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First off, I owe my best friend an apology. Two...

First off, I owe my best friend an apology. Two years ago my friend Michelle told me she was getting a TT and I scoffed at her! Sure, I verbally said, "Wow, you are brave! Are you sure you want to do that?" And then when she followed through with it, she sent me Pixs and the first thing I said was NOT "You look beautiful! Way to go!" It was, "OMG! You look like Frankenstein!" Shame on me!! Michelle came to visit me (why she wanted me as a friend still idk) last summer and I about died! AMAZING IS ALL I COULD SAY AND FEEL! She looked incredible and her confidence was mind blowing. So after I "ate crow" so to speak, I started looking at my stomach and began to think.....maybe I could?

I am 5'3 and I use to weigh at my heaviest 206. I had my beautiful daughter and only child 9 years ago. My hubby just got snipped because we decided we did not want anymore children (he has a child from a previous marriage). I have had my "FUP" (fat upper pu--y) for nine years and it just became part of my identity. I weigh 175 now. I am built like a brick shit house I have been told. Lol... I am athletic and I ski and run on my elliptical every day for an hour. In the summer I boat, hike, and ATV. After seeing my best friend and how her "outer" finally matches how she feels about herself on the inside, I decided I wanted it too.

So I have been lurking on this web site for 3 months. Yesterday my secretary said, "Will you just call and get it over with????" Then she shut my door and said, "call them now!" Lol, so I took a big breathe and dialed. Wow, that was scary! Kinda like calling a prospective employer when you want a job! In two minutes I had some questions answered and my consultation appointment set.

So I go in march 26th at 4:30. After that I think we set the time for the procedure. WOW!!!!!!!! This is super exciting. I look forward to being a part of this family...this sisterhood really. Although men get TT's too! So shout outs to them too! Until I feel there is something I need to say or talk about, I will keep reading the inspiring stories and collect the great tips! Thank you again and peace out!

For those of you who have yet to undergo your TT,...

For those of you who have yet to undergo your TT, I just came across a great web site! It is called: It has lots of great ideas and list you can print out!

Okay, so Iam extremely excited for my TT and...

Okay, so Iam extremely excited for my TT and breast lift! Iam really feeling obsessed about this actually and reading these posts are super comforting because I do not feel alone. I find myself at night grabbing my iPad and as we watch tv I read posts and look at before and after Pixs. I have been saving up to go on a Europe trip for 17 days with my parents and husband in June. My plan is right after I get back I want to go in and get the mommy makeover. Hopefully BEFORE July 4 th. I work in the school system, so that would give me exactly 6 weeks before I have to go back to work. Over the weekend I actually email the doctor and asked if I could just set the date even before my consultation this month on the 26th. Lol....I doubt I can but its worth a try! Okay, I just wanted to post something. I will post the docs reply if he responds this week. Iam sure he will. He is really good at repsonding. Til then I will keep reading everyone else's great stories!

Iam getting so excited to meet my PS for the first...

Iam getting so excited to meet my PS for the first time! My husband Google mapped where the location is. It will take a little over two hours to get there. So just five more days before the consultation. Then it sounds like I will set the date for my mommy make over and then it will be wait and prepare.....then wait some more!!!! What a journey this is going to be!!!!!

Well everyone, the "second" BIG day is almost...

Well everyone, the "second" BIG day is almost here! Tomorrow I go in for my consultation with Doctor Roussalis. Of course the "Big day" being when I finally go to the flat side! I had a goal after I set my appointment to meet him for the first time to get my weight into the sixties and I did it!!!! 169!!!! Lol. I have tried to prepare for this meeting as best as I could. Does anyone have suggestions as to the questions to ask? I have the basics like "will this be a drain less TT or do you do drains? Do you do pain pumps? " Questions that I would have never thought of asking because I haven't done this before. If you have some I would greatly appreciate it. ;0)

Right now my psyche is pretty good. I think Iam prepared and in the right place. Thank goodness for this web site! I have totally connected with so many of you on your feelings and backgrounds and thoughts! For example, right now a biggy for me is telling people. Like only 2 women at work know (out of 150) a couple of my closest friends and my parents. I don't want to tell my inlaws for fear they will tell my brother and sister in law. WHY is this? What is the reason for this I wonder? Is it shame based, guilt, paranoia? Who the heck knows but I hate it! So right now I am just telling my mom in law that we are looking into a corrective surgury to repair some muscles and a herniated BB. Hahahah! I can hear people laugh and say, "in other words Becky went and got a tummy tuck???" Oh is what it is.

