BBL w/ DRA FATIMA ALMONTE- Dominican Republic

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*Treatment results may vary

I've been in communication with Dra Robles'...

I've been in communication with Dra Robles' assistant Lefny almost everyday. She has answered ALL of my questions promptly. I've been waiting for responses from Yily and Duran's office but to no avail. I understand they are busy but damn...on the flipside, there's something about Robles' staff's attentiveness & quick responses that make this entire experience of travelling to another country for surgery much less scarier.. I can't seem to find many 2015 BBL reviews for Robles.. I've seen a few 2015 TT reviews but does anyone have a recent BBL experience with Robles? I'm 80% sold and want to pay my deposit but the lack of reviews have me a bit unsettled.

The beginning...

vitamin c, b complex, iron pills, folic acid purchased! Started looking for a few post op fajas... Did my bloodwork this weekend. Waiting for results..

The RS BBL sisters have been sooo helpful! Your lists.. Journeys.. It makes me feel like I'm not in it alone.

The ONLY person that knows I'm going through with a BBL is my boyfriend. I've said it jokingly in passing to my girls but i dont think they took me serious. Ive decided against sharing my journey with them until well into my post op. I prefer to make my decision alone without anyone's 2 cents.. Cuz you know erbody got an opinion!
Anyways, I'm starting my pills tomorrow.

To any post op bbl sisters: what are the major POST OP items you needed the most and which items did you buy that you didnt end up using im trying to narrow it down since i only want to travel with a carry on luggage.


I finally received a quote from Dra Yily's office. Her all in package was about $250 cheaper than Robles. Yily's work is amazing but she doesn't speak english and uses one of her assistants to translate.. I'm waiting for my bloodwork to come back. Hope my hemo is high enough! I want my sx next month!!!!

Bloodwork results are back!


Just wanted to update yall. I got my bloodwork results back today. My hemo is at 13.1 I quickly sent it over to Robles' assistant Lefny via whatsapp. She said all I need to do is maintain my current level & I'm good to go next month! I also just started taking my vitamins i'm taking b100 complex, vitamin C, one a day multivitamins, iron pills, folic acid pills...(as instructed). Robles' office provided me with an entire surgery book pdf to follow.
Having Lefny on whatsapp is the most helpful. She literally responds within 15-20 mins. It takes the nerves away..

I also sent my deposit for Robles today. Confirmed my SX date for July 17!
Ahhhhhhh.. It's becoming more & more real!!!

Need to start shopping for my post sx items soon..

Booking my flight. Ahhhh

Hi girls,

I'm deciding whether or not I should book Economy or biz class.. It's about a $400 difference and I def dont wanna cheap out on anything post op! I want to be close to a washroom and be comfy on my 4hr flight home from DR. I'm so worried about ensuring my post op care is on point. The flight + long layovers is giving me anxiety...

Flight booked!!

I booked my flight for DR! I chose to fly biz class home just in case!After reading hundreds of Bbl reviews and posts ..Post op care is CRUCIAL. I wanna make sure I'm as comfortable as possible!

I fly in on July 16th..
Lefny arranged for me to stay at CECIP that night..
My sx w/ Robles is on July 17th.
She told me I may have to stay at the clinic for 1-2 days post op to ensure everything is ok before they transfer me to a RH.

I asked to stay in a private room or to share with one person only but she was honest enough to let me know it's subjected to availability as they are not positive which day Dra Robles will release me to the RH.

She said I was going to Paradise, Queens or Virginia's. I found some pics of them they look alright.. I was expecting worse. I mean I'm not going there thinking its like the TRUMP. We are in DR. As long as it's clean with running water, electricity & there's wifi & AC im good to go!

The nerves have finally settled. I feel more at ease and now I'm going to finish up my post op / trip shopping.
If you're having or have had SX w/ Robles please feel free to comment/share your experience. I greatly appreciate my RS sisters xx


Love this girls waist to hip ratio!
She has had numerous lipo and bbls...
Let's hope Robles can get me close to this shape with my current body: (5'3 and 158lbs) in one shot!
Ps. I sent Lefny my flight info she told me to start eating super clean and drink 2-4 litres of water daily to detoxify my body. She said remain positive and keep calm for the weeks leading up to SX.

