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I have done my love handles and my lower abdomen...

I have done my love handles and my lower abdomen on the 7th of November 2012.
After a lot of research and a few visits to my doctor, I decided to do it and because of the high cost, I put a group together to get a discount.
I hate pain and one of the reasons that made me do it, it's because It's a "no pain" procedure and we don't need a time out.
Day 1:
During the procedure, I didn't feel much pain, just a discomfort due to the suction of the skin, but in less than 4 minutes the area was totally numb.
The procedure itself doesn't hurt at all, what hurts is the massage after to break the cells, I can tell you, it was pretty painful.
I went home driving without a problem.
When I got home, I went to the mirror and of course, it was swollen.....even bigger than before the treatment. Of course I knew it, it just had a cold suction for 1 hour each area.
It feels so funny to touch, I pass my hand on it and I don't feel my belly, weird sensation.

Day 2: Everyday I wake up around 5am to go...

Day 2:
Everyday I wake up around 5am to go running and to the gym before i start work.
As I was told, I could do anything I want and "NO TIME OFF" can still go to the gym and do my regular work outs. I explained to the Dr. that I was training for the marathon that will take place on Dec 2nd and really need to get going with my trainings.
Guess what??? When I tried to get off the bed, I was surprised with the soreness around my belly. Even walking was hurting, any sort of impact on the ground, such as going down a step, hurts....imaging running!
This was my first surprise on my second day. I realized I couldn't run on that day.
My belly was completely numb, on the treated area. Time to get to work....2nd surprise, my pants doesn't fit, luckily I had jeans pants a little bit bigger and so I used.
3rd surprise, seat belt hurts a lot, I'm a marketing director for a company and I drive all day long, in and out of the car, it wasn't really a great day to work.
Any touch at the area, is like a punch and we all know that when we most try to avoid to hit a hurt area, is the most you will hit it and so it went all day long.
At night, it was the same as first day, numbness and redness. Not a problem to sleep at all.

Day 3: It still very numb and the sensitivity of...

Day 3:
It still very numb and the sensitivity of the skink is much more. The wind makes the shirt touch the skin and its a funny feeling, can't describe.
I pass my hand on my belly and it feels like Im touching a piece of rubber.
It still a bit swollen and I can see a bruise where the applicator was placed.
My pants can fit me now, but it still tight.
At night was pretty much the same as the other days, sleeping, wasn't a problem also.

Day 4: I forgot to mention, I still unable to...

Day 4:
I forgot to mention, I still unable to work out due to the soreness of the belly.
It still numb and I now start to feel itching and scratching around my belly button not much of a problem. The only bad on this is, no matter if I scratch, it doesn't go away. When I say scratch, is just passing my fingers around the itching area as if i really scratch, it will hurt.
By the afternoon I started to feel some stinging and the itching was a bit more intense. The sting comes and go as fast as you can imagine, so not a big deal.
In the night, stings and itching was more intense and more constant as in the afternoon.
Time to sleep, wasn't a problem again, except that I woke up maybe 3 times with a strong stinging no my belly. Like I said, it was fast and painful.

Day 5: As i haven't been able to go running, I...

Day 5:
As i haven't been able to go running, I decided to try the Stair Stepper at the gym and maybe a work out.
If you go slow on it, and avoid much of the impacts, you can go without a problem, working out was fine also, perhaps I didn't even tried to do any abs.
The belly still sore and numb, skins still sensitive.
The stinging and itching are constant now, it just doesn't go away. Not it hurts a lot and at all the time.
At the end of working day, It wasn't bothering as much as before, so I was thinking that could be a result of the work out in the am.
My mistake was to think that. I got home took a shower (cold because it helps to relieve the pain, for a period) had dinner and it then starts again. But now even more intense, very painful, the funny thing is, it's only on the belly button area, my love handles are fine, it didn't even scratch once!!!! ( great huh!).
Time to sleep....come on, sleep are for the weak people!!!! Couldn't find a position that didn't hurt. Belly up, down, side ways, nothing helps to dissipate the pain.
Walking around the house didn't work, sit on the chair, sofa, balcony, stairs also didn't work. What a long night, not a minute of sleep. Funny, around 5:30 am, the pain goes away.....not much time to sleep as need to work.
So far the worst day.

Day 6: Same as the day before...what a F$^%^...

Day 6:
Same as the day before...what a F$^%^ pain is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I started to wonder it it could get worse than that! Before I form this sentence on my head.....a strong sting around my belly button started....seems like someone just stabbed me, with a sword!!!
This is going to be a long day at work and I know a long no sleeping night as well.
Belly still numb and sore. Swell is going down a little bit now.
At night, I tried for the first time to get some ice on it. It hurts and burns a lot. Pain doesn't go away. Took a long cold shower and seemed to stop the pain for a little bit, maybe 15 to 20 minutes ( great feeling ).
Went to sleep again! lot's of pain, itches and stings all over my belly button.
I hope tomorrow it gets better....but by the reviews I'm reading....I have a lot more to go...