So I have been on this weight loss journey for about two years. After I had my girl, I just COULD NOT drop the weight like I used to be able to. At 5'4 and 206 I had hyper tension and was put on blood pressure meds. I am active and work out but nothing budged. I have been put on diet drugs, did the HCG thing, all the other diets that my fav. Magazine would say would "drop the weight in thirty days!!!!" fasting blood sugar level was 80 so it didn't appear that I was prediabetic?? My nurse practitioner and I were at wits end. So she did a final suggestion and referred me to a doctor who is an Endocrinologist in Montana. World renowned one I might add. This man turned my world around!!!! He said that I was metabolically resistant and I had to get my metabolism back to running full speed. I was confused because I thought working out was important and he said it was I was just doing it wrong. So first thing he did was put me on this shot called VICTOZA (apparently Paula Dean is on it too. I didn't know this 2 1/2 years ago) and taught me to work out "lightly" but for longer. I was working out hard (kettle bells, circuit training) for thirty minutes three times a week. He told me to walk 250-300 minutes a week. Well, I shrugged and thought okay...he knows best and started doing it. Well, immediately that VICTOZA shot made me feel amazing! IT ROCKS THE HOUSE!!!! It did something to my sugar levels in my body because I was crashing after two hours and ready to eat my hand off. It leveled things out and made me feel like I was never famished. So I started working out and I initially kept a work out log of minutes to help keep me accountable. The first year I lost 15 pounds, but this last year I have managed another twenty two pounds!!!?? I know I have been rambling on about this weight loss but this has been probably the hardest thing I have done besides being a parent and earning my Masters degree.!!! Now Iam looking at all you beautiful women with your triumphs and I am thinking..., "I could actually look like that too????" So Iam excited for the summer to roll around so I can get this "FUP" (fat upper pu--y) cut off and start living a skinnier healthier life! If you have aNy suggestions on questions I should ask, I would love to have them. Thanks girls!

Well my hubby and I went for my consultation this...

Well my hubby and I went for my consultation this last Tuesday. I really liked the doctor. The thing I was most impressed with was his thoroughness to all my questions. My husband said he appreciated how, when he was talking, he would look at him as well, which made Mike feel like he was a part of everything too. So we were there over an hour and he finally looked at my body. Blah.. Now there were a couple of things that iam curious about girls. First the doc mentioned that before he sews the flap down he will sit me up a little and pull firmly but not too tightly so he can get as much skin as possible. Has anyone had that done? In my mind iam thinking "Man, is that the reason everyone is hunched over? Wouldn't that cause the incision to want to pull open when you finally do stand up?" Them the second thing was he said that there might be a T scar left if he can't pull enough skin down depending on the laxity of my stomach skin. What is that? Iam assuming it is your old B B hole right? He also mentioned those sometimes are hard for the body to heal. :0/ bummer. He won't know until he gets in there to do it. He also said that because iam having B L too that my swelling will be more pronounced. Big bummer! I live a couple hours from casper and my procedure will be the hours long.afterward he said I can go home. Yikes! Them he said he doesn't have to see me for another week or two. Is that common? The post I read on here show one or two days for first meeting?

Other than those few questions, overall iam very pleased and look forward to being on the flat side. When the time gets closer I will post more before pictures. Til then happy journeys everyone!

Hello ladies! It has been a while since I have...

Hello ladies! It has been a while since I have posted! I have begun the process of purchasing my supplies for my Mommy Makeover that is to happen on July 1st. So far I bought steri-strips, antibacterial soap, scar away, arnica montana, bromeline, and a CG. Iam going to borrow a recliner from my parents and they have a toilet riser, walker and shower seat as well. (They nabbed them when my grandma passed away) I still will purchase stuff like pads, latex gloves, antibacterial wipes and sanitizer, etc...anything else You guys can think of would be great.

A little update: I received my packet from my doctor because he is a couple of hours from where I live. The packet was basically the consent forms and after procedure care instructions..but the thing I was most surprised about was that he didn't order any pre operation lab work or EKG's? I emailed the doc but he said that I didn't have any blood issues or heart problems. That is the only reason they would order those. Well, after having my girl, they put me on iron because I was low. So I asked them what lab work would be appropriate to order for an over all. They said a Chem 27. I Have decided just for safety measures to inform my general doc and ask him to order these labs so I have piece of mind going in for this surgery. Iam just two and a half months away from being on the flat side!!!! So excited! I will post more Pixs soon!

Well, thank you to those who posted opinions and...

Well, thank you to those who posted opinions and advice regarding my labs. I went to my general doc today and she ordered everything that is appropriate for someone my age going into a surgery. CBC, Iron Panel, EKG, etc... I feel sooooooooo much better now! So all is well for now! ;-)

Got my blood drawn today!!!

