2 years post op!

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I've wanted a tummy tuck for a while now and have...

I've wanted a tummy tuck for a while now and have booked it in for next week. I've been researching TT's for a year now, so
I made an appointment with Dr Lim in Castle Hill and decided to go for it so I booked it in for the week after, otherwise I would go crazy waiting and waiting. Luckily he didn't have a long wait time.
As you can see from my before pics I am generally thin except for my mid section. I have done a good job on hiding it from others by sucking it in and wearing the slimming garments which I hated wearing. Hopefully my dr will do enough lipo to get rid of my sides also. Lipo on my back love handles was going to cost another 7k which is way over the top.
When I would tell people I was interested in a TT they would look at me like I was delusional but if they felt my soft pizza dough tummy I think they'd see differently.
I'm not in a health fund so I'm paying for the full cost of the procedure. If I had cover it would save me 4 or 5k but I'm not going to wait 12 months just to save a couple of thousand.
Looking forward to not having to suck my belly in anymore and look like I was 4 months pregnant all the time. No matter how much weight I lost I still had a bulge, even before I ate anything.
I have no idea how good or bad my scar is going to look because I don't have a scar anywhere on my body and the thought of intentionally giving myself a brutal scar across my abdomen is making me feel sick but.... I'm hoping the scar will be low and will fade nicely over time. It's all in my doctors hands now. 4 days to go!

2 days to go

I'm purposely not going on the Internet to look at before and after pics today and tomorrow to try and calm my nerves before my procedure which is in 2 days. I feel quite uneasy, have needed to take deep breaths all day. I've lost weight (unintentionally) since my visit to the doc. I now weigh 52kg which is 114pounds.
I'm so nervous. My skin is so nice and creamy, no scars, NO stretch marks (despite having 3 kids) just very flabby!! I just hope I don't regret this. If my doctor makes the incision as low as he indicated and if my scar fades to a thin white line over time and my belly button looks good then I'll be happy. Too much to expect?? I don't think it is when you're paying so much $$


Had the procedure this morning. The poor lady at reception had to comfort me while i bawled my eyes out. it was a release which was built up for days!
Got to hospital at 7.30am and I was in theatre at 9, so glad about that.
Im feeling good. No nausea, little pain, but of course I know it's because of the pain pump and that I'm still groggy from the anesthesia plus I haven't moved. I have 2 drains but there's only a couple of drops in there. Hopefully this means they can get out sooner than later.
Still haven't had a look.
When Dr Lim did his drawings the incision looked low, I wore a pair of knickers just for my ease of mind that it will be low and it fit below my knickers so fingers crossed it all went to plan.
One of my nurses looking after me said he's 'the best' so that got my hopes up. Will take photos as soon as I can, eeeeeeek!
Keep dosing off to sleep and dreaming about my kids.

Felt good yesterday, not so good today

Felt nauseous today. Have spewed and hardly eaten. Spewing really hurt my tummy and the pain hasn't subsided since. Going home tomorrow, hope I'll be fine by then. Doctor came in to see me and said we will look at my tummy tomorrow, till then the binder and bandages stay on. He said my muscles were quite weak. Approx 1kg of fat n skin was removed (2 pounds or so)

3 days

I was able to get in and out of bed without any assistance since yesterday. Got home yesterday, was so good to be home. I was worried about the stairs at home but i was ok.
The hospital bed wasn't comfortable and I don't know if the hospital was busy or whatever but whenever I'd press the buzzer it would take at least 10mins for a nurse to come. I was vomiting and pressed for help, i was all on my own and by the time the nurse came I just handed her my spew bag and got back into bed. Another time I needed to do a number 2 and as you know, when u gotta go you gotta go. By the time she came I was about to crap myself. On my last day I felt this horrible heartburn kind of feeling in my upper abdomen and went into a sweat and felt like I was going to faint, and of course the nurse took what felt like forever to come and when she did she just stood there while I panted and cried and just watched me until I said 'can't you give me something?' She then suggested mylanta which after taking it the pain went away within 15 mins. So I am very happy not to be in hospital. Had a good sleep in my own beautiful comfy bed. Well it wasn't perfect, my back hurts soooooo much, I think my doc did lipo on my sides and pushed thru to my back also because the sides of my back are aching!!
I emptied my own drains this morning.
My nausea is gone. The pain killers I take make me sleepy so I'm going to take them at night and during the day if I want a nap.
Will take a shower today.
Took my binder off while standing today and it looks pretty impressive, low incision, very flat tummy , almost concaved. Looking forward to the drains coming out they are massive!! So much to lug around.
I'm planning on taking pics once the drains come out which should hopefully be in a couple of days.
Oh boy, I just want to be all better :(