Day 7: Belly still numb and sore. I know have...

Day 7:
Belly still numb and sore.
I know have pain all day long. It's a very strong pain pulsing through my belly....sometimes I want to go back in time to make another decision about coolsculpting.
Well, I really hope all this pain and no sleep time are paid off in the end.
After work, got home, took a nice and cold shower ( another 15 to 20 min without pain, amazing ), before I even start to eat my dinner, pain is back...
After dinner, I decided to try again some ice on it. Today, my skin was more tolerant to the ice and so I could use it. The pain gone :) but after I would say 20 min, it was back again :(
I went to sleep....well not really sleep, to bed....don't forget, sleep are for the weak!!!!!
Couldn't stay on bed for much long, went to the sofa and believe or not.....i found a position that made the pain stop. And so I slept for about 3 hours and It was great. Went back to bed....pain is back then, back to the sofa but this time it din't work, so it makes me think....."maybe the pain had gone for a little while and had nothing to do with the sofa"
At least I got some relief and rest as well.

Day 8: Okay....I'm tired of this pain. The belly...

Day 8:
Okay....I'm tired of this pain. The belly still numb and sore. Belly still sensitive but not as before, it's a progress.
The day pretty much gone as yesterday.
I finished work a bit early today and I went home. Took a nice and cold shower and, of course ( looking forward to the few minutes of relief of pain ) and lay myself on that amazing sofa, the one that gave me the best rest since the pain has started. Guess what!!!!!!!!! 10, 20, 30, 40, 1 hour, 2 hours without pain......uhuuuuuuuuuu I could relax, watch tv, walk my dog and even thought of going out with my beautiful girl in that night. She arrived home and I told her, I have no pain. I decided to go out on a event with her.
About 20 minutes after that :( pain was back again, very sharp and continuous. Cancel the night out and I will stay at home.
I decided to try a compression garment that I have.
With her help I put it on and in maybe 3 to 4 minutes, I had no pain. But I still didn't make out.
When she arrived, I removed for a little bit and put it back on but this time, even more tight.
Went bed and had a good night of sleep. Only woke up once but it's excellent. From now on.....I will sleep all night with it.
It took me a few days to discover that the vest works great. So if you are planing to do a CoolSculpting, buy upfront one compression garment.

Day 9: I can now say....the pain, stinging and...

Day 9:
I can now say....the pain, stinging and itching, had almost completely gone, yaaaaayyy!!!!!
My belly still numb and sore.
During the day, I felt a few stinging on my belly button, but seriously, it wasn't painful at all, it was more likely a tickle. :)
I was so happy about it that, when I finished work, I went home and I knew I had to start clean the house and other stuff so I had to celebrate the non pain day. I got my Cachaça ( Cachaça is a liquor made from fermented sugarcane. It is the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil) some strawberries + condensed milk and ice and blended them and started my happy hour at 4pm....what a nice way to start the weekend, huh!
Called a friend and told I was in for the diving competition on the next day.
At night, I was confident that I could sleep without the vest but, I still decided to wear it, just in case!
I Had a great night of sleep :p

Day 10: What a good night of sleep I just had...

Day 10:
What a good night of sleep I just had.
Woke up at 6am on a Saturday ( November 17th ) and set up my GoPro Hero and got my dive gear set and went for the tournament.
I have no pain and I'm loving it.
My belly is still sore, sensitive to touch and numb.
Go myself geared up and the BCD doesn't hurt at all. Underwater was great, not even a little discomfort I felt. What a great day.
After 2 long dives, I was ready to head with the team for a beer and some food, wating for the prizes that we had won.
Went home washed my equipment and was ready to take a nap.....without the vest. Slept for 1 hour and It was good.
Went out for the first time since the procedure. Went watch my favorite sport, UFC.....It was amazing UFC 154 GSP vs Condit. Saw my friends and enjoyed a night out.....without a single sting or itching.
Went bed without the vest. I was 100% that I wasn't going to have any pain. And I didn't had.

Day 11: My belly still numb and sore. Today I'm...

