Tummy Tuck is Scheduled for December 9, 2013 - Casper, WY

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Hello RS world! I've been reading everyone's posts...

Hello RS world! I've been reading everyone's posts and super excited to be joining you all. Well I'll start by telling you a little about myself. I live in Casper, Wyoming. I'm 34 divorced mother of 2 girls. My girls are 15 and 12. I had both girls via C-section after long long long labors and very difficult pregnancies. When I was 24 I learned that I would need a hysterectomy and from then on I started saving money for my tummy tuck. So I have my tummy tuck scheduled for December 9, 2013. I'm super nervous!

Did my pre-op appt today

I just got done meeting with my surgeon. I only have a week left. I'm so excited and starting to get everything around the house ready. I have butterflies in my stomach........

Photos of me today. Surgery is Monday morning.

I will try and add some photos after surgery on Monday. Good luck to all you and chat with you after surgery.

surgery day

Going back here shortly. Good luck everyone. Chat with you all soon.

post op

Well I did it. Here are some pictures

4 Days post

I had surgery on Monday, December 9, my surgery was scheduled for 11 am and I left the surgical center around 4:45. When I got home I ate some soup and went to bed. Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday were a blur. Today is Friday December 13 and I have just slept. I am trying to walk around every hour.
So far I'm loving the results. The only complaints I have is the drainage tubes. Those bother me worse than the incision. I have some swelling on my legs and feet and I'm pretty exhausted.
Advice I can give is rest often, drink lots of fluids, and eat healthy - it makes a huge difference. I will add some photos. Best of Luck to you mommies recovering or taking the leap soon.


Here are post op photos

1 week post op

Well I'm one week post op and I feel pretty good. Still sleeping in the recliner and I see the doc today. I'm crossing my fingers that I get my drains out today but not sure that wish will come true. I think the worst part of the surgery is the drains. Everything else can be controlled. I will give another update after my doctors appointment. Good luck to all of you having surgery today.

Drain Tubes gone

Just got done with my one week check up. Drain tubes were removed and everything looks great. He said I am still really swollen and bruised but that could take a couple weeks to go away. I get to sleep in my bed tonight and going back to work tomorrow. I will try to add some pics later tonight. Hope all is well with everyone.

9 days post op

Went back to work yesterday and it was pretty hard sitting behind a desk all day. I was swollen and sore. Hopefully today goes a little smoother. My feet are extremely swollen still. Is anyone else having that issue? Here are some pics

11days post op

Well I've almost made it through a week of work. I'm still swollen and lumpy but for the most part doing fairly well. I get what stitches I have removed Monday. I added some pics to show the progress I've made. I have some bruising but not much and the port where the left drain was is almost closed. Hope you all have a great day.

14 days post op

Good afternoon all, I made it two weeks post op. I had stitches removed today (I think there were 4). Everything looks great, my feet don't look like Feona's from Shrek anymore (thank God), and I feel pretty good. I'm still a little tired but I think it's because I'm finally back in the bed and not the recliner. For some reason I'm not able to get comfy and only sleep a couple hours. I will put some more pics up tomorrow. Hope all is well with you beautiful ladies.


Post op day 14 pics. I love my new belly.

BB looks nasty today

Does everyone's bb look like this? I'm two weeks po and I'm so grossed out.

PS says its a normal bb

Got a call back from the ps and his assistant said it's all normal. Whew! I'm so relieved. I was told to keep it covered and keep neosporin on it. Good to go until next weeks check up.

21 days post op

Today is 21 days post ok. I see the ps on Thursday for a check-up. I have attached some photos. I feel pretty good, I get tired but try to sleep a normal schedule. My scar is super itchy and the old port holes still itch and aren't closed all the way, they aren't leaking anymore though. I do have a couple spots on my incision that are overly sensitive and I have to keep bandaids on them to keep them from snagging on my clothes and reopening. They open easily. Still not comfortable sleeping in the bed, sneezing, coughing, or in some sitting positions but I thinks it's much better than a week ago. I will give another update later this week. Happy New Year!


I took some pics today.

Questions, Follow up appt today, & pics

Hey ladies, sure hope you all have a wonderful new years day. So I'm almost 4 weeks postop and still having drainage. It's only on the left side, the right side is closed.
I have a follow up appt today and will see what he says but just wondering of it's just me.
I also wanted to add some more pics. I have little swelling this morning well not the tummy (the vay jayjay) and I'm not wearing the binder since it ripped yesterday. It's a little weird without it. Feels like I'm going to lose my guts. Lol.

