35 year old Mama 5'11" 150lbs. Natrelle 475cc High Profile Unders

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I'm so happy I found this website!! It's helped me...

I'm so happy I found this website!! It's helped me start to make decisions on my road to breast augmentation. I've worn a padded bra my whole life, since I started getting boobs, at about age 11. At most, I've maxed out at a 36B, when not breastfeeding. My mom would always tell me, "don't worry, after you have kids and breastfeed your boobs will get bigger and stay bigger, mine did!" NOT the case at all! My kids weaned at 20 mos and 18 mos and now I'm completely deflated, smaller than ever. I never thought I'd ever think about getting implants, but looking at myself now, why should I be unhappy the rest of my life when something can be done?

For the past 2 months, I've been researching Doctors. Living in Wyoming, there aren't a lot of choices for Board Certified Surgeons. It's common to go out of state for things around here. I started looking at Colorado Drs, but then thought about having to take extra time off for traveling to appts before/after the actual surgery. I'm still debating this. I do realize that I want a great Dr and that might require bending a little. I've been researching everyday (reading reviews, looking at endless pictures...) and talked to ladies I know who've gotten implants. There is 1 Dr in my town who gets excellent reviews, written and word of mouth. I decided to book a consultation with him at the end of Feb. I'm excited to see what he can do for me and if I decide to stick with him, I won't have to worry about travel. That's where I'm at, at this point in my journey! (Having trouble uploading my current pics, I'll keep trying)

Before pics

Just adding some boob pics!

1st BA Consultation Appt

I am meeting with a PS tomorrow for my first BA consultation. I'm excited! My appt was scheduled 3 weeks ago, and I've been researching, looking at photos , and adding to my list of questions every spare minute. I'm a busy working mom, so it's not been easy finding the time! From this appt, I'm hoping to get more of an idea of the size required to get me to the results I want (max D cup). It seems, in reading some reviews, that ladies get caught up in the cc's (400, 500...) I have no idea how many cc's at this point. I do know that (I think) I'm interested in silicone vs saline, though. But I'm open to the Dr's advice and opinion, of course! I will update again soon. Hoping I have more direction and questions answered after the appt tomorrow morning. YAY!!

Consultation completed!

I had my consultation yesterday and it went well. Took about an hour. The Dr thoroughly discussed implant options, sizing, took my measurements, and I tried on different implant sizes and profiles. Lastly, I received a quote with a breakdown of Surgeon fee, OR fee, and anesthesia fee ($5,558) + $900 saline, or $1,800 silicone implants cost. I have been discussing the options and overall estimated cost with my husband. As far as size, I'm leaning toward 475cc high profile silicone, under the muscle. These would put me around a D cup, ideally. Being very tall and narrow framed, the Dr and Med Asst said the high profile, rather than moderate plus, would be better for my body type. I took a few pics with the 475cc's in place and also a couple of me in my 36A padded push-up.

Surgery BOOKED!!

My surgery is BOOKED for April 15th!! I will be making my $1000 deposit at the office this next week. I'm excited...and nervous...and excited. I'll be finalizing my decision on size at my pre-op, I guess, the week before surgery. My husband was not able to make it to my consultation, so he didn't get to see me trying on the sizes. He'll be going with me to the pre-op. I, of course, want his opinion. Added a few more before pics in an XL XOXO brand sports bra. I come no where close to filling it up! Hopefully I will next month, LOL! Seems the majority of ladies on this site talk about buying bras from Victoria's Secret. Must be the "perfect bra"? But me? I'm a bargain shopper. I am just fine with a marked down (brand name) bra from Marshall's, TJMaxx, etc! VS prices are ridiculous. That's just me. More updates to come!

Wish boob pics!

Hoping to get great results like these!

Surgery is 32 days away!!

I'm debating more on size. Is 475cc gonna get me to the results I want? This is the question I keep asking myself. It's crazy how 475cc looks huge on some ladies and small on others? So in thinking about this size for my frame, what result will I get? I don't feel like messing around with the "rice sizers". I'll be trying on the implants again at my pre-op on April 4th. And then after talking to the Dr again, I feel I'll be able to finalize size. No pre-surgery labs or mammogram needed due to I have no family history of anything abnormal, conditions, diseases, cancer, etc. I did apply for Care Credit and decided on the 18 month financing. This will only be used for the surgeon fees because the surgical center doesn't accept CC. Posting more before pics!

Shopping for bigger boobs!!

