Latisse for Lashes and Brows - Cary, NC

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32, and while I have always been fortunate enough...

32, and while I have always been fortunate enough to have naturally long dark lashes, in my late 20's and even more in my 30's, they have begun to thin out. I also have very overplucked eyebrows, that I have been struggling to grow out/fill in naturally for the past YEAR. I've only been using Latisse for 2 weeks now, and while I don't notice anything in my lashes yet, I have already seen *multiple* new hairs growing in my sparse eyebrow spots that haven't grown at all in the past year!

I can't wait to update in a few weeks, and then at the full 16 week mark!

Almost to 3 full weeks and already seeing results

After a friend mentioned my lashes, I took another progress picture, although it was half a week early. Definitely seeing results. My existing lashes are longer already, new ones are growing, and spots on my brows that haven't seen ANY growth in the past year (of trying to grow them out) are starting to fill in. I actually see noticeably more new hairs on my brows than my lashes, and I am just thrilled thus far. I can't imagine two months from now!

Only side effect thus far is that usually, my eyelid and brows itch for about 10 minutes after application, but that's it. No redness or discoloration.

Week Three

Full 3 weeks since I began using Latisse on my brows and lashes. I'm glad I'm taking photos, as in regards to my lashes, I don't see a difference most days (though they are definitely growing and filling in), but I really do on my overplucked brows. I just snapped two quick pics with ONE coat of mascara, no eyeshadow, liner, brow wax/color, or any other makeup. I'll post one or two with no mascara later after I wash my face.

Four Weeks

Still seeing the most noticeable results on my brows, versus my lashes. However, when I put some mascara on, I can see the new lashes, and longer existing ones. Really excited to see what another month brings!

More from 4 weeks progress

Progress / Comparison

Comparison shot of 2 weeks, versus 4 weeks

6 Weeks

Sorry, haven't been around, and was in a stupid hurry tonight. I took a few pics after I got out of the shower, and had to run out, so the quality isn't that great, but hey, it's still an update. Thankfully, I think I was able to capture several of the new hairs on one brow!

Latisse for lashes AND brows

I've been using Latisse off and on since last summer, but religiously the past 3 months - it's been over a year long process getting my over-plucked brows to fill in, and it's definitely still ongoing, but the results speak for themselves. I've included a photo (from today) of my brow and lashes with zero makeup, as well as a photo with mascara and my brows filled in additionally with a pencil. A year ago my brows would have NEVER looked like this.
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