When I panic or have a question - I hit her up and she responds within 15-20 mins. Having her on whatsapp/iMsg has been god sent!


Can't wait for Robles to suck alllll the fat out my mid section and fill in my HIPS AND ASS.
Countdown...16 days til SX!!!

Nails or no nails?

Hi ladies,

Is it sanitary to keep acrylic nails on during sx?
I am never without my nails done.
I have seen some sisters recovering WITH acrylics and others who said they were instructed to not even wear nail polish.. So I'm slightly confused. I understand that having long nails you are prone to harbor more germs/bacteria under them BUT have any of you kept them on during SX and how much of a pain were they really?

Ps. Uploading those before pics really made me realize how excited I am.
I am not even looking for stripper booty. I am more so excited about Robles snatching my WAIST - I know she's the TT queen but hopefully she can LIPO me down to achieve awaist.

My current measurements are:
41.5 - 35 - 41

My post-sx WISH measurements are:
37 - 27 - 43

Post Op Flight...

Hi Ladies,

On your flight back, how many of you used a boppy pillowS for your flight home?
Was it absolutely necessary?
I'm reading mixed reviews some docs say it's not necessary as it causes dents etc but others say it's absolutely necessary. HELP!

Post Op Flight Pt 2

I realize I am asking these questions and hardly anyone is responding (excluding my RS main: ICanTranformYa xxxxooxxo). I am sure it's mad annoying because most of the info I am looking for is explained in the other RS Sisters' posts.. I'm not even mad at that but it would be nice to have some feedback... gotdamn LOL!

After furthering my research (stalking all of your BBL stories) I have opted for "Travel Lower Lumbar Memory Foam Pillow". I want to place that directly under my thighs on the plane so my booty won't be touching the seat ( it looks like one of those lower back cushions) I got it from walmart for $11.97
I had to order it online since they are no longer in stock in the Walmart's around me.
It's suppose to arrive Monday so I will test it out and give you a formal review.

T-Minus 13 days until SX!!!!! So excited!!!!!


Last minute switch..?

Sooo I started following more dolls' journey here on RS and I convinced myself that Robles only works miracles on bigger girls. I started looking at Almonte's results and even went as far as getting in touch with her english speaking coordinator, Lesley maria.

Now I am torn :(

10 days pre-op and I can't decide which one to go with! They both work out of CECIP so my plan is to deposit $$ with both doctors and decide upon arrival. The only thing that is so annoying is that Lesley does not respond promptly!

Ex: I was at the bank waiting to wire them the $$ I needed their bank address and IBAN# (she already gave me all their other details in an email) I reached out to her via whatsapp she read my message and she said she would get back to me but didn't it's been 24 hrs I sent her a whatsapp msg about her not being very serious about collecting payment and how her lack of assistance is alarming because the last thing i want is to get my sx and then post-op get IGNORED. I feel ignored when I'm tryna give them money - if they are ignoring MONEY then I will FOR SURE be ignored post-op. Lesley said sorry her phone died blah blah but your phone has been dead for the entire day yesterday AND today? As great as Almonte appears to be at snatchin small waists and as sweet as Lesley comes off in her initial response - I really can't risk it. I better stick to my original DRA and stay loyal to Robles. The process has been seamless from the jump and I was ready to jump ship because I was afraid she couldn't give me the results I wanted. Just doubt and fear messing with my head.. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR.

Robles it is.. sorry for the rant just wanted to share my journey (ups and downs)

T-Minus 10 days!

Robles & Almonte

So Lesley finally got back to me and I was able to send my deposit.

That's right dolls I am booked for both DRs and will make my decision upon arrival.

I know it seems extreme but I don't want to take any chances..spending an extra $350 for peace of mind makes me feel much better.

Their offices are literally next door to one another. I will be praying on it. My gut tells me Robles but ever since Lefny let me know she will not be there when I arrive I am so uneasy...

She has been amazing and communicates with me DAILY but she says she is in NY right now. She says she will continue to be my main source of contact when I arrive which worries me because hell she ain't even there! She told me Dra Robles' assistant Tavarez will be there to assist me as well but I should continue to msg her and she will arrange everything for me ..but as I continue to follow other dolls' journey and they have mentioned that the communication with staff is amazing leading up to surgery and then post surgery its so much harder to reach them that makes me so uneasy :S

Lesley, Almonte's assistant works directly from her office at CECIP. If I decide to go with Almonte at least I will have someone I can speak with in person who speaks fluent english..

