6 weeks post op and feeling fantastic!

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Hi All, I'm hoping that by starting this...

Hi All, I'm hoping that by starting this account it will help me mentally through this process. A little background on me... I'm 35 and I have 18 month old twins. I've always been on the thin side- due mostly to a lot of nervous energy... and never had much on top. I didn't mind though, they were what they were and I thought I was proportional and fit and that's what mattered. I am 5' 5" and about 115 lbs.

When I was pregnant with my twins I carried all in front. My doctor said I measured at 11 months pregnant for a singleton. I carried my babies past full term for twins and overall I carried 12lbs of baby.

In addition to my giant stomach my boobs grew enormous (for me anyhow) I was an A cup before pregnancy, a B during pregnancy and a very full C when my milk came in. After I got done nursing and lost all of my baby weight the sight of my naked body was like a punch in the face. The skin on my stomach hangs and is covered in stretch marks and my belly button is now a half inny half outie. Very unattractive. My boobs are just as bad. The best word to describe them is “deflated”. If anyone ever told you that small boobs don’t sag they are lying.

To make matters worse I had to have a benign tumor roved from one of my breasts and it took them several attempts to remove it all. What’s left can only be termed “frankenboob”. All of this being said… I still try to keep fit but several doctors have told me that only surgery will repair my diastasis. It always irks me that if surgery is my only option, why doesn’t insurance cover it? But that is another blog for another website.

I went to have a plastic surgery consultation six months ago and got the mommy makeover lowdown, but because of my tumor removal I will have to go back in. I have an appointment next month and hope to schedule my surgery for June.

I have a lot of feelings about this… guilt for spending so much money… guilt for asking my mom to take time off of work to help me…guilt at being “out of commission” for so long for my kids… but at the same time I know that my depression over my appearance is not good for me or anyone else.

Here’s to the beginning of yet another transformation. I’ll let you know how the consultation goes.

Well my consultation has been postponed until...

Well my consultation has been postponed until after the holiday. I can't wait. I'm so ready to get this done and be on the road to recovery. It's going to be so hard to wait until June for the procedure.

I had my second consultation and was very relieved...

I had my second consultation and was very relieved that the doc said she could fix the damage done by the multiple surgeries to my breast and that there wouldn't be any dramatic adjustments or fee increases. She was so great about answering all of my questions and really made me feel better about the recovery. I'm much more excited (and impatient) than nervous at this point. Now I have to find some patience for the next five and a half months...and some big money!

Hi Everyone, well I've been obsessively reading...

Hi Everyone, well I've been obsessively reading the Real Self reviews for the past few days. It's 9 weeks until my surgery. A long time but not a long time. I'm really getting anxious about how I'm going to care for my kids. Even with the help I will have the first two weeks... no one does it like mom- ya know? I'm a tad type A (OK, I'm extremely type A) and I'm just so worried that everything that needs to get done won't. I'm worried about how I'm going to do once my husband goes back to work and it's just me and the kids again. I'm just worried I guess!

Another thing I'm thinking about and I've seen a few ladies on here that went through the same thing is- what if I don't like my new look? I went through all this pain and money and my kids had to suffer because mommy was out of commission and what if it's not worth it?? I remember how depressed I was after having my twins and looking in the mirror at my deflated breasts and sagging stomach and I felt like "whose body is this??" Will I feel that way again? All of these thoughts are running through my head but I know that I'm not happy with what I look like now. I still feel like I'm walking around in someone else's body. I know I can never have my pre-twin body back so I guess the only thing I can do is move forward and fix what I can. I'm feeling a little neurotic but also hopeful. I can't wait to shop. It's been two years since I've been excited to go shopping. I want to feel confident again.

OK, only six weeks to go. I'm getting really...

OK, only six weeks to go. I'm getting really excited. My kids have suddenly gone through a period where they are trying to do a lot more for themselves which makes me feel a lot more confident about undergoing the procedure. They have learned to climb in the stroller on their own, climb into their booster seats for dinner and they can easily get onto the couch etc. Of course I still need to be very close by in case of a potential tumble but I think it will really help not having to live them umpteen times a day up and down if I don't have to. One thing I am having trouble finding is a zip front sports bra to wear after surgery. I've read that they are good to have so it's easier to put on. One website I read said I might be able to find them at Target or Walmart but I've had zero luck. The only ones I've seen have been online and they are so expensive! I did by a Coobie bra so that I'd have something stretchy that I could wear until I know what my final size will be but that's not going to work right after surgery. I'll have to keep reading everyone's blogs to see if I can find any good info. In any case, I'm doing the count down. I've confirmed my pre-op and blood work appointments, I've lined up my help for two weeks after and I purchased a few groupons for house cleaning services. My husband is amazing but he is not a natural house keeper! As ridiculous as I feel having someone come and clean my house I know it will be easier in the long run for everyone. That's all for now... Oh, and when I get closer to the surgery I'll put some before photos. I can't bear to do it until I'm closer to fixing things :P

OK, it's two weeks to surgery and I am freaking...

