Liposuction without Tummy Tuck (28 Yrs. One Child Lipo and BBL)

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Hey Real Self! I have been doing research,...

Hey Real Self!

I have been doing research, research and more research.... I have finally decided on Dr. Tania Medina in the Santo Domingo. From my research i found she was the safest doctor in the Dominican Republic. I have always been curvy a hourglass figure but after having my daughter i have a lower stomach pouch that wont go away. I hoping this surgery will enhance my figure.

Current body (the before)

Just thought I'd post more pictures of me now for comparison after sx.

Waiting Waiting Waiting!!

Random Thoughts:
I have been researching for months and now that i have decided on everything, waiting is the only thing left. I originally wanted a surgery date of July but i will be changing to May.

For a while i was so unsure about everything, the biggest being the tummy tuck. I was told by multiple DR doctors to get a tt. I however do not want one, i am dead set against for multiple reasons. I did a lot of research and found other women that opted for lipo only. Their results are great in my opinion.

So anyway i want to fast forward buy clothes, take after pics, the waiting is EXHAUSTING! I really need find things to occupy my mind and make time move faster.

Deposit Down!! Dra. Tania Medina! 89 days left

Just a update:

My deposit has been put down and date set for May 24. Whoa reality just set in!

Current weight 182lb, I have about 12lb to go.

BBL Back board

Dr. Medina posted this great product for bbl sx.

60 Days till SX!

So today marks 60 days exactly until my surgery, this means its crunch time for me. Need to meet my goal weight shedding 15lb, get my iron level up and passport.

Tick Tick surreal

So tomorrow is my official 6 weeks mark. It is so strange time is moving slow and fast at the same time. I'm ready to get this over with but I'm also in disbelief that I'm actually doing this.

How did you feel weeks before surgery?

Passport has arrived!

Ok so the clock is ticking and I am CLOSE!

It feels so surreal, I'm anxious to get this going.

Lipo no tummy tuck

I am 8 days post-op, things were rough the first 4 days. I'm feeling a lot better now so wanted to do quick update.

I was told to get a tummy tuck and for me it was just something that I didn't want to do. I hope that my results help some of the women out there that are somewhat borderline on whether they will get the tummy tuck or just go for lipo. I am still healing but I'm very happy with my decision to just get lipo because I don't have anything extra hanging or anything so terrible that I regret my decision.

Almost 2 mo post op

I have been healing OK , I think. As soon as I take my faja off I look great after about a hour I start to swell.

My doctor cleared me to work out and I start working with a trainer Friday,

2 month post op lipo

2 mo post op lipo

Just a update!

Still in my faja but loving my results. I'm going to be working out a lot in the coming weeks! Hopefully my waist gets even smaller.

I didn't wear my faja!

Just taking profile pic. Today I decided to go to work without my faja today

Before and after lipo

Looking back at pics from when I first got home. Even though I was more swollen the difference is amazing.

Ups and down

As I'm getting closer to my 3 Month Mark. I can say that lipo has been a series of ups and downs, one day you love your body the next day not so much. As soon as I take my compression garment off I look great after an hour I'm swollen. It's a roller coaster but I'm still glad I did it.

11 weeks posr op faja tips

I HATED my stage 2 faja! My thighs are pretty solid and did not fit into the leg part of the stage 2. It cut off circulation, I was only able to wear until the day I got home.

I spent weeks trying to figure out an alternative, I even cut the stage 2 to get a better fit. Nothing worked!!

So I finally I settled on wearing my stage one garment with my abdominal and back board. With a 1 to 2 very tight cinches to add more compression.

I have attached pics

Body immediately after removing faja

What I look like in morning after removing faja

2 hours are removing faja

(Men) and post bbl life

I don't know who else to talk to about this, but no one that I know of mentions the after. By after I mean having to adjust your life to how men react go it.

I have been followed in stores and parking lots. Guys waiting outside stores. Dating men and they are pressuring me for marriage, sex, relationships, favors etc.

I am highly considering getting a gun. I really don't know where else to turn. My friends think it is a joke but nothing is funny about being followed by strange men.

I'm scared and frustrated.

Bbl lipo No Tummy Tuck 3 mo mark!!

Hi Realself,

Well I made it! It's officially 3 months since surgery. I'm nearly free from my

Decided to take some impromptu pics to mark the 3mo.

4mo post op lipo no tummy tuck

Hi guys.

I'm almost 4 months post op. I wearing my faja for a few days but the swelling was so bad I have gone back to wearing my garment as much and as long as possible.

On the Days You're Still Not Happy

When you have those days when you are unhappy with your results. Look back at old pics...

Side profile

Just a few pics with side profile. On a good day with minimal swelling I am 42-31-47.

lipo only no Tummy Tuck

Just want to talk about my choice not to get a Tummy Tuck after being told by every surgeon to get one.

I did A LOT of research. It took time finding photos of women that did the same as I. I also did self evaluation of my skin and abdominal muscles. I work out 3 days a week, I had no stretch marks, mostly fat and strong core I went ahead with the lipo. I also found tests online too check for muscle separation.

With all of that I wasn't 100% sure my results would be OK. I weighed the option between the scar and the skin. I chose to potentially have loose skin BUT it paid off.

Lipo NO Tummy Tuck

Just posting some pictures for those ladies who are still unsure and deciding between liposuction and a tummy tuck.

Tired of the faja. Lipo without TT

I haven't worn my faja for about 24 hours, I just wanted to see what would happen. At this point I really get swollen as the day goes by in the morning my waist is pretty small about 31 inches but at the end of the day it is maybe 34 35. I still have a month and some days before I'm officially out of my faja comma but the swelling is real.

Sometimea I think my doctor hates me

Looking on instagram at some of my doctors other patients I'm convinced she hates me because their bodies are OUT OF THIS WORLD!! OMG!! LOL I'm just trying to figure out what I need to do. Geeze lol

Checking in lipo only

Just checking in. I had only lipo no tummy tuck
Tania Medina de Garcia

I LITERALLY can not say one bad think about Dr.Medina. From the moment I spoke to her she has been nothing but kind and honest. When I met her she hugged me like we were old friends, I love her. The surgery went well, she made sure i was 100% before and after surgery. I am now 11 Post Op and she still checks in on me. THERE IS NO OTHER DR doctor more safe and capable then Dr.Medina.

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