To summarize my dilemma:

Robles.. Great communication with Lefny, but she will not be at CECIP when I arrive (she is in NY for the summer) and states TEAM ROBLES will be there to take care of me under her instruction

Almonte.. Not the very best communication with Lesley (her responses are delayed but that could be because she is in the OR) but she will be present when I arrive to CECIP. Other dolls have even said Lesley comes by the RH to check up on them as well..

I'm going to pray on it..
T- 6 days before the BIG DAY!


Hi dolls,

Just purchased my TOURIST CARD so that when I land in DR I can avoid the long ass lines..
I land around 3pm and need to make it to CECIP and get all my labs done before 6pm (same day)
I printed the purchase confirmation as well as the actual pdf of the "card".

You can purchase your tourist card here, it's $10:

So I'm wondering how the heck Imma get through customs with all of these pills (meds & vitamins) I'm thinking they'll ask 101 questions so I'm going to print off my surgery confirmation info and keep it handy so I can show them when they start questioning my ass.
Hopefully it doesn't create a hoopla - I am NOT into creating scenes and I'm not trying to miss my flight!

And the nails are off! + Packing list

Took my nails off today - it's getting REAL.

Purchased some last minute items: sweat suit for post-op flight - I want to be comfy, a cozy blanket, Ensure (since I've been taking all these vitamins I've lost my appetite.. I can't even imagine what it'll be like post-op), a combination lock for my luggage/overnight CECIP duffle bag (I changed it from the key padlock cuz where am I really storing my keys when I'm in SX?), battery power bank for my phone (for my CECIP stay in case I'm not close to an outlet post-op..I'm going down alone and need to update my family as soon as I wake), got $700 CASH I don't plan to pay for my surgery in cash it's going on my credit card cuz there's no way I am carrying 5stacks+ to DR in Cash. I was told I have to pay an extra 4% for the VISA processing fee but to me that's much safer than having 5K cash.

Here is my list of items that I'm bringing with me, I think I have everything covered but feel free to comment if you think I'm missing something. Tomorrow is my last day to pick up any last min items...

-Compression garment with sleeves (EBAY seller:
-Compression garment (under boob style) (EBAY seller:
-2 pairs of Compression socks, 1 compression stocking, 3 pairs of cozy socks to go over compression socks
-Crocs, Slip on sandals, flip flops
-3 Maxi dresses: 2 tank style + 1 t-shirt style
-2 silk pajama sets (pull on pants and button down front)
-4 cotton tanks
-4 cotton tees
-2 light jersey material night gowns (button down front)
-2 Easy slip on breezy pants
-comfy robe
-1 sweat suit for post op flight
-Battery Power Bank to charge cellphone & ipad
-Water bottle
-Lumbar memory foam pillow for post-op flight home (boppy pillow replacement)
-Cozy blanket
-2 pillow cases
-Gauze pads (ones with adhesive and ones without)
-Surgical tape
-2 face towels
-3 wash rags
-Huggies hypoallergenic wipes
-alcohol pads
-maxi pads (56 pads)
-depends (6 pieces for day 1 and 2 post op)
-2 pairs of shorts (in case its hot and I can't sleep in long pants)
-arnica pellets
-arnica gel
-bromelain pills
-vitamin c
-iron pills
-multivitamin gummies
-stool softener
-fibre pills
-folic acid
-tylenol 3
-pill container
-lysol wipes
-dial soap bars
-cliff bars
-ensure (6pack - for day 1 + day 2 post op in case I can't eat)
- tooth paste
-toothbrush/toothbrush holder
-plastic container for soap bar
-hand sanitizer
-hair ties
-5 sports bras
- shampoo
- listerine
-off spray
-disposable gloves
-q tips
-hair brush
-gum and mints
-aveeno face wipes
- halls cough drops
- deodorant
-ear phones
- all pdfs sent from each DR with quotes and pre-op and post op care
- photocopy of all IDs & visas (emailed copies to myself as well)

I think that's everything I packed.. I still need some BIG PANTIES as I don't own any and will need to purchase a quick 8 pack of Hanes from Walmart tomorrow..