So, I've been browsing at bigger, comfy sports bras lately. I'm sure if anyone is paying attention to me they're wondering..."why is she looking at THAT size?" but, oh well if they are. I'm dreaming. Just like when you're expecting, right? That's what I compare it to! Of course, I don't know what size I'll end up, but I've bought a few options and kept the receipts just in case. I have lots of dresses in my closet that I've had to find that perfect bra for, the one that is strapless, pushes up, is cut way low, or has a strap around the neck. Every possible detail (and all the pains) because I don't have the boobs to pull it off without a bra. I'm SO READY for that to be over! I won't know what to do when it's that easy! I bought a button up shirt, and believe me, one that looked good was hard to find. I checked Marshall's and Ross, last minute last night, and found one. Button-up just isn't the style anymore. Pre-op is in 2 days!!! Yes, still stressing about the size to go with. I checked out anna1989's review and they look great, but HUGE!!! She got 400 cc hp silicone, and I was thinking 475cc at my initial consultation. They all look so different on people, making it hard to decide. Plus I worry about the weight. My boobs are so small I've never known what it's like to have ANY weight hanging off the front of me. Must take some getting used to. I've been having g book and surgery dreams almost every night. Crazy how much this experience is on my mind. Normal, I'm sure.

Pre-Op DONE!! Natrelle 475cc silicone high profile

I had my pre-op on April 4th. The Dr went over before surgery details, what will happen the day of, and then post op instructions, consent forms, and finally I tried on sizes again since my husband was with me this time. I got the thumbs up on the 475cc high profiles, which I had pretty much been set on since my initial consultation. The Dr explained that to get much more noticeable in size (from 475cc) I'd have to go up to a 550cc, but then that gets into an overall wider set bust too, which isn't what I'm looking for. BUT, the Dr said they order a few size options close to what you've decided on and finalize in the OR after seeing what looks most fitting. I'm hoping to be right at a D. I was surprised by some of the post-op instructions the Dr gave me compared to all the he stuff I've read online the past few months. Stuff like: sleeping position (side is ok if it's comfortable, pre-surgery ABX aren't needed,better to get on ABX if you actually get an infection not take them just because, wear a supportive sports bra for at least the first week). I got RX's for pain and a muscle relaxer. Still need to pick those up! He also said there is an option for a pain block which could help manage pain after the surgery. Kind of like an epidural, as he explained it. It's an additional $400 so, no thanks! And I have an incredible tolerance for pain, anyway. 2 natural births and I'd do it again. I can do this! Excited!!

Tomorrow is SURGERY DAY!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!! I'm stuffing myself with food tonight cause I don't do well with not eating. NPO after midnight. Check-in is at 9:30am tomorrow. Surgery is 11:00am and it should take about 1 hr, the Dr said. I'm feeling pretty relaxed, a tad anxious. I hate getting IVs, so funny enough, that is actually one of my biggest fears when thinking about the procedure. The Dr walked me thru everything that will happen, from check-in to afterwards in recovery. I've been sleeping awesome this week and thoroughly enjoying it, knowing it won't be like that in the near future. I'm occasionally a stomach sleeper too, so I'll miss that! I am so excited to trash my old padded bras!! I should burn them in celebration, LOL!! April 15th won't be looked at as "Tax Day" by me anymore...it'll be "Boob Day!!!"

Today is Boob Day!!

Headed to the surgical center with hubby RIGHT NOW!! I slept good last night, dropped kids off at daycare/preschool and have been pretty calm and cool this morning. Funny how I was ready to throw up, being so SO nervous, on my wedding day and before both births, but I don't feel that way today. That's a good thing!! Next time I update, I'll have BOOBS!!!

Hello from the other side!!

Surgery is done!!! Check-in to leaving the building was exactly 4 hours. The worst part was 3 sticks to get an IV in the top of my hand, ugh. But I understand. My hand veins have lots of valves and aren't easy. I realized after 2 natural drug-free childbirths that I'm one tough cookie (pain-wise), BUT I hate having needles put in me!! I talked to the he Dr & Anesthesiologist before and had antiemetic, ABX, and hydrating fluids pumped into me during the surgery. I walked to the OR, got up on the bed, had a blood pressure cuff and leg cuffs for circulation put on, then went off to dream land!! Woke up fuzzy but with no bad pain, only sternum and rib cage pressure. They gave me 1 Hydrocodone pill and I drank a ginger ale. No nausea or dizziness, no scratchy throat from breathing tube, no headache either!! Couldn't have gone better in all those aspects, I guess. Lucky me!! I DID bite my lip apparently, though. Just a small fattened spot. I'll do pics later today, if I'm feeling up to it. Right now breasts feel very firm. I can feel little tingles in my right nipple, but left feels completely numb. Normal. Haven't taken a full peek a them myself yet. Just a little bit down my shirt. From what I see, they look like my good old breastfeeding boobies, BUT bigger and in this case... THEY'LL STAY and not disappear. YAAAAAY!!!!

