It is Time to Take These "Girls" Down a Notch!!! Insurance-Approved Breast Reduction - Cary, NC

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I have been lurking around this board for a few...

I have been lurking around this board for a few months and now finally posting for the first time. I am 37 yrs. old and a 34F. I went from a "nearly A" (that was the size on my training bra) at 12 yrs. old to a 34 D by the time I was 13. After having my two kids 9 & 11 years ago (breast fed the second child for two years!), my bra sized increased to a F on right side and G on left side. Plus, I had a lot of sagging issues. Both my mom and younger sister have had reductions and I always wanted one, but didn't want to have to "document" my pain over and over to my MD. I am really not a complainer. So, documenting seemed redundant to me. In Jan., I hit my all time high in the weight category. I am currently 5'3 and at that time weighed 146lbs. But, because of my belly size, I wasn't feeling back pain anymore. I think the "girls" were resting on my belly for support. I vowed them to lose the weight and get to my ideal weight of 125lbs. I went on weight watchers and started working out regularly. In two months I lost 16lbs and now weigh 130lbs! I also am starting to see "abs"! But, now that my belly is gone, the pain in my upper back and ribs is back in full force. Something has to be done about this melons! I went to my PS on Feb. 26th for the initial consult. I didn't have documentation for the insurance plea, but I wanted insurance to cover it. After seeing the doctor, I got an appointment the next day to see my MD. He wrote a three page letter to the insurance co. recommending a reduction and documenting my recent weight loss. I ran the letter to the PS and asked them to send it in for pre-approval. Within three days I was approved (United Healthcare)!!! The doctor had an opening exactly two weeks later to do the surgery. My date is March 26th, exactly one week from today. I see him this afternoon for my pre-op consult. If I had known it would be this quick and easy to get approved and scheduled, I would've done this years ago. I promise to take before and afters and document everything if you are interested in riding along. Can't wait to see the new me!

Pro-Op appointment two nights ago

I went for my pre-op (1 week prior) appointment on Wednesday night. It is actually my first appointment with PS since my initial consultation. I brought my hubby with me. The appointment was mostly just to see if I had the right bra for the surgery. My doctor has us bring in our own basic white sports bra. The nurse told me to bring the size I wear now since I will be swollen and wrapped. But, the PS told me that my Large bra will be too big. I need a medium because I have a small circumference. I am only a 32!!! But a 32 would never support my overflow of boobs. When he said a medium would fit perfectly, I started to get excited. I asked him if he will be able to eliminate the boob fat in my left arm pit. He said he will get rid of it and trim up the sides of the breasts so my arms won't have to rub on them anymore. I got the biggest grin. Now I am super excited.
He asked what size I would like to be and I said a B/C. He said because I have a prominent chest (his words) a B would look weird. My husband said he would like me to have a C. So we agreed on a smaller C.
Now I have to go back to the PS the night before the procedure, which is Tuesday night and get drawn on. It is still very surreal to me. My mom is coming in Tuesday to help get the kids around and help me after the surgery. 6am Wednesday can't come soon enough. I will be spending the weekend making freezer meals.

Pre surgery photos




24 hours till "C" Day!!!

Well, I am one day away from the big day. I will meet with the PS this afternoon for my second and final pre-op appointment. He said this appointment is when he will draw on me. So, I will have to shower and use rubbing alcohol on the "girls" before I see him today. We have decided on going for a "C". The "I hate boobs" side of me originally wanted a "B". But, PS said that a "B" wouldn't look right on me since I have a prominent chest (wide ribs, I guess). Hubby said he would like me to have a "C". Hubby's a boob-man! I just want want them to look normal and great without the pain I get with these huge "bags". I want people to look at me and not just see the "girls".
For those who have been following along, you know I have been losing weight as well. Yesterday I stood on the scale and, for the first time in about 8 years, I am in the 120's!!! 129.8 to be exact! I almost cried. On December 30th, I weighed 146.6. In just under three months I have lost 17lbs. Now, I know I will gain a bit of water weight back the first week or so after the surgery. I am mentally prepared for it. I am just anxious and excited for the "new" me. Before I get flooded with questions about why I am losing weight, I want to explain what prompted and contributed to it. I decided as my New Years Resolution to take back my body. I was always a thin person until I had my kiddos 10 & 12 years ago. After they were born, I slowly started putting on weight. I never realized the weight gain because it was so gradual. I would just say I was bloated. On Dec. 30th, I went to the doctor with bronchitis and stood on the scale. It read 146! I had never in my non-pregnant life, weighed this much. Something had to change. Once I was able to shake the bronchitis (it took three weeks). I started Weight Watchers and joined the gym. I also told my hubby that, after a lifetime of talking about it, I was finally going to pursue a breast reduction. After all, what would be the point of losing my belly weight if I couldn't even see my belly underneath these big 'ole boobies! Since, losing the weight, my back pain has increased. PS said it is because I have changed my center of balance. At 146lbs., I was considered "over weight" and I knew that the insurance would never approve my surgery if I didn't get into my ideal weight range (113-140lbs.). Talk about motivation.
Since today is the day before my surgery, I have a ton to do. My mom is coming in this afternoon to help out. My arrival time at the hospital tomorrow is 6am and my kids need my mom to get them off to school in the morning. I will be gathering pillows, sports bras, supplies, etc. Busy, Busy!

