Mother of 3 Children, 39th Years Old, from Brooklyn NY - Dominican Republic, DO

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After a lot of research I have decided to go with ...

After a lot of research I have decided to go with
Dr. Robles. My cousin had her surgery on August 2015 and I was convinced. Had my doubts at first because I kept only seeing Tummy tuck work. I do think she does more Tummy tuck than anything else, but then when I saw my cousin body I was completely convinced. I'm going for a liposculpture and a BBL. I'm booked for March 15, 2016. I already got my flight for March 13th and I will have my test done on the 14th. I'm going to stay only 2 days or 3 in the recovery house until the anesthesia wears off, because I have my mom over there and I will be more comfortable at my moms house being pampered. I really hope she leaves me with
A flat abdomen, small waist and a big booty.


After a lot research I have decided to change from Dr.Robles to Dr. Molina. I have seen a lot of his work and it is amazing. He does more Lipo and BBL, and less TT. His work is Art, I just sent him the deposit and I'm just waiting for him to confirm my date. I'm also going to use Venus Recovery house. The RH is not included in his price. But when i did the math with Robles and Molina's price is only a $25 dollar difference. Her price was $4275 with recovery house and his is $4000 and the recovery house is $300 for the same amount of days. So I decided to go with my gut feeling. And that is that he is going to do a better job of what I want done. I have my flight for March 13th, and I'm ready to become a Molina's doll. Will update keep you guys up to date with my journey.

Dr. Molina

Great Dr. Molina just confirmed my date! It's still going to be on March 15th, he had one spot available in the A.M., which is great for me because I had to do no changes for my flight! He's so great at communicating with his patients. He contacts you himself directly no assistant. He evaluates your pictures and contacts you via what's up and he's pretty fast.

Dr. Molina

Count down 10 days To go! So excited And nervous

Today is the day

Well today is the day! Today I will become my best version! Molina's Doll! Wish me luck and I will post pictures as soon as I can

In My room


Ready waiting on blue pill! OMG nervous but so excited ????????????????

Out of surger

Ladies everything went well! Little pain he is the best so far!

Out of surgery

Feeling great, little pain! Had liposculpture and BBL

First pictures

Loving my first results


Well it's been 5 days sinc


Well it's b


It's been 5 days since my surgery! I'm feeling great, pain is much better. I'm recovering very fast! Dr. Molina is just great and his wife Dr. Lols is also great she works with him.

2 1/2 weeks after surgery and doing great

Ladies I'm doing great! Love Doctor Molina, loving my results so far. Can't wait till summer

2 months post op

I'm super happy 2 months post op and feeling great! Couldn't have made a better decision

Round 2 with the king???? Cabral

Hey Dolls! I'm almost 6 months post op and already thinking of round 2 with Dr. Cabral in March/2017. I need more BBL AND LIPO. I know there are a lot of negative opinions out there but everyone has to do their own research! I don't want to get round 3 so I need to go with someone that can accomplish my expectations . So I'm posting my recent pictures of my 5 month post op
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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