OK, it's two weeks to surgery and I am freaking out! I have my Pre-Op in a week, the doctor has been paid and I've received my pre and post op instructions. This is really happening! I was day dreaming about shopping and feeling so excited but my excitement has turned to panic.

My new worry is that people at work will notice I had my boobs done. I'm going very subtle but I'm so flat right now I feel like I might as well be taking out a billboard that says "check out my new rack!". Also, I thought I had more time off right after surgery than I ended up with. I found out I have to be at some important meetings two weeks after surgery and I was intending on taking a little more time than that since I have a lot saved up. My husband is not helping matters. He keeps telling me that he doesn't know how he's going to take care of the kids and me and how stressed out he is! My mom is being really supportive though and just keeps telling me that I'll get through it and he'll get through it and the kids will get through it and I'll be so happy after. I'm grateful she's being so supportive. She's a very earthy type person and I really thought she might have issue with all of this surgery but she's really been great and held no judgment.

My goal next week is to get the courage to post some before pics- at least of this floppy belly. I know I'll be happy I did once I do the surgery. I'll post more after my pre-op. Thanks to all the ladies out there that have gone before me and allowed me to follow your journey. This site is a sanity saver!

Pre-op is tomorrow! I'm so excited! This is...

Pre-op is tomorrow! I'm so excited! This is
happening! Less than a week until surgery!

Well, it's finally here. I had my pre-op on...

Well, it's finally here. I had my pre-op on Tuesday. It went really well. I'm a little grossed out by the thought of the drains and I'm really worried about not lifting my kids for so long but I'll just have to deal with it! We decided on a little larger implants (due to so much stretched skin from nursing) than I'd previously thought but I think they will be good. I've done all the grocery shopping and gotten all the prescriptions. This weekend I'm going to do my "before" photos, clean like crazy and do one last Costco run! Wish me luck everyone!

Well I made to the other side.. I"m extremely...

Well I made to the other side.. I"m extremely loopy so please don't t hold my typos against me. I'm going to to be extremely st day honest, this was more painful than any other surgery I''ve every had.. Luckily my hubby is extremely helpful and supportive. I know it's not easy taking care of twin toddlers. OK back to rest... I can really keep my eyes open. More later since I have my post op appointment. hope I can be present through the appointment and not like a zombie...here's hoping e
everything looks good!

Post op day 2. More pain and discomfort. So dizzy...

Post op day 2. More pain and discomfort. So dizzy from meds but know they ate necessary. Hoping tomorrow is better!

Post op day 3. I'm still very sore mostly in my...

Post op day 3. I'm still very sore mostly in my boobs now but it's getting better. I'm able to space out my percocet a ittle more but I still definitely need them. My drains have slowed way down. Hoping to get one out and my pain pump tomorrow. Im also very excited and nervous to see what's under these bandages and compression garments. I itch like cr azy under them too! I'm so eager to be healing so I can be more hands on with the kids too. I miss snuggling so much.

I'm 4 dpo and I'm so ready for these drains to...

I'm 4 dpo and I'm so ready for these drains to come out do I can shower! I'm hoping one drain will come put today but my doc will only do one at a time. That means no shower until next week. Gross! My drains will not compress properly either so I have to keep manually compressing them every 30 seconds it,seems. My pain is much more tolerable now. I'm just taking tylenol. Honestlymy back hurts more than anything from being hunched over. I managed to peek at my boobs and they look great so that's a plus but I'm dying to see my stomach. It seems extremely swollen so I'm a little scared. We'll see when I go to the docs. Keep you posted!

Post op day 5. Things feel soooo much better. I am...

Post op day 5. Things feel soooo much better. I am not taking any pain meds during the day since yesterday, only tylenol. I have been taking a valium and half a percocet to help me sleep at night and because the nurse recommended the valium to help with breast massage. I had one drain removed yesterday. That was NOT comfortable but it was quick. Still can't shower until my other drain is removed. I feel so disgusting and of course I started my period which makes things even worse. I'm hoping to get my second drain removed Monday or Tuesday. When I was at the doctor's office I got to see my stomach for the first time. It's so swollen I look pregnant. Not exactly what I was hoping for but I understand that this is normal. My husband was so shocked he said "I can't believe it! Not one stretch mark!" I can't believe it either considering I had them from my pubic area all the way to about two inches above my belly button. Dr. M is a miracle worker. The nurse also talked to me about breast massage. Again I have to give kudos to Dr. M. I told her how I wanted to look and then kind of left it up to her. My breasts are exactly the size I imagined. I can easily dress them down for work and with a good bra I can have some nice cleavage. They match my smaller frame and there's no gap in the middle. I was the most worried about how the breasts would look since I was never really a fan of the fake breast look but after all my research I understand the different options available and she really made them look natural. I'm on a mommy makeover high right now! Still tender and still needing help with my twins but feeling better and feeling like there are some things to look forward to.

