35 Years Old Finally Getting a Mommy Makeover After 2 Kids

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I wanted to start a log and share my experience. ...

I wanted to start a log and share my experience. I've been stalking this site for months before my surgery and all the reviews helped ease my nerves tremendously.

I had my mommy make over yesterday. I had breast augmentation, tummy tuck, lipo, and bbl. yes, the whole shebang. I travelled here to Cartagena from NorCal to be able to afford this. My quotes from nearby doctors were twice and three times as much. After finding doctor Campbell and verifying he is legit, I booked my vacation + surgery.

Cartagena is beautiful. I suggest coming days earlier to be able to enjoy the Playa Blanca (white beach) before surgery. The old city is gorgeous specially on a night ride on a horse drawn carriage.

Okay, I digress. Back to day of surgery. Everything went smoothly until I woke up right after. The pain was real. If I could have taken it all back then, I would have. I was shivering uncontrollably which was expected after general anesthesia. Moments of pain felt longer. The nurses around me did not speak English so it made it harder to know if they understood me. I was in and out so I'm not sure how long I felt the pain. My surgery was at 7 am, if I'm not mistaken, it was done around noon or 1pm. I was in the recovery ward until ~6pm. This was all yesterday. I felt awful until about 8pm, then every hour after, the pain became manageable.
Today is day 1 of recovery. I can move around somewhat but it's painful to change position. I'm realizing I'm leaving out a lot of details, I will update later.
My nurses, Angela, Audrey, and Marife were all wonderful. I should also mention that I came here with my daughter, she is 12 years old, and she is a trooper. She came for the vacay but has made herself useful to make me feel better.
Updates with photo soon to come.

Day 2 and I can find a comfortable position

It's my second night after surgery and the pain is definitely more manageable. I can move around hunched back. I requested meds for dizziness and it helped a lot. I have a nurse stay with me for the night because I couldn't figure out how to get in and out of bed. I'll try doing that today and hopefully I'll be able to manage on my own. My nurse tonight is Manuela and she is wonderful.

Today will be the day I take a bath. I cannot wait. Adding photo taken yesterday.


Showered, feeling great, but bow super swollen, my faja feels suffocating. It's a good day so far. Waiting for my massage.


The swelling have started! Can't wait for this part of recovery to be over. I can barely breathe on this tight faja. Pictures to follow after massage therapy.

First time to see my cuts

Day 3 post op. I went to my Doctor's office for today's massage therapy and my bandages were changed as well. My first time to see my cuts. They look closed and dry and is on its way to healing. I'm happy. I didn't get to take personal pictures, but I could probably request copies from my Doctor's office.

I can now stand up straight and walk around. My appetite is back but with this tight faja, I'm not sure I can eat portions I used to eat and still breathe. Not so bad since I'm supposed to eat healthy food in moderation.

I'm super swollen and I was reminded to drink plenty of fluids which will make me pee a lot instead of my body retaining any small amount of fluid I take.

Attached are pics of my boobies before and after pics taken day 2. I wanted a more natural look and once the muscles around my boobs relax, that's supposed to be when the natural looks comes. Right now, they still feel like it did back when I had to breast feed my babies (if I haven't mentioned yet, I have two kidos).

The things we take for granted... like going #2

4 days post op... I am now able to sit and stand (with assistance from a non-moving anything I can grab on to), get on and off the bed as well as position and reposition myself in a more comfy inclined position. Use the bathroom for #1 and for #2!!!

I still get really stiff staying in one position for a while. If I'm sitting and try to stand-up, i would feel muscle tensions that I have to ease and stretch. Like its the day after I did hard workout for the first time in forever.

Being able to use the bathroom for a #2 is awesome. I have been anxious since surgery because I was afraid that it will get harder to do #2 if I did not go soon (within the same week as surgery). I didn't want to eat because of going #2. My nurses recommended kiwi and pitahaya (dragon fruit). I had kiwi in the morning and pitahaya in the afternoon, and was able to do the deed in the early evening!!! No pills necessary. Woot woot! Maybe it's just me, but my faja feels more comfortable after :D

First pic with no faja

Taken after a bath before therapy... I'll try to find a before picture for comparison. I like my body more than the original, but it's not yet what I paid for with money, time, and pain endurance. I guess time will tell. Staying optimistic with reasonable expectations. Im 5'2 and was 165lbs before operation so I don't expect to be barbie-ish. I do like to think I have lots of muscles so I'd like to look better than now for sure.

Im very swollen from the neck down. Id like to think my face is swollen too, but nah, that's two years of sweets and bread :)

I hate putting the two piece faja on, it feels so tight it makes me dizzy. I'm going to swing by the store for another one piece.

Mommy Makeover before surgery and 4 days after

Day 5 pics. Still swollen.

I unintentionally walked more than 2 miles yesterday, and now I'm paying for it with more swelling. I'm hating my faja even more :(

Drains are out!

Day 10 and healing well. I purchased a larger size faja to be able to breathe comfortably and still have compression. My nurse advised against it as I won't be so swollen after a week; but I just couldn't get comfortable specially at night. Anyway, the burning Lipo pain is less after switching to a larger size faja. I'm now less anxious about the long plane ride back home.

Pre/Post pic

I had a BA, TT, Bbl, and 360 Lipo! Swelling has gone down some; and i definitely feel better after drains were removed.

Dr. Alex Campbell and Dra. Carolina Restrepo. Premium Care Plastic Surgery

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