Tummy Tuck......bye bye Apron. Carmel, IN

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I have gastric bypass surgery August 2011 and lost...

I have gastric bypass surgery August 2011 and lost more than half of my body weight. Which left me with lots of extra skin and then some. An apron.... and I am not talking about the kind you wear to cook...this one is in the way of everything. It pulls, it's uncomfortable and a real pain trying to stuff it into clothes. I never thought the day would come. Now I am shocked it's only 5 days away. It's getting pretty emotional for me.

3 Days post-op 7 1/2 lbs of skin removed!

Well, things are going better than expected. Not nearly as painful as I expected. Surgery took a little less than 4 hours. I had an extended tummy tuck, no lipo. I have had previous blood clots, so I started blood thinners the day before surgery. That resulted in a little bit more blood loss than normal, but nothing extreme. Surgery went good and I woke up feeling pretty good. I have been taking pain meds but not over doing it as pain it pretty tolerable. I have been sleeping a lot, but set alarm to get up and walk every 2 hours. Ok, nap time!

5 Days post op

Things are not bad. Definitely glad I had it done. Getting up and sitting down have not really been an issue for me. Straightening up far enough that I can walk (back hurting) and getting legs moving a little rough the first few steps - get stiff from sitting. Drains not bothering me, except the one has been a bit sore since I bumped the kitchen counter with it :-O! They said I would need help getting legs up - no issues for me. The whole wear button up shirt (which I have only one that is not a nice work shirt) things, not sure what that's about either. Slid a t-shirt on as soon as I got home- with no issues.
Right after surgery I had some issues producing urine, after several liters of fluid pumped into me and a cup of coffee (coffee the cure all ;-)) kidneys got busy and did their job. As far as a bowel movement, I took stool softeners several days before and after (still taking). Two doses of Milk of Magnesia and nothing. Mineral Oil Nothing. I finally just sat in there forever pushed a little to hard that it hurt and burned (Tummy not butt)- with results of a rabbit turd.....this was day 4 so I drank 1/2 a bottle of magnesia citrate. Yum good stuff (NOT). But it immediately got things in their riled up and moving and within a half hour things were flowing nicely! Have been gassy since I have been home. Still lots of swelling! Very Happy though......that huge hanging skin gone gone gone forever! Will take new pics Tuesday after drains come out, again not to painful but always and forever in the way! Then back to work Wed.......... :-O

6 days post op

Just a quick pic

2 week 2 days post op

Back to work full time. Lots of swelling. Days are long. But getting better each day. Only Tylenol and ibuprofen for pain.
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