First post op pic

Heres the first pic. This is the best I could do on my own. I am super satisfied with how low the incision is. Any underwear or bikini would cover it easily. My torso looks shrunk and bb looks low but it will stretch back to normal so it's still early days.
Pain pain go away! And take the drains with you :))

Day 5

I called the surgeons office today and gave the amounts for the emptied drains (over the weekend). She said to come in tomorrow to have them removed. Phew
I showered on my own this morning, and even blow dryed my hair. Looking and feeling better than yesterday.
Was able to sleep well last night, almost flat on my back with knees up. Looking forward to feeling better as each day passes.
My upper thighs are now quite sore due to the binder needing to be so low (due to low incision).

7 days PO

I feel like I've achieved a milestone today, 7 days and I'm quite happy with my progress so far.
Getting up and down from the couch easier, still a little pain but don't need pain meds anymore.
Drains were removed yesterday, as most people have said it doesn't hurt just feels strange.
Glad they're gone, not so much because they were bothering me but more so because it means things are on track and there's no problems. I'm going back in 6 days to have the steristrip removed from my incision. Looking forward to seeing it for the first time.
Don't enjoy the binder needing to be on so tight, feels like it's cutting the circulation off my thighs.
My back still hurts alot, it hurts more to be more hunched over than a bit straighter. Amazing how yr back can hurt more than yr tummy lol
Sleeping on my back is still annoying, my doc said I can't sleep on my side for a few weeks still....damn.
Can't wait for everyday to pass quickly so I get better and better. I have so much that needs to be done around the house, it's going to take me ages to catch up and get back into my routine. But I'm just going to turn a blind eye to it all, not going to risk anything.
Will post pics at my 2 week mark as not much has changed since the last PO pic.

10 days PO

Needed to get back on the pain meds just so I can sleep. So so hard sleeping in that 1 position on your back.
Still walking hunched but can sit up and lay down straight (with knees bent)
Every day you are able to do one thing that you couldn't do the day before.
I drove up the street yesterday to buy a couple of groceries. I was embarrassed to be seen walking like a granny lol
I've washed a couple of dishes, but still taking it easy, turning a blind eye to mess.
I have posted a pic of where the steristrip is coming off a little bit. I took a peak at the incision and to me it looks thin. What do you's think??
I weighed myself yesterday and I've dropped to a low 50.4kg (111 pounds). I have been eating heaps in the last few days, I think the weight loss comes from barely eating for a week prior to surgery and eating close to nothing 3 days following (due to nausea). Scares me to think what I must've weighed a couple of days ago.
I don't believe that's a healthy weight and am sure that I will gain weight to a healthy level again as I've been eating quite a lot lately.
In 3 days I will post a pic of my incision once the strips come off. Counting down the days!! I am so scared to see myself naked in the mirror and be upset with the scar... Sooooo scared.... My incision is low but quite long...
I've noticed my love handles on my right hand side isn't as flat as the left. Going to ask my ps if its going to end up looking as good as the left hand side eventually or if I'm going to look lopsided?



Well today marks 2 weeks. Had the steristrip removed yesterday, got to see my scar for the first time. It's quite long, it goes past my hip by about 10cm on each side.... Oh well, you can't complain, you knew you were gonna get a scar before you went into this so don't complain, be thankful. A longer scar means no back-fat YAYYY! I've put up some pics of how well I can hide my scar in low-rise undies, so that keeps my spirits up. Still sore at the incision and there's still blue markings from the day of surgery, don't know how they are gonna come off, it's been 2 weeks and they're still there, I'm way too tender to scrub it off. My dr gave alcohol swabs but they haven't worked. All in good time I suppose.
Walking a tiny bit hunched still, i think I'm just used to walking hunched so I should try to make a conscious effort to straighten up fully.
Had a sleeping pill to sleep last night, it worked a treat. Hope I don't need to take them for long, probably till I can sleep on my side I think. Anyways, I think I'll post another update in a week or 2 and hopefully I am able to walk completely straight and can feel alot more back to normal.