Well, Father Time is ticking away and the time is drawing nearer. My anticipation is clouded slightly with my upcoming trip to Europe!!! So basically Iam preparing for a 17 day trip that spans four countries and then I come back to have only three days to prepare for my Makeover!!! Aahhhh! I guess I wanted to have six weeks to recover before I had to go back to work. It might be crazy but Iam sure I will be grateful for the time to heal. Today I went in for my blood draw. Next week will be my preop with my general doc because my PS didn't order any labs. I will get results from labs and then get my EKG. I leave on my trip June 10-27 and drive the night of the 30 to the town where my PS works. The next morning is the big day. Hubby will be with me and my little girl will stay behind with grandparents. I will go in July first at 7:30 am!!! WOW??? Too cool! I will post Pixs before I leave for my trip and then some right before surgery!!

Pixs today just sitting in my chair...

Just got done working out and sat down to relax. Looked down and saw my "FUP" laying there on my lap. I can't believe that I only have one month with the blob and then It will be gone forever!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Europe for seventeen days and then off to flatland!!!!

Well, this last week I went to my general doc and went over my blood work and got an EKG. My blood was perfect and so was my heart!!! So relieved! Tomorrow we leave to go to Amsterdam and then off to Heidelberg, Munich, Lucerne valley, Colmar, Venice, Paris, London and back to good ol USA!!!! I get back on the 27 and then the night of the thirtieth we leave for my mommy makeover!!! I won't have time to worry!!! Lol.... July first I will go in to have my FUP removed and my sisters lifted up and centered!!! ;0) it's funny, because I have really been into working out. I keep thinking that I need to appreciate the time on the elliptical without swelling up!!!! This time will be the only time that I will work out that I won't swell up!!! I know Iam taking this for granted and I am really appreciating it thanks to all the blogs!!! I keep thinking four more days on my elliptical until I go to my surgury!!??? WOW!!!!! After that it will be four months until I can really work out. Iam really going to honor the healing process for my body. Thanks to ReAlSelf for letting me seem the reality of recovery!!!

The count down begins!!!!! Three days left!!!!!

Hello TT friends! Well, just got back from Europe and now I have three days to prepare for my surgury that is on July 1st! Holy cowmowly, I cannot beleive the time is finally here. I had the preop nurse call and ask me some questions and today the doctor is calling me for my final meeting before the big day. Because I live two hours away from him he said we could just do the preop preliminary stuff over the phone. I have a huge list of questions to ask him. Lol! Basically all I have to do around here is clean and stock the fridge. I have my toilet seat riser, walker, and shower seat. Along with the plethora of supplies like pads, gauze, ointment, arnica, bromeline, etc... I will post my final pictures of my "FUP" and saggy boobies later today. Til then take care and heal well my TT beauties and I look forward to joining this supportive "sorority" soon!

Tomorrow is THE day!!!! Ya-hooooooooo!

Well, I am ready. I am excited. I am thrilled and I am prepared!!! I had my pre-op with my PS over the phone the night before last (because I live two hours away) and he was thorough once again. He talked to me for an hour and a half. He is so direct and funny in a professional way. I asked him about the other plastic surgeon that accompanies him when two procedures are happening (I am getting breast lift too), and was curious as to what he does and my doc said, "he is in charge of running the camera for the u-tube videos we make". That totally broke the nerves and relaxed me. Once I got off the phone with him, I turned to my husband and said "I am ready now". I felt this calmness come over me and just knew without a doubt that everything is going to turn out really well.

So this is what is going to happen; today we leave for Casper and check into a nice hotel. Tomorrow we go to the surgical center at 7:30am. They will give me my gown and then Dr. Roussalis will come in and mark my breasts and belly. He will then ask me where else I want to have lipoed. After that they start an IV and put medicine in there that will " make me feel like I have had 5 martinis". Then they wheel me in the OR and put squeeze cuffs on my legs and an oxygen mask over my face and then it is off to la-la land. Sssoooooo very excited! I slept well last night and I anticipate another night of good sleep. And the best thing out of all of more FUP!!!! I can't even imagine what it will be like to have a flat stomach??? Or perky boobs??? Iam going to have the body of a twenty year old Again????!!!! Too cool man!

So, my TT friends, I will post as soon as I feel able to write a coherent message after the procedure. We plan on driving home afterward. Before I talked to the doc I was leaning toward staying another night. But I don't think it will be necessary. Wish me luck and I will see you on the Flat Side!!! ;0)

12 hours post op!!!!

