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Like many of you ladies, I have thought/dreamed...

Like many of you ladies, I have thought/dreamed about having my breasts done. I think I first really thought about it seriously when I was 18, but college came around and I was suddenly paying for books instead of boobs (haha). Well, after moving around with my fiance (his career) and starting our family, I've decided that I truly want to have the procedure done. I am maybe a 32A, I was never big, but what I had before I was pregnant was cute, little, round breasts that I was okay with. Now I have deflated triangles that look, well, used. Giving birth was the best thing that has happened to my fiance and me, but pregnancy and takes a toll on your body! I've done some hard work getting my post pregnancy body back, and I'm ready to add some nice boobs to the mix.

So far I've gone to one surgeon, and he is going to be my surgeon. He came highly reviewed, and when I met him and his staff, I couldn't agree more. Today is actually my birthday, so I'll be calling to schedule my surgery date and pre-op appointment!! Thanks to my wonderful fiance for my wonderful gift.

people keep telling me "don't go too big!!!"....

Every since I announced to my family that I'm getting a BA, I've heard it over and over- "you're so skinny, big boobs will look weird on you" or "not too big, your back is going to hurt". I know they all say it out of the good in their heart, but the more everyone has an input, the more I feel like I have to appease them. Ugh! It's my body and my decision! My fiance even asked me not to go to DD, and I wont. The thing is, I'm not going by size. I'm going by the look I want. I want it to be beautiful and noticeable, but still natural-ish...haha. When I was breastfeeding, they looked wonderful. So I'm hoping to get results similar to that (maybe slightly bigger). Anyway that was just a rant I've been wanting to get off my chest.

Tomorrow is monday, and I'm calling to finally schedule my surgery! Fingers crossed that I get the day I want!

I scheduled it!!!

I scheduled my appointment and paid the deposit!! Man I'm so excited that I wish I could get it done sooner. But I will be a patient adult and just keep doing research until my pre-op appointment. One thing I'm somewhat worried/curious about is how it feels to exercise. Sometimes it already hurts when I'm running/working out with my small breasts. I wonder what it's like with the implants. I guess that's what doubling up on sports bras are for! I know I won't be doing too much but do any of you ladies know??

My before pictures

So here are a couple of before pictures- I hope this help someone. I'm teeny, tiny now. I was never gifted in the area of my chest, but I was an actual A cup before I had my child, now I'm a deflated A/AA. I breastfed for over 6 months (that's all I could after going back to work full-time working 12 hour days). So here I am, trying to get my body back to pre-pregnancy toned-ness. Lol I say that, but it's already been over a year since I gave birth, but I'm making progress!

I also told my entire family that I'm getting a BA. My sister-in-law is so happy and excited for me! She is one who was blessed with a nice chest, so she understands why I want to do this. She's also been helpful in the sense of making sure I get a size I'm comfortable with so that I don't end up with back problems and such (unfortunately for her, she has those issues). My sisters took the news just fine, except for one. She's reserved, but I think it's because she's really self-conscious about herself. She has, for lack of a better phrase, a lopsided chest due to scoliosis. So I think she is happy for me, but I think she's also jealous in the sense that she could get it done too. She's still happy for me nonetheless.

My mother, on the other hand, was a little bit more opinionated. I love her to death, but man can she say some controversial things. She had a cosmetic procedure done, and I just calmly reminded her of that and now she seems to be fine. lol. She isn't one who appreciates breasts as an object of beauty, but rather for it's functionality. She told me that "breasts are for babies, and your fiance" and I told her "yes, breasts are for babies; I've had one and he's healthy and happy, and my breasts are for my fiance, but my breasts are mainly for ME and I WANT TO ENJOY THEM." This, along with reminding her of her procedure decades ago, pretty much shut her up. She's happy toward the subject now, and I couldn't appreciate her more for it. She actually is going to come up to visit and help to take care of my family while I'm recovering. Love this woman! I haven't exactly told my dad (I still call him daddy), but I'm sure my mom has told him. I just always aim to please him and I think it would be weird talking to him about my body. Even though he's the most laid-back person I know.

Anyway, I'm so excited about my upcoming surgery. I wish it were sooner!! I"m having some questions that I guess I should consult with my surgeon. I just don't know if I'm supposed to e-mail or set up another appointment. I'm supposed to be planning our wedding too, but with all this excitement, it's hard to focus on anything else! haha, terrible I know. Speaking of, I'll get right on that.

paid in full!!....

