32 Years Old, 5'7 & 148 lbs. I've had three C-Sections, and lost the baby weight! Ready to Get my Tummy Back! - Carmel, IN

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So nervous about my upcoming surgery! I have three...

So nervous about my upcoming surgery! I have three babies to think about, but I need to do this for me! I'm so sick of hiding behind clothes and worrying about if anyone can see my disgusting belly through my clothes. Hiding it consumes me. Everyone says your fine without it, or you can exercise that in! It is not possible! I have worked out for two years and lost a ton of weight, and that tummy my friends is not going back in. My initial consult with Dr. Turkle was very good and she answered all my questions and was patient. She did my aunts tummy tuck surgery, so I know I am in good hands I had my pre-op last Friday and Allison was very helpful. Let's get this show going!

Surgery Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day! I am so nervous it's not even funny! Mostly about that everything goes smoothly and I make it back to my kids... alive! lol :)

Surgery Done!!

It's finally done! Woot Woot. The anesthesiologist was great and of course Dr. Turkle was too. I was extremely nervous, but the nurses were so kind and reassuring. I didn't get sick after because he put a patch behind my ear. I did get the Experal injection that was offered, and everyone at the clinic said it was totally worth it. Dr. Turkle took a pic and weighted my skin and she took off 6lbs!!! I am super drowsy from the meds, but wanted to post an update anyway :)

I'm a hunchback!

I am feeling quite a bit of pain today. I had three c-sections so I thought this would be a piece of cake. That would be a negative! lol. I am hunched over and my breathing also feels short. But when I took off my binder I was amazed! Yay!

5 days Post Op - What a rollercoaster

So two days post op I was taking pain meds, and started getting really really bad headaches. By three days post op I went down from Oxy to Norco, but it was already too late. I must not have been eating enough (although it felt like i was trust me!), because I started vomitting! It was horrible horrible pain and I swore I thought I had ripped all the internal stitches in my belly. My husband called the surgeon, but she said unless there was a huge bulge, that more then likely didn't happen. I have been on Norco with a high protein diet, and haven't had any problems since Saturday night. I hadnt really had major swelling until today (5 days Post OP). My belly really looked nice and flat, but this morning I felt so much better then the weekend that I think I overdid it a little, and ended up swollen like a balloon! My appt is tomorrow morning, so we will see what they think about my recovery so far. I am a little worried about my belly button as it looks black and the shape is kind of going crazy. It looks so strange. Ill keep you updated on how tomorrow goes, but so far I'm loving my new belly...even though i look like the Michellen man right now ;)

Swell Hell!!!

So starting this past weekend (10 days Post op) I started getting really huge! I started second guessing wether I had seroma. It feels similar to a water balloon, and It was making my hips huge. I sent pictures to my nurse over the weekend asking what she thought. My scar care appt was supposed to be tomorrow, but she called me first thing Monday morning and said that after looking at the pics she wanted Dr. Turkle to look at me. I went in yesterday afternoon. Dr. Turkle was very understanding and nice, and seemed like she was on the fence if it was seroma or not..so she opted to try to extract fluid in two spots. Boy was that painful..and I mean painful! When they go a little too deep, that's when it hurts. Not the initial sticking in the large needle! Anyway, she didn't get any fluid either spot, and said for now it looks like bad swelling. Anyone else out there get seroma? Or how about anyone have swelling that was soft and resembled it, but wasn't? I keep reading reviews of surgeons saying that they recommend using ultrasound with the possible draining so you go to the right spot where the fluid is accumulated. I think if I get bigger or it gets more wavy I'm going to ask her to do that next time, so it isn't so uncomfortable :/
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

So far she has been excellent! She is very professional and her office is beautiful. I know people that have went to her and are thrilled with her work! I know I am in excellent hands!

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