36 , Mom of 3, 550cc Tuberous Correction, Full TT and Lipo ... A cup to full D cup, Carmel, IN

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I am interviewing Doctors in the Carmel, IN area...

I am interviewing Doctors in the Carmel, IN area to perform a Breast Augmentation (tuberous/constricted breast) correction, Tummy Tuck, and Liposuction/Contouring. I am excited to write about my experience! I have enjoyed seeing everyone's photos and reviews. I will try to be good about updating and taking photos. Thank you!!

Starting photos. Just boobs, for now...haha

This is what I have been dealing with since puberty. I have hated them FOREVER!! ???? It is time to attempt a fix to look somewhat normal. Interviewing 3 doctors in Carmel. I will post reviews here about each of them. I hope this info helps somebody out there. :-)

Dr.Joseph Fata, MD (Carmel Indiana) Initial Consult Review

Dr. Fata did my initial consult last week. His office ladies are super nice. I wasn't initially impressed by the decor in the office...reminded me of a funeral home. So that freaked me out a bit...haha. But, after being taken back to my room, I pushed my fears down deep and just went with it. It all became real when I say on the exam table. Decades of waiting...were over. Dr.Fata's nurse came in and have me a robe (open in the back) and told me to undress except for underwear and socks. They kept me covered somewhat even during the exam. .maybe I'm weird, but I had already prepared to be completely nude,so the modesty part was surprising to me...lol. Dr.Fata took my breast measurements and the nurse wrote them all down. As I'm staning there being measured, I couldn't look at my husband because I knew I would bust out with laughter. Dr.Fata seemed all business so I assume a random giggle attack wouldn't have been a good thing. Haha. Dr.Fata looked at my measurements and told me that due to my VERY constricted lower breast, this wouldn't be a "typical " breast aug. It would require more : lowering the breast crease 1-2 cm and creating a larger "pocket " for the implant. He would place the silicon (textured, round) under the muscle. He seemed relatively confident that he could give me a good result. He indicated that "double bubble" was a risk (after I mentioned it). Then he took a look at my tummy. He recommended losing a few more pounds to get even a better result...I was prepared for him to say that. I want to drop another 20lbs before August. He said a full tummy tuck would help me. He said he could do contouring lipo, but due to my excessive stretch marks he is unsure how my skin will tighten up after that portion of the operation. Overall, I really liked Dr.Fata. He was all-business, so be prepared for that. But I didn't mind. Afterall, I'm not looking for a comedian...I need a skilled surgeon. So, I interview Dr.Robey in a couple weeks then Dr.Grasee. I will post those reviews when I do those consults :-).

My stats...shout out to the TALL GIRLS!!

5'11" tall, 220lbs, age 36 (37 in August, before surgery), 3 full term pregnancies with 8 lb + babies. Bra size 38A...wanting to go to a 38D, but more concerned with proper shape over size. Having surgery in August 2016!! Woohoo!!

Second Doc Interview complete, 1 left!!

I met Dr. Ashley Robey today! I REALLY liked her!! I couldn't believe that she handled the entire consult...no nurse, just her! She spent a nice amount of time with me and let me try multiple size implants. She even stood by the mirror and helped hold my shirt so I could see a more realistic view of what it would look like!! She has a friendly demeanor and seemed very knowledgable!! I was impressed with the decor of the office, even though it was VERY small. I REALLY liked the ladies in the office. They were so sweet and kind. Overall, I really was impressed!! She's my new top choice. :-) Next appointment is Dr.Grasee in about a week and a half. So excited to make a final decision and get a date on my calendar!!!

3rd Doctor Interviewed! Elizabeth Grasee MD

Dr.Grasee was GREAT! Starting with the lovely office and the extensive amount of before and after photos that were automatically presented to me (in a meeting room ajoining the exam room). It was a HUGE binder of all kinds of photos of all the types of procedures she performs. I also watched a couple videos on the procedures I am interested in (Breast, Tummy, Lipo). Dr.Grasee was super friendly and easy to talk to! She is very knowledgeable!! After meeting her and discussing my interests with surgery, then I went into the exam room. I got a nice robe and surgery panties (these are hideous...haha). She took photos of me (the first doc to do that) and did a physical exam. She is willing to go up to 550 ccs on both sides!! Yes!! That was what I wanted to hear! She even showed me a before photo of a patient of hers that had similar constricted breasts as mine. The after photo of that patient was AMAZING!! Literally, my dream boobs!! I am praying mine turn out like that!! After the exam and meeting, I knew that my decision was made!! Dr.Grasee was THE ONE!! She is confident that she can make some fabulous improvements in my areas of concern...and I am confident she will!! August 17, 2016 is the day!!! I can't wait!! Soon, I will post full body pix (Ugghh...I'm dreading that...I hate my boobs and my stomach, but together in the same photo...yuck!!! ????)

Video Time...

Before Bra pics, etc...
I plan on doing some live videos soon, but for now I have a slideshow. I did a simulated breast augmentation and you can see the result in this slideshow. I also included some current bra pics. My surgery date got moved up due to a scheduling conflict with the doctor...new date is 8/15/2016 !! Eeeekkk!! Fighting some weird self-sabotaging with my diet the last few weeks, but I'm sure I will work through all of that (i hope). 20lbs aren't gonna fall off on their own!!

Full Frontal...Oh, Lord...this is bad... ????

