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I have been wanted a tummy tuck for years. I am...

I have been wanted a tummy tuck for years. I am very petite person who has had three big healthy babies. My torso is extremely short so when I was pregnant my belly stuck out super far like a torpedo. No matter how thin I have gotten I have always had what I called the "sack" of excess skin. It was bad after my second but, I was much older when I had my third and, of course, it is worse. Any time I would mention this, friends would always say " you're so skinny, you couldn't need a tummy tuck". But the ugly truth is I could do sit ups all day and loose 5 more pounds and it would still be there. I am tired of tucking that sack of skin back into my pants when I sit down, tired of it flopped over next to me when I sleep on my side, and sick of it sitting in my thighs in the bathtub.

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck and breast augmentation on February 6 just 4 days away. I did a ton of research on what Dr I should use. I have been super happy with the communication so far during my consultation and pre-op appointments. I was very excited to find out that I would not be sent home with drains.

Still not quite sure what I'm going to go with for the BA, would love some opinions. I am a small person. I have always been flat, other than when my milk has come in right after giving birth. I am a 32 AA. I don't want to go too big but want to look like actually did something. Would like to still wear an XS or S sized top. I am going with a high profile gel implant but not sure if I should go 260cc or 280cc. I did the VECTRA imaging and it's so hard to pick. my husband of course says " go big or go home "! Ha! My Dr has all of the implants in all sizes on hand. The nurse said should would discuss my goals with me and help me decide that day.

As far as the surgery goes ........ I am scared S**TLESS. No other way to put it. I actually cried during my pre-op appointment. At times it seems selfish to put myself at risk when I have three children at home. I am terrified if dying, then of course, am terrified of the pain. I had done a lot of research prior to my pre-op appointment but I think I cried because it just became so real. Hearing the nurse explain everything to me, reading the info in black and white, ALL of the post-op instructions. Ahhhhhh!

I have chosen to pay the extra fee to stay over night. Thought it would be well worth the fee since I live two hours away from the surgery center and have a 2yr old at home. I have made arrangements for help when I get home. The baby will be doing several overnights with Grandma. My husband will be working from home. I have explained to my two teenagers that I will be helpless. So I am crossing my fingers that I can let go of my inner control- freak and my family will pick up the slack... Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is the day! Yikes! Glad that I'm working...

Tomorrow is the day! Yikes! Glad that I'm working today to keep my mind somewhat off of it. Started some of my pre-op preparations. Stool softeners, washing with antibacterial soap, making my bed up on the couch. This time tomorrow I will be meeting the anesthesiologist and hopefully under the effects of Valium or something ..... Exciting/scary!

16 hours post-op and not nearly as bad as I had...

16 hours post-op and not nearly as bad as I had thought!!!! I was really nervous waiting. Everyone was super nice. My torso just feels like one huge pulled muscle and at times my incision feels a little like its burning. Over all painful but I can deal with it through the meds. I have a low pain tolerance.
I am a little nervous about my implants. The PS came and talked to me before hand and I told her my goal as far as what I wanted them to look like. She said my right breath was s little bigger which it is but barely noticeable. When I woke up my husband was telling me some of what the PS had briefed him on while I was in recovery. She said she had used a 260cc in the right and 280cc in the left to even out the look. I feel now my left looks bigger. Trying not to judge now, maybe if I didn't know they were different cc's I would even think I could tell. Did anyone else have this done?
So so so glad that I opted to stay the night! Absolutely worth the money. My nursing care has been taking wonderful care of me. Wish I could take them home.

Day 2 post-op: This is more painful than when I...

Day 2 post-op: This is more painful than when I first posted 16 hours post-op I'm guessing that I was still under the effects of anesthesia. I have been taking my pain meds as soon as Incan redose and that has been helpful.
I look like a dumpy old lady at the moment. I am all hunched over wearing my velour sweatsuit, and I look chubby in my compression garment. I know this is just temporary so none of that worries me.
I do have a question for anyone out there. The compression garment that I was sent home in is one-size-fits-all but I am very petite. It comes all
Of the way up under my boobs and has two zippers on each side on my rib cage that are both poking my new implants. Not to mention it is all bunched up so I have to wonder how much compressing it is really doing. I was wondering if I could or should switch to a different garment. I ha s the belly bandit from after I had my last child. It is very supportive but maybe not as tall. Did anyone else use the belly bandit after their tummy tuck?

5 days post-op- feeling good, no where close to...

5 days post-op- feeling good, no where close to normal but better than I would have expected a week ago. I have been using extra strength tylenol during the day and the perscriptiom pain meds at night only. Wake up hunched over and standing straighter by the end of the day.

12 days post op- So far so good! Went to see my PS...

12 days post op- So far so good! Went to see my PS on day 7 of recovery. She said everything was looking great. She allowed my to switch to different compression garments because mine wasn't fitting well. So now I'm wearing a Spanx and the belly bandit.
I am off all of the perscriptiom pain meds exempt at night of I have over done it during the day. I have been out and about a bit , a couple hours at a time wearing just the Spanx and it's crazy how much I have swelled. Still sleeping on the couch but because I have no problem getting up and down, I will move back to my bed in a couple
I return to work in a few days. Scared of how that will go. I still get worn out easily. I stand on my feet at work so I'm sure I will be quite swollen. I only work for 6 hours the first day, thank goodness.
I am very happy with the results! I absolutely love love the BA. They have barely been sore! I will love them already and I'm sure they will look great when they relax. I am happy with the TT as well, it is a little harder to be as excited about as soon. I can tell my stomach will BE flat. Right now I'm still contending with some pain, standing up straight, swelling etc. It is a bit of a bummer that I have paid all of this money and been through pain, yet I still can't wear normal pants and have to wear these garments that make me look fatter. I tell myself to be patient, I knew from the get go that 100% recovery from a TT takes a long time. And I will be happy with the way it looks in no time. : )
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