Okay, I'm really nervous. I just had my pre-op appointment, and it just hit me that this is really happening. First of all, let me just say that I'm even more confused than I was before my pre-op. I had in mind a certain size (and I've read on here numerous times to not get stuck with the number of cc's) and I thought 350cc or bigger was what I wanted...but then I tried ok 350 and 250 and I liked the 250 more!!...well, kind of. My younger side loved the look of the 350, but my older self felt like I'd be happy with the 250/300. So idk what to do.

The 350 just looked too intimidating. To the point where I was afraid to grab it. Lol. I didn't take any pictures :( but i think if I did, I would've obsessed even more and I can't afford to do that with finals and whatnot coming up.

Anyway, I hope all of you are doing well. I'll post more pre-op pics as soon as I can.

Nervous...and I need advice!

So, I woke up this morning anxious. My surgery is tomorrow morning at 8:30. Ahhh, my small, chest isn't going to be this small again...it's bittersweet and I don't know why. Anyway, I'm still really happy and I hope I can relax after ward, but I just got a call yesterday for a job interview on monday. That's only three days after my surgery and I'm freaking out. One, I hope I'm not in too much pain that day. Two, I have to go shopping for tops that will cover my surgical bra and fit my new breasts. Three, the job interview may have me move around (but hopefully not lift anything) and I'm wondering if I have to disclose information as to why I don't have full range in montion. Does anyone have any advice? ?


Sorry for any typos..I'm still flying high. I got 325 cc mentor.

some pics of before and after

They're pretty tight and high, but i love my new girls!!! The nausea sucks, but other than that everything is going well. Thank you to all you ladies for sharing and for your worder of encouragement. :)

So far, my fiance is amazing! He isn't only taking care of me and pampering me. HE is also in charge of taking care of our 18 month-old, all day and everyday until I recover. He says I was "annoying" when I woke up from the white magic of propofol. Haha, I would say some x-rated things about him. I would also repeat myself and I refused to listen to him hahaha.

Anyway, my meds seem to be kicking in for the night. I hope all of you are doing well and thank you again!

day one post op

Like yesterday, there's not much pain. It's just a boatload of pressure and compression that pain meds do nothing against. I woke up a couple of times throughout the night, but other than that I slept fine. My hubby was mad because I didn't wake him for help, which is sweet, but he already has our son to take care of...so I hate to wake him to take care of me. I know how draining it is taking care of a rambunctious 18 month-old. Just today, my partner told me how much he appreciates the work I do taking care of our son (because I'm a stay-at-home-mom) and being a full time student. It's hard work and I'm glad someone appreciates it; however, I do feel guilty that Im unable to help around the house. I'm incapacitated and as much as I enjoy just being able to relax, there are times when I can't out of guilt...ahh. the life of being a mother. Anyhoyw, here are some pics.

thank you ladies for helping me through this

So last night I pretty much had a break down. I was in so much pain that I was wondering if it was even worth going through this process. I can't play with my son, I have to have my fiance wait ok me hand and foot (I hate feeling helpless) and my compression bra was making it hard to breathe, eat, and very painful.

Well, today I woke up somewhat renewed. I was able to shower, thank goodness, and eventhough it was awkward and somewhat painful, it was fantastic. I'm feeling better today, and a lot of that is from you wonderful women and your positive words and vibes. So thank you so so much.

I'm able to walk with a straighter back. The past couple of days I've been hunch in because it was sore to push my chest out. I'm also able to hook and unhook my own bra. Progress! So here's to more positive thoughts and happy healing to everyone!

what a day...

So I had an interview today, and that went well...I'm pretty sure I'll get the job. They're just running background checks and I'll hear back if I get it. My fiance helped me get dressed, and he even did my hair! It wasnt perfect, but it wws better than what i couldve done. My fiance also found a sitter near where I would work and near his school, so it would be perfect....

The bad news, however, is I just got wordone that my grandfather passed away. I live on the east coast, and well, the rest of my fam is in hawaii. ..it's quite a distance and I really wish I could be home right now. My mom was planning on visiting, but seeing as her father just passed, idk if it's even going to happen anymore.