Follow Up Appt

So I had my follow up yesterday. All went really well. He said the drainage is normal it's just my body trying to spit out the stitches on the inside. I can start working out, no lifting, no crunches, and nothing aggressive. Super excited about that! BB is looking better, ps said if there is anything I don't like we can look at fixing it at my next appt on February 6th. He said keep on messaging the scar and bumps even if it hurts. He said it makes it all better. Redness of scar can take one year to return to normal and I should be back to normal in a couple more weeks. Yay!

Feels like a dream

Just thought I'd share this. I still wake up or look down sometimes and expect to wake from a dream. I love my new tummy. I'm so happy with the results. I wish I would have done this years ago. I hope you ladies are all loving your body as well.

4 weeks post op

I'm still tiring easily but feel pretty good. I love my new belly. Bb is still open a little but not bad.

bb still hasnt closed

Well I thought by now that my bb would have been closed a little more. It's still pretty sore and I have to keep it covered so the drainage doesn't get on my clothes. I'm wondering is anyone else having the same issue? Also, the people that are already a couple months out how long did it take the bb to heal? I'm going on vacation at the beginning of next month and worried I won't get to swim or anything. Ugh! Got the bikini body but no bb. Lol.


Here's some pics today. Swelling is down even though I thought I would have been a little more poofy from having a couple beers last night. But I love the grooves and it's taking shape very nicely. I absolutely love it. Worth every sleepless night, painful days, and every penny spent.

5 week post op

Just a quick update. Today is five weeks since my surgery. Everything is great but the bb. I'm going to be calling the ps this morning. I will give you all an update after my appt. Hope you all have an amazing day.

Not doing so hot!

I'm having a really rough day or two. It started Friday night with the bb hurting worse than normal. Saturday and Sunday about the same amount of pain. Then Sunday night pain started to get worse so I took a pain pill left over from surgery. I havent had enough pain to take one since the first week after surgery. However since Sunday night my bb feels like it's separating and it looks like it too. There is a hard lump around the bb and the pain quite frankly is worse then the whole procedure was.
I worked yesterday in pain but called the ps and he was out yesterday so I have an appt for this afternoon. I was up all night in excruciating pain and crying to the point my boyfriend wanted to take me to the hospital. Since yesterday afternoon I havent been able to go 4 hours without pain meds.
I'm devastated, I feel like I'm starting all over and this isn't how I expected to feel 5 weeks out. I thought I would be ok to be back at work ft and college and enjoying my kids and bf but I'm so depressed I called in to work, haven't touched my homework and being a cry baby. Ugh!
All I can say is I hope the ps can figure out what is going on.
Good luck all!
P.S. belly is swollen like the first couple weeks even with binder on and back to sleeping in the recliner.

Update & pics to come later

Well I had added pics but once again they didn't show up. Got in to see the ps yesterday and he said the bb had opened a little against the wall and I'm probably just overdoing it. He said there was no infection and I told him I was going on vaca in a couple weeks and worried I wasn't gonna get to swim. He said I could just give him my plane ticket, lol. Long story short he cleaned the bb really well, made it bleed, then cauterized it. He said it should heal very quickly now but if it doesn't in the next two weeks he will stitch it up and have the stitches removed before vacation so I can swim. Whew! I'm glad he is getting it all fixed up.


Well I made it through the week but I hit some rough spots. Thank God I can call the ps and his staff anytime. They are so helpful! Long story short ps said Tuesday if I didn't get better and the bb keeps bleeding come back. Well I ended up going back today. I've been in pain everyday, crying, and just trying to figure out if I screwed up somewhere and did something I shouldn't have. Roussalis(ps) said no you didn't. He spent about an hour with me today telling me no laughing as he is stitching my bb back together, LMAO! I'm very very pleased with him. He didn't once make me question why I choose him. He is amazing! Can't say that enough. I'm sore still due to build up of scar tissue which he will also fix if it doesn't get better soon. Bb is back to healing and after much needed laughing today I feel a lot better. Thanks Roussalis! Hope all you mamma's are doing well! Thanks for listening to the whining. I will add photos once the new bandage comes off.

Oh I forgot, cont

I forgot to tell you all that ps checked for fluid after stomach above bb was swollen again. Needle came back with no fluid. He thinks it's just swollen from pressure of bb and the scar tissue will also go away soon. Yay! God what relief.


Here are some new pics. Swelling is down today. The ice and rest really helps.

6 week Post Op

Morning ladies! Here are some pics today. I'm a little swollen but I think it's because I walked all day yesterday with the kiddos. I feel really good today. The bb feels amazing now that the ps stitched me up. Hope all is well!

