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We've had the consultation. Dr. Jones was so...

We've had the consultation. Dr. Jones was so lovely. He is energetic, polite, and pays attention to detail (his shoes and outfit were amazing)! Now that we've set the date I have many months of preparing myself mentally for the obvious challenges ahead. I'm fairly optimistic. How can I not be if I'm going to look better!?

3 months 27 days *before*


Who can give me names of awesome girdles/binders 1st and 2nd stage. I'm looking online and there is just such an overwhelming amount! I know I'm interested in one that zips on the side. And goes mid thigh...I think that just sounds the most comfy but I'm open to suggestions :)

Also, I'm currently stalking to see who has a similar body type as me for an after picture. I'm 5'3 190lbs.

Interesting article

No matter what part of the body is undergoing surgery, the process for healing is the same. Surgically "traumatized tissue" (skin, muscle, bones, cartilage, tendons, etc.) does not just magically heal; rather, the body has to rebuild and repair tissue on the cellular level. This involves energy and nutritional building blocks to support the healing process.

The body may be asked to heal minor cuts/wounds and dental extractions to major bone and/or reconstructive procedures. Of course, the more involved the surgery then the more demands are placed on the body. Healing starts at the moment of injury and involves a series of orchestrated biomechanical reactions.

The Basic Science Of Healing

Basically, healing efforts surround the rebuilding of collagen, a specialized chain of amino acids, that is the main component in many tissues -- such as skin, tendon, muscle, ligaments, cartilage, blood vessels, bone, interverterbal disk, teeth and more. Collagen is "stronger than steel wire," and improperly-formed collagen is associated with healing disturbances.

Healing occurs in three distinct overlapping phases, with the bulk of healing occurring within the first few weeks following surgery.

Inflammatory phase (up to 5 days): The body's first response to injury involves forming a localized blood clot to stop bleeding. Infection fighting cells (neutrophils) and debris cleaning cells (macrophages) are recruited to the traumatized area.

Proliferative phase (2 days - 3 weeks): The body starts building tissue with specialized collagen-forming cells called fibroblasts. This new tissue is called granulation tissue and special growth factors to stimulate skin formation (epithelialization).

Remodeling phase (3 weeks - years): The body transforms and replaces the collagen that was placed during the proliferative phase into a stronger collagen to support structure and function over the long term.

What Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids Support Healing?*

It is beneficial to be as healthy as possible and nutritionally maximized prior to surgery to support optimal healing. While several vitamins, minerals and amino acids are used during healing, there are specific ones that are known to specifically to support the normal response to healing, and to support the normal immune system response to infection.

Vitamin C: Necessary to build and rebuild collagen throughout the body. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that supports the immune response.

Vitamin A: Supports immune system functioning and aids collagen strength. Also required for bone development.

Zinc: An essential trace mineral used in enzymatic reactions involved in tissue and wound healing, regeneration and repair.

Vitamin K: Aids the natural blood clotting response and is important for bone health.

B-Vitamins: Cellular metabolism, tissue repair and immune support.

Vitamin D & Calcium: Important for bone health.

Magnesium: Mineral involved in approximately 300 biochemical reactions.

Amino Acids (L-Arginine, L-Glutamine): Two key amino acids for wound repair and immune function.

What Dietary Supplements Should You Avoid BEFORE Surgery?

Vitamin E and surgery do not mix because Vitamin E is associated with increased bleeding, and this can lead to collection of blood (called a hematoma) that could result in serious complications. Most surgeons will instruct you to avoid preparations with Vitamin E before surgery, however, so it is important to check your dietary supplements/multivitamin carefully. However, after the surgery, your health care professional may indicate that Vitamin E may be appropriate.

Most people are confused when they are instructed to avoid Vitamin E prior to surgery because Vitamin E is often associated with of healing scars. Topical Vitamin E preparations, however, are used for scars postoperatively.

Herbal supplements, in general, are to be avoided prior to surgery because they can cause bleeding or other operative complications. A few commonly taken herbal supplements to avoid are: Ginko Biloba, Garlic, Ginseng, Ginger, Dong Quai, Ephedra, Feverfew, St. John's Wort and/or Omega 3 fatty acids.

A general rule is to stop taking these potentially unsafe preparations at least two weeks prior. Nonetheless, it is important to discuss all preoperative dietary supplements with a health care professional prior to any surgery or procedure.

What Surgeries & Procedures Benefit From Nutritional Support?