Well, I did it. Full Frontal shots. I am so looking forward to my transformation, but these images make me SO sad. Even my belly button is frowning :-(

I included some pics of where I expect to be after surgery...I'm excited to compare where I am afterward. Let's see if I get it right!! Haha! Well, any encouragement helps...so thanks in advance for positive and kind feedback. This journey is not easy :-(

80 days... This wait seems SO LONG

My husband is tired of hearing me talk about this surgery. Frankly, I'm tired of talking about it. Yet, it's all I think about so it comes up in every conversation! I am trying to lose another 20lbs before surgery day, so I start the advocare 24 day challenge tomorrow. I'm nervous, but ready. I need to do this to be even more confident on surgery day. The guilt is so strong sometimes. How can I spend so much money on something only two people in the world will really ever see (me & hubs)? What else should Inge spending this money on? Shouldn't I do something more meaningful with it? Uugghh...the guilt list is long. But, I just try to remind myself that :
1) I am worth it
2) I have earned it
3) Once it's done I can move on

Also, I had a tank top made for the day of surgery... It says "Tubies to Boobies"!! I will be so excited to wear that in for my surgery!! Haha!! Love it!!
Wishing all of you the best. Have a fabulous holiday weekend!

550cc rice sizers...who knew rice and panty hose could do this...hahaha

Well, I'm enjoying the sunshine while trying out my new homemade Sixers. I can't cook, but apparently I can make fake implants. Hahaha! Don't judge me! Haha!! Here are some with and without side-by-sides where I can get an idea of how big my boobs will be. I know that many people won't understand, but I feel more "normal" with these sizers in!! So many ladies have said "don't go too big" , "550 cc is TOO MUCH"...well, I disagree. I am right a 6' tall and I think these make me look more proportionate! I also think it makes my waist look smaller!! Which, with an abdominoplasty, I will have an even smaller waist than what you see in the photos! So, I am THRILLED with the way this looks!! I started the 24-day Advocare challenge today and I am hoping to drop 10 lbs. Then, I will only have 12 more to go before my surgery on August 15!! I CAN DO THIS!! I'm feeling excited and determined!!

I bought EMBRACE SCAR THERAPY 30 day treatment!

I hope this stuff works...because it isn't cheap!! About $350 for a 30 day treatment. I hope it isn't a waste!! I will do a review when I start using it after surgery!

9 days to go....EEEEEEKKKKK!!!

I am watching my timeline rapidly decrease....yikes....This surgery isn't far away!! There is so much to prepare for...so much to think about....and I have 9 days left to do it!! Here are pix of SOME of my after care items and the recliner I will be living in for a while. HAPPY HEALING, LADIES!!!

Tomorrow is the day!!

Wow....this feels like decades in the making. Very surreal. I can't believe it is finally time to say goodbye to the boobs I have despised and tummy that I have hated for years. I am feeling this weird, almost out of body experience. Like I'm watching this happen instead of actually going through it. It's weird. I have been great on my water intake today. Just wanted to be extra hydrated on surgery day. Packing my bag for tomorrow reminds me so much of packing for the birth of my kids...except this time I come home with a better body instead of a baby. Lol. Ok, well...I hope I can sleep tonight!! I will try to post as soon as I can after surgery. I go in at 730am to see doc...in surgery by 9am...out of surgery between 2pm to 3pm. Then I should be home between 5-7 pm.

Im on the flat side!!!

It's been a bit rough since getting out of surgery Monday at 3pm. Everything went well, I'm just in pain and exhausted. My husband has been an amazing nurse!! I couldn't have done this without him!! Here are some pics. I'm looking forward to more dropping because they don't look great at the moment. Also, I haven't taken off my garment yet to look at my tummy.

Sorry...not all pix posted

Here they are

Feeling pretty good!!

Photos don't lie. The progress is nothing short of a miracle. Wow!!

Under Boob...what is this strange phenomenon?

I have never had more than a finger or two of "under boob"...until Monday!! Now I have a full hand of underboob!! So exciting!!! Under boob is my new favorite thing!!

The difference in 1 day is amazing!!

I can tell there is some implant movement. So exciting to see such fast progress!!

Belly button obsession

After years of having an unseen belly button, I am pretty obsessed over this new one. Even though, it's scabby and a little gross looking...I can see it!! I am so thankful to Dr.Grasee for fixing my body so nicely!! She has changed my life!! ?

9 weeks POST OP pix!!

Wow....unbelievable how fast time flies. Healing great and really thankful for my new body!! Dr.Grasee is AMAZING and I recommend her to EVERYONE!! ???? I don't have any tummy shots at the moment, but here is a pre-op/9 week split picture of my boobs. Wow. What a difference!! ????
Elizabeth Grasee, MD

At 9 weeks post-op, I can say with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE...Dr.Grasee is AMAZING!!! She is friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and wants to take wonderful care of her patients! I enjoy going to see her for my follow up visits! She has always made me feel 100% comfortable. Now...let's chat about her surgical skills. I had some interesting issues (mild tuberous breasts and a large nephrectomy scar on my side). These issues made me a somewhat more challenging case. Dr.Grasee didn't bat an eye and has helped me feel beautiful again!!! I will forever be thankful!! Be sure to look at my before and after pics...you will SEE what an amazing job she did!! Don't hesitate to make an appointment with her...you will NOT be disappointed!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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