Chin Augmentation and Revision story- Cary, NC

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Ive always had a weak jawline and hated my side so...

Ive always had a weak jawline and hated my side so hopefully this will help. I originally thought i needed rhinoplasty as well but Dr. Stoeckel helped me realize that it was because my weak chin. Which surprised me because most plastic surgeons would agree and encourage it to make more money. It really helped solidify my decision to go with Dr. Stoeckel. Ive also been having some trouble breathing and knew i could possible have a deviated septum, which Dr. Stoeckel may do that as well. So far a good experience.

So, just got back from my pre-op appointment. I...

So, just got back from my pre-op appointment. I think it went well. He showed me some pictures and showed me a few different implants. He asked me if i wanted to have an average chin or have a stronger jawline and I told him id rather it a little stronger as opposed to just have average/not very strong he said hes going to make an operating room decision on whether he uses the large or extra large implant...I trust that he will use the one that makes me look the best. And I am going to be geting septoplasty from him as well.

BTW, cost is just for the chin implant.

BTW, cost is just for the chin implant.

So its been a few days since my surgery and im...

So its been a few days since my surgery and im still pretty swollen so cant really see any results yet. The staff was great though and the surgery went smoothly. Theyve also been helpful with answering questions. May post some before and after pics if anyone in interested. Ill update this once the swelling subsides a little more.

The swelling has now pretty much gone away and I...

The swelling has now pretty much gone away and I am happy with the results. I knid of wish my chin was a bit bigger but what can you do. When we were discussing implants and how big it should be we were trying to chose between the large and extra large. I originally wanted the extra large cause I wanted the bigger jawline etc. but he thought the large would look good. And honestly, as the surgery was getting closer and closer, I was kind of happy that he was doing the large instead of extra large because the extra large might have been too much and i wanted it to look natural so I would have probably would have awitched back to the large anywways if we agreed on the extra large...but now seeing the results, i think the extra large would have been the way to go....but hindsight is always 20/20 and even with the large i look much better so I am content with it. Only thing i didnt expect is the right side of my face is numb and may be that way permanetly....doesnt affect my smile and i dont really care but just thought id add that.

Sorry not the entire right side of my face...just...

Sorry not the entire right side of my face...just a little area around the right side of my chin

Taking down pics. PM if interested in my results.

Taking down pics. PM if interested in my results.

chin implant revision... 6/24/14 ( if your getting one please read)

Let me just start by saying I am no the most self aware person in the world. It was early this June when I realized that my implant really wasn't big enough (a year and 3 months later). I contacted Dr. Soteckel, he immediately got back to me and he agreed I could use a bigger one (no fault of his own cause I had agreed with going a little bit more conservative). Within literally only couple weeks they fit me in despite being quite busy.
Here is why I am writing this review though. I hope someone planning on getting a revision sees this. If you have had the implant in for a while like me, it will probably be ingrown a little bit. This makes taking it out a little trickier and more painful. Spend the extra money for to be put to sleep.
The surgery itself was pretty uncomfortable and somewhat painful because it was ingrown. There were parts of it that actually hurt even with being numbed. But that is not even the biggest reason.
I was wide awake afterwards, so when I got home, the pain/soreness started creeping up as the local anesthesia wore off. I had my brother rush to get the pain medicine as fast as he could. When he finally did get back ~30 minutes later, I had to wait another ~30 minutes in agony for it to kick in. Longest hour of my life. Had I opted to be put to sleep, I may have been groggy enough to fall right back asleep again when I got home.
But since I was awake and hurting, I think I may have taken a little too much of the medicine (2 350 oxy, another 1 hour later). I ate food with it but I ended up throwing up anyways to the point where I was dry heaving. I called the office at around 11:30 at night and left a message telling them I could use a prescription for nausea medicine. To my surprise, not even 5 minutes later, Dr. Stoeckel got back with me and told me he would call it in first thing in the morning. I went on throwing up for the rest of the night every couple hours until about 7, when finally some ginger ale quelled my stomach.
So ya, if you have the choice, get put to sleep.


dont be reckless with the medicine like I was...even if u are in a lot of pain
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