Again, no matter what part of the body is undergoing surgery, the process for healing is the same and requires nutritional building blocks to support the healing process. The nutritional demands for small surgeries are different than major reconstructive cases. Certain surgery, such has bariatric surgery, has very specific nutritional needs and needs to be managed properly by a specialist. Simple cosmetic procedures and injections result in tissue trauma and basic nutritional building blocks are still required for healing.

Emphasis on surgical nutrition starts before surgery, and should continue until mostly healed -- a process that could take several weeks and determined by a health care professional.

In summary, healing is complex but the concept for surgical nutritional support is simple -- provide the building blocks for healing to optimize the healing efforts.

-- Dr. Blitz

5'3 190lbs


Today starts my version of intense workouts. That's partly why I decided to post on this sight (so early before the TT, anyway) To hold myself accountable before the procedure is done. I will be doing workouts (warrior fit on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Saturdays and then two home workouts. Each 45 minutes long.

I should probably just preface that I have never worked out. I hate it. So diving in full throttle scares the crap out of me. I'm also pretty nervous e because I tend to pee my pants a lot when I TRY working out. In a class setting, it could Get pretty comical.

Exercising starts now

I know they say that exercising doesnt really have an affect on the surgery but I'm not so sure. I want to be stronger, physically and mentally for this beast of a procedure. I did my very first work out class ever and ROCKED THAT BITCH!!! Just coming back from a week long vacation (you know, the kind of vacation where almost any kind of food just happens to find its way into your weak and will powerless mouth? Yea. That kind) I am so proud of myself!!

Oh, this should go without saying but absolutely no weightloas has taken place since my last entry. :)

2nd workout completed

Holy good gravy!!! Talk about hard! Today I weighed in 1.8 lbs lighter... THAT was my motivation to keep going. I ate so well today that I'm wondering if I might be on to something :)

Gained weight

So, this is great news. Really!

I've been working out consistently and gained 2-3pounds. I'm pretty stoked about this!

PreOp is just 2 weeks away *eeeks* . Haven't received an email yet but hope it will contain all of the information he'll need to proceed.

Shit guys! It's almost here!!

Pre-op done

Well. My doc is amazing. And his assistant Grace is just as awesome. I feel like he is going to make sure this turns out better than anyone can expect. I'm tring very hard to not have any expectations but it's hard after speaking to him. He really is

Item suggestions welcome!!!

Hi ladies!
I'm hoping to get a list of items from you that will help my husband I with recovery and that first and second week at home. As of right now, we have a recliner. That's its.

I'm freaking out

I am not nearly as prepared as all you ladies. I guess I'm just a go with the flow kinda gal. Or procrastinator...whichever you prefer! :)
I've been stalking pictures and am so worried that results won't be as dramatic as some of these pics :)
I've been keeping myself busy putting up decorations, planning birthday parties, thanksgiving and just about anything I can get my hands on.

It's going to be awesome. I can't wait!

I'll sleep....maybe

But most likely not. And if I do it will be a light snooze. How can it possible that it's happening tomorrow?

Let's do this!!!!

And Done

Holy cow. The ab pain is tolerable but then they are having me do this breathing thing where I suck in air to MAKE me COUGH! I can't stop crying. Sobbing is more like it.

Before pics

The worst day

Many of you have said day 3 is the worst. Why? What can I expect?


I'm having the most awful time walking! How far along were you guys before you started to get comfy. My husband want me to walk a mall tomorrow. I think he's crazy

So sore

Holy wowza!

This shit is no joke. I'm hurting more today than yesterday. I've already told husband he's off his rocker and there is no way we are going to the mall. I'm happy that I'm walking a bit more upright and around the house on potty breaks. There are a lot of those! I got some under ARMOUR compression shorts which do pretty well but the body suit with the pee hole is waaaay better but it makes a mess. Can't have that.

So in general, I'm swollen and swelling. I'm in more pain that I have been( I imagine stuff is wearing off) my appetite is non existent.

It's day 2 so day three is tomorrow....

3rd day aftermath

I'm stronger today. I am still taking all of my meds. I am walking around the house whenever I get up. It's exhausting but feels great once it's done. I walked up and down our stairs today (yaay me!!). I still have not pooed. That sucks. I took some advise from soul sister and got mom so hopefully that'll kick in. My appetite is still null except for the egg on an English muffin I had.

