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I went to have my consultation with Dr. Turkle and...

I went to have my consultation with Dr. Turkle and I was very nervous. I had been shopping around and although I had seen a few doctor's, I alway felt as if they were trying to sell me something that I did not ask for. One doctor made me feel as if I needed to have this, this and that done. It made me feel self conscious and it was insulting. Dr. Turkel was kind, professional and only discussed the procedure that I wanted. She made me feel as ease, and I really appreciated that. I surprised when I schedule my appointment that same day. I am looking forward to the surgery; however I am afraid. I am hoping that I get exactly what I want. With that being said, I trust Dr. Turkel to do her best. I will do a follow up post after the surgery.

preop today

I had my pre-op appointment today. I got prescriptions for my pain meds and I purchased the vitamins that my doctor recommended. I think I want to get my flanks done. I believe it will give me better results. Not as nervous now. Just ready to get on the other side, the flat side. It's getting real. I am still contemplating posting those before body shots.

2 days until my transition to the flatside

I am counting down the hours now. Today is my last day at work. I decided to give myself a day to mentally prepare for my tt surgery on Thursday at 8am. I have been plagued with a worldwind of emotions. One minute I'm happy, and in the next minute I'm scared. I feel excited, overwhelmed, scared, giddy, nervous, grateful, blessed, all at the same time. I kinda feel like I did the day before I received my Master's Degree. Although I deserved it, the reqality of really accomplishing it was surreal. Mostly, I feel as if I am realizing a dream, just like I did then. This whole expereince is beautiful and humbling all at the same time. Please pray for me. thanks

preop pictures

I am just going to do it.


It's bad when you can take a picture without underwear and your good-good is covered.

countdown has started

Tomorrow is the day that I change my life again. I am on my way to Walmart for granny panties. Other than that, I believe I am ready. My hubby has taken the week off, and he will be my playing the role as nurse, so I am in good hands. I kept my grandbabies last week so my weekend is at least three weeks out (they rotate between 2 grannies and a Gia). I have taken the longest bath in history since I will not be able to do that for a while :(. I started my Hibiclens yesterday and have been using it twice a day. So I will update shortly. Please accepting all positive prayers. I do have a question: How much weight can I expect to gain after the surgery?

Last day with my powder puff baby

I'm excited and ready to go. Accepting all positive vibes and prayers.

made it to the flat side

Got to hospital @ 8. I was very nervous. So much so that my blood pressure was 145 over 100. I do not have high blood pressure, needed to relax_calm down. The surgery went well, however b couldn't pee so I have a catheter :(. I feel okay. Not too much pain, but I definitely know that I gad surgery. I keep dosing of and on. I can walk pretty good. Made it upstairs where my nurse has everything I need. He is excellent. Well I'm tripping, groggy. Just wanted to do some type of an update. Will post photos later. Lastly, I want to thank you ladies for all the support. It has been priceless.

excuses my mistakes -just a little out of it

I'm happy

feeling better 5 day post op

I'm feeling much better today. This surgery is tough and I am so grateful I made it through. I am still very swollen. I didn't have drains but I came home with a catheter sunce I couldn't urinate on my own. The good news is that everything is working and I do mean everything;:) so im grateful for that also. I do not regret having the procedure but yesterday, I was over it. The pain and discomfort had become unbearable so much so that i wanted to call the whole thing off. I know that its too late for that but i did not want to go through this pain one more day. The muscle repair is the worst. Then after getting a little rest, I felt better, and wouldn't you know it, mother nature showed up. So I am very emotional. Saw PS today and she said that everything looks great.

1 week post op

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all the encouragement. I am one week post o today (YIPEE) and things are moving along. My husband went back to work today so I'm home alone. He was great, very attentive. I will have to do something great for him to show my appreciation. The last few days, I have been so swollen from too much sodium and just eating wrong so today, I have decided to eat more healthy and I have also decided to stop using the Percocet's. I have taken two Tylenol extra strength capsules so far. I do feel better but I am still uncomfortable. I still can become stiff if I sit too long, so I make sure I get up and walk, and my incision still burns. I am still giving myself shots in my stomach to prevent blood clots since my surgeon does not use drains. I have realized that lying flat in my bed is the best alternative for sleep although it can be difficult getting up in the mornings. I am not at a place where I can say that this has all been worth it, but I am hoping I will get there. Here are some post op pictures. Thanks again for all the support. I would not have been able to make it through this without having somewhere to vent, and received positive encouragement.

