Fleur De Lis (Tummy Tuck), Arm Lift & Belt Lipectomy After Maintaining 100+ Lb Weight Loss - Cary, NC

I spent my entire childhood overweight and at age...

I spent my entire childhood overweight and at age 18, upon graduation, I made a decision not to go away to college overweight. In a matter of 3 months through extreme dieting and lots of walking, I dropped 120 lbs. Over the years I was able to mainain my weight loss through portion control and exercise (cardio and weight training). No matter how fit I got, I would always have remnants of the fat girl that I once was without surgery to remove the excess skin.

I had a couple consultations with doctors in the Wilmington, NC area but was just not impressed so stumbled on this site to do more research. I read amazing reviews of Dr. Stoeckel at Wake Plastic Surgery so scheduled a consult. His office was 2 hrs away from my home but well worth the added drive time. Woohoo - surgery was scheduled for December 24, 2013!

Dr. Stoeckel recommended a Fleur de Lis in order to get the best results - scars at my age were not an issue! I'll be sure to post pics and keep you up to date with my progress.

Pics from Arm Lift

These pictures are totally overdue but hope will be a benefit to others! Arm Lift was done in Sept 2014 and recovery was a breeze. Dr. S does lipo prior to removing the excess skin and since I had strength trained for years prior, most the fat was gone which may have aided in my recovery. Apparently the lipo can cause a lot of pain in recovery.

Procedure included an incision just under the breasts to remove what I call the bra fat hanging from the sides (this bothered me more than my bat wings!). At consult, Dr. S thought I might even benefit from a little bonus breast lift with this procedure. He was right on...we were both impressed with the little lift!

Like I said my recovery was a breeze and that was with me moving boxes and assembling a bedframe solo only a couple days after surgery. I'm fortunate that all the heavy lifting didn't affect my results. There is one little pucker that I may ask if a revision would help and curious if a little lipo might reduce the bulk on the left side. Regardless I am so happy with the results!

You can see in the 1 and 2 week pics that there was very little bruising from the lipo. I need to take some recent pics to show where I'm at with scarring.

Surgery #3 - Belt Lipectomy

I just had a belt lipectomy on 11/19 to remove excess skin from hips and rear midsection. My first experience w/drains and I have to milk/strip the drains a couple times a day to get the fluid in the bulb. I was expecting the bulb to fill on its own. Not much fluid is draining but could be from extensive lipo. I am sore from lipo. As in tummy tuck, it is a little painful getting in and out of bed but really manageable. Today is day 3, lots of stiffness and wake every 2-3 hrs.

Arm Lift Update 1 yr

Here are results of my arm lift about 1 year out. Some days scars appear more red than others. For me, I would trade the sagging skin for the scars any day!

Belt Lipectomy - 1 wk

I had my 1 wk follow up appt yesterday, drains removed (a little nervous but for nothing!) and healing very well once again! Very sore from lipo and dealing with some random blisters on my back even though I wore a cami under binder. Doctor still suggested I ditch the binder.

Ugh, I'm exhausted from cooking a small Tday meal and caring for the dogs today. I forgot it doesn't take much to wear me out while recovering.

Belt Lipectomy - 2 wk

I'm back to work but only working half days right now - not too comfortable sitting upright at a desk for 8 hours since swelling peaks in the afternoon. The blisters don't appear to be improving so will give another week before I follow up with my doctor. I think I may have popped a stitch getting in the car this AM but still have the tape on my incisions so not certain. There was a popping noise and sharp pain which hasn't gone away.

I think I will be pleased with the results once swelling is done - no more roll to pinch! :)

Belt Lipectomy - 4 Wk

I'm now 4 weeks out and was able to work a full week last week. I still find sitting at desk for long period of time uncomfortable. I'm still not 100% and seem to tire after cleaning house or shopping. I'm not sleeping well...seem to be up every 3 hrs so not well rested.

I miss the gym so going to try hopping on the treadmill in the morning. I worry about the swelling since I'm not wearing the binder.

The sores on my back above incision seem to finally be healing (using baby powder) but slow going. I have a few spots on the incision where a gap opened up so using Bacitracin and band aids.

My 1 month follow up isn't until next week so I'm a little anxious to get dr opinion on the openings. The spot above the butt crack is most irritated and difficult for me to care for.

Pics at 3 weeks

Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

At my consultation with Dr. Stoeckel, it was clear that he was everything that I had read about on RealSelf and more! After listening to me, viewing all of the excess skin, and taking pictures, he asked me to prioritize my list. He then made his recommendations in regards to priority, based on his experience. It was much appreciated. He then showed me pictures of similar procedures that he had done and answered any questions that I had. The office (and staff!) were warm and inviting. Janelle (Patient Coordinator) was quick to respond to all emails/calls that I had up until the surgery. Dr. S even called to check on me from his cell phone the night of surgery so that I would have his number in case of emergency. I'm only 2 weeks post op from this procedure but already look forward to preparing for the next procedure when the time is right!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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