7 weeks

Good morning ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I'm feeling still a little tender above the bb but definitely not like it was two weeks ago. Bb is not healed all the way there is a little spot as you can see in the pictures that just doesn't want to go away. Ps says the skin is to thin to put stitches in that area. Crossing my fingers it's healed in two weeks for vacation. As far as everything else goes I'm feeling pretty good, I'm a little swollen and feel like I have gas trapped. I'm still not lifting because the bb isn't healed but my girls and my boyfriend are helping me a lot. They carry my backpack, groceries, and anything else I need help with. It's really sweet. I'm still icing my stomach to get the swelling down but not daily and I've been off the pain meds so I'm pretty well back to normal. Have a great week!

Hey Ladies! Follow up after appt

I had a follow up today for my bb. Ps says everything looks great, he took out the stitches and said everything looks great. I will update with pics tonight. He said I am good to go on vacation and go swimming. Woohoo! I am super excited.

Pictures of my bb

Here are my pictures of my bb. A little sore but I think I will be healed up shortly.

New Picture of my bb

LeePoh caught a picture that makes my bb look like an outtie.

Not sleeping

I have had a hell of a time sleeping at night. I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. It's almost 3 a.m. and I've already been up 2 hours. I'm so exhausted trying to go to school, work, and raise a family. This not sleeping is going to kill me. Anyone else this way?

Loving my shape

Everyday I lose more and more swelling. I'm loving how good my belly looks. I think I look Damn good for a mama with two teenagers now. Lol!

8 Week PO

Good morning! I will give you an update later this morning. Here are some pics for now.


Well as many of you know we are under fridged temps and snow. So got home from work and shoveled the driveway and the price iI pay is swelling. Yikes! I look fat and it's -24 outside. What a day.

11 Week PO

Morning ladies,
Well it's been very busy since I got back from vacation. It was beautiful and warm and man would I love to move. Lol!
Doing well I did wear a bathing suite but no bikini, I guess I'm still afraid and feel like my tummy still isn't really tight. My boyfriend says it looks wonderful but I feel like I have excess skin.
Anyways glad I'm back to the board and here are some pics.


Just showing some pictures nothing has really changed and the PS said all looks good.


Guess I should actually add the pictures lol.
Oh forgot to tell you all I still have little pinches and the Vay Jay is still swollen. PS says it's all normal


Hey all, just giving an update which I haven't done in a couple weeks. I've been back to the PS after having a couple little issues with scar tissue above the bb. PS says just need to keep massaging it or we can do steroid injection. No thanks I will just rub it harder and work the knots out. Lol

Other than that nothing else has really changed. Here are some pics.

Just an update

Nothing has changed other then I'm working out all the little bumps and still rubbing the incision. I've started back running again but my energy level isn't at 100% still. Here are some pics there are no changes. Ugh!

Damn BB

So I'm having issues again with the bb. I will post pics this afternoon. It looks there is a herniation. There is a piece that keeps pushing out and is purplish. I'm heard of others on this site of doing a marble and wondering if that's the trick to keeping it pushed in or if I need to go see the PS again. I hate bugging him if it's nothing. Anyone else having these issues?


Here are the pictures I've promised. You can see In the last picture there is red above the bb. I asked the PS the last time I was in there about that and he said it's just the scar tissue flaring up.

More Pictures

Here are some more pictures. I will be calling the PS this morning. There is a dent above my bb as if they can unattached. So gross!

Well back to the PS on Tuesday

PS was out but nurse says it looks like a little pocket of some sort and she can see what I mean by the dent looks like the bb came away from the line of the stomach.
Looks like I will be returning to the operating room to have that repaired.
Here are more pics.

Glad I'm going to the PS Tuesday

Here are some pictures now that the bubble popped this morning. It's oozing pus and blood.

Update on bb

Saw the PS today. It was a fluid filled cyst That my body couldn't drain so it built up and then popped. He cleaned up the bb then cauterized it to see if it would close on its own. PS wants to see my again in 3 weeks.

Just some pictures

Bb is still discarding some greenish bugger stuff and hasn't closed. The spot above the bb is still like a hard knot and go back to see the doctor next week. so just adding some pictures.
Not able to work out still because it makes the bb open an discharge even more.
Super depressed since the bb still hadn't closed and I am already seeing negative effects from not working out. Also hate that I have bandage mark scars from the bb bleeding all the time.

Issues with the BB continue

I'm second guessing my TT decision! I'm 8 months out and still having major issues with my bb. I'm told the only way to fix it is to have him work on it and I don't want to have it reopened, messed with, etc. In the pictures you can still see a stitch that continues to keep coming out a little at a time. I can't do sit ups because it opens more if I do. If I run it gets blisters from touching.

I'm also leery of going back after I was told that an employee of the PS had told a mutual friend what I had done. So much for confidentiality.

Just frustrated with the whole thing and depressed that my bb still isn't healed up.