OK, 7 dpo. My husband went back to work and my mom...

OK, 7 dpo. My husband went back to work and my mom has come to help. I now understand the meaning of swell hell. I look like I'm pregnant. I'm hoping to get my final drain out tomorrow but it's looking dicey at this point. Yesterday I was helping my little girl on the potty and fell backwards with her with me. Painful is an understatement and I'm hoping I didn't pop a stitch. I'm hoping they can tell me if I've damaged anything at my appointment tomorrow. I'm so frustrated with this healing process. I guess patience is not my virtue. I really underestimated how hard it would be to heal and have two toddlers in the house regardless of the amount of help I have on hand. I'm sick of being in the house, I'm sick of not being able to pick up my kids and I'm sick of being in pain. I stopped taking the heavy duty stuff except for at night because I would just pass out on the couch. I wish I could fast forward a couple weeks. I know I'm being a big baby right now and this will pass but I just need to vent a little. I'll update after the appointment tomorrow.

Hi everyone, sorry for my crappy mood the other...

Hi everyone, sorry for my crappy mood the other day. It was a bad day. Things have gone so much better the last few days. I still have my drain in which sucks but the nurse took pity on me and let me shower. That in itself is a huge mood elevator :) My swelling has gone down dramatically, I got to see my new belly button for the first time and I get to wear a sports bra now. I'm in an upright position now so my back isn't killing me and I've been able to at least stroll around the neighborhood. I'm still very sore and there's a lot I can't do but just these few things have made my life so much easier! I'll be uploading pictures of my brand new tummy soon.

I'm now 13 DPO and everything is feeling much...

I'm now 13 DPO and everything is feeling much better. My doc will still not give me the go ahead to push my double stroller so I'm not exercising as much as I'd like but I'd rather not re-injure myself. I'll admit though that I'm going a little stir crazy since I'm used to walking several miles a day with my kids. I'm hoping I don't get too floppy in three weeks- ha ha. I feel so excited to start shopping. I went through my old clothes and got rid of some things and found some new treasures that I never would have worn before because they showcased my gut. I go back to work on Tuesday. I'm a little nervous but I think it will be OK even though I won't get my afternoon nap :) It will be good for me to get out and be around the land of the living again. This site has been super supportive and I feel very blessed right now for the support I've received here and at home and for being able to have the opportunity to do this for myself. I'm a lucky lady indeed.

Well, I've reached the three week mark. Things...

Well, I've reached the three week mark. Things that were numb are regaining feeling so I'm feeling kind of sore but my energy level is way up at the same time if that makes sense. I've been laughing a lot (which is a good thing) but that has caused my stomach muscles to be very sore and I seem to be swollen in the area of my stomach right under my breasts. I'm a little concerned about that but I see the PS later this week. It also hurts like hell again to sneeze or cough. I'm worried I might have pulled something. This recovery is having it's ups and downs!

Now to the emotional stuff... Anyone else having the ups and downs? One minute I'm ecstatic and the next I feel almost depressed. Last night I couldn't sleep worrying about the safety of my implants and how that could effect my children. I need to get off the web and stop brooding. I was most worried about the implants and now I'm obsessing a bit. I knew this would be emotional and I was trying to prepare for that. I'm also worrying a bit about the negativity that surrounds plastic surgery. I have not told many people and I'd like to keep it that way but I'm nervous that it will come up. I know it's no one's business and it was my decision but I'm still trying to get comfortable in my new skin (as great as it is it's still an adjustment!) I don't need anyone else's issues involved! My husband has been so awesome. For months he's listened to me blather on about this surgery and he never complains.

This site is also a lifesaver. To all those out there getting ready to do this, it's a journey, that's for sure. I'm not changing my vote or anything. It's way worth it. Whenever I think of how I felt before about my physical appearance and all the issues with the muscle separation etc., I'm happy I did it but it's a major change. Support is key!

Hi Ladies, I'm now at my six week mark and I...

Hi Ladies,

I'm now at my six week mark and I feel fantastic. I was worried at first that my boobs were too big but now they've settled nicely and I look very proportional. My stomach looks amazing! I still have a lot of stretch marks, which I knew I would but I'm kind of relieved because I still have my badge of honor for carrying my twins! My doctor was so wonderful. She was realistic with me, she was supportive and she really listened to what I wanted and I'm seeing those results now. I don't have to wear my garment anymore (thank God!). I was sweating my butt off in that thing. I get to resume normal exercises now, which I'm grateful for and my swelling has gone down in my stomach so that I can actually see some definition in there! I'm so pleased. This was a rocky and emotional ride, but for me it was totally worth it. My husband commented on how happy he was to see me with self esteem again. That made me feel sad that I was so down on myself before, but I have to agree, I do feel a lot more confident. I love shopping for clothes (a little too much recently...) and overall I just feel more feminine. If any one is in the northern nevada area I HIGHLY recommend my PS. She's fantastic! Good luck to all those out there getting ready for your transformation!
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