wipes, Urinal, Arnica Gel, Bromelain Pills, Pain Pills, Laxative, Ensure, Protein Bars, Alcohol, Cotton Balls, Surgical Tape, Gauze, Tylenol PM, Latex Gloves, Surgi Scar Tape (leaving that home not gona need it yet) Oh and all the necessary tolietries. I may add a few more things, but I don't want to over pack. Did I miss anything so far? What do you all think? If for some reason I do have too much stuff, I am taking an old suitcase anyway, and I may leave it there with all the things I didn't use to give to Virginia or some of the other ladies that may need them. That way on my flight home I will be even more lighter then before. I will just make sure I have all my other things that I need in my carry on. Well feel free to ask all the questions you need.

5 Days Until I Leave....

Well dolls 5 days until I leave for DR. I am not nervous anymore. I have all my supplies and now all I need to do is get my little girls in order to go with my mom while I'm away. This past weekend my hubby and I went on a short romantic road trip to celebrate is birthday and Valentines Day weekend. We had so much fun, and it just reminded of how much I will miss him while I'm away. He is so sad that he can't go with me. Now I will miss my children so much although they drive me insane, not seeing their smiling faces for 10 days will be hard. I know saying goodbye to them is going to be so hard. I know I am going to cry when I take them to their grandmas house. Like I said I am not nervous, however I haven't been sleeping too well lately, I guess I am just excited and wondering how everything will be once I arrive in DR. Hopefully my electronic devices will allow me to share video footage of the Clinic, recovery house, & and other things. I am not sure if I will change any $$ to pesos I guess I will make up my mind about that within the next few days. Well until next time dolls!!

This Time in One Week, I will be in DR having SX..

Hey Dolls,

I am super excited, first day back to work after a long weekend and being off on President's Day. I am tying up some loose ends, like bills and other things I need to get done just to pay everything in advance so when I get home, I won't have to worry. Well things are alot better for my husband and I. I think the romantic getaway last weekend really helped. I been praying to God to help us sort through our problems, and so far everything has been good. Okay so not trying to be nasty or nothing but when your sx (sx - means surgery for those who don't know) time comes, make sure you "GET IT IN" with your mate sexually because after wards we are supposed to wait for 6 weeks. Plus an orgasm a day will make this whole process alot easier.... You gon need to relieve some of that tention built up... I don't know how I'm going to break the news to my husband.. and I don't know how I'm going to not have sex with him for 6 weeks.. I can't last that long.. IJS.. I can't resist his chocolate ass.. LOL.. Yea I know TMI.. well I told yall I was gon keep it 100 without being too graphic I guess. Well I feel like there is some other things that I need to get, but don't know what. I even ordered my lipo foam last night alot of places on Amazon is sold out, but I really thought I could get away with ordering it when I got home. Laura sent me Robles account information because I was contemplating on paying for my surgery in full. If so I need to do that today. I am going to add some blankets to my list of supplies, don't want to be freezing after sx while waiting for someone to bring me a blanket. Well if any post op dolls have a few tips to share I would be so thankful. Well until next time.

My Time is Finally Here

Well dolls I leave for DR at 7:00 in the morning and I am so excited. I took my little girls over my mothers house and it was so hard to say goodbye to them. I'm glad they were not sad but earlier today they were down. I'm gona miss them so much!!! My husband was down too... he is one of those men that ask me about everything... he cant get along by himself!!!.... he is spoiled!!! lol Ok well let me update you all since the last time I posted. I decided to only get TT, & Lipo gona skip the BBL this time for a few reasons, well I plan on going back to work really soon in like 2 weeks after and don't want to worry about sitting and so forth, & I have a health condition I was diagnosed with... Yep I was told I had asthma right before Thanksgiving. I have never had asthma my whole life but now out of no where here it comes. So right before I turn 40 I am told I have a slight case of asthma. Some straight bullshit!!! You woulda thought they told me I was a leper... lol I was like What the fuck??? Asthma??? Me?? Lol....Based on these reasons I don't want to be sedated for a long period of time I gota be careful. So when I arrive in DR tomorrow for my test I'm pretty sure I will have to see the specialist to clear me. I have never had an asthma attack before but I have been wheezing on and off the last few days. So now I am worried about that. Another thing that is bothering me is me and my surgery buddy superthickkrissy was supposed to be staying in the same RH which was Virginia's, but she is going to Almonte. So now she is moved from Virginia's to Relax Recovery. So I asked Laura if I can stay at Relax instead for my whole stay because I was told when I booked my date that there was not enough room at Virginia's for my whole stay so I was to stay at Virginia's from 2/23/14 - 3/4/14 and Relax from 3/4/14 - 3/6/14. So to make things easier I wanted to stay at one place instead of moving. Well me and my sx buddy will be separated :(. ..... I hope my new roomie is nice. I hope she don't mind that I am a quiet non-judgmental person that don't bother no one but will get with anyone who tries me!!!!!! So I am praying for a safe flight a successful sx for me and all the dolls going and speedy recovery to all dolls that recently went. My sx is Tuesday morning first thing I hope. I pray and hope I don't be bored to death from Sunday to Tuesday. Well until next time....

