Slimming Slowly - Abdominal Lipo - Catonsville, MD

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After two children and less than perfect eating...

After two children and less than perfect eating habits I felt there was no hope for my weight loss attempts. I have up at every turn. After a discussion with my husband and chickening out of full tummy tuck I decided I was tired of putting everyone else first and ready to give myself a boost. I had upper/lower abdominal smart lipo.

Since having the procedure it has given me the motivation to eat right and exercise (as time allows with two you g children). I have more energy to run with them, etc.

If anyone is looking to feel better about themselves and get a push in the right direction this is a great start. I know I still have work to do and was realistic about these results and knew I wasn't going to be walking out a skinny model.

I'm now 5 weeks post lipo and feel great. Still...

I'm now 5 weeks post lipo and feel great. Still stand by my earlier review. Swelling is even less still and I'm still beyond pleased. I don't wear the compression garmet anymore and I have an appointment with my cosmetic surgeon next week for a laser treatment to enhance skin tightening and continue to promote healing. These treatments were inclusive of the original cost. Not to mention they have lessened te appearance of my stretch marks from pregnancy! Ill update another picture following that treatment.

At 6 weeks post, I still have some swelling...

At 6 weeks post, I still have some swelling centered around my belly button but even with the swelling I'm down 2 sizes comfortably and can fit into 3 sizes down but they are tight in legs vs tummy for a change. So as I continue to stick on my new found path of diet I look forward to continuously bettering myself and losing more inches/sizes!
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