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Hello I just had my consultation a few days ago...

Hello I just had my consultation a few days ago and I can't believe I will be having surgery next month. I currently am a 34 A hoping to be a full C or a small D. My doctor is wonderful and answered all my questions in detail. I'm just debating on what I should get. We originally talked about 325-350cc high profile silicon. My breast measured between 11.2 on one side and 11.5 on the other. After looking more into this web site though I'm starting to wonder if 400cc with the ultra high profile would look better. The chart that he showed me said I could do up to 500cc with the UHP and only upto 350cc with the HP. I'm worried I already have boob greed lol and I'm worried about paying a ton of money and being displeased with the size choice. My surgery is scheduled for July 7 so comments and suggestions would be great.

Pre op

Had my pre op, paid my surgery in full. It's real now. They confirmed I wanted a full C didn't have the heart to tell them "yes full c even maybe small D. Didn't want to sound greedy. Maybe I can mention it to my dr before surgery. I'm currently 1 week and 5 days out.

Minutes away from surgery

I'm here now and minutes away. Can't believe this is happening today. Last pic of the old boobies.

Surgery complete

The surgery is done. I feel asleep and felt like I woke up a min later. Really it's an hr and a half later. 350 on right and 375 in the left. This is right after sorry it's not a great pic but I like them from what I can see.

Stressed out. One is smaller!

My doctor told me I had a very undefined fold on my left breast so we would have to put in a larger implant in that side. We did 350cc on the right and 375 on the left. I'm really nervous because you can see the size difference clear as day! I know I just got my surgery yesterday so I will have a to wait for them to drop and fluff before I freak out to much, but this is something that I'm going to stress over I can tell.

Gonna be huge?

Judging from all that cleavage on top I'm thinking when they drop they will be pretty big. I'm hoping for a full c or small D outcome. They look so funny right now. I'm ready for the drop and fluff.


I have this strange bulge in the center of my chest. Ive been looking through a lot of people photos to see if they have a similar problem but I don't see this happening with anyone. Is it swelling? I'm sure it is but why am I swollen in the center?

Before and after fun

Sooo I know I'm still swollen and won't get an accurate measurement until I'm more healed but I thought it would be fun to look at some before and afters. The bra I'm wearing is a 34 c no underwire bra. I figured full c was my goal and 34 is my measurement so why not buy one. The other one is my front close surgical bra.

One week post now.

Hi ladies. I am one week post today. It's went by fast. Not a lot has changed I fact I see no difference what so ever. I feel different though. I'm starting to move a little better now. Before I couldn't make a movement without pain. It's getting better now. My nipples are very very sensitive. Even water running over them hurts. I'm hoping that goes away soon. The size it's still very noticeably different. Just waiting for more time to pass and hope they drop and even out.

Playing with bras.

I know it's way to early I'm still only a week post op, but I was telling my sister in law how I think my sports bra is to small because it was rubbing on my scars. She said she had a sports bra. Then she was like ooo try these bras on they are to tight on me maybe they will fit you. They are 34DD and they fit great. Could be because they are swollen but either way they made me feel so good. When I went from an A to a DD it's a happy feeling.

2.5 weeks

The left is dropping so much faster than the right. And it is the bigger implant at 385cc and right is 350. Feeling so lop sided right now.

Back to work

Well it's time for this nice 2 week vacation to end. I'm a server so hopefully the trays won't be to heavy. Wish me luck!

One month

Hey y'all. So tomorrow is my official one month mark. So far the left is dropping beautifully, my right not so much. I'm hoping it will catch up and I will start to love it. I feel like two different people lol. Love the left hate the right. Hoping I will love both equally soon. Here are a few updates pics.

For anyone looking at the pics!

If it helps my flower tattoos on my ribs are in my left side. So when I take a left side pic and a right side pic it's easier to tell which side is which. Left side has the flower tats! ????

Closer to 3 months post. Sorry I've been away.

Quick update y'all. Everything is healing well. I feel like the left is so much more ahead of the right. I can push a vacuum with the left but still feel pain if I push a vacuum with my right hand. The scar on my left side is smooth and healing nicely. The scar on my right side is rough and raised. Hoping the right will drop more and catch up with the left. I have another appointment in November. Hoping by then everything will be caught up.
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