Rhinoplasty and Neck Liposuction - Carmel, IN

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My surgery date is about 3 wks away. I'm excited...

My surgery date is about 3 wks away. I'm excited about this. I've read and researched as much as I could and I hope to get great results. I'm not looking to drastically change my appearance but to refine the way I look. My nose has been fractured and cartilage is wonky compared to what it used to look like when I was a teenager. I'm looking to reduce the bulbous tip, reduce the bump and create a slimmer line. I have always been bothered by my jaw asymmetry, but after much thought I believe its really the way that the fat accentuates this to me. My surgeon did 3D imaging of my face and that's when I absolutely decided on the neck liposuction. She warned me that at 35 the skin may not bounce back quite as well as a person in their 20's. The drooping neck is a family trait so I've already prepared myself for that. If it becomes too droopy I'll check out my options when the time comes.

Today was the day

Had my highly anticipated surgery today. I had seen an allergist for what I thought was an unrelated issue. Once we did a complete work up and determined I have no allergies he ordered a CT scan of my sinuses. There was some minor scattered sinus disease and a bone spurs off my septum touching one of the turbinates. This CT took place Thursday before my surgery today, Monday. I was very impressed the way the staff at Dr. Turkle's office handled this. It was Friday and I was calling them with this info! We got insurance involved so I would know what to expect. Turkle was able to read the report and told me it would be no problem, but to bring films on the day of surgery. I did and she said she would also remove the spur and too large turbinate. This was basically an add on surgery. There was no recalculating my bill, no delays in the surgery, and she actually performed the surgery in the same amount of time as originally allotted. She's seeing me back this Saturday instead of or original Monday appointment.

Day 2

Swollen today as is expected. No new pains excited to have my follow up with Dr Turkle on Saturday. I can already see a difference in my neck from lipo. Last night before the swelling set in I could see my nose was shorter. Patience and pain meds!

Day 3

More swelling but less pain today. It's actually very manageable without any meds. Part of the gel packing on one side came loose and came out. No bleeding at all just mucous and dried blood. The lipo under my chin is still bruised and sore. Looks pretty good for being swollen.

1 week

Everything is healing well. I had my stitches out on Saturday. I'm still swollen and bruised but the feeling is coming back in my neck and nose. They are much less tender to touch. My nose feels pretty swollen still and my neck is too. I've noticed that on certain views my nose is very rounded at the tip. I prefer a sharper profile. I think this is all due to swelling and should settle down soon. I've had 2 friends have nose surgery tell me 2 different time frames. One says a few weeks, and one a few months. Neither of them had the extensive amount of work that mine required. So I'd assume a few months is more accurate!

1.5 weeks

Saw ENT specialist yesterday. This was related to my facial pain prior to my surgery. Since I had pursued my surgery initially for cosmetic reasons I hadn't involved my Primary Doctor. Since I had way more than cosmetic work done on my nose...needed to get that in my medical records.

My neck has all sensation back, still swollen around my jaw line. However it looks way better than before even swollen.
The ENT doc said I was healing fantastically, and the facial pain would probably resolve itself with the septoplasty with turbinate reduction. I've been doing nasal saline washes and will continue to since I'm sensitive to junk in the air. This is nothing new. What is new is after 10 years my sense of smell is returning.

2.5 weeks

Just wanted to give an update. Show how the swelling is going down and say that I'm healing really well still. I can breathe! No more headaches! And I fell pretty.

Little over 2 months

Most of the nerves have healed however there is occasionally some tenderness if I blow my nose or one of the kids decides to touch it. Lol. The tip is still the tiniest bit numb. Surgeon says it's still swollen there. It's healed so fast and looks more refined than ever. I am very pleased. I had the open type where the base of the nose is cut. The scar is barely visible and will continue to fade I feel.

More for my 2 month review

I forgot to add a few things regarding nose and lipo under my chin. This surgery has helped me so much! I will tell you that it's also changed my eyes too. I had no idea how much the sinus and structural issues where making my face swell and creating unde eye puffiness. Now that it's gone my eyes are hollow underneath. I have sagging skin in the cheek area anyway so it's not so pretty. I had Belotero injected in tear troughs. I think I'll go back for the outer part. Also with the lipo it has revealed some tendons in my neck. My surgeon absolutely told me when I asked for the procedure that I might need the actual muscles tightened. I told her that I was expecting that at some point given my family history! The fact that my jaw is lower on one side and set back further complicates that. But overall it's given me more definition there.

Front view

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