5.1 feet tall, 117 lbs, Tummy Tuck

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Hello! I am excited and nervous! I have schedule...

I am excited and nervous! I have schedule the tummy tuck for 3/21 with Dr. Christopher Jones at my Plastic Surgery Group, located in Carmel, Indiana!
Anyone that have had tummy tuck with Dr. Jones? I would like to read experiences, suggestions, I am very excited about the way my body will look!
I will post a photo soon.
Thank you!

1 month to go! Tummy tuck with Dr Jones

One month until my tummy tuck !!!!!
Do I need to buy a recliner ? I have a swing chair that I use to feed my babies ...
I just double check and the price for my tummy tuck was $6,019, but i received a $750 off.

Photo after 2 pregnancies

4 weeks before my tummy tuck

Photo 4 weeks before tummy tuck

And after 2 pregnancies , one pregnancy with twins...

Tummy Tuck after 2 pregnancies

I am excited about changing my body, I exercise a lot, I eat healthy, but there is still the fat and skin after 2 pregnancies, the last pregnancy was with twins, I was huge!!!!!
I look forward to look better, go to the beach, use nice jeans, nice dress, feel sexy again!

26 days until my tummy tuck


19 days until my tummy tuck with Dr Jones!

I saw Dr Jones today

I saw Dr Jones today, and he made me feel so confident about his experience and knowledge doing tummy tucks.
Also, Dr Jones wife is cousin of a very good friend, of mine, we are from the same town in Mexico, just everything about him and his staff makes feel right, I am excited and nervous, but more excited... only 16 days to go!
Today he gave me the prescriptions for the pain medicine that I will need after the surgery...

12 days until my tummy tuck !

Wow only 12 days until my tummy tuck !!!

What do I need to have?

Hello ladies,
What do I need to have after the surgery to be the more comfortable possible? what do I need to buy?

Photo 38 weeks pregnant with twins

11 months ago... I was this huge expecting my gorgeous twins! I gained 50 pounds, I am 5.1 ...

How long should I need help?

My mum and a friend from Mexico is coming to help me, my twins are 11 months and I have a 3 years 9 months old daughter ... + the house , laundry etc... How long until I will need help ? They are planning to stay 6 weeks, I wonder if is a lot? After 6 weeks will I be able to hold my 20 lbs babies ? Bath them etc?

Another photo

Very pregnant ...

getting so nervous !

I can not imagine the way I will feel the night before!!!!
have you feel guilty to talk with your friends about having tummy tuck? I feel like I am going to be judge, I have heard before, "oh no, tummy tuck? those mothers that do that!!!! , they do not think in their children...
Have you talk about it with your friends?

Pregnant with twins

Did you feel this ?

I would love to be able to wear this dress

Love this dress!

And the back of the dress

Love the outfit ! I hope I can wear something like this soon

4 days until my tummy tuck

And I have not been able to go to the gym:-(...
I would love to eat a burger before! Because after I will look very well after my body...

It is so difficult to wait!

I am only a few days prior my TT very difficult time , I just wish that this happend already!!! & open my eyeS and know that everything went great ...Today I went to rent the recliner ... Tomorrow I will buy the medicines ...

Feeling stress, afraid...

I feel stress , sad, afraid, but also I wold love to look better !
My tummy tuck will be this Friday ! Can't believe it!

Tomorrow at this time!

Tomorrow at this time I will be on surgery!!!! please prays! I need to check in at 5:30 a.m. eastern time and the surgery will start at 8:00 a.m.
I am excited, nervous, I am going to have breakfast with my mum now , then grocery shopping and run some errands, spend some time with my kids and hubby ...

today is the day!!!!!!!!

4:20 a.m., we should leave home in about 40 minutes, I am ready, took a shower, just waiting for my husband...
My tummy tuck will be at 8:00 a.m.

I am okay !!

I am okay! ! On the flat side!

Nauseas !

Good morning , yesterday I was sleepy all day, and with Nauseas .... I was starving yesterday, but the food seemed not good.
The catheter was disconnect at 12:00 am today and at 4:30 am I tried to urinate and could not... Very frustrated... Can't write more, my eyes are closing ... Tired


What a day yesterday!!!first my catheter was disconnected at midnight and I was all panic, because I could not urinate for hours , one of the nurses was great the other one just so apatict , that does not help when somebody does not have sympathy for the pain... I was start feeling lot of pain, but I could not take anything without food...so at 8:00 am I got my breakfast!!!, EGGS, and I don't eat eggs ! Plus many food now just made feel Nauseas, it was good that my husband arrived with an apple and Greek yoghurt ... After that getting out of bed was hard, I took a shower in the hospital ... I could urinate that was a huge releife ! Came home and it was better than the hospital, still I could not find a place that made me feel comfortable, I did not want to watch tv, check Internet ,... I felt lots of Nauseas ... I have the feeling that I am more like my self now, I even writing here, the recliner seems good. At 4:00 am needed to take Norco,but the idea of take a pill gave me Nauseas ! So to go the Fridge to see if I could find something for my empty stomach and melon seemed good! Okay, I feel optimistic that today will be a better day , because I even feel like I want to talk! Yesterday talking was difficult ...