More Pre-Op Photos

Here are a few pre-surgery pics. Need to document so I remember what they looked like.

1 Day Post surgery and very sore and swollen...

All went well yesterday. I ended up having to go to my PS's office at 7am before the surgery to get drawn on. His surgeries the day before ran long and he couldn't see me the night before. So, it was a bit of running around. The nice thing was that as soon as he was down with the drawing (his office is right across the street from the hospital), we ran back to the OR and they had me in a gown and prepped in bed very quickly. I was wheeled into the OR about 8:30am. The nurses were all great, very comforting. All of them were asking me about my Weight Watchers. I think WW needs to pay me royalties! All was impressed with my success. The last thing I remember was a big oxygen mask. Then it was lights out for me.
I woke up in recovery around 2:00, I think. Quickly after I woke they wheeled me to a second recovery area that was private. They dressed me and put me in a recliner. My husband was called in to be with me. I felt really good at that time. No pain. They sent me home and I went right to bed. I am sleeping in my bed with 5 pillows. My mom had two vases of flowers and my daughter had made me a sweet card. I spent most of the afternoon and night in and out of sleep. I would sleep in short time chunks, but it felt like I was sleeping for hours. That's good, I suppose. Last night at bed time it was very swollen. The doctor didn't mention icing yet. I looked throughout all the paperwork and no one mentioned ice packs. So, I decided not to ice them yet. I have a follow up at the PS office this morning at 8am. I am excited to see the "girls". Oh, the PS told my husband and mom that he removed 300 from my right and 350 from the left. I am a bit nervous because insurance said to remove 500-750 each. Hopefully this won't cause a billing problem.
I will try to post photos later today. Thank you all for the prayers and kind notes yesterday. It really means a lot.

2 Days Post-Op Photo

Passed out at the PS office yesterday!

So I didn't write after most 1 day follow up because during my appointment I passed out in the dr. office. He was just finishing up the appointment when I told my mom I needed to sit down. She asked if I wanted her to look for crackers and I said yes. Then I remember asking her for a trash can because I thought I might vomit. Next thing I know they have me on the exam table with the head tilted down to let my blood drain back into my head. I could hear everyone talking, but I couldn't respond. After about 15 minutes I was able to get to the car. I have pretty much been sleeping off and on for the 24 hours since.
The breasts are still sore. Not the breast them selves, just the incisions under the breast. The doctor agreed that my sports bra was too tight and he told me to put a more comfortable one on. I am wearing my regular work out bra and it is better, aside from the itching along the ribs where the band is rubbing.
I have decided after my spell yesterday that oxycodine should only be take at night. I may even consider not taking it at all since I have a horrible head ache now from it.
Today is the first day I am on my own. My hubby has been working while my mom was here. That way, when she is gone this weekend, he will be here. So, my mom got the kids off to school this morning and she had to head home about three hours away. I am very grateful for all her help.

Forgot to add...

I do want to update that I am pleased with the way they look so far. I also have noticed that my back pain is gone!

Just over 2 1/2 weeks post surgery and feel real good.

Here is a pic of the girls 19 days post surgery.

19 days post

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. It has been a crazy few weeks since the surgery. I actually just returned home last night after being across the country for a week for a wedding. Crazy, I know, that I would plan a surgery a week and a half before our vacation. But, all went very well. I think it was good to go as it took my mind off of the girls a bit. I took it easy and hubby carried my suitcase for me like I was a princess (LOL!). I have days were my breast feel full and huge. They feel like they did when I nursed my daughter. Almost like they are engorged. Very weird feeling. I started to occasionally sleep on my side. But, when I do, I still feel pulling a bit. During our trip, I was able to remove all the tape under the breasts. But, I can't bring myself to remove the tape around the nipples or the vertical incision from the nipple to the bottom of the breast.
It was fun to see old friends and family on our trip and for them to say how I look great and so thin ;). Remember I had lost twenty pounds before surgery as well. I told some about the surgery, but not all. Today I was doing wash and I took my comfy sports bra (my favorite to wear) off to throw in the wash. Hubby was shocked to learn that I was bra-less and the girls still stood up!
I also started to run a bit again. PS said I could run at 10 days post. The jiggling is a bit painful. So, it is more of a run/walk. PS said I could go back to the gym at 3 weeks post which is this Wednesday. I am so excited to get back to my workout routine. He also said I could do anything I did before the surgery at 3 weeks post. I was very surprised at that.
It is nice to see that my swelling is going down. Still a long way to go, but it is nice. Looks like I will probably end up being a nice "C". Proportionately it looks great and I have zero back pain. Yeah! I am in love with the new me.

1st round of operation bra clean out complete

Even though I am still swollen a little bit, I decided to go through my old bras and get rid of the ones that already don't fit. I was able to toss about half of my bras. There are a few that fit fine now, but may still get tossed later when the swelling is completely gone. I almost cried when I put on the pretty black lace bra that I bought about 14 years ago. You can see the same bra in my "before" pictures. I was spilling over. Now it fits perfectly.
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