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First of all let me say that this is completely...

First of all let me say that this is completely out of my character, seeing as how I don't ever express myself on the internet to be heard by the world but I felt like this was the one time that I had to make exception. I have been on this website for the past three months learning and benefiting so much from everyone's experiences, I felt it only fair to add my two cents. Hopefully I can be as informative as the rest of you ladies.

Anyway I am a 34 year old mother of one, I am 5' 5" and 169lbs. I have been well endowed since the fourth grade and complaining about my breast ever since then. I was working one day and my back was killing me and my ribs were hurting. Something made me grab my bra straps and lift up my breast (just trying to get some relief) and wouldn't you know it, I felt relief instantly. I had an epiphany and that was all she online that night and started doing research and surgery is day after tomorrow.

Initially I was a little worried because I have never had any surgery and so all the what if's were bombarding my mind but after a couple of consultations with my PS, I felt a lot better. I can actually say at this point I am excited about my surgery and looking forward to it. Hope I still feel that way tomorrow. I'm sure I'll catch the anxiety bug at some point.

Ladies please know I am open for any last minute suggestions or advice. Obviously I want to have this whole process go as smoothly as possible. Oh yeah, I am a 36 DD/DDD depending on the bra and time of the month and my goal size is a C cup. Yay!!

On The Smaller Side

I so dropped the ball. I did not know that there would be an approval process on real self, so by the time my initial post was published my surgery was over. Oh well!

I am very pleased with my results so far. Not much pain at all. There was a little discomfort where the surgical bra was rubbing my incision but once I adjusted that it has been smooth sailing in regards to the pain. I try and stay on top of my meds which helps a lot.

The day of my surgery I arrived a little about 20 minutes early and the staff was ready for me right away. I was on the operating table within 45 minutes of my arrival. All of my emotions were completely under control until the PS started making my markings and suddenly I was almost in panic mode. I started feeling sick on the stomach because the reality that he was going to be cutting those areas off of my body just freaked me out. The last thing I remember was lying on the operating table, crying, and saying a prayer and then waking up needing to use the bathroom. No nausea or vomiting but I did have a serious case of the shakes. My husband and my parents came into the room, boy was I glad to see them. Next thing I know I was in the car on the way home.

Car ride was a little rough just because it was so long. Got in the house and made it to the couch before the snow started. Yay!!

Anyway, The girls are nice and perky. They look like a nice C-cup not to big, not to small, just right. I do have a little asymmetry and sensation only on the left side so far, hopefully the right one will wake up soon. All in all everything is going great. I feel good except for the fact that I'm sleepy all day and kind of restless but I pushed a little to much earlier today and realized I have to stay put. That's it for now I will update soon. Thanks

Nipple Sensation?

Can anyone give me some insight on how long it took before you new whether or not you were going to get the sensation back in your nipples after surgery. One of them is good to go, just wondering if the other will get it back or not. How long could it take?

I'm In Serious Trouble

OMG.....It has only been a day since my surgery and I'm already about to go crazy from boredom. I'm not used to being still and it's making me crazy. My husband has been getting on me all day long about my activity level and I keep telling him that I'm okay. Checked Incision just now to find that I have some increased bleeding on one side. I just feel so good it is hard to sit still. Guess I got no choice but to slow down....UGH!

2 Days Post-op

Today has been great, still no pain, was able to take a shower even though they did feel heavy like they were going to fall! I am very pleased with my results so far oh yeah and I haven't had any pain meds since 8:30 this morning. Its been almost 12 hours and I still feel great. So Happy!

More Pics!

Tried uploading these earlier!

Freakin Pics!

Change of Heart and One Week Post-Op

Been a great week ladies. Went to a Super Bowl party last night and people were like "you've lost weight" and thinking to myself no I just lost boobs!!!!!

My 1 week post-op visit was today and I am feeling pretty good. PS says everything looks good. I do have some asymmetry but hopefully that will get better with time. Starting to get zingers as well and some itching. All signs of healing!!!

It Finally Hit Me

Today has been a not so great day! I don't know what I've been running off of since my surgery but I ran out of it yesterday. I felt pretty tired after my follow-up with my PS yesterday and a lot more soar the last two days. I been in bed literally all day and that is so not like but I decided it would be a smart idea to take advantage of the opportunity to rest for as long as I could. I'm sure my body will thank me later.

I even went through this little emotional bit I've read some of you talk about, wanted to cry. For no apparent reason, just felt like it. Anyway I'm still loving my results and looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

I hope that all of you are doing well at whatever phase of this process you are in. Happy Healing!!!

Almost at a month post op....

Time is really flying by....I can't believe that Tuesday will be 4 weeks since my surgery. My healing is going great I think. I will see my PS on the 3rd of March for a follow up, so I do look forward to seeing what he thinks. I do have a few concerns but overall they are pretty minor. I am so thankful for this website because it has given me so much insight on my surgery and what to expect. Thank all of you ladies for taking the time to post. Have a great day!!!!

One Check Up

Okay I have really learned that I am not a review writing type person. But I did make it to my one month check up today and everything is good. Still don't have sensation in the right nipple but I can feel pressure which I don't remember feeling before so that is a good thing. There is still a little difference in the shape and size but it is getting better over time. Overall I am completely satisfied with my results. I've been released to do anything that I want to as long as it doesn't cause pain or discomfort. All things in moderation for now... I am going to try and post some up to date pics! Oh yeah I did get measured and my new size is a 36D and they look so small compared to my before photo so I think the size is good even though I originally wanted to be a C-cup.
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

I have already and will continue to recommend anyone considering this surgery to Dr. Stoeckel. He and his staff are great and I enjoyed working with them very much!

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