I thought I was doing so well I decided I was going to take a shower. That was a joke! I got out of my binder and could hardly keep standing while the waterwas warming! That's when we took these pics. Not sure how I feel about thwm. I love the cut I'll just have to keep reminding myself swelling and healing is taking place and it will be a good while before true results are seen. But lemme tell you ladies, my doc, he isAMAZING! I have no drains but aside from that he is just an awesome person. I miss talking with him already!

I think I'm going to lower my meds tomorrow. What do you guys think?

I just adore my doc! Seriously!!!

Just got this!!

One week post op visit....

Hey friends!

Tomorrow morning we drive an hour and half to let the doc see his handy work and check on all the things he needs to.
What can I expect from this visit? How many of you were standing straight without a pillow push against your abdominal (it's become like a security blanket!) on this visit? Gosh, his office is super swanky. I'm going to look like...well,not the part anyway.

Then we will leave and have lunch with a friend (depending on how I'm feeling) then an hour and half drive back.

So I've been up and down stairs walking around (yesterday) and have slept All Day today! Whaaaaa!?! That's crazy!!

Talk to me peeps. I'm lonely recovering while the world whizzes by me

Post op 1

So getting that plastic/tape off was awwwwwwwsome!!!!!!!! It doesn't look so chucky of the bride-ish. Now to moisturize every hour!!! We walked up the stairs to the office and I felt like a badass. It was almost two stories!

So, I have a huge confession that I feel super guilty about. I had a soft pretzel from SAMS today (we went and walked for 10-15 minutes for dinner supplies) this pretzel had the most amazing butter and salt on it! Ugh. What's comforting is that I didn't feel like it was worth it after I had it ( and I looooove my (processed)carbs!!!!

I forgot to thank my doc for the flowers and tell him of all your nice compliments!!

Have any of you developed a crush on your doc? My friend jokes that I might have :) I really like mine! He's SOOO cool!!! There is soooo much more to him than medical. He's an artist ALL around! He is so in tuned with engines and anything that creates!

How is everyone else healing today!?!?

Quick question


How do we wipe our butts?

I can't reach or twist around!

Day 7 pics

Wow! I look at your guys pics from morning vs night but I didn't really quite get it. The swelling makes a hiuuuuge diffrence!

Have a great day realpeeps!

As I wait in the car for my husband....

I got to thinking while looking at my pics....most of you (as I am) are wondering why int HELL did I not fix those BOOBS!!? Well, I tried, but it just wasn't in the budget. I'm hoping to get to those within a couple of years. In the meantime we can all marvel at how huge the areoles are,huh!? Lol! Hope I made you smile!!


What's up with my sides? Why is there crinkling? Like tiers on a curtain?

The specifics

So I realized that I for for to mention some stuff. That, and I'm bored.

My surgery took 3 1/2 hours. I don't think there were any complications. Dr. Jones said he took about 7.5 lbs.

That's it. Gosh.

Ugh. Today

I've been in so much pain today. I can hardly move again! It's my fault for doing too much but holy cow! Didn't expect this :) so took it easy today and will do the same tomorrow and be bored to death.
I'm going to try doing daily or bi photos to keep track of the progress. I know when I was stalking this site months before my op I stayed up until wee hours of the night peeping pics.

We'll chat tomorrow :)

Real talk...Debbie downer style

Today has sucked. I woke up in so much pain I was on the verge of tears. I could hardly move until later pm.
I woke and my kidneys were on Fire (which I'm sure has nothing to do with this whole process but STILL) I could hardly move and the Pain! Oh, the PAIN!!!! And THEN guys, THEN!, I started my PERIOD! Is this some kind of joke!?! A joke where the surgeons laugh because they KNOW, KNOW what you really are going to go through after this op. Ugh.

Needless to say, I slept most of the day. I whined and complained the rest. My poor poor husband!! He couldn't do anything right.

Tomorrow is another day and I will be less of a bitch. I'm prepared with midol and persistence, beotches.

Until then my dears!

Sleepless night

Well, I can tell things are getting somewhat back to normal! I normally fall asleep around 3-4 (before surgery) and tonight my mind just won't stop! I've been pairing and thinking of new ideas and planning and OMGOSH...SQUIRELL!!!

Long day tomorrow but hey, it feels really good getting my creative energy back!!!

Day 11

After a rough couple of days I am determined to get my shit straight. That negative energy is no good for anyone! So anywho, woke up took a shower and OMG I had my first sneeze. Talk about crazy!!! It just came so suddenly there was no stopping it!! I'm still sore but we all are, right!?