Well, I made it! I will post more tomorrow. All I can say is both my husband and I broke down with happy tears when I looked in the mirror!!!! Unbelievable !!!!

Ain't gonna lie, it hurts.

Well my TT friends, today marks the first Post Op day. Here is what happened yesterday: woke up and got to surgical center. Then a nurse called me back where she went over all my health history. Another nurse came in and rocked putting the IV! She was great and I never felt a thing. After that my PS came in and marked me up with the great purple marker Lol! He then left and the anesthesia doc came in and told me what to expect. At that point he put a nausea sticker behind my ear. Finally the OR nurse came in and helped me off to the OR. I got up on the table and the anesthesiologist put a a mask on my face that was blowing oxygen. At that point they put something in my IV and then drifted off.

I awoke to the doctors and nurses telling me everything went well. So after that the pain became real! Burning sensation and my boobies hurt way more than the tummy. The nurse gave me morphin via IV and then a Percocet. The nurse then wanted me to get up and move from the operating room table to a chair. That was a challenge!!

They wheeled me in to a small room where my hubby was waiting. I went over discharge preliminaries and the nurse then taught me how to empty then "Grenades"

After all of that they dressed me and off I went! Got home and just rested. Iam keeping on the meds. I set my phone alarm to wake up in the middle of the night so I wont get behind in the pain measurement . I never got sick which I was sooooo thankful for, I think that nausea sticker behind my ear really helped. Slept in guest bedroom with a TON OF PILLOWS! That was nice to be able to sleep in a bed. On the pain scale I would say about a 4-5 just in the day to day stuff. I got a pain block in my tummy from the doc. Basically they located my stomach muscles via sonogram and then he took a long ass needle and injected a pain blocker that last about three days. I was really happy about that!

So that was an over view. Doc said I could take a shower today. If I decide Iam up to it I will take pictures again. TTYL

Post op day #2!!!!

Well, lets just say this journey is not for sissy's!!!! I tried to shower yesterday and clean my wounds with Hibicleanz. Everything was going surprisingly well until I got out and started to get dressed. The room started to spin and I broke out into a sweat and got a little nauseous. Thankfully I didn't puke. Pain is about 4-5 on the pain scale. That is with painkillers. you cannot takeaway all the pain unfortunately but it only hurts when you get up and move around. Well, Iam signing off for now. Feeling really tired. TTYL

six days post OP.

Well it has definitely been a journey going through this transformation. It is certainly not for the weak that is for sure! Somewhere I read that this was compared to having a c-section! Ha! Not even a comparison! This was a major thing and even though it is considered a skin surgery, don't think less of it. Iam feeling a little bit peppier.iam not standing up that straight but a little bit more every day.I had my first BM this morning after five days. Lord have mercy that was a blessing!! Man that was crazy hard I thought I was going to pop stitches! I suspect this week my tubes will come out. Other than that, iam just listening to my body. I am beside myself with happiness with the you can see the doc did an amazing job! Not bad for a Wyoming plastic surgeon! Lol..he is the bomb! Well iam heading for the shower. Heal well my tummy tuck gals!

Holy cowmowly!!! Do not overestimate how well you feel as a sign you are healed!!!

Hello all my TT friends! Well today marks day eight post op of my transformation journey! A little piece of advice, if you feel good don't think that is a "Go" sign to resume normal activities! I got up yesterday and was not sore and was standing up taller! I thought, hey this isn't so bad!!!! By that night I was swollen up like a tick!! And it is a weird swollen up. Not like the kind you get when you travel via an airplane, or you consumed too much salt and alcohol. No.......this bloat is gnarly!!!! It's like your mid section takes on a life of it's own!! For real, it is the most uncomfortable, frightening thing to feel! I went into a panic mode and took a double dose of Advil, drank a jug of lemon water and tightened my CG as tight as I could stand it. Luckily I drifted off to,sleep and this am Iam back to "normal". Phew!! Today is a no brainer, I am on the couch and I am going to chill!!

So heal well my friends! And please, TAKE IT EASY!!! ;0)

2 days from the two week mark...

Hello my fellow tummy tuck friends, just wanted to do a quick post and add some pictures. This past week I was able to go to my doctor and get the dreaded tubes out. He said that he wanted to wait for swelling to go down to see what my belly button was going to do. Iam happy with it but he is a perfectionist and said it needs to be in further. If it didn't suck back in he was going to do an in office sew it in more procedure. He said I might have a dog ear too but he wanted to wait. I didn't think that was bad either but he is particular. I told him he changed my life and the little details were minor. He just laughed. I pushed it yesterday again and felt like ass at the end of the day. This recovery takes a toll on you mentally. I almost cried my eyes out.its just frustrating to feel good in the morning and then be crappy at the end of the day. But I know it will get better. Thanks for listening and I wish you all the best of . Ttyl

Beginning my fourth week and feeling better everyday!