Finally on the Flat Side.... Adios to that Fat Ass Stomach

Ok dolls I got so much to tell you. Sunday I arrived in DR at about 3 in the afternoon. And as I told you all before you get off the plane you will fill out the Tourist card information. After getting off the plane you will take a right and walk all the way down the hallway. Don't worry most folks will be going in the same direction. You will get in line make sure you have your papers filled out and have your $10 and your passport ready to give the attendant, it will make the process go faster. She will give you a tourist card receipt with another small attachment, looks like 2 receipts. After leaving the tourist card station you will go through a small maze, customs. Pay attention to what line you get in one line is for the locals. After that you will go to baggage claim. When you get your luggage you have to put it through a scanner type equipment to make sure you don't have contraband, drugs, guns, etc. okay now turn the corner walk up a small hallway that leads to outside. It was people cheering mass people waiting with signs. I had to literally look closely at the signs it was so many people picking up someone. I even saw Jose Brito there picking up someone. Finally I spot Wilson holding a sign with my name on it. It was about 82 degrees and I was hot, irritated and hungry. So he took my bags and introduced himself. Alot people think he is rude but I didn't get that from him he is a little quiet but I got him to talk. He takes me straight to the clinic where Laura Dr. Robles assistant is already waiting for me. Came into the office talk to Laura that's where we discuss the quote and the amount paid. (You need to pay close attention) Laura is lovely and things but they are about their business. Her job is to get the money, I have to respect that. So went over the particulars and she told me that Dr. Robles will do my consult and everything today (which is Sunday). I went downstairs to the lab to give blood, do EKG and Chest XRay, then back up to see Dr Robles. When I first saw Dr. Robles I was impressed because she is beautiful and humble and I love her attitude, not arrogant at all. She explains to me what she can do to my body to improve my shape. I told her I didn't want BBL and want to concentrate on healing from the TT and Lipo, she said okay. She said well let's do hips (because I don't have any at all).... Well I asked how much will that cost and Laura said $250 extra told Laura I would think about it and let her know the morning of surgery. So sat in the Lobby with Wilson waiting on another girl to get done with testing. Turns out the other young lady was staying the night at the clinic and didn't need a ride. So we head over to Virginia's after a comical car ride over. Some people don't care for the driving but it's funny to me. I seen a whole family ridding on motorcycle... Lol lol. Ok now at Virginia's my first impression I was thinking how cozy this place was. It has one bedroom downstairs and 2 or 3 upstairs, there is a TV area with pretty wicket furniture and one side of the house has sliding doors with metal bars on the outside to intruders don't get in. The food here is pretty good and do far the staff is nice. My advice so far is to pay attention if something's don't seem right and don't take nothing without first asking how much is this? You will thank me later. I will write more tomorrow and share with you all what is working for me and how my healing is so far. Here is a few of my photos hope y'all can see these. I'm healing ok and getting around better. I end up having surgery on 2/24/14 instead of 2/25/14 which I didn't mind at all. I am swollen and so glad I decided to get Arnica Pills, arnica cream, & Bromelain pills it is helping tremendously. Well I will write more tomorrow fill like I'm rambling on. If you all have any question hit my inbox. Until next time dolls.....

The Day of Surgery..... Let me get you all caught up!!