Day 11:
My belly still numb and sore.
Today I'm kind of sad. I'm still can't run and there is a competition that every year I participate. This year I will be my gf paparazzi.
When I try to jog it hurts but, I can feel that every day is getting better and better. I'm guessing that maybe in 4 days I will be able to run again.
After the race I went back home and started to work on my plants...yes, I do have plants and It's a great hobby. I took my dog with me and we had a great time, she running with my plants on her mouth and me, chasing funny, she loves to do that :p
I made one small mistake, while moving the hose around, it got stuck in one of my plants and the water float stopped. Been lazy, I didn't want to walk back and let it free and release the float so, I swing the whose and hit my belly very hard with I even started to sweat with the pain that I felt. But it was for a 10 or 20 seconds. It was just to remember me that it still sore.
The night was pretty much as the last night, no pain and didn't have to sleep with the garment.

Day 12: Belly still sore and numb. Woke up early...

Day 12:
Belly still sore and numb.
Woke up early and went to the gym. Did some Stair Stepper and worked out my upper body "again" as the belly button still very sore…no abs.
I'm starting to get more confident now.
I can be crazy or my mind is hoping for some results but… the end of the work out, I went to the bathroom to take a shower and removed my clothes. Went to the shower and on the way has a mirror. I think I saw some results already on my love handles. I could see a line marking my abdominal muscle on my right side ( External abdominal oblique ). I will be paying attention to it. If it's showing by now with less than a week….it will be awesome.
Worked all day without any pain.
The only thing I still can do from day one is, sit and bend my body to the front.
Example.: Having dinner on the center table of the living room while sited on the sofa. They are pretty much the same high so I have to bend my body up front to eat, this kind of movements still hurts.
At night once again, I hit my belly…..looks like my soul went of my body, what an excruciating pain, it's the meanest pain ever.
I had another great night….

Day 13: I'm tired of writing and feeling this...

Day 13:
I'm tired of writing and feeling this but… belly still sore and numb :( just wondering when I will get the sensation back.
It was a normal day without pain.
Went early to the gym and just did Stair Stepper, I really hate this machine but, I love this machine….complicate right???? Yes I love it because it's the only one that I feel confortable on doing, I didn't try the bicycle but I don't like it. Tomorrow I will try for a couple of minutes to see if it hurts. Just so people knows.
I would love to get my running going as the Marathon is in 12 days :(
I'm still unable to run and I'm pretty sad about it.
It feels like it getting a bit smaller now, but it could be that it was still swell. I have to say, since the procedure I put in 4 lb. and it's funny because, I don't feel my belly to be bigger.
Tomorrow the 21st of November, will make 2 weeks from day one.
I'm thinking to take some pictures and post….I don't know yet if I should. Maybe I wait for the first month to take and actually see some results.
Another great night of sleep without pain.

Day 14: Yaaaaaay, It's been 2 weeks from the...

Day 14:
Yaaaaaay, It's been 2 weeks from the procedure, a few more weeks to go till se some results.
My belly still numb but i can now feel the numbness is dissipating now. Ican now feel more my belly, except very close to the belly button.
it still sensitive to touch.
I work all day without pain, it seems the pain gone for good. I read some reviews saying, the pain comes back after 2 or 3 days after it had stopped. But mine, gone for good….I hope.
I still unable to run :(
Sleep is not a problem anymore.
I guess from now on, my posts are going to be shorter.

Day 15: Belly still numb around the belly button....

Day 15:
Belly still numb around the belly button. The soreness seems to be dissipating little by little.
Right bellow my belly button, started to itch a little bit, nothing major. Its the same feeling when we have a cut and when it's healing, itches a little bit.
Pretty much as yesterday, except by the itching part.
Sleep wasn't a problem again.

Day 16: Pretty mucha the same as yesterday.....

Day 16:
Pretty mucha the same as yesterday...
Very sad, I have 9 days for the Marathon and i'm pretty sure I will be off of this event.
I truly would love that my doctor have said that to me so, I would wait till after....over 8 months of training specific for the only Marathon in Cayman and I can't do it. Very sad.
A little bit of itching still on, but like i said nothing major and is not very often.
Sleep wasn't a problem again!

Day 17: Pretty much the same as yesterday. Belly...

Day 17:
Pretty much the same as yesterday.
Belly still numb abound the belly button and the itches seems to be disappearing!
Still unable to run, but it's fine to work out.
My belly doesn't look flatter at all, just the same way it used to be before the procedure.
Sleep wasn't a problem again!

Day 18: Okay…..I'm a bit frustrated right...

Day 18:
Okay…..I'm a bit frustrated right now!!!
I can't run, can't go boxing….I'm getting fat!!!
Yes, I put in a few extra pounds. Tomorrow morning I will run, with or without pain.
I need to do something different. I can't be so inactive like I am right now.
So tomorrow I will try to run at least 5 miles ( that's my hope ). In 7 days the marathon will take place in Cayman and I want to at least do the half-marathon. But to do it, I need to feel comfortable on a 5 mile run.
Today also, something really good happened.
While laid down on the sofa my dog jumped on me with half of her body on my belly, and it didn't hurt as much as before :) But she scared me a lot, lol.
So now I can have her back with me on the sofa and she won't feel excluded. It was so sad when she comes to sleep between my laptop and my belly and I have to stop her.
Won't post about sleep again, unless if I can't sleep because of any pain or discomfort.