4 weeks tomorrow

Yes, I can now walk completely straight and back to my usual household duties : ironing, cooking, cleaning etc.
My belly button is flat, hoping it will turn into an innie over time.
When u become more active you experience more swelling, but the binder keeps it under control. I didn't wear it one day and noticed my upper abs looked swollen/bloated, I was worried it was muscle repair damage but a quick trip to my surgeons office and he reassured me it was just swelling and to wear binder for a longer period of time than his nurse suggested.
I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas with your family and loved ones!!

6 weeks po

Well it will be 6 weeks since my surgery in 2 days, feel great, the only reminder I have that I had a TT is when my clothes or undies rub on my incision and it stings a tiny bit. Other than that I feel fully recovered, but I think I'm not until my 3 month mark. I have started to sleep on my side, and don't wear my binder during the day. It felt terrible at first but now I'm used to it. The first day I didn't wear it I felt out of breath, back to walking hunched, and I just hurt all over, but after a week or so I don't need it. I also have my appetite back and am sadly back to my normal portions whereas I was only able to eat tiny portions before which is why I lost a few kilos. I hope I don't gain weight, but I know I will. It is the festive season which doesn't help! Happy new year to everyone :)

8 weeks PO today

Not much to update other than I am able to sleep a lot better now, started sleeping on my tummy. No longer hurts to sneeze so much and am now back in my usual clothes (even ones that were too small yay!)
It's very hard trying to stay away from the beach and pools in this heat coz I'm paranoid about getting my scar burnt and become dark permanently, so I stay home but I know this time next year it will be a different story. Challenge is on to keep the weight maintained!!!
Got the best compliment today from a family member, I was wearing short denim shorts with a white singlet and I got told I looked like a 21 year old. Best feeling ever!

Forgot the pics


3 months po

3 months po. I couldn't wait to get to this stage. Still loving it everyday. I struggle with trying to look super super flat in my upper belly but hey you gotta eat right? I am still undecided on whether I will get a big tattoo to cover my scar when I'm 12 months po, I will see how I feel then coz I'm a bit nervous about getting the tatt coz it will be on my side and travel across my lower belly and over to the other side. I put a $100 deposit down on a tattoo artist who has a long waiting list.... But I'm thinking and hoping the scar won't look too bad in a year. Too many people have tattoos these days that it's turned me off a little, but we will wait and see. I've been checking a few out and I'll post pics of what I may get IF I decide to get it.
I am feeling back to my normal self, have felt this way for a while actually.
It's so funny reading other peoples reviews and reminiscing on those early days. I know I sound crazy but I miss those days sometimes, laying around all day, watching tv, not doing any housework..... Ahhhh.

8 months po

Some pics at 8 months po

10 months post op

14 months PO

Well, it's been well over a year since my TT. Never regretted it, and still haven't stopped being thankful for having the opportunity to have this procedure which continues to amaze me. A year ago I was hoping I could maintain my weight and thankfully I have! I weigh 51kg (112 pounds) and had even dropped to 49kg (108 pounds) about 2 months ago for a while (mainly due to a sad occurance in my life) but I think 51kg is where I'd like to stay.
I've got a tan! I never bothered tanning before but this year I've been in bikinis all summer, I used to hate summer, well not anymore lol.
I GOT A TATTOO.... My scar on my right was thick and a bit higher too and so I decided to cover it up. I had the tattoo placed higher up on my side to attract the eye away from the rest of the scar which is a lot lighter.
My belly button isn't the greatest but I don't want to complain.
Having this TT has made me feel and look younger, healthier, happier and more confident, even after a year it still affects me every day.

2 years post op pics

Still loving my results after 2 years. I get a lot more "back fat" now but don't really mind too much.

Dr Jake Lim has given me exactly what I had hoped for and that was a low, neat, thin scar with zero issues and complications post surgery. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone considering surgery. The only negative I can give is that the time spent with you could be a little longer but the man knows what he's doing and I have complete trust in him now but back then it did make me a little nervous, especially hearing how some people spent an hour or 2 with their surgeon on their first visit! I have Dr Lim to thank for transforming my body and giving me my confidence back, he has changed my life :)

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