I'll update my list if there is anything I missed!
3 days left!!!
Flying out this Thursday morning.. SX on Friday with.... ALMONTE! (Yes I finally decided!!)

Videos of CECIP (Helped me hope they will help you dolls)

Hi Dolls,

Please note that it is very important to go down there with no acrylic, gel, shellac or painted nails.
It's taking everything in me right now to not throw a paint of nail polish over my nails because it looks so dry and stale (after removing my acrylics). I am totally having a DIVA moment and need to get my ACK together! Safety first always.

Why no nail polish?

Nail Polish—Please remove any nail polish before arriving at the hospital. This is done because the doctors/nurses need to be able to see your natural finger nail to check your circulation. . Nail polish may also get in the way of the pulse oximeter which is a small machine that gently clips onto your finger to keep track of your pulse and how well you are breathing.
Acrylic nails—Most hospitals require that you remove at least 2 acrylic nails (one on each hand) so that the pulse oximeter can be used.

I recently found a video of what CECIP. Shoutouts to DebbDukes for recording the video to let us see where we headed, I found this so so so helpful hope you will too:

Another DebbDukes video of the room at the clinic:

Headed to Walmart to pick em oversized PANTIES up..


I'm sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight as I write this to you. Last night I was a MESSSSSS - so many emotions. I was crying my eyes out thinking how selfish can I be? What if something happens to me? What about my family? My amazing boyfriend reminded me to lean on my faith. Whatever that is suppose to happen has already been predetermined. God has brought me this far and I must continue to trust him. I prayed so deeply asking him to guide me and I will follow his lead. If this sx is meant to happen and it's in his will for me then I will go through with it. If not, I will turn back around at ANY TIME if he shows me that this is not where I'm suppose to be.
I go back and forth from feeling extremely selfish and superficial to feeling empowered and certain with my decision.

Thanks to deep prayer and wise words from my boyfriend I feel more calm.. Dare I say..even more relaxed. I will trust in God with all of me.

Lord, may you bless me and all of my RS sisters on our journeys. May you wrap your loving arms around us to protect us. May you be our strength in our time of weakness as this entire process leaves us so vulnerable. May you guide each doctor, nurse & after care personnel with a kind heart, caring spirit & the knowledge to handle each and every one of us before, during & after our procedures. Lord, take the lead and we will follow. In JESUS name I pray AMEN.


2 hour layover in Miami.
Killing time. I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my RS sisters for your prayers & support. It means so much to know I can log in and connect with girls going through the same journey!!


Hi Dolls!

Just did my bloodwork and xray waiting to see the cardiologist now. Everything is happening so quick. She drew my blood one tube easily (on her first try) the xray machine is old school but it does the job. The xray lady is cool she playing toni braxtons album in her office so im def jammin while i wait for thr cardiologist.

Ps. Lesley is a doll. Racquel is sweet. Both speak fluent english. Almost All of Almonte's staff speaks perfect english from the receptionist, assistant, everyone! I also did my before pics with Lesley.

Ps. It's very fast paced here, highly organized and everyone is on point. Its super clean the floors nice and shiny only thing is their tvs look like they from the 90s but really all and all.. Great so far and the fact that ALMONTES TEAM speaks perfect english is a PLUS PLUS PLUS.

Check back soon dolls.

Oh and thank you for your well wishes I will give a better update when I get to the RH. I'll be staying at "MY HOME" RH


Hey luvs,

So I've been up since 5am had to head to CECIP early because 2 girls from the RH were flying out. I'm currently filling in paperwork to be admitted as a patient and have questions about Anaesthesia so I'm sitting here waiting for her to arrive.
I need clarification because a few girls at the RH said they were awake the whole time.

The hospital is full so they told me I won't have a room for a while (typical). I asked one of the nurses and they said it may not be until after my procedure. Not impressed. But it's TYPICAL with hospitals..

So now I'm just waiting for Lesley to Cancelling with Robles and seeing her nurses is hella awk cuz Almonte's office is literally next door. OH TO THE WELL. I feel confident in my decision.

My surgery will be around 1 or 2 pm today. It's gonna be a long day but I'm happy I'm able to see more post-op patients.

Last night I stayed at MY HOME RECOVERY, here is my current review..

POSITIVES: Clean. Modern. Private. Lots of TVs. Feels cozy. I got my own room with private bathroom. AC works. They have NETFLIX in the living room.