By the way...

My tummy tuck was drainless... I can't imagine to be dealing with the drains at this moment...

My back

I am surprise that my tummy is not hurting me a lot, it's my back when I try to walk, get drees and take a shower ..... How long did you girls said that is going to be like this ?

Walking straight again after a TT

Girls , please remind me what is the average time to walk straight again after tummy tuck ?

3 months after I had my twins

photo before my tummy tuck!

4 days after ...

4 days after tummy tuck, I am feeling much better, I did my hair, make up, I am not sure if I am ready to show all my tummy , but here is a partial photo... I am going to see my doctor on Thursday and I will take photos then... It is so nice to have help, my mum and my friend have been a bless! I don't remember when was the last time that I rest so much! When I had my twins I could, because one if them was in NICU so I was up and down after the c-section... Today I feel like my forth or fifth day after the section ... Not bad... Still I need to sleep on the recliner , and I walk not streight at all.

What a painful !

My 3 yo daughter by accident stood on the recliner control and I was sleeping on there ... So I went all back down in such a short time ! Could not do anything ! I am worried... Also yesterday i return the recliner , because it jumped twice while I as trying to change positions ... So painful .... I am worried abut the way that I am going to be healing ...

5 days after ...

Today, I could do some work, I wrote quotations and give information to my clients... I use my laptop while seating on my recliner.
I also could feed my babies, and dress my oldest daughter as a princess, everything being very careful, slow, and I listen to my body when I get tired...
I love that I rent a chair to take a shower, that is huge help for me, since I get tired when I am standing for more than 3 minutes I guess...
Buenas noches chicas!


What pain medicine are girls taking? For how long ?
I am taking NORCO, tomorrow is going to be a week since my TT And Saturday since taking NORCO.

I can now wear this top!

Wow! I am so excited that now I can wear this top!! It was on the closet for some years always expecting to wear it again!

What is new?

Well, I wish I could walk straight , but not yet, I wonder if I can push myself more ? My tummy is still very swollen... I am starting feeling sad and afraid ... I have been thinking what about if I don't get the results that I wished ?
I am still taking NORCO, but lowes dosis ... I sleep for the first time in my bed last night ... I love the recliner during the day, but at night I want to be in my bed!!!!

Photo after 12 days

Here if a photo of me after 12 days, still sollowen ...how am I feeling?
A little bit sad, maybe is hormonal , just had my period , probably is because I am ready to feel normal ? Maybe , because is hard not walk straight ? Pain, is not a lot, I still have pain, I am still taking NORCO each 6 hours one pill. I hope I have a better day tomorrow ... Today I feel sad...

feeling sad today

feeling sad, maybe is because I have been without too much activity, maybe because I wish I could feel 100% like me, maybe, because I still can see what I would like to see in the mirror? I am still swollen...
I am ready to see the results of my tummy tuck!


Last night while I was sleeping I felt weat and then I went to the bathroom and I saw that I was bleeding from my incision ... Is that normal ?


I think I am starting feeling better, during the weekend I was feeling sad... Today I went to work, I teach Spanish so I am out of the house from 7:20 am - 9:00 am, just a little bit of time... My tummy does not hurt now is only I can't walk streight yet... I stop taking NORCO...


I think things are getting better, still swollen ... But each day feeling better... Right now the worst is to sleep, I still can't lay completely flat and neither can't walk straight ...

I guess that there are good and bad days

Yesterday I was brave enough to take my mum and the lady that have been looking after me and my family for dinner ! Mmm but I was in pain, maybe the chair? Position ? I did not enjoy the dinner and I was ready to get back home ASAP... Then I was in pain during the night , it's like a sharp pain... When am I going to feel okay again ? Tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor, that makes me feel excited I hope everything goes well....

2nd appointment with my Doctor...

Today I have had a better day! I saw my doctor and everything looks great he said, I also feel less tired today, less pain today, the weather was gorgeous today so I went for a walk with my twins and my 3 yo daughter ...
I am happy today!!!!

3 weeks after!

Today marks 3 weeks after the surgery, what is new? I am not feeling that sharp pain that I was feeling sometimes, I can do more things at home, I still can not see the results that I want since I am still swollen...
I miss to hold my twins:-( they will be 1 year old in a couple of weeks...


I am feeling stronger, better each day, I am walking much better, ...

4 weeks after

4 weeks after I feel much better, but still with some pain, nothing that I can't tolerate, but the pain is there, now I can sleep on my side, which I was missing so much!
Still can not see the final results that I am expecting, but I think is normal to be swelling and bruising...
I will start working out tomorrow, I will start slow, just cardio...
Happy Easter!

Photo 7 weeks after

7 weeks after!

I look around for different doctors in Indy, and Dr Jones makes me feel confident about the tummy tuck, his staff is great, specially Grace.

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