Good morning gals! I am looking at starting my fourth week on Monday and this week I go see my PS for a check up and additional "touch ups". AKA; Botox and Filler for my creases!!! ;0)

So in a nutshell ladies, this is what you can possibly expect from going to the "flat side"! Weight loss, although this is not a weight loss surgery, when they are removing a huge panus and doing Lipo to your flanks, you are bound to lose weight. I weighed myself this am and have lost eleven pounds!!!! This is such a wonderful bonus I am beside my self with joy!!! Another thing you can expect is looking at a completely different body. This can do weird things to your brain. You will find yourself staring at your body with a big smile on your face and rubbing your hands over your tummy while you turn this way and that. Family will smile as you, for the millionth time, tell them how flat your stomach is or share another new "event" that has transpired from your experience. Friends will at first, be concerned about surgery and call you afterwards to check on you, but then drop out of sight when you start to heal and look HOT! Clothes pre surgery do not fit and never will again. This is exciting but some of my clothes were awesome AND expensive and to think I have to get a new wardrobe when there are other household expenses looming out there makes my anxiety stir! And I guess the BEST most AMAZING thing you can expect from this journey is the confidence and renewed sense of "I rock and I can do anything! So watch out world!!!" That to me is the greatest thing I have gotten out of all this. My body still has a ways to go. My BB is slowly healing and my boobies haven't settled, there are hard lumps along my TT scar line, and massaging the Lipo areas bring me to tears STILL. However, I have come to realize that my body is my friend and has always been there for me. It was ME that was not there for "it". There is a mind/body connection and my body deserves to be treated well. I am never going back to eating poorly or never exercising. My life has changed and this has helped me with my relationship with ME. That my friends is hopefully what you will get out of this along with all the other perks I mentioned. Until my next post, happy healing ya'll!

5 weeks post op! New Pixs!

I can't beleive how quickly the weeks have passed??? I am now beginning my fifth week post op and feel great! Went last week to see the PS and he said everything is looking good. Still too soon to see the final results. He wants to see me in six weeks and then he will have a better idea if we need to snip a dog ear and do a scar revision on one of my breasts. The BB is healing well and it most likely will not need to be fixed.

I have come to accept that Mr. Swell has moved in and is going to stay for awhile. He really doesn't make his presence known until around three in the afternoon. He shows up and I just keep the CG around for help. It is irritating but I know that eventually "he" won't be a necessary evil in this healing journey and my body will create new lymphatic channels to aid in the fluid dispersal. Lol!!

I am working out on the elliptical. Have worked up to fifty minutes every day. No core focus until six weeks I have been told. It Is cool to look in the mirror and see intentions/ definition in my form. I just can't imagine how it will look once the swelling is gone and I can do crunches and ab work. Look forward to that!

One last thing, I have to give a shout out to my PS Dr. John Roussalis! He just is the bomb. Iam seven hours away from Denver, CO and had several doctors and friends tell me to go to a PS there. They didn't know about roussalis and were weary. Well, Iam here to tell you he is like a little gold mine that no one knows about and his prices are not bad!!! Sure, I have seen cheaper here on Real Self but with his background and I have said, I would match him up with any Beverly Hills doctor any day! I have not one thing to complain about from this whole experience. His office staff is top rate as well!!!! So if you are close to Casper, Wyoming look him up. You would be glad you did!!!!

two month update............twotwo

Wow, time flies when you are enjoying your new body!! Started work two weeks ago after beingoff fortwo months and all I can say is iam sure glad I had that time off for recovery! I noticed three first week I seem to pull things in my abdomen and then there would be swelling because I was more active. I still feel tightness at three end of the day but nothing I can't deal with. fifteen pounds less and two sizes smaller. i plan on beginning amajor ab routine inJanuary. That willbe sixmonths post surgury so i think thatwill be safer. Other than that justenjoying myflatness andenjoying everythingthat hasimproved in my life. ....fourteen
Casper Plastic Surgeon

The Internet and research was the first thing that got me crossed with Dr.Roussalis. My internist actually encouraged me to go to Denver. I was impressed with Roussalis's background and having graduated from Akron. After I saw my secretaries' breasts after he did a lift on her I was sold!!!! I would place him against a Beverly Hills doctor any day. He is an artist and a professional and his price is completely right for poor wyomingites like me!!!, ;0)

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