NEGATIVES: NO WIFI anywhere but the living room. (This was a huge upset for me). Food was blah. Dry chicken & mashed potatoes. The girls said it doesn't get any better.TV in room must only be for display as only ONE channel works and thats ENews in Spanish.

Oh and when they say RH Drama is REAL. It's REAL. First night and the stories I was hearing has me quite nervous about my stay but I put my FAITH in God and I know he won't put me in a situation he won't see me through.
BUT with that being said, I have been in contact with Wendy from HIGHCLASSRECOVERY I need to decide if I want to stay at MY HOME or move.. I guess I should decide fast since my surgery is this afternoon.

There are lots of girls from all over at CECIP: Holland, UK, Canada & of course the US

I know my thoughts are all scattered but I'm just sharing whatever I remember.

Check back soon.


Thank god for CECIP WIFI.
So Almonte has to see her post-op patients before doing my sx today.
I don't understand why they make you arrive so early when all you have to do is WAIT. I whatsapp Leslie and she took care of that quick! Dr.Almonte is so so sweet. While she was marking me up she kept saying "I like it i like it you will see nice change" so i'm definitely excited! She says I have lots of fat for her to work with! I told her do whatever my body can take but i wanted a natural/curvy look. There's 7 dolls here for post -op appmts with Dr. Tania (Almonte's asst) some girls here for consultations.. I finally got my room and I'm just unwinding. Facetiming/calling my fam before they come in with the infamous BLUE PILL.

Just wanted to check in with my RS sisters.
Next update will be POST OP :)

Love yall & thank you for your well wishes and prayers xoxo


Hi Dolls,

First I want to give all thanks & glory to JESUS!!!!!

I just woke up called/texts all my fam and you know inhad to hit my RS sisters too!!!!

Surgery went well.
Took the blue pill I was wheeled out.
Got to surgery room & they were like did you take the blue pill cuz you're so awake lol they stuck an IV in and then I knocked the hell out. I woke up feeling laid beside a robles doll i met earlier they kept us in surgery area before we woke so once they saw me awake they moved me to my bed and brought me back to my room. I think i was out for 3-4 hrs.

I feel Fine... I got in trouble by a nurse earlier i dropped my bottle of water so i used my foot to open the little bed gate, stood up to the my water the nurse came in and caught me shes like "umm excuse me what are you doing?" I said "im getting my water i dropped" shes like please call us as we are here to help. Please do not stand you are still under anaesthesia if you fall and bump yourself we will be in big trouble. Im like oops sorry.

Otherwise i feel good, lil groggy.
My butt is just feelin like a cement block but thats normal i guess. Oh and im upset i didnt get arm lipo i added but maybe my hemo was too low to do it all. I gotta ask Lesley!

Cant wait to see what i look like but i am wearing a size small faja! The ones i brought M&L i could not even get into it yesterday!!!! Makes me excited my results look natural so far but i cant really see cuz im lookin down..hopefully ill get pics when I get to HIGHCLASSRECOVERY tmrw.
I confirmed my switch right before surgery. I feel better about my decision! But im still using NEPER to drive me since he works exclusively with Dr Almonte and did I mention his car has WIFI!!! His brother Antonio also helps him with all of picks ups Antonio is really into the INTO. Telling me about all the big malls we drove past blue mall saw a LOUIS VUITTON & Zara - i felt right at home. Oh he has wifi too in his car! Hes only 100, wendy wanted 150 for her driver.

I want more water so i guess ill call the nurse this time LOL

Update in the morning dolls, thanks again for all of your well wishes and prayers!!!

Post op day 1

Day 1 post op
They took my faja off before bed
Love my waist cant see my booty i flipped over to try to snap pix but ill take better ones in the next few days
Otherwise im feelin good just tired


Hi luvs!

So i left CECIP this morning been walking around all day. People at the hospital asked how many days post op am I because im so mobile. I said one and they were in disbelief! So here's the real good bad & ugly of CECIP..

Good: nurses check on you all the time there was at least 4 working the night shift. The room is comfy and clean.

BAD: only negative thing I have to say is i asked for water like 5x (different nurses) before i actually got it. Ask them to bring you 2-3 bottles each time. And fillll up on liquids!! You will feel so much better!!

