Having 2ND thoughts please DONT.. best thing I ever done for myself Dra Walkiris Robles - Dominican Republic

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Appointment with Robles on April 7th to have TT,...

Appointment with Robles on April 7th to have TT, BBL and Lipo. At first I wasn't nervous however as the days are approaching and the recent incidents, I am feeling a tad bit reluctant but I am still going. Just wondering if anyone else is going around the same time and want to link up?? I am going to give a full detailed review once I get done with my procedure. I have been keeping notes and will post before and after pics.

1 week Pre Opt w/ Robles

It's getting closer and I just fisnhed packing this weekend! I have to pick up a few misc things but pretty much done . Mentally I am so ready! Spoke w/ Tavarez (Robles Assistant) last night and she told me the insurance ($150) they offer through the hospital is no longer optional and is mandatory. Also iron shots before& after surgery $40 each is also required. I'm ok with it because hemo levels are extremely important. Nothing else I just wanted to update, share my excitement & new info about those small changes.

it all seems surreal

I'm on my flight to the DR right now. I cried leaving my 6 month old baby because I wasn't mentally ready to leave her like I thought I'd be. I'm ready to be home before I even get there. Pray everything goes smoothly. I will update once I meet staff as well as before and after surgery

day after SX with Robles

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this experience. My doctor is very sweet and seems to care about your health but the communication is severely lacking with the assistants you get different answers from everyone. language barrier is a big deal but I knew that before arriving. Download a translation app it helps a lot. I wasn't able to get my BBL because my period came and hemo dropped to 12.6 i
ughhh. I have to come back for a round 2. Next time I will go to Baez not because Robles is a bad doctor bc she has been great so far. But Baez communicates directly to you therefore you have no miscommunication between patient & doctor. My round 2 is already being planned as I lay in bed the day after surgery in pain, guess I'm a suckah for beauty or it isn't as bad as I imagined. Oh and another thing is you arrive early and sit, sit, sit all day until night so see the doctor when you first arrive. Bring snacks, pillow, and a damn tent bc you need it. No kidding that's how long you wait. I was so tired I decided to be the first patient & spend the night at the hospital. They woke me up in a hurry to get in the sx room. I took the blue pill, iv in, and shot in the back after that I remember waking up to somebody screaming in the recovery room. I was shaking really bad from the anesthesia & kept dosing on and off. This one girl wouldn't stop screaming where is her hair and making lots of noise. I just couldn't wait to go to my room so I could sleep peacefully. Bring your own pain meds as well because you get a pain shot every 8 hrs. It wears off after a couple hours. My surgery buddy flew in the day I had surgery and made life so much easier I wish I can return the favor after she has her a today. We spent the night in the same hospital room last night. She slept on the sofa. Tonight instead of going to Recovery Home I'm going to see if we can get a double room so she won't be alone after surgery.

omgg so worth it.. having 2nd thoughts don't

I am the happiest girl ever. Finally gonna share my pics after 9 months. I been looking fab but I have been busy.. shopping and enjoying life. Currently I am plannin my round 2 for bbl for my bday bc I couldnt get it first round bc of hemo anyhow I'm almost sure I will be going with a different doc and I will review her separately. THIS TIME WILL BE MUCH smoother and less stressful bc for one my baby is bigger 2, I know what to expect so it's already easier on my mind. Ok so let's see these pics. I can't believe it's me

before and after pictures Robles

Before and after pics... I can't believe that use to be me. I had a nice shape in early 20's but my body bang even better than high school. No regrets.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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