37 YO, Breast Lift with Slight Reduction (And Flanks/thigh Lipo) -- Cary, NC

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I've always had large droopy boobies and having...

I've always had large droopy boobies and having two kids didn't help matters. So after years and years of wanting to take the plunge and get myself some strapless dress worthy boobies, I decided to do it! My second child also destroyed my waistline, which had always been tiny until she came along and planted some unattractive fat pads on my flanks. Working my way down to the thighs---- I inherited many a wonderful things from my mother, but the chunky thighs she handed down were not among them. So I figured, what the heck, lets just get it all done. The outside of my thighs weren't particularly problematic so I just had the inside done, where I had some nasty fat that just didn't budge regardless of how clean my diet was and how intensely I exercised.

After much research and many other consults I found Dr. Stoeckel (with whom a friend of mine also had a great experience) and right away I was very comfortable with him and with his entire staff.

Procedure was done on 2-18-14. Took about 3.5 hours or so during which I had some really pleasant dreams. Woke up bandaged, gauzed and garmented from armpit to kneecap. Felt like I'd done 10,000 thigh adductor exercises, but otherwise okay.

As I was told to expect, I leaked fluid from holes all over the place for the first day---- imagine poking a hole in a water bottle with the tip of a pen and letting it flow. Lots of bandage changing the first 24 hours. It was pretty gross. Of course, the more fluid that leaked, the less got left in my body, so that's fine. Boobs didn't hurt or bleed at all. I will say that noone warned me about the drop in blood pressure when you loosen your compression garment to change bandages the first few days. Yeah, thought I was going to PASS OUT. Had to lay down on the floor, head propped up on pillows, cold rags on my head, while my husband changed the pads. It was quite the scene.

Slept a bit in my recliner. I wasn't uncomfortable, just couldn't sleep for some reason. Probably my lengthy nap under sedatives.... Anyhow, the next morning, I woke up very sore. Hubby helped me out of the chair. One big lesson learned for me---- when you get the boobs done, you have to minimize use of your arms to let your boobs heal. So, you compensate by using your thigh and core muscles. Mine, however, were bruised and sore like I'd been beaten with a bat. SO, that was problematic.

Day 2, much of the leaking stopped, except some minimal leaking from my lower back and still quite a bit from my lower thighs.... gravity was helping push it all down, which is fine by me. Day 2 sucked. At maximum Percocet dosage to stay comfortable. Took lots of naps. It is really weird to pee with compression pants on. Good thing the Colace hasn't kicked in yet--- not sure how that experience would be :(

So, day 3 (today), woke up feeling pretty darned good. Still at maximum on my Percocets but every 5 or 6 hours now instead of counting the minutes to the 4 hour mark. Still leaking from the thighs, but I think I am walking around more than many probably do, hoping to force more of it out. Boobs feel great.

Today I got to shower!!! I was worried about taking the garment off because I didn't want to pass out, and I wasn't sure how hair washing would go since I can't put my arms over my head (well, I physically CAN, but am not allowed to do so). I am feeling pretty awesome, actually. The soreness is a LOT better today. Getting up and down from a seated position is the most difficult thing, since the back of my thighs are tender, as is my back.

I am adding some boobie photos. I started as a full D to DD cup, with the left slightly larger. I wanted a mid to full C cup and told the doctor I was far more concerned with a nice shape than the size. I wanted to be able to run, wear strapless dresses, wear bikinis, not have a uniboob in my sports bras---- all of the things I have never been able to do properly with huge boobies and massive requirements to hold them up. I know DD isn't that large compared to many, but mine seemed so heavy and pendulous.

I did not take any lipo photos yet, but I will. I can tell a huge difference already in both my waist and thighs despite the swelling!

Already I am thrilled I had this done. Love looking down and seeing some cleavage from perkiness instead of sagging heavy cow-udder boobies from breastfeeding my babies!

Day 5.... Feeling so much better, yet!

Well, today is day 5. Breasts still don't hurt, although that is a little 'dangerous' because I have to keep reminding myself to limit my activity to ensure they heal well. They are starting to 'drop into place' a bit more, and the bruises are turning yellow and fading away quickly.

On to the lipo areas, I still have a lot of swelling, naturally, but the leaking has largely stopped. While the soreness is significantly less, I am still achy a bit on my hips and inner thighs. Additionally, my lower back is achy and swollen--- maybe from the fluid accumulation, maybe from relying on my lower back more since my sides are sore and I can't use my arms. I have been using ice packs on my back and hips also.

I slept quite comfortably in my bed (instead of the recliner) last night although I did keep myself propped up with two pillows. I also decreased my pain meds to every 6 hours from every 4 hours, and only take 1 instead of 2 during my day. By the evening, I am sore enough to take 2 so I can sleep well.... and in the morning I'm stiff enough from sleeping to take 2, since the previous dose has worn off.

Posted are today's pictures, which don't look much different from day 3! I have the compression garment on as well---- I highly recommend Marena for the bra and for the 'pants' also... very comfie, washes well, breathes well.

Almost 2 weeks!!!

I braved returning to work after a week (actually 6 days). I have a desk job, so that helps, but it happened to be a very hectic week. I was exhaused by the end of each day, but weaned myself off of the Percocet pretty quickly and switched to Motrin. I must say, I function very well with Percocet so I don't know if I could have handled being back to work without Percocet that quickly. One in the morning after I arrived and one after lunch got me through. The breasts were only mildly sore, but ached by evening. The additional movement throughout the day meant extra friction on the incision that falls under the band of the support bra. (You will see that in one of the pictures).

At my one week doc appointment all is well--- he trimmed the stitches and replaced the tape. The lipo areas are still sore, but most of the bruising on all areas has gone away. I still have swelling in my lipo areas and in the breasts, but not excessive. In fact, I easily fit into my normal clothes, even with a compression garment underneath. I still have swelling/bruising in my lower back from the fluid settling there. I look hump-backed! LOL

I will slowly return to my exercise regiment this week. I was able to do some light cleaning today and felt fine--- just a bit tired. I will get on the treadmill and begin walking or doing the elliptical 20-30 minutes a day to build back up for cardio, and will start some 5-10 pound dumbbell exercises for my arms. My doc was fine with all of that.... no running yet and no significant lifting, including lifting my kids :(

I am posting 1 week and 2 week pictures (alhough I am a few days shy of two weeks). The two week pics are taken while I was changing the tape and you will note the swelling under the breast there, which will go away in time. I ice them every night to help. Most of the lipo incisions are healed already.... my doctor did a great job of hiding their locations--- he even 'reused' a scar I already had in one area.
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Dr. Stoeckel makes you feel very comfortable and explains the procedure in detail. He also provided some very honest feedback about what would be best for me, what would look best and give the best result, and explained the variety of lift/reduction techniques and why he uses the one he does. His staff was equally as courteous and informative. Highly recommend Dr. Stoeckel!!!!

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