Post-Op pics

12 hours post-op

12 hours post-op and I'm doing really well!! I am so happy that I didn't have nausea or dizziness after coming out of surgery. That was a big fear and, I know, common! I've been up moving around the house doing a few things just to stay mobile. Even put in an easy load of laundry and loaded a few dishes into the dishwasher. My appetite is good and the pain is very bearable. I've had a few sharp "zingers" of pain, the Dr calls them, in my right nipple that lasted a few seconds, but nothing in the left, that one is still numb. I am taking a muscle relaxer and hydrocodone, as well as a stool softener to ward off constipation. I never get constipated any other time and don't care to experience it now. I have BIGGER things to worry about...hahahaha!!! I peeked at the steri-strips over my incisions and all looked fine! Overall, I'm VERY happy with how my breasts look so far. If you look at reviews on this sight regularly you know all the different shapes, sizes, and sometimes weirdness that comes out after getting implants lol!! I know it just takes time. I'm in bed now, on my back and slightly upright. I'm a tummy/side sleeper, so we'll see how comfortable I am tonight. I can shower tomorrow if I'm up to it, leaving the steri-strips alone. Goodnight for now!

Post-op Day 1

Well, didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. I was able to lay a little to one side or the other with 2 king pillows for support. Woke up at 1 am and needed another dose of pain meds. I also got a couple ice packs to put on, as I noticed more swelling setting in. Right boob is still giving me some sharp zingers. I'm sure that will continue for awhile. A tad more feeling back in my left nipple. Rib cage pain was definitely up a few notches. I am trying 800mg ibuprofen to start the day and we'll see how it goes. Muscle relaxer seems to definitely help too. I'm just gonna take it easy today and HEAL!! Not sure if I'll shower today or not. Depends on the pain factor. Still no dizziness or nausea, yay!!

Post-op Day 1 Cont...with pics!!

I'm already VERY pleased with how these beautiful boobies are looking!! More swelling and pain today, but it's bearable. Maybe a 4-5 on a 1-10 scale. Childbirth being a 10, lol!! I've been using ice packs to help soothe. Pain is mostly in the incision areas, some at the top of my breasts too. Not very much bruising so far. My throat feels a tad scratchy today from the breathing tube, I'm assuming. So here are some pics, this time sans pastie, lol!!

Post-op Day 2: Hardly any pain!!

Yay!! Only day 2 and pain is VERY MINIMAL already!! I slept much much better last night, rotating from left side to right side to back throughout the night. Today I'm trying only ibuprofen 800mg, no Hydrocodone unless I really need it. Actually, the ibuprofen may work just as good. The muscle relaxer knocks me out so I haven't taken one of those yet today. Pain is really only around the incision sites and on my sternum still. I managed to take a shower with no problem, just being very deliberate in my movements and raising my arms SLOWLY above chest height when I need to. I'm doing a lot more with my legs and feet. Picking stuff up off the floor, pushing with my legs instead of arms to get up, or to help me recline in the lazy boy chair. Oh, and the stool softeners haven't seemed to kick in yet, although I've been taking them daily since right after the surgery. This has added to some slight tummy bloat, I think. Adding more pics with different angles. So far, I am loving these results! I know there's lots more settling to do, but at this point I think the healing process is going very well.

4 days post-op... Throat pain??

I'm 4 days post-op! Things are good. I've been sleeping very good and have only been managing pain with 2-3 ibuprofen 2x/day. Pain is not an issue at all, funny enough. Tightness is still very real so that's where the muscle relaxer comes in! It helps. What HAS been causing me pain is my throat...and this started 2 days ago (Sunday). Feels like a bad viral sore throat, but different. It kind of moves around. Upper then lower, right around tonsils, then not. I'm thinking it has to be related to the breathing tube during anesthesia. I may call the Dr's tomorrow to check. Swallowing is uncomfortable and drinking ice cold water helps a lot!! Hope it stops soon. As far as the boobs, they are healing nicely, I think. I'm bruised pretty good on the sternum and around incisions. Hard to tell if the implants have dropped much though. See pics :) The surgical bra is very comfy so no need to change it yet although I tried on a Hands bra today that I liked. Good support and comfy too. Maybe a little more feeling back in the left nip, but not much. Right has plenty of feeling! I have heard some sloshing, popping while massaging, normal. Dr said air gets trapped in the pocket. Signing off for now!

