20yrs Old Hate my Stretchmarks!

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So I got pregnant at 19 and had a baby 6 months...

So I got pregnant at 19 and had a baby 6 months ago. Although I love my son, I hate my stretchmarks.... I don't have much money right now so I'm trying some home treatments to try and make them less noticeable. I bought a dermaroller 2.00mm off amazon and a few serums and creams. I have my fingers crossed. I will be doing it once every month in conjunction to body brushing and bio oil. Wish me luck!

3rd times a charm

So I was recently browsing eBay and found they sell dermapens. It's probably a knock off anyway but I'm so desperate to get rid of my stretchmarks and ordered one. I first used It few days ago. The following day after I used it my skin was so itchy... Like more than it itches after I dermaroll. So I'm assuming it works. My stretchmarks also seem to look more "plump" instead of sunken in. *Fingers crossed*

Products I'm Using

Here are a few pictures of products I'm using. Recently bought this bioeffect egf serum because I saw it in a bubzbeauty video about how it helped her stomach. So I had to try and seeif it could help mine. I use it daily at night. Seems to be helping my marks fade a little faster.


So today I decided to go to my local minute clinic at cvs to try and get a retinol cream. I literally waited for over an hour... just to be disappointed. When it was finally my turn in line, I got so excited to hear my name being called by the doctor.. however to my dismay just as they were writing up the prescription I informed them I was breastfeeding. And apparently it isn't recommended when your nursing because it can get into your milk supply. I literally wanted to cry.... when i found that out. I feel so defeated right now... I love my son to death but I just want these marks gone. I understand that I can go back to the doctors when he's done in like 6 more months, but by that time I feel like it will be too late. I feel so ugly all the time. My boyfriend isn't really supportive either... when he first saw me naked again after I had our son he just said " it's okay, there's surgery for that"... I just want to feel beautiful again.

Must not give up

I'm going to be rolling again this weekend, just thought I'd post a picture to let you see how it's going. So far I am seeing major improvement.

4th treatment

Last night I used the dermapen once again. I did 3 passes over my stretchmarks. So in total I have done 4 treatments; 2 with the dermaroller and 2 with the dermapen. I kind of prefer the dermapen over the dermaroller because I don't have to clean it before and after, I just use a new needle cartridge each time.

Day 1

I think it will be useful for you to see the healing process for a week. So this is the morning after I used the dermapen for the 2nd time. I also plan on buying a tca peel to add in between sessions.

Day 2

The itching and swelling is a lot worse on the second day for me.

Day 3

This will probably be my last day showing you the healing process because it doesn't change much from here. The itching has subsided, still a bit red but that usually goes away within a week. And no more swelling.

I trust myself. If all else fails, After I'm done breastfeeding I will do carboxytherapy.

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