My only concern is that I have a red patch that seems to be going from my belly button to my mons scare. I've been massaging so maybe the binder is just rubbing or too tight? I'm going to get a small electrical/battery massager (husband laughed at that one) to hopefully help.
I'm, I may add different pics as these look horrible in color.

Happy day ladies, make it count!!!
(Says as I sit in my recliner stalking RS)

Is this what swelling is?

Taking a closer look at things. Because why not? I'm so bored :) Binder/under armour shorts have been on a cpl hours so there are some creases that aren't normally there

Walking/standing day 13

Just curious, how much were you able to walk around day 13.

Were you standing straight?

Did you mainly stay in the recliner?

Just like to gauge if I'm being a pu$$y or if everyone is all about the same :))


2 day comatose!

I have been in and out of sleep for nearly two days! My husband was concerned but I think it's just part of it!

So today I'm out!! Again! Walking and walking only for an hour and half total I think but it's good! I feel soooo rested! Aaaand guess what!?!!! I'm about to drive for the first time since the surgery!!! Damn, I got my big girl panties on today!!!!

Pillow driving!

Day 14

As you may have read, I drove!!! With my trusty handy dandy pillow. I walked and am realizing I feel soooo much better when I so but I HAVE to go out of the house to get it done. Being at home it's too easy to just sit when it hurts instead of pushing forward, making sure not to look like to much of a jackass along the way.

I took pics tonight and for whatever reason I have been bruising pretty noticeably (IMO) (I took photos 2 days ago but it was reeeeealy bruised and THAT, my friends, is why you DON'T use an electric massager-live and learn :)). So, I've been LIGHTLY massaging all over since. I get my smarts from my moms side of the family.

We are noticing some serious puss/crusting inside the belly button. I have an appt on Friday to ask the doc if I'm suppose to clean that out. :/

How's everyone doing!?!? Did you stuff your faces (like me) on turkey day?!?!


Looking at my last set of pics.....I'm TOTALLY still going to have those sweet love handles tha make for a great muffin top.



So, how do you massage? The whole area? Just the scare? How often do you moisturize the scar?

Feeling pretty shitty about the way it all looks. Not the scar but I guess the swelling and such.

It's been so busy ladies, I have 2 birthdays coming up, Christmas and then another bday. I'll post as much as I can :)

Just checking...

This is normal right? It seems to only be happening on one side. The other, that isn't spilling anything out is the side that is pulling when I walk. I'm thinking that's where he must have closed everything.

I swear, every time I see the incision I love and respect my doc so much more. It's crazy the amount of respect I have for him even though I've met him only 3 times!

Lazy days

Oh ladies!!!!! I have been in a super lazy mode this week. I have this dull pain (muscle and scar) and I'm so tired of it being there and so tired of walking gimpish. I think I'm so bored with being so....helpless. I'm sure most can/will agree that there comes a point where you can appreciate the little things when feeling normal ( like wiping your own ass) :)

Real clothes? I think not.

I tries putting in a pair if normal pants today. Screw that! My sweatpants will do me JUUUUST fine! My 3 week apt is tomorrow and I was curious to see if the fit had at all changed/reduced. Um....I still can't get into the pants I was so sure I could after this (swelling? Me being a wuss?) procedure. I'm not complaining. I'm so happy not to have big Birtha (the belly before procedure had it's very own name) but it's discouraging after losing 17lbs since the surgery that it's all still pretty much the same. But let's get back to the real in the HELL do you ladies wear reg clothes on this scar and swelling! Maybe you guys just take pics of you in the pants and then switch right back to the sweats? Lol. No way. No how. This lady is wearing her sweet elastic fleece sweatpants till this vagina swelling stops and my scar stops with the surges of pain.

Any who, here are new pics. You can tell that my left side is way red in some spots. I'm attributing that to normal-ish.

I'm seeing the doc tomorrow so I'll have a sweet update then.


And it hurts. I had a few glorious days where everything seemed so normal and the pain was hardly there..and then, well, this. I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with pms.

I can't take really good pics otherwise I would show you guys but one side is un bruised and the scar looks so good! The other is a mess! It's bruised and seeping and just a mess.

I've been walking on the treadmill to help with swelling and let's hope that helps:)

Naughty & Nice...the pic (da-da-duuuuum)

24 days post op.

I have tried wearing that tape I've seen some people in and the scar feels so much better without it...and if I needed it the doc would have told me to do it.

How's everyone else doing!?