10 days in YIPEE

Well, I'm 10 days in and I must admit I am feeling better. I am also more optimistic about my results. Today, I finished my self injections, and this makes me feel like I am moving right along. I met with my PS and she told me that she believes that I will be happy with my final results, and I believe her. It's just getting there. She also showed me some before pics which helps put things into perspective. I am still swollen and I cannot see any real difference but I do feel better physically. Also, my PS lipo my back and my flanks. This areas feels way worse than my incision. At one week, I stopped my pain meds but a day later, I was back on them, and I continue to take them when needed. I do drink a lot of fluid and I am losing weight. As far as an appetite goes, I don't have one for the most part. I have to remember that I am schedule for another surgery, BR in a few weeks, so I have to start to eat better. Other than that, I am great. I am posting some random pics. I am loving my belly button :)

moving right along

Hello everyone,

I thought I would sit down and post a few lines since I haven't done that in a while. I am doing much better, and last night I was able to lie on my stomach for a while. It felt weird. I was also wondering when does the steri strips fall off? I have had quite a few fall off and I am wondering if its too soon for that. Please give me some advice on that. I have also been itching more lately. I guess this means that I am healing, slowly but surely. I guess I have been very fortunate because I have had no complications. I have been getting out of the house more, which is wonderful because you can become tired of being stuck in the house day in and day out. However, I have paid for some of those outings with awful swelling. Anyway, I am still on the fence about having this procedure. Some days I look in the mirror and I am flat, then other days, I am puffy. I made the mistake of trying on clothes that I wore before the procedure and that made me feel depressed. I will see my PS on Friday, which will be my 3 week post op visit. I am hoping that I get the green light to workout. I'm pretty sure that she will not allow me to return to Billy Blanks but I need to work up a sweat. I hope that everyone is doing well, and happy healing.

3 weeks post

Hello Everyone,

I am 3 weeks post op and I am beginning to feel better. I went for my 3 week appointment and was given the okay to begin exercising. I was so happy. I thought I would just do a 30 minute workout on my treadmill but it got so good that I workout for 45 minutes and today I worked out for an hour. I also started scar care. I was given this serum from my doctor's office. I will use it and tell you all how well it works or does not work. I have been reading a lot of information regarding what should be used for scar care and I get the impression that it does not matter, since we all heal differently and at different rates. Nevertheless, well see. I also think I break open vitamin E capsules and mix them with cocoa butter. Today, I have no complaints, so its a good day. Talk to you all soon.

my scar

Just wanted to post a picture of my scar. I'm only 3 almost 4 weeks out. I think its look pretty good.

6 weeks post

Hello everyone,

Its been a while seen I've posted, however I am doing well. Some days I do better than others but for the most part, I am progressing nicely. I had my six weeks appointment today and I became a little annoyed because it seemed as if my PS did not have the time to hold a conversation. I felt rushed. She did manage to tell me that what I believed what fat was really loose skin left from lipo to my back. That did not make me feel good. At any rate, I am still dealing with lots and lots of swelling. The last time I wrote, I was happy that I was given the green light to exercise but I have not been able to work out since having my breast reduction a few weeks ago, so I am bummed out about that. I have not returned back to work yet and I am not planning on returning until the second week of December so hopefully I will be able to fit the majority of my clothes by then. Last week I was making progress in this area and was able to wear a few items. It felt really good. I can just imagine how things will look in a few months, so I am excited. Today after visiting my PS, I decided to switch from the $30 serum that I had been using. I have decided to use Vitamin E and cocoa butter. I just do not feel like the expensive stuff is doing anything more than something over the counter besides my scars are looking really good. I hope that everyone is doing well and for all those ladies who are considering this surgery. It is a difficult one, but I am really starting to like what I see. Take care everyone. I have posted before and after pictures of my breast reduction on that forum.
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