UGLY: Catheter!!! So uncomfortable all up in your hooohah but its a must. I was so happy to have it removed!

The drain hasnt been that bad for me. Im draining pretty well. Oh and i left MY HOME- Lesley organized it for me. Shes gonna refund the difference and pay Wendy at HIGHCLASSRECOVERY.
Almonte's driver Neper picked up my bags from my home (i locked them up with a combination lock) and brought them to cecip when he picked me up to head to HIGHCLASSRECOVERY. Wendy is a DOLL. Sweet, caring.. I feel right at home.
Her nurse, Mercedes took all my meds & prescriptions and put me on a sched. Her condo is huge and has great open space and a beachfront view. As soon i put my bags down Wendy had chicken noodle soup & pineapple juice ready for me to eat.i love love love it here. She has wifi in all the rooms, tvs.. Modern furniture (ikea type stuff) its cute and i am SOOOOO HAPPY I LEFT MY HOME!

i attached few pics of HIGHCLASSRECOVERY and snap of my BUTT. I didnt get a donk its very natural and its perfect for me. I didnt want a strippa booty cuz im real hush hush about my procedure i def didnt want it so noticeable.

So far im happy with it.
Dra Almonte didnt lipo my arms and i dont know why im still waiting to hear back cuz she doesnt work on wknds

I cant lie im a bit happy she didnt cuz i use my arms so much to pull my weight wheb i wanna get up and if i had arm lipo i dont think i would be able to.

Nap time for me check back soon.

Booty pic (didnt load on last update)

No arm lipo because.....

Lesley just text me. No arm lipo because Dra Almonte took out 6.7 litres of fat from my back and stomach!!! WHOAAAA

She said i can hit the gym in about 4 weeks - so excited need to get these arms to match my waist!!!

Post op Day 2

Hi Dolls,

Last night was ROUGH i couldnt sleep. Being in the faja + sleeping on your belly is not a good combination. The faja is tight as is and then having to sleep on your belly makes it so much harder to breathe. I had zero sleep!

I stopped taking pain meds prescribed by Almonte. I'm just using tylenol 2 i brought and surprisingly only needed to take 1 before bed. Woke up feeling like i was hit by a truck lol
This morning Mercedes (nurse) came in to clean my wounds and take my faja off to wash. I already took my faja off myself and started cleaning my own wounds she came in shaking her head and laughing because i wanna do everything myself. I started to have a dizzy spell so i kneeled on the bed and eventually had to lie on my tummy for her to clean the stitches below my butt cuz i couldnt reach them.
I have faja marks all over my body and will be asking Dr Almonte about what i can do to prevent it besides tanks.. Maybe i'll get a foam board. I'm scheduled to see her Mon, Wed& Friday. She told me she will see me or Dr Tania her post op doctor will see me i'm cool either way she has a great team.

I stay drinking so much fluids that I am constantly peeing. Its so annoying but I like to keep hydrated. P-Ez is a must ladies!

I dont have much of an appetite but i try to eat in order to speed up my recovery. I brought ensure and drink those too.

Heres a pic of me out of my faja.
Ps I was able to nap when i took my faja off while its getting washed. I want it back on cuz i need this waist snatched up!! Lol

I'm obsessed with my new body.. I keep staring at it like O_O

Check back in later dolls..

Just thinking...

I have been contemplating going Vegan but I find most vegans eat so much carbs. Maybe I'll keep my diet to greens and clean protein. Wendy has been feeding us so well. I had the yummiest dinner yesterday dominican rice and peas and beef stew with salad. I only ate 1/3 of the rice i mainly had salad and the beef stew. I don't want to cut carbs out completely yet since i'm still recovering and should fuel my body. Ps. Lesley just said I could start massages today! Wendy is contacting the masseuse i better drink as much water as i can cuz i know this shit gon hurttttt lol

They prolly gon think im crazy cuz when im in pain i laugh!

Anyways i been walking around my room doing high knees and kick backs for the past 20 mins im gonna take a 10 min rest and go have lunch. Ladies don't forget to keep moving to keep the flowing throughout your body even if its baby steps...

Another booty shot

Out of my faja.. Waiting for lunch.