Okay so the day of surgery I could not sleep a wink at all. There were some pleasant older ladies coming in to talk to me. I know everyone said that the nurses as CECIP are rude but they were not rude to me at all. Only ones that seem to have an attitude was the ones at the nurses station. So I was up 2nd for surgery that day. Dr. Robles comes in to mark me up and immediately she knew I had scoliosis. She marked some areas that I didn't necessary want lipoed like my arm pits. Now remember I am only getting TT and Lipo, to sides. Laura came in a little earlier than Robles to get my decision about hips which is $250 I decided to do it. An hour later a very attractive older lady comes in and gives me the blue pill and a swig (gulp) of water, good thing I don't have a problem swallowing pills. The only thing I remember was using the bathroom and saying this damn blue pill don't work. Ok hop off the toilet wash my hands sit on the bed and an older man came with the wheelchair. I don't remember nothing else after that. My surgery was only 3 hours and I remember being in a deep sleep but feeling Robles a little pain down on my left side of my Va-Jay-Jay she was getting all the fat from down there. She lipoed my upper back my sides and on the bottom of my back to create a nice arch with little bootay that I do have, she also injected some fat on the bottom of my butt, and of course some hips which I never had much of. I just didn't want the hassle of going through loosing my results and I really wanted her to concentrate on my waist. After sx I was taken back to my room and one of the nurses gave me some juice to drink. I was so thirsty but I couldn't drink it because I was nauseous and threw it right up. I couldn't eat or drink anything even though I was hungry and thirsty as hell. First night after sx wasn't too bad the nurses kept coming inject pain medication in my IV so I slept like a baby. Next morning which is Tuesday they brought me breakfast which was some type of oatmeal or porridge, toast and juice. I ate a little of the porridge the toast had some type of mango jam which was good and that juice was good too. They were so nice to me and I never had to ask for anything they just brought to me, like extra blankets. They even brought me a survey to fill out about the service I received while I was there. My experience at CECIP was good just the Wifi sucks really bad, and I was ready to go based on that fact. I was ready to call my husband and my kids. Finally later in the afternoon get back to Virginias now I can make my phone calls. They make really good meals at Virginias and take good care of us the only thing I don't like is all the surprises about extra shit we need to get. They have a cream called Liotrin which they sell for $14 it's the same as Arnica Cream. I bought a tube but not buying no more we just use this Arnica Cream I have. Another example they will say oh you need to go to this oxygen chamber so your wounds will heal faster it is not included and costs $100 plus you gotta pay the driver to take you there. I'm not doing it because first of all not paying $100 and ain't nobody putting me in no oxygen chamber I am claustrophobic and they will be dealing with a crazy lady that whole damn clinic would be turned up because I would freak the fuck out. I understand this is a business for them from surgery to aftercare and all the supplies that are needed. Good thing game recognize game! If you are the type of person that can't speak up for yourself this journey is not for you. You can't let people get over on you. If you think something don't sound right question it. If somebody asking you for $ for something you already paid SPEAK UP!!! Ask how much something is before you take it. I know a few things I am glad i brought Arnica Gel, Arnica Pills, Bromelain with Querticin it has helped me to heal tremendously. And instead of the Protein bars I brought some Fiber One Bars with protein to help with bowel movements. Well until next time dolls I am swollen as hell they made us some pineapple and cucumber juice, hope this helps with swelling this frickin sucks. Wish I brought some water pills with me. Hopefully I get to go see Robles tomorrow and I will ask for some water pills. Here are a few pics of Virgina's.

9 Days Post-Op & My Review of Virginia's RH

Well ladies I am 9 days post op and I am going home this morning. I am so thrilled to see my family. I miss my husband and my kids so much. This journey is an up and down roller coaster, one day you are thrilled the next you are emotional, then homesick, tired of being incapable to move the way your mind wants your body to. Sorry I have not posted any pics, but I plan to do so once I get home and settled. I went to see Dr. Robles for my final check up last night and was able to get my back drained removed which was the most irritating. I still have my front drain. Ok don't mean to gross anyone out but I said I would be honest about everything, if you are not aware you will drain fluid from your back even with the drain in so be prepared to stick a few pads or half of a depends on your back taped close to your drain hole. DR. Robles took the front drain stitches out but I still have the drain I'm because I am not draining less than 50ccs so going home with it. Oh well in 14 days I'm pulling this mug out myself. I just hope I don't have any problems with customs and getting out of here. I asked Dr. Robles if i could take a water pill for swelling she said its not a good idea based on my blood pressure is normal taking the water pills will make my blood pressure go down low. She recommends high protein diet, like Ensure, Protein Bars, Egg Whites to replace the protein that was lost. I did notice on days I ate a Fiber One protein bar I wasn't as swollen. I am still a little bit sore I had to take a Percocet last night because my stomach muscles are sore. See when you get Muscle Repair and if you cough or laugh it will be sore. We been having a good time at Virginias. The service is excellent here. If you go to Dr. Robles ask them to send you to Virginia's. There are 4 ladies that work here, Jalissa, (daytime) Virginia works at night, Johanna is the cook, and an older lady cooks on weekends. You will also meet Martha, she comes over everyday with food and such. She is a doctor who practices general medicine and runs the Recovery House. The food here is great, we even told Martha that they are making too much. Can't eat that much with a tight ass garment on. Your appetite will become like you had gastric bypass surgery especially when you start to wear your garment tighter (last row). You will be stuffed then you won't be able to sleep. I know I wasn't happy with all the surprise costs in the beginning but they really do treat you good here. They really care about the girls that stay here. I told them I would miss them because I do feel like I have made life long friends here. My experience was good from my surgeon to staying at the RH. If I decide to come to DR for surgery I would definitely stay here. I hear so many people talk about bad experiences at Recovery House. So glad my situation was different. I came to DR alone and with the grace of God I made it out of surgery and recovering ok, just swollen. Until next time.... I will post pics soon.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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