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I decided to start my review because I have read...

I decided to start my review because I have read so many of yours and you all have really helped me. I have been wanting to get my stomach fixed since my first son was born 25 years ago. He was huge at 9 lbs 6 oz and I had a c-section so that pretty much tore me up. I already had a mess of stretch marks and loose skin and then I had two more babies, both were 9 lbs and now I have a whole map of the US, including all the rivers and streams, on my stomach. I work out at least 3 times a week, riding my bike, in the gym, yoga, pilates and nothing but a good surgeon is going to get rid of this mess.

I really struggled with the idea of spending so much money on what I thought was vanity but then I looked in my closet and thought, wait a minute, I have more than $6k in clothes, shoes, and coats that end up worn out or donated. Aren't clothes and shoes just another type of vanity so why am I balking at spending that much on my own body.

I also struggled with trading one version of Frankenstein for another. Not only do I have loose skin and stretch marks but I also have vitiligo so my skin issues are not going to be completely solved with surgery. Like everyone else I will be left with a scar and I just wasn't sure if a scar was going to be better than the stretch marks. But then I thought about getting rid of a bunch of loose skin, lose the muffin top, and most importantly feeling much better about myself.

So after a serious talk with myself I am willing to take the risk and have the surgery. Right now the part that scares me the most is the healing. It worries me that I won't heal properly, get an infection, have a would separation or something else that will make it tough to heal. Also, I am not a good patient. I will have a hard time laying around and letting my body rest. I'm gonna have to work on that.

I will keep everyone posted on my progress and eventually I will post pictures but I'm not ready for everyone to see that yet.

Good Luck Everyone!

39 more days

November 18th is going to be here before I know it. I decided to take off some extra weight that has been hanging around and have goal of loosing at least 12 pounds before surgery. So far I am down 9 so I think I will make the 12 and hopefully a little more. Ideally I would like to be around 145 by the time Dr. Turkle works her magic on me.

I have read lots of reviews and it seems like the better shape you are in before surgery the easier the recovery and healing. I work out three times a week and am thinking I may add another day each week of strength training for the month prior to surgery to make sure I am as fit as I can be.

I have been looking in the mirror and can't believe I will be rid of all this saggy, wrinkled skin in just a few short weeks. I am starting to get impatient an can't wait to get this done. I have been considering doing something with my breasts at the same time. I nursed three kids and am 53 years old so the girls are looking a little tired. But, I really don't want implants so while a lift would help I don't think the results would be dramatic enough to be worth the money, pain, or scars. I am going to talk to the doctor about options during my pre-op appointment and see what she says about it.

I am thinking I will take some before pictures in the next couple of days. I do want a record of the changes my body will go through, I just not sure I want to see what I really look like in a photo....ugh.

Well, good luck everyone!

One month to go

31 days from now I will be on the flat side and I am getting nervous. I think my next step is to take pictures to remind myself why I am doing this and then maybe I will have more courage.

I keep typing things an then deleting them because I think they sound stupid and weak. I just need to suck it up an go for it.

Some before pix

4 weeks lefts

So I am having serious second thoughts. Why am I doing this? No one but me will ever see the results and I have lived it it for 25 years. I'm going to be 54 in January, been divorced for 10 years and long past the point of being attractive to men so what is the point? It's a lot of risk and money so I can look in the mirror and "feel better about myself". I don't feel bad about myself now.

I don't have to make a final decision until Nov 4th and I am seriously thinking I am not going to do it.
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