First Massage

Hi luvs,

I got my first massage yesterday (2 days post op) Let *clap* me *clap* tell *clap* you *clap* that shit definitely hurt like hell. The worst for me was on my stomach and my sides. I paid $25 for a lady to come right to my RH for a 45 min massage. Wendy called her for me. I know imma sound crazy right now when I say It was painful yet felt good. I wanted to cuss pure bad words and yet it was soothing at the same time. I gripped my pillow when she was going in.. And kept telling myself "cmon girl, you came all this way for this snatch you better man up!!!!".
The masseuse kept asking if i was in pain i said "NO PAIN" (I was definitely lying) "keep going por favor".. I wanted her to drain as much as possible!! She also used an ultrasound deep tissue machine to massage me. After she was done she snatched my ass back in my faja and i am on the 3rd hooks!! I felt so amazing after the massage. It made loosen up i was less stiff. I felt even more mobile..
She said "you small but strong". YASSS THAS RIGHH.
I scheduled another massage today at 6pm i am trying to get as many massages as possible before i leave i want this drain out asap. I have 6 more days left..

Ps. Lastnight i was googling comfy arm positions for sleepin on my tummy. Let me tell you how my arms feel like pins and needles within 20 mins. I finally propped 6 pillows under me and was able to sleep on my tummy but i kept moving around i think i slept maybe 1.5 hrs.. Then woke moved around slept another 2 hrs..woke and changed positions again i made a butt fort (see pic). You will end up getting creative with pillows lol





Ups & Downs..

There is literally nothing i could've done to prepare myself for this recovery. It's a constant mental and physical battle every day. I just pray it gets easier with time.
I am officially 4 days post op and last night had to have been the WORST night so far. Tight faja = indigestion
Bloodclot clogged drain = increased fluid retention and caused major swelling
Backed up (haven't #2 since before surgery)
It was the most uncomfortable sleep because I couldn't get comfortable. I couldn't breathe, my back hurt (fluid retention), faja was getting unbearable..
I literally spent all night walking back and forth in my room with kneeling breaks on my bed. I find walking therapeautic... You literally cannot prepare for this kind of discomfort. You just pray that it passes and that each day it becomes more bearable.

My butt feels like a cement block. It doesn't hurt it's just really really tight.

I'm also starting to get really homesick right now. I think I'm just having a moment. I feel like a big baby right now. It's alot of UPS and DOWNS.

I'm here waiting to see Dr. Almonte and of course there's like 6 girls ahead of me. Just having one of those mornings..

Check back soon luvs,

Results are in..

Hey luvs,

Just left Dr. Almonte's office. She was so excited to see me told me to strip as soon as I got into the office lol she was so anxious to see how my body is healing.

She said:
Scars look great
I am still very swollen
My drain will come out on Thurs
She was 100% sure i would need a blood transfusion because she took out so much fat but was surprised to hear i tried to walk out of the hospital

And then i asked her the infamous...

"How many cc's did you put in my butt?"

She was a bit hesitant and then she looked at Lesley.. Lesley giggled and said "too much". So i asked again.. Dr Almonte said 1400ccs in each cheek!! O_O

I was floored. She said something in spanish to Lesley and Lesley said "you can't tell how big your butt is now because your waist and back are super super swollen but Dr Almonte gave you a tiny waist" And the 2 of them giggled. I gave each of them a big hug. Racquel changed my bandages and checked my drain. And then that was it..


hi dolls,

Got my drain taken out today! Surprisingly it didn't hurt it was just a quick burning sensation and then that was it! I'm in my stage 2 compression garment and let me tell you this thang be tiiiiiiight. Out of surgery I wore a SMALL post op garment. Today they tried to put me in an XS 2nd stage garment (material is way way thicker) and Dr. Tania could not get it on. The thing wouldnt close so thank god they just gave me a size SMALL in the 2nd garment. The COMPRESSION is REAL. I got a lil comfy with my first garment and outgrew it. Today is my SXVERSARY. 1 WEEK!! I'm feeling better and better I have alot of swelling in my arms and back. My stomach swelling is starting to go down but my back is on FIYAHH. I can't wait to go home but im NOT looking forward to the flight having to sit for 3+ hrs.. My butt is still extremely hard so its gonna be uncomfortable :(. My plan is to sit for a bit and get up and walk.

I can't believe it's been a week really went by quickly. Let me know if you dolls have any questions ..