So this side is killing me. It's gotten better since seeing the doc (which is hard to imagine because it looks pretty bad!) and him prescribing some cream called severdine...or something. It's used on burns. He assured me that this side is just healing slower than the other.

No real issues other than that and swelling. I are brussel sprouts today, holy gas, I will remember to not do THAT again!

My lower part is still pretty solid. I'm up to walking a mile on the treadmill and in all taking about 3000 steps a day. Still not stanfing up 100% but that's cool. People look at me all crazy, it's funny.

Whatcha y'all think? How ya doin?

Complaining and whining

I'm over this side. It's uncomfortable and has me wincing every time I move. It's started to bleed.

My friend looked something up on google (I refuse to go there because we all know I'll end up believing I'm going to lose a leg or die) she said it looked like abcess stitch. The whole friggin side is tearing apart....I went from feeling awesome and doing awesome to completely frustrated and OH the burning!!! .I'm happy I have the cream that the doc have me, anyway.

So blah.

Hey gals!

It's been crazy here! I'm sure you can understand. Here are some pics as of tonight. It's feeling better but still a bit irritated. I have been up and around so much that today is the first day I haven't felt like I was going to bust open from the swelling. That shit is No Joke!

I know it probably doesn't look any better. I'm hoping it starts looking normal within the next two weeks!!
Still using the silvadene


Please tell me this is swelling. My sides are huge! And my belly is def protruding!

On a good note my holes are closing up and only the one right in the middle has opened up.

How often and What are you doing as far as working out? My butt hurts from so much sitting!



Still hanging in there

Not too much to report. Which is why my posts have been missing.
I still have some issues on the left side. It still hurts and bleeds, but less. I believe I should stay on this silvadine cream until I see the doc, but I email weekly with pic updates and ask if I can get a refill. It stings sometimes putting it on (tonight) but it's a good sting. I feel relieved after it. And the swelling.....forget about it! It's out of control. Sometimes THAT itself stings.

My diet has sucked because we have been in the hospital for the last week. Before that we had holidays and birthdays. I'm over eating shut food. For real. I actually have noticed how much more irritable, lethargic, and all around moody since the End of november. I gotta get my shit together before I see the doc in February.

Marena LOVE

In my humble opinion, do NOT get this surgery done and wear only spanx. I finally decided that I wasn't feeling like I was getting enough support (and that DAMN binder was driving me crazy sticking to this and that and folding up, ugh) and ordered a Marena post surgical garment.

Ladies. Wtf was I thinking? After putting this bad boy on (it took some hopping and tugging and wiggling) I felt 100% better. I know my doc said that spanx or under at our shorts would be fine- and I bought those (a lot of those:/) but honestly I wouldn't recommend having this procedure done without this tough dude.

I feel like a positive idiot that I was more than 2 months post op and just not got the 2-8 week garment. The upside is that it feels AWESOME!!! All hail MARENA!!!


Some of you are so sweet to think of me. I'll tell you a dirty little secret...I've stayed away from the site because I felt like I was being obsessive about recovering like everyone else. Looking for issues that other women had, that I DID NOT. So I've stayed away. For my own sanity. And my docs. And his helpers. Oh, and my husbands.

I have been working out for 3 weeks now (classes). As you know, I was walking on the treadmill before that. Well, that got REAL boring, Especially after I started classes again. (I do warrior's a kickboxing mix with other stuff. Google it-it's fun!) I just started doing and this week and it hurts and I think the bottom and are slower to recover, but in the end, I'm feeling great. The first day was the hardest. I'm up to going to class 4 times a week(better than before the procedure). They are 45 min classes.

So like I said, my lower part is still pretty numb. It's hard to the touch (this, I'm guessing is from swelling) and I still feel a little pulling. My upper part is coasting right along.

I have little knots (bumps) and ropey scar tissue things around my scar. I'm not tripping out about it. I'm using a massager at night to try and work it out. I imagine it will be there for a while yet. The bumps are pretty noticeable but the ropey thing you have to push a little harder to feel.

I have gained weight. It's the sad truth. I'm gonna go ahead and say that shits muscle...because, ya know, I'd put myself into a whole new kind of depression if I didn't.

My legs and arms feel ENORMOUS to middle. My arms are toning but my legs! Holy tree trunks!!! So I'm working on that in class. Trying to get those inner thighs (pic included for your viewing pleasure) a bit more under control.

Let me know if you guys want any specifics. I hadn't looked at any pics since the time I posted. I look Goooood!!! Compared to last time!!

Hope everyone is healing and gearing up well!!
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