33yrs.old 155lbs. 1 Pregnancy by C-section Can't Wait to Loose the Rolls - Carmel, IN

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Im so excited just few more days to go before...

Im so excited just few more days to go before surgery!!! I can't wait to be outside this summer finally in a bikini top and shorts feeling more confident! My weight has always been up and down once reaching 186 lbs. Then loosing it staying at 130lbs for 2 Yrs then I became pregnant. Gaining 50 lbs now weighing 155lbs. It's going to be great to have a flat stomach for once!

New garment for tummy tuck

This is same style that I will be sent home from surgery in the crotch unhooks so it's easy to go to bathroom!

on my way to surgery center My Big Day (:

IM purdy excited not to nervous being sliced into doesn't bother me. It's 2 hr. drive to Carmel surgery center from where I live. I have check in at 12 then surgery time is at 2. Surgery itself be 2 1/2 hrs. Then hr. N recovery so going be all day thang. Il keep everyone posted when I can on how it went and how pain is.

home finally from surgery!

All went great! So happy this finally happen.Dr. Turkle she is wonderful!!! I have a snug binder on I havnt took it off n I won't c my belly till Monday when I go back to c Turkle . suppose shower wit binder on also.Pain level I wud say 6 or 7. I was able to easily get outa hospital bed n walk around. Now I'm probht up on cowch took a oxy 10 not long ago. I have been throwing up couple times but im fine. It's all worth it (:

my fat

She also did libo on me n got 700mg of that out. Libo on hips and flank area.

day 2 post op. pic

Getting ready to shower my fiance he put a trash bag around garment with duck tape ontop. So it stayed really dry while showering that was nice. My fiance has been such a big help to me and with our 2 1/2 yr. Ole son! I go tommarow to see Dr. Turkle in morning.

4 day post op pic

Very swollen and bruised bad

4 day post op pic.

My upper leg is swollen and bruised bad also.

I like the looks of my new belly button now I can see I have one lol

Sometimes I put lotion on my stomach but not close to my wounds it helps relieve some of the tightness feeling

New Pics

Some better pictures this time . I've been outside alot today doing things. Pain is still not that bad. I'm feeling lil hunch back walking lol.

day 7

Feeling really good, not walking so hunchd back today finally. I still have alot of tight swelling from my belly button down. At night I've been putting a icepack on it tryn get swelling down some.

15 days post op.

Swelling has went down some but under my belly button its hard as a rock swollen . I never sat down much from day one. Maybe that's why Im this way? Any one else have this problem and what can I do to get ridd of rock feeling? My sides are knotted from lipo and ache all the time. Looking at other girls reviews seems like they got flat tummy n no time. I'm still wearing my binder garment everyday also.

I'm getting Skinner & loving it!!!

I went to Turkles office this morning for my second check up it went great. The nurse says I look amazing and that I'm healing up very well,I still have some swelling left but I'm to massage it daily nurse said. I can finally get back to exercising a lil like walking n taken it easy on my exercise bike so I'm happy to hear that. I've lost 4 inches so far ,it feels great to put shirts on and not seeing my belly roll.

feeling great

I have been using the healing serum for my scar it's doing a wonderful job on my scar! I use it twice a day along with massaging along the scar tissue to break it down.

new pics

I have been using my scar lotion twice a day also still massaging my knots under my belly button and along my scar. Some knots around my scar are purdy good size and very hard that's why I look like I have some what of a pooch belly. I massage my bigger knots with alot of pressure but no luck getting the scar tissue to break. My doc. Said I can stop wearing my garment but I'm going wear mine another wk. or so tryn get best results I can.
Dr. Jan Turkle

Doc. Turkle is amazing at work she does! She did my breast augmentation last yr. I love her work, being so pleased with my results of that I knew I wanted go back to her for my Tummy Tuck. I feel she is so easy to talk to answering many of my questions and informing me of many thangs about my procedure ,very nice caring doctor who works in a very professional way to give you best results for your body type! I plan on going back to her sometime and getting sculpsure done on my back!

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