Day 19: Today is a Monday 26th of November 2012...

Day 19:
Today is a Monday 26th of November 2012.
Like I said yesterday, I was going to run with or without pain and so I did.
Woke up around 5:20am without pain. So prepared myself, fed my dog and gone to the gym.
Left my stuff there and went on the road. Can't tell you I wasn't nervous.
Time to run, as soon as I gave my first steps, my belly started to hurt but I was decided to go on.
I set my pace down and was running with caution. After I would say 3 or 4 minutes running, my belly was numb and so I went a little bit faster and it didn't bothered anymore till the end of the exercise.
As I'm almos 20 days without running, my legs was kind of tired, you know the burning feeling...and so I only did 4.2miles.
I also decided to join a team on the marathon and not doing the full or half marathon. It's better not to force.
After the exercise I felt like I had 1 billion ants all over my Coolscupted areas...funny feeling.
The rest of the day wasn't bad...I had no pain at all.
And yes.....I put in 5 lbs witch I will lose it till friday.

Day 20: Today I realized that, day by day, my...

Day 20:
Today I realized that, day by day, my belly is less numb than the prior day. It still numb, but just around and bellow the belly button.
My love handles are like 10% numb only. They never gave me much problems and that's why i don't comment about them.
I still can't see any results from the procedure. And to tell you the truth, I'm now in doubt if it really works.
I'm back on running, witch is great. I was waiting to see how I was going to feel this week to sign for the either relay or half marathon. Today I ran 6 miles, a little bit slower than usual but I'm comfortable. Belly didn't hurt at all, even on my first steps, so I decided that I will do the half marathon on Sunday December 2nd. I know that i said yesterday about the relay team, but I think I can do it. Of course I will post if it did hurt or not. I'm 100% that it won't hurt.
I still have a little bit of itches, same one that started on my day 15.

Day 21: It seems the itching is going away now......

Day 21:
It seems the itching is going away now....I still have it but not all the time.
Belly still numb around the belly button and bellow.
Exercise it's not a problem anymore.
Belly is a little bit sore ( very little ).
I still can't se any results on it.

Day 22: It was pretty much the same as yesterday...

Day 22:
It was pretty much the same as yesterday.
Still can't see any change. Belly looks like the same as before the coolsculpting.
I'm 3 weeks now and not a single centimeter less.

If someone reading this, did the procedure and had results, please let me know when you started seeing results.

Day 35: I know I disappeared for a little bit...

Day 35:
I know I disappeared for a little bit but, I had nothing new to say!!!
I did the half Marathon as I said, and it didn't bothered me at all.
The funny thing is: I'm on day 35 now ( Tuesday, December 11th ) I had a break from running, as I was sore.
Today, I went for a run, and I felt a discomfort around by belly button, very weird.
Also, last night I realized that my belly, is bigger than before the procedure.
I have lost all the weight that I gained from day 1 up to day 19 or 20, can't remember now exactly, and a few extra as well.
I would say it's not working at all, I know it's early to say that, but it's bigger now.
My belly still a little bit numb around the belly button.
I haven't take any picture of it. I will wait for the week 6 to take.
It's all I have to say now! Sad but true!

Day 78/Week 11: Today I went to the Clinic where...

Day 78/Week 11:
Today I went to the Clinic where I did the procedure to speak about the procedure.
I was tempted to see the before and after.
So when I got home, I took some pictures.
Looking at the before and after, I can now see a small change on my lower belly (don't know if it's because the procedure, boxing or because I'm back running and gym) I searched some back pictures 1 1/2year to 2 years before, and they look the same.
The love handles didn't had a single millimeter change. Didn't work at all.
My belly button still hurts when I start running and it's still numb around it.
After the procedure, I was thinking to do the love handles again if it had worked but as it didn't, I don't think I will spend any more $$$ on this procedure.
I was thinking the procedure went wrong on the love handles, but I know also, the chance for the machine to go wrong are very minimal.
At all my posting I only mentioned about myself. I had a friend and my girlfriend also did on the same week and they didn't see any results at all. They did on their legs. Just thought it would be nice to mention.
Also I have a friend doing his lower belly in Miami, I don't know the exactly place, with amazing results.
This could be my last post and, so far I wouldn't recommend Coolsculpting.
( If I see any changes, I will return and update again ).
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