Post-op day 5...Ok, I may have done too much yesterday

Pain is back. I've been doing great recovering with very minimal pain. However, yesterday I ended up driving more and got out to shop a bit. I didn't do any heavy lifting, of course, but exerting myself a bit more which brought on pain in sleeping last night and when I got up this morning. I upped my ibuprofen to 4 pills again and am relaxing on the couch today with heat on my back and cold packs on my boobs. Feeling better and am going to nap after this post! Guess I jumped in a little too soon. My throat pain is much better today, YAY!! Has to be anesthesia related. This is my 5th day off work, 5 more to go. Hoping I'm much improved by the time I go back. My right boob is hurting more than the left, for sure. It's also more bruised around the incision area and side of my rib cage area. Sternum is back to very sore again, most likely from driving, turning my head to look behind when backing up. Enough of that for awhile. I've been avoiding the hydrocodone due to the constipation it causes, ugh!! Stool softeners and prune juice are a daily ritual now just to get over the effects that taking it the first few days had! Still, I'm very happy with how these beautiful breast look so far!! :)

Post-op day 6...feeling good again, but TIGHT!!!

After getting back on track with a regular schedule of pain meds every 4 hours, plus ice packs and rest, I'm feeling very good again!! Now, it's just the TIGHTNESS!! Ahhhhh, can my muscles stretch that much?? Ugh!! The muscle relaxers do wonders for my comfort. Thank God. Bruising on my sternum is mustard yellow, ewww ugly. I've tried on a few sports bras lately and liked the look. I'll be so happy to wear bras without padding. It will be amazing! Still pretty swollen so who knows what size I'll wear, but right now I'm in a 1x Delta Burke comfort sports bra. I kinda laugh at the 1x cause someone who is truly a 1x wouldn't come close to fitting in this size. Anyway, the bra is very comfortable and looks good under clothes. Well, time for my daily nap :)

10 days post-op: Post-op Appt today!!

Here I am at 10 days post-op!! Things are good. Only ibuprofen for pain: I take it only at night since that's my most uncomfortable time of the day. I also take the muscle relaxer at night. I'm sleeping pretty comfortably on my side with a pillow in front and behind me for support. I've been sleeping in my surgical bra cause, so far, it's still very comfortable. I'm able to gently raise my arms about 90% over my head with minimal discomfort, not something I'm doing regularly, though. Tightness has improved a lot, probably the best today, so far! The morning is when it's the worst! Implants are still high and some swelling in my arm pits. I notice this the most when I shave them. Bruising has improved a lot and sternum pain is just barely there still. At my appt today, the Dr removed the steri-strips and snipped the outside stitch on each breast. Not painful, just a slight tug. Now I can start rubbing the scars with scar cream/lotion/moisturizer. The left looks much better than the right at this point. Both are still pretty tender. I go back to work tomorrow, after having the past 10 days off. Man am I gonna miss my afternoon naps!! Thankfully I have a ton of vacation days to use with my job. I needed the rest time for sure! I still can't hold my daughter on my hip. Too uncomfortable. I can lift her quickly from crib to floor or up to her changing table, but that's it. Overall, I'd say things are going good! I go back to the Dr in 3 weeks.

2 weeks post-op: going great except Ab muscle pain?

Things are going good!! Last night was the first night since surgery that I was actually very comfortable on either side, hardly any pain/discomfort! However, my right breast incision did bleed a little last night. About a dime size drop on my hugger pillow. I think I'll lay off the moisturizer on tjat area until in dries up a bit. I decided to use Palmer's Tummy Butter for work on the incision scars. If it can prevent stretch marks (and it did w/both my pregnancies) than I figured it would be pretty good for reducing scarring.

