TT for 40 Year Old, 50 Lb Weight Loss, 2 Pregnancies - Cary, NC

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I had a breast lift in Feb. 2015 by Dr. Stoeckel...

I had a breast lift in Feb. 2015 by Dr. Stoeckel in Cary, nc. (Wake plastic surgery) It was the best decision ever. Now I am going to go to him for a tummy tuck. I wanted to see how I did with the breast lift surgery first, and since I feel like I did well, healed well, ect., l am ready to take this next step in getting rid of my belly. I work out every day, yet realize the belly isn't going anywhere. I am 157lbs and 5'5".5 (yes, that 1/2 inch counts! Lol) My consultation is next well as my final follow up to my breast surgery.
I am excited and thankful to have a wonderful husband that is making this all possible and understands how much it means after working for years to get at a healthy weight and maintain it. I have maintained around this weight for about 3 years....losing about 2-3 lbs a year....very slow and steady!
The cost above is what the tt are at his office. They give a 500 discount for being a return patient, so mine will be 7,500.00

Surgery is set for Jan.7, 2016

I had my consult today...and am very excited to get through the next couple months! I am in disbelief that this is actually going to happen to me! I never in a million years thought I'd be able to do this. I appreciate my husband so much for supporting me...and I am thankful that I found Dr. Stoeckel. It is good to know you're in good hands with such a big surgery. I have pictures from before and after my breast lift that I got from the office. I can't wait to complete my healthy body look! I've lost about 4-5 lbs since my first "photo shoot".

Wondering if I should do lipo on back while doing tt

I want your opinions ladies...I am worried I still won't be happy or feel good about my shape if I skip the lipo on my back. I don't know if the tt will help me waist from behind? Does anyone have advice?

Back roll

My before-before

This was before I lost over 50 lbs...I did it over a 7 year period...slow and steady

Pre-op today...16 days till surgery

Talked to my doctor today and went over a few things. I asked about lipo on my back fat on my waistline, and he said that area is hard to do with a tummy tuck, and that when my tummy fat is gone, my body will burn fat in other areas more in time, I can resolve that area myself. He showed me where the scar would be and what will be taken off. He said probably 2-3 lbs. I am so excited! I hope the next 2 weeks go by fast....but I know they won't!

5 days! More before pics for comparison

These days cannot go any slower! (Except for the healing days, I'm sure) I am so excited and nervous and all that goes along with this upcoming surgery. I appreciate all of the experiences on here and am so thankful to have you all sharing!

"Money shot"

Here is the picture I shudder at, and hope for the best "after shot" of!

Last before pics...tomorrow is the big day!

I finally am letting myself truly realize the surgery is happening tomorrow! It's been so hard to be patient that I try to not even think about it for the most part....which is hard because there is a lot of preparation that you have to do....and I'm on here all the time, so that is a big! I can't believe my tummy will be gone.....I have never not had a belly, I can't even imagine how it will feel...but I am ready to know! I've read so many different experiences of some who lose weight, some who drop sizes, some who gain, some stay the same size....I'm just anxious to find out what will happen with my belly being gone. I bought a pain of 8 jeans that I fit into, but could never wear because of muffin top (to put it mildly...haha) I have made these my "result checking jeans" :) I will post after the soon as I can. Good healing vibes to all you ladies recovering!

Here are the last pics

On the flat side!

I have no idea what I look like, I'll take pics tomorrow. So far, no pain, feeling loopy, but so excited to see tomorrow.

Pain!! Please tell this is the worst day!

I should have know being pain free would not last.....omg! Owwwwwww! I having looked at anything, but it feels like my incision area is on fire...and the whole tummy area is just so painfully sore. My back hurts, of course, from not being able to adjust myself when I sit. I started out in my lift reliner last night, woke up whimpering, and moved to the bed...which was tough, but I slept better after that. Please tell me this is the worst day!

