43 Y/o, 5'6", 190#, Liposculpture with Bbl - Mexico

I like my current shape and feel that I have a...

I like my current shape and feel that I have a decent shape, but want to be curvier and better proportioned. I have always been top heavy, so much so that I had a breast reduction and tt in 2003. I would have had fat grafted to my booty then but the procedure wasn't as widely available then, if at all. Thankfully times have changed.

Surgery went well

Surgery went well. Discharged last night. Spending day two at home in my own bed. My baby girl has taken time away from her life to come down and care for me. I'm feeling good. I haven't really looked at my results to now as I'm in bloody garments and can't wash them or slower until tomorrow. Pain is about a 4 and I'm able to get up for 10 minutes every hour with no problems. Will try to post pics tomorrow after I shower.

Sooo happy with progress

I feel great and think I look and have been told that I look fabulous. I am going to wait for doctor to discharge me completely to post pics.
Dr. Pablo Chapa Medellin

To date Dr. Chapa had proven to be knowledgeable and caring. Always answering questions thoroughly and within 24 hrs if not immediately.

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