Anyhow, I'm exhausted from today...I really need to rest, but there's just so much going on. I want to fly home for the funeral, but that either means fronting round trip tickets for my fiacne and me (while lugging an 18 mo) or just me...but even that cone's with issues because my fiance has really bad ptsd and he struggles when I'm away or when my son and I am away. Ugh I'm sure I'll figure it out...eventually.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, if you did. I'll post pics when I get the chance. My phone deleted the ones I took today :/

tomorrow is my first post-op

So hopefully I get the all clear to do more. I miss hugging my little one and playing with him, and I feel terrible for not being able to help my fiancé. Even though he keeps reminding me that I always did everything before hand, so it's his turn to help out. Did I mention earlier that he's going to demand I take an hour out of my day, every day, to do something for myself?...lol he realized how hard it is being a stay-at-home-mom while doing school work too. He's so sweet, and I love that man to death.

I also got the job!! I got an email today saying that I just have to wait on the background check. I'm just torn if I want to work so soon after surgery. I know, I know why did I apply if I knew I was going to have surgery? Because at the time I needed something to get me out of the house, and now after being restricted from my own child, I want to be with him all day, everyday again. Haha, I'll probably take the job anyway...I'm just missing my little love bug. It also depends on when I start, because I have my grandpa's funeral to attend all the way in hawaii and I'm not going to miss that for a job that I don't absolutely need.

Anyway, sorry for the run-on...here are my pics from today. I hope everyone is doing well, and healing well!

Doing pretty good today :)

So, last night I let my fiance go out and get some holiday shopping done while I watched the little one. Well, not only did my son use my girls as a drumset, he also got himself stuck in his highchair. So i had to figure out how to get him out without lifting him (because I'm not allowed to lift him just yet). That was a task lol. I told him (even though he's 18 months) that if he ruins my boobs I will make him pay for the test of his existance hahaha. Yes, I felt like a bully.

Anyhow, my surgeon says so long as it doesn't hurt, I'm good. It did hurt last night, especially after my son tapped them, but they're fine today. I'm not sure how much of the pain was actually from my toddler and how much of it was from this compression band the PS has me wearing...idk

Either way, happy healings ladies!!!

sorry it took so long to update!

I'm sure all of you can relate to being busy this time of year. I especially didn't want to obsess with my giels because I don't think they've changed much... :( they're still pretty hard and high on my chest. Although my doctor did say that he thinks it's going to take the full 3 months to see the results I'm looking for. So, I guess I have to be patient. I'm really hoping though that they soften up. I'm not even able to really push them anywhere. My PS doesn't recommend me massaging just yet, but he has me wearing this band that I've slacked off on wearing a few nights, but he only told me to wear it at night.

Anyway, I hope all of you are doing well!

bought some new sports bras

I bought some new sports bras. I didn't try them all on and take a pic because it's still rather hard to get them off by myself. Anyhow, these are two new ones I bought yesterday. I have two VS ones coming in the mail hopefully soon.

As for progress goes, it's still rather alow, and my stitches are still sensitive and so are my nipples. Ahh I just want to walk around topless. It's slowly dropping and I feel the bottom on the implant. Is that normal? (At least I think it's the bottom of the implant).

Hope you all are healing well, and if you're still waiting, it's worth it even if the healing process takes a bit.

Happy One Month!!

Today was my one month post-op!! Just a recap on my healing and such. My incisions are still sensitive, but it's getting better day by day. I try not to look at them so I don't obsess on what they look like. I honestly don't care either. I can't see them, so as long as I can't see them, I won't worry about it. My girls are dropping slowly, and I'm still wearing the strap at night. I always seem to take it off in the middle of the night though. I have a bad habit of doing that...lol I take off random items of clothing. I have full motion back, my strength needs work but I'm sure it will be the same very soon.

As for my appointment, I had to being my 19 month-old with me. It was cute in the sense that my PS allowed for him to come and he even tried to carry him during the appointment. My son ended up getting scared and crying because he is afraid of strangers. So, my PS took the rejection like a champ and ended up giving my son a lollipop. Ha haha it was too cute. I also got a free Coobie bra! Apparently it's a one month anniversary gift and I love the bra! I'm actually wearing it now and I'll post pics of it. It seriously is the most comfortable bra I have yet. I will definitely be buying more. It doesn't feel like I'm even wearing a bra so that is nice.

I can now exercise in eexception to chest workouts. I will be able to get full clearance for working out in another 2-3 weeks. I can hold and lift my son though, so I'm happy as ever!!

Anywayladies, I hope you are all doing well and happy healings!!
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