Pictures, day one

Doing ok....pain is not as bad. I can pee easily now, and shuffle around on my own a few minutes after using rest room.

day 3

I'm feeling ok, better when drugged! The pain is t that bad except for one spot that is slightly right from the middle, near the hurts really bad when I try to walk, or lift my leg. If I'm still, it's ok. I'm not sure if it's nerves or what, but I'm keeping an eye on it and it doesn't look any different from the rest.

Day 2 shower pics

Shower was short and sweet....I did stand by myself and just did a fast wash. Put Bactracin on my belly button, then gauze, and put the binder and the pads that were with it back on.

Today's pics plus prune advise

I started taking cola with 4 days ahead of surgery, then ate prunes the first days home, then drank prune juice today and things were stock up on prunes! Today I've tried walking around the house more, switched to Tylenol (extra strength) I have some stinging pains and a ache in one calf that I'm keeping an eye on. I am walking leaned over still, but bending at the waist, so it's not hurting my back. I am excited about what I am going to look like, but still hurt too much to appreciate anything now.

Day 4

I think nights are the toughest, because it's very hard to adjust your body. I'm spending most of the day in my recliner/lift chair with the binder on and a bag of birdseed. So far, I don't see much swelling. I get up and walk 10 minutes every hour, besides the ones I nap through. I took a shower and dried my hair today. That felt good, and I feel a little more normal without wild hair!

I'm eating healthy, oatmeal, eggs, Ezekiel bread,tuna, spinach, smoothies, protein drinks, and chocolate cake :) (it's a healthy whole wheat chocolate cake from a blogger I love..chocolatecoveredkati) I made it before I was down, and we ate it my husband is going to make it again for us today. I hope!

I'm starting to appreciate my shape a little now. I never had hips in my life, and now it seems like I have them. It seems I'm an hour glass shape instead of an cool! I also am so happy to not have the rolls on my legs, on the underwear line. That part looks so awesome to me! My belly button is so tucked in that I can't see the stitches hardly...I've never been able to see the bottom of that thing, I guess it hasn't changed. It's crazy! The whole thing is surreal!

I am going to work hard at being patient in my healing and letting my body do its thing...I've learned from others that just cause you feel good doesn't mean you should overdo it! The next day seems like it's always full of swelling and pain.

I hope all you other ladies are healing and doing well and being patient too. :)

Finally slept through the night

I found a good position in my bed, and put the bird seed on my lap and didn't move an inch. A few times I stirred and wanted to move or switch positions, and I just remembered why I was sitting up, and made myself stay still. When I woke up, I was scared I'd be really stiff, but, I felt better than I have as of yet! I made my family breakfast....and shuffled around a bit, then rested, then took a shower...and now resting before I dry my hair. I have my doc. appt. so I have to look "normal-ish" today :) I feel less swollen and less pain today too...and havnt taken any meds yet. I'll take Tylenol before the doctors though. I took some pics after my shower...I'm finally feeling really excited and happy and seeing a glimpse of this all being worth it! Hope all you ladies are healing well and resting a lot!

Tiny bit of leaking from incision

After my shower, I got all dressed and realized the front of my underwear over the incision was a bit wet. (About an inch wet spot) I had "fresh tape" put on Wednesday at the doctors, and you can see scabs through the tape, but this spot looks a bit bigger. So, I texted my PS with a pic and he said "There may be a mm area of skin breakdown. It doesn't need any treatment. Should heal up on its own in a week or so. " So, I'm just passing this along if anyone else has it happening too. I asked if I should put Neosporin on it and he said I could.
Healing is so stressful and scary!

Important: What's everyone watching to pass the time?

Hey healers :) I know the first week it's kind of hard to watch much or care yo....but the 2nd week it seems very important to still be still...but it's boring! So, what have you all found to binge watch? I just found a great show on Netflix called "The 100" It's so good! It's changed my borin life! I want to know what to watch next!

2 much better

I feel pretty good at this point. I had my period last week, on top of the recovering, it was pretty rough. I felt so emotional and bloated, and achy, and, this week is wonderful! I have comparisons from last week to this one and I don't think I look any different yet.

I got stuck in my lift chair!