Now to the ab muscle pain...this week has felt like I've been doing crunches. Sore ab muscles!! Dr said that would be more pain than expected and he wasn't sure why I'd have that. The pain goes from my incisions down to the bottom of my rib cage (very tender) then down my obliques. The right side is most tender with a VERY TENDER spot by my hipbone/ovary area. If that doesn't resolve, I'm going to see my gyno next week. It has me worried because it is NOT ovulation time. Yep, I'm a worry wart. Also, I thought I had developed a Mondor's Cord (thrombosed vein) under each breast (see my pic), very painful and thought that could be related. I was examined by my Dr on April 28th and he said it was not thrombosed veins, it was the deep, internal stitches pulling when I raised my arms causing it to appear to be a vein or cord like I've read about on this website. Heat and ibuprofen for pain should help until it dissolves. Breasts seem to be dropping a tad and getting a bit softer, left more than the right. I'm just having a hard time waiting for these beautiful breasts to settle in!! Time is standing still!!

3 weeks post-op: going great...except for my hernia(??) Oh my!!

The girls are doing GREAT!! Incisions healing, bruising is fading, softening up a tad, and sleepful nights...YAY!! I have my 2nd post-op appt this week. I do still have the cord looking things under both breasts. Again, the Dr says they are the deep internal stitches. They don't hurt at all except a tiny bit when I'm on my side in bed with my arm up under my head, then they tug quite a bit and it's uncomfortable. Seems like I'm not seeing a lot of changes yet, as far as dropping AND they are still pretty stiff. Time...I know. So hard waiting. So as far as ab muscle pain, that's gone BUT the pain near my right hipbone (that I've been having for almost 3 weeks) is apparently a FEMORAL HERNIA!!! How did I get this? The damn Hydrocodone, of course. SO, even though I was taking stool softeners, I got severely constipated, which led to major straining 3 days after surgery, and then a hernia. I couldn't be more angry, at myself, for pushing too hard. How ridiculous. I have been referred to a general surgeon. Oh goody, like I want to go thru another surgery again. Such a disappointment. Lesson learned? Do NOT strain to go if you're plugged up. I so don't need this.

Ok, so it's NOT a hernia, but ab muscle pain won't go away!!

I was examined by a surgeon and had an ultrasound to confirm or rule out this possible "hernia". So happy to say, the ultrasound DID NOT show a hernia, or an abnormal appendix or lymph nodes down in my lower right quadrant. BUT what is this dang ab muscle pain. Again, like I've been doing crunches. It seems it has to be related to these beautiful new boobs, :) but how??!! I've searched this website trying to find someone who has experienced something similar...no luck. I have a 4 week post-op appt this week. We'll see.

4 weeks post-op... Lovin' these boobs!

I'm ready for my wet T-shirt contest!!! LOL!! Love having boobs I am proud of. Such a huge confidence boost :)

6 weeks post-op: Boom Boom Boobies!!

Oh yeah, lovin' these boobs more and more!! Zero pain now, including weird ab muscle pain that puzzled me AND the Dr! Cords under both breasts have self resolved, and no more pain. Just a couple weeks ago pain was pretty bad right on the cords. Mostly when sleeping on my side with my arm up under my head. Absolutely nada now! YAY!! I don't know what size they are yet, just been wearing comfy, supportive sports bras still. Thinking I'll buy an underwire of some sort by the end of the month. I'm very happy with their size. Exactly what I had in mind. They are the size that I was when wearing my biggest padded bra. I can play them up, or look completely natural, like I had nothing done. I wasn't going for big, unnatural coconuts look. Scars are fading pretty good. Right is taking longer than left, which is really my only worry at this point. Just hoping it catches up and looks as good as the left.

3 months post-op... Sometimes I forget!

It's been a couple months since I've updated. Sometimes I forget I have implants, LOL! I'm doing great and am so so happy with my new boobs!! They have settled in quite nicely and are very soft, NO issues at all!!

I did have some minor cords under each breast the last time I was on here. They dissolved without any action at about 8 weeks. I am using a highly rated scar fade cream called Scar Fade by Body Merrily. Over 1000 4.5 star reviews on Amazon. We'll see. That would be the only thing is that is of any concern at this point. I want them to hurry up and FADE!! Not like I'm flashing these puppies to anyone but my husband, BUT I'll be happier when they are less noticeable. I'm very happy with the size I chose!! Great on my body and no one would ever think they were fake. And who cares if the did. I'm very confident and would tell anyone that they are FAKE and FABULOUS!! Couldn't be more happy :)

I love love LOVE MY BOOBS!!!

Just here to post more pics of the results I got from my surgery. Almost 4 mos ago. One of the best decisions of my life!! I LOVE them and am so so HAPPY!! Did someone say wet T-shirt contest?? LOL!! I'm ready ;) I never would've said that with my walnut-size boobs 4 months ago!
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