Belly Button issues continue

Well it's been over a year and I continue to have issues with my belly button. I finally went to my gp because the surgeon continues to say it's nothing. It maybe nothing to him but the spot is about the size of a marble and hurts. I'm still not able to sit ups and only able to swim and walk for exercise. GP felt the knot and sent me in for an ultrasound this morning. I will give updates once I know what's going on. NERVOUS!!!!!

Well it continues

Went and saw the PS last week we have scheduled my operation to remove the pocket of fluid on March 13th. However, since then I ended up in the Emergency Room with swelling in the stomach, pain, and hard knots in my tummy. Found that the pocket is full of blood, it has moved locations, and has increased in size. I will call the PS today and find out what it the next step because I don't think I can wait until next month. Besides all of this I believe it's ruined the tummy tuck because my stomach is all stretched out with the swelling making me look 5 months pregnant. I'm very discouraged and upset over the whole thing. I will give an update after I meet with the PS.

Revision & Seroma removal scheduled

After talking with the PS the seroma will need to be removed. My surgery was moved up from the 13th of March to the 27th of February (Next Friday). The seroma moves around and makes my stomach hurt and feels as if the belly button is going to tear open. It's pretty painful!
I've also asked the PS to remove the little "dog ears" from where the drains came out of the hips. I'm looking forward to being without the pain and to maybe start finally doing some sit ups. Hoping it's not to late for my stomach to go back down after almost 14 months of fluid build up. I will keep you all updated.

It continues

Well I had surgery on the 27th of March and everything went very smoothly. PS said it was some stitches and scar tissue that was moving around causing the pain and swelling and that most likely it was causing infections off and on. I wasn't in much pain after surgery until about 3 a.m. on Saturday when I woke up to the worst head ache I've ever had in my life. I took some ibuprofen and tried to sleep but ended up getting back up and had severe vomiting, chills, and headache. PS says it had something to do with the anesthesia. I ended up not taking anymore pain pills because I couldn't keep anything down.
Finally by Sunday afternoon I was feeling like I was human again and returned to work on Tuesday. My stomach was severely swollen and hard as a rock which I thought was normal. Then by Wednesday my stomach went flat and I thought I had my tummy back.
Yesterday, Monday, I went to work as usual and wasn't feeling really well. I had a headache and chills and then my stomach started hurting. I thought maybe I had gotten a bug so I didn't eat anything but by lunch my stomach was completely hard and swollen again. Thank God I had an appointment with the PS to remove stitches because by the time I got to his office I was out of breath, headache, chills, fever of 102.1, and stomach solid as a rock. I asked him why I'm having so many issues and he said that it was just another seroma, numbed me and drained 90 cc's. Needless to say I'm in more pain from the seroma then I was from this last surgery. However, got home slept, got the fever down and it spiked again today. My stomach started to swell again today and then the redness to the area and the heat also started. Called the PS and said what gives, and he said the incision is infected and he would be calling the Radiologist tomorrow to insert a drain since it's full already. He also started me on an antibiotic 2 pills 3 x a day for 7 days.

I'm so bummed I thought having this tummy tuck would be a dream come true but it's turned into a nightmare. My stomach is all stretched out, there are scars everywhere, and I'm had more surgeries since the tummy tuck than in my life. I'm really questioning why I even did it now. By the time this is done I will need another tummy tuck because it's so loose already. I've tried to stay positive but I'm really feeling low about the issues I've had.
I will try and download some pictures, they are a little graphic. Update later this week after I know more. Thanks for listening to me too ladies!


Here are some pictures of the seroma and the belly button. Sounds like there will be a drain inserted into the bb today. Will update later.

Pictures and update

Just got home from having a drain tube put in. Pretty sore so I'll update later.


So I'm really exhausted! This surgery to put in the drain tube was worse than the last surgery. All I want to do is sleep. They drained 100 ml yesterday before putting the drain in. I'm quite sore but hopefully this is the end.

Drain tubes gone

Had the drain tube removed today. YAY!!!!!
However, I asked the PS today about the fluid that pathology sent out last Thursday once they drained my stomach and was informed that it was a staph infection. A little concerned about that even though I finished my antibiotics yesterday a staph infection is pretty serious.
Even though my stomach is saggy a little from the major swelling I've had for the past year not sure that I will under-go any surgeries to repair anything ever again.

Good Bye RS

Just wanted to say thanks ladies for your support and advice. Wish you all lots of luck and I will try and check in now and then. ;)

Dr. Roussalis is an awesome doctor. I'm only at week one of recovery but I love my new body. He went above and beyond his duties. He called me after surgery from his cell and told me to also call him anytime I had questions. I felt that he really had my well-being at heart. He explained the process and continues to walk me through everything even after he completed the surgery. I like that we are in a small town and he was able to provide me with the services and compete with big city prices.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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