Seriously! We lost power at 10 last night, as I was reclined, and I couldn't use it to get up. (Ice storms in nc) There was no way I could have gotten out without hurting my husband had to pick it up from behind and dump me out! Lol! We still don't have power and it sucks. My abs hurt from not being able to do nothing...they aren't used to this! We heard we should get power by 11 pm Monday! Omg, I hope it comes sooner than that. We can't really leave because we have pets (3 dogs, 2 gerbils, and a fish. We have a gas fireplace we are using, but can't leave it unattended) I'm very glad thins didn't happen at the beginning of recovery!

Spitting stitches

I'm starting to enjoy my new figure for brief moments before putting my binder back on (and ruining the look!). I got a garmet at Walmart that is a compression tank top and seems to do a pretty good job holding me tight...but still not quite comfortable enough to only do that for more than 20 minutes or so. Still sleeping sitting propped up in bed...just don't feel comfortable on my side yet because I can't turn over or adjust myself without it feeling like I'm pulling muscles.
While the power was out, I looked at my incision by flashlight and saw I had oozing spots under the tape. I took it off and there was a little bit of a infected smell. So, I cleaned them and noticed a stitch coming through. I sanitized everything with alcohol and tried to pull it a little, but couldn't get it good with it being dark and all. I put Bactracin on it and guaze, then the next day I cleaned it in the shower and could see more of the stitch. I actually had 3 spots where they were coming out, so I pulled 2 out and cut one. (All things were sterilized before I used them) Today, they all look much better...and the pics are from today.
PS advised to put tape back on incision in any places not oozing and Bactracin and guaze over the spots that are.
Hope everyone is healing and staying warm!

What is "my style"?

It's so fun to be able to wear things I could never wear before! I NEVER would wear leggings before! I have always hated shopping, this may change in a way that my husband could never be quite prepared for! Haha!
I also have a week by week picture for comparison.

Does this look "normal"

I don't feel or see a stitch, I've had this spot for a while and just don't see it healing...should I call PS?

Spots seem to be healing after letting them dry out

I just put dry guaze and taped them in place last night. Here is the difference from yesterday to today. I think it's helping to not keep them moist with the Bactracin.

Holy moly, what a difference

I just can't believe the difference in how these jeans fit! Seriously amazing!

Also, I asked my doctor what his stance on the hunger and compression garments are, and he said I could wear whatever I I will be wearing less of the binder for sure, sticking to wearing my compression tank top because I feel like I have to hold my hand over my upper stomach without it. I am so happy that I've almost made it 4 weeks out!

The healing spot

I got see my doctor today for my one month checkup. I'll let you guys know what he says :) Here is the spot that's been healing, I think it's looking great!

6 weeks!

I am just so happy that I did this surgery, and so happy the weeks are behind me! I am still in a light compression garmet during the day and at night. I would say my tummy feels achy without it. I have been getting 14,000 steps a day, but not working out yet. I just walk. My weight going in was 155 and now I'm at 149...and he took off 4.3 lbs. I'll probably gain a couple when I build up my muscle again. I'm sleeping on my sides, but roll over a lot and still miss tummy sleeping. I haven't even tried it yet. My scar is mostly healed, with a couple spots that still are scabbed up, so I haven't done and scar treatment yet. I have a silicone stick to smooth on the scar when it's ready....but the scar is well positioned, so I don't even mind it. My abs still feel tender, when I sit up in bed or really do anything using them. I am going to start the gym Monday. (Aren't those always the famous words when it comes to working

3 1/2 months update

I havnt posted in a while and just thought it was about time. I am so appreciative of my results and feeling better about myself than I have my whole life. My measurement are 34-31-37, I am staying around 155 and am 5'51/2" I got down to 149, but since I've been working out more...I seem to be staying around 155 now. I am wearing 8's comfortably. I don't wear any compression and do swell some, but not too bad. I can do just about anything now, but not "ab" workouts yet.
I feel great! Happy for a summer I can wear suits and not feel embarrassed about my belly!
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

I have been to Dr.Stoeckel in the past, and know he is wonderful. He is kind, knowledgeable, and does great work!

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