Hey dolls,

I finally made it home!
Yesterday was a nightmare.
I missed my connecting flight and had to stay overnight in MIAMI.
Needless to say I was NOT impressed but looking back, I think it was helpful that I broke up the flights.. It was probably a bit much flying the whole day.

I need to stress.... COMPRESSION SOCKS for your flight back is an absolute must!
Luckily I remembered to put them on before because even with them on my feet were swollen ughh
I can't even imagine what would have happened if I didn't wear them.

So happy to be home. My body feels good. I'm still very swollen. I'm googling local LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGES but got damn these prices are ridic. About $100/massage
I paid $25/massage in the DR and got one EVERYDAY from POST OP Day 2 until I left..
Don't skimp on the massages it REALLY REALLY helps improves your healing process.

As soon as I got home I tried on some old clothes and I felt like I was staring at someone else's body in the mirror. It was SURREAL. It trips me out.
I love love love Dr Almonte she did such a good job with shaping my body.
If I go back for a round 2 - I'm definitely going back to her!


I have noticed I am still very swollen and it's getting annoying.

I know patience is everything but my I couldn't help but try something to see if it will reduce my swelling. I am wearing 2 FAJAS (compression garments). YES I said TWO.

A size small fajete (underboob with bra straps to the knee)
with a size large fajate underboob with full sleeves to the knee OVER my size small faja.
I am attempting to compress my compression garment LOL
I doubt I will make it through the night but I will report my findings to y'all.
I know I sound hella crazy and these things takes time to heal blah blah but if I can miraculously find a way to speed up the swell hell period for my dolls - I'll take one for the team ;)


Maybe I'm paranoid.. but i feel like the size of my BUTT has gone drastically since I been home.
I don't sleep on my back and I barely EVER sit. I swear the plane ride killed my newly grafted fat cells.
If the FLUFF is REAL it needs to hurry up and happen cuz I did not go all that way to come back with deflated booty :( What makes it worse is my lip swelling won't go down.. my belly is bulging over and my back is extra SWOLLLLLLL.

My boyfriend told me he notices my hips are fuller but she did not fill out my booty that much.
I mean I did say I wanted natural curves but for my man to say it doesn't look much different is ANNOYING AS FUCK. I'm sure I'm having a moment but forreal.. where did my butt go :(

3 week post op update!

3 week post op update

Explicit - Click to view

Hi dolls,

I can't believe it's been exactly 3 weeks already!
I totally started sitting the past few days.. Driving's crazy how you take something as simple as SITTING for granted i'm tired of standing, kneeling, and being on my stomach. My bruising is almost all gone. My feet are no longer swollen.. My face doesn't swell up anymore either (THANK GOD) i pretty much feel 100% despite the awkward lipo swelling tightness. Bbl post-op was a breeze! My scars are tiny and healing well but the LIPO healing process is WORKKKK. I know it gets better over time but it's so awkwardly uncomfortable to be in clothes without my faja on. I started alternating between my faja and a waist trainer. I feel like my butt has gotten alot smaller and my waist is still so swollen so i know i wont see actual results until at least 3 months but i am happy with my results i mean anything was better than that pancake hipless junk i had. Dra Almonte really filled out my hips and focused on giving me shape as oppose to a DONK with projection. I can't say I am disappointed because it's what I asked for but now seeing that my projection has gone down so much I'm considering a ROUND 2 LOLLL I definitely need to heal at least for one solid year before I consider so I have time to think about it...

My man has been allllll ova dat asss since i been back hes been grabbin my hips rubbin on my booty non-stop. So much for his annoyin ass sayin it didn't look much different :p

Anyway, I attached a video update below!


Since I've been home I dropped approximately 8lbs..
I know you're suppose to lose a bit of weight after lipo but I didn't anticipate losing this much so soon.. I definitely don't mind but I think that is what also contributed to my butt getting smaller...

According to RS docs 1L of fat aspirate is equivalent to 2 lbs..
Dr Almonte removed 6.7 L..

8 lbs down and another 5.4lbs to go...

I am dying to hit the gym and will start this weekend.
I know it's a bit soon but I really feel good and pretty much back to normal.
I'll take it easy and won't go super heavy with weights and lay off on squating for now but I can't wait to be able to go back and GET IT INNNNNN again.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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