3 week PO: Drainless/Painless Tummy Tuck W/ BA - Carmel, IN

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Hi! The reviews on this site have been so helpful...

Hi! The reviews on this site have been so helpful that I feel I should right one as well. Today was the big day for me and I received a standard tummy tuck with a breast augmentation. I am a 25-year-old stay at home mom, 5'5", 125 lbs, and after my husband made it very clear we were done having kids, we decided that this was something I needed to do to help me feel 25 (I'll turn 26 in a few weeks but who's counting?!)

I haven't been able to wear a bikini since having my son 4 years ago and after baby # 2, all I could do was give me a pretend tummy tuck every day in the mirror. It was nothing but wrinkly excess skin that I could do nothing about. My husband mentioned be tummy tuck and I thought he was absurd until I did research and saw how successful they seemed to be. I saw the "mommy makeover" pics and joked about getting a BA, I'm a full A but have always dreamed of filling out an unpadded bra, swim suit, and sports bra. After much debate, research, and fear I decided that this was an opportunity that I shouldn't pass up as it was now or never.

1/25/13 - today! Well actually yesterday as it is 1:45am

We arrived at the hospital 2 hours before surgery, filled out forms, plugged me with an IV, did a pregnancy test and changed into a lovely hospital gown, compression socks and footies. My doc came in about 45 minutes before surgery and marked me up and we went over my vectra and pics that I brought of what I liked/didn't like. We settled on 300cc Silicone unders as that is what I had picked from the Vectra, hoping for a Full B, Small C.

As the surgery team introduced themselves I bluntly asked..."am I going to die?" Lol, they were very nice and reassured me that I wasn't, that of course was my biggest fear! I was obviously nervous so about 30 minutes before the surgery, the anesthesiologist pumped something in me and after that I barely remember the trip to the OR. Next thing I knew, I was up in recovery.

I awoke in a confused, tired state and noticed there was another patient in the room. The nurses were talking to me and eventually wheeled me back to the room where my husband was and where I had started out. I couldn't believe it was over and done! I tried to look down at my chest and they seem to be just right, not too big at all. I dozed off again and eventually was able to get out of he bed and sit. Then I threw up and that was not fun. They gave me a nausea pill. My husband helped me get dressed and they wheeled me out. I was nervous about not staying over night but I am so glad I got to go home as I felt much better than I thought I would have.

I was able to walk with assistance to my rented hospital bed (something that was recommended on this site even though my pre-op nurse said to not waste my money), I think it was $245 for 2 weeks which is apparently much more expensive than others from reviews so make sure you search around. I figured we were saving $650 by not staying the night so why not get a bed to make me feel more secure. So far I am loving it and enjoy being in he living room. My husband is sleeping on the couch but honestly I have been doing pretty well, getting up to go to be bathroom, grabbing food, etc. by myself without waking him.

I threw up 2 more times after getting home and the last time was the worst pain and it felt like I was ripping something. I assume it is from the anesthesia because I have taking my pain med since then without getting sick. I have also avoided nausea which is great. My breasts look/feel tight like when you are engorged with breastmilk but they do not look like dinosaur eggs like my pre-op nurse had warned. I haven't seen them with the bra off yet. My tummy is flat but there is slight wrinkling to the left of my belly button that you may be able to see. I freaked out when I saw that but my surgeon told my husband to make sure I do not freak out about it because it should smooth out as swelling goes down and I stand up straighter. I am still skeptical and worried though but I know it still will be worth it.

I have been getting up to walk around and have not at all felt any druggy feeling. Clearly I am coherent enough to write this short novel only 16 hours after surgery. I am actually due for another pain pill so I'm going to try and eat something. Appetite is obvi not great but I've managed half a peanut butter and jelly, some chicken and noodles, and a chocolate pudding. Pain is very manageable and really isn't bothering me, it is just hard to stand straight and I want to push myself to be straight by my first pre-op in 4 days! Thanks for reading, I will update fequently!

Post-op day 1 & 2 Yesterday, the day after...

Post-op day 1 & 2
Yesterday, the day after surgery, really didnt seem so bad. I threw up a couple more times so I switched to a lesser pain med (norco) in hopes to relieve the nausea. I took a shower and I completely picked everything apart saying my belly button was crooked, there are wrinkles in my belly still, my whole belly seemed to be crooked, my boobs looked weird like googly eyes with them pointing in completely different directions and the size was off, etc. My husband tried to explain to me over and over that I was crazy and reassured me that this is not the end result. No matter how many stories I read where women had similar fears as me after surgery and then later laughed it off since they had recovered beautifully, I could not be positive. I think it is impossible to not feel this way when it is your body and you just underwent major elective surgery. In clothes I feel great though and an trying to remember that it will get better. Anyway, I felt pretty good for most of the day except for when I'd throw up.


I got 8 hours of wonderful sleep with just a couple breaks where I would go to the bathroom or take a pain pill. The morning started great...then I took all my vitamins and pain pill at once, BIG MISTAKE. I have felt nauseous the entire day and finally threw up big time and threw up again shortly after. I am just now feeling better and have switched to just extra-strength Tylenol. So far, pain is managed, I just don't want to be sick again, it is the worst!

Post Op Day 3: So I stopped taking any narcotics...

Post Op Day 3:
So I stopped taking any narcotics by the end of PO Day 2 and went to bed with two extra-strength Tylenol hoping the nausea and sickness would end! Unfortunately, the entire night I felt dizzy and nauseous and finally in the morning I threw up big time, felt terrible. I still felt bad so my husband called the office and they said that it was still probably the narcotics working out of my system. They suggested I try the anti-nausea...suppository! Totally weird moment for us but it needed to happen and I immediately started to feel better and continued to improve throughout the day. By evening I took Tylenol just before bed because I kept thinking I might feel pain but not sure if I needed it. I didn't sleep well, however, and ditched the hospital bed for the recliner. My tailbone area was stinging from being in sitting position all day, the recliner wasn't much help.

Post op day 4:
Despite the lack of sleep, I felt like a normal person again. I didn't feel sick but my head felt funny so I took one Tylenol the entire day. I am still trying to figure out if I am a freak because I haven't felt like I ever needed pain meds and here I thought I would still be on narcotics by this day?! My mom said she didn't need pain meds after a hysterectomy so maybe it is good genes?! At my first pre-op the doc said I was iron woman but its not that I am living through pain, I just don't have it, so ill consider myself lucky. They cut the end of my sutures and even pulled out the ones under the breast! That was weird, but again no pain. Other than that it was a quick appointment. I confirmed that she did a little lipo on the sides which was a nice surprise. She warned me to not do too much too soon in the next few weeks even if I am feeling great, which I am, so I am glad she reminded both my husband and I. I can't explain how great I feel. I was expecting the worst of the worst like where people said they were in their hospital bed for 2 weeks but I'm ready to send mine back! I'm even attempting to sleep in my own bed tonight, wondering why I didn't try last night...but we will see!

As for emotions right now, I am 100% happy with my tummy, no complaints, but I am way terrified that my boobs are huge and fear I already regret it! I try to tell myself that they are swollen and will go down but I just wanted to achieve a full B cup and am now thinking I have DDs! I'm not used to having boobs but I feel like I won't be able to wear fitted tops to show off my belly because ill be hiding these big melons! Please tell me they will look smaller!! I'm pretty freaked out but know I have to wait it out for a few months to really know the result.

Post op day 5: Yea, so I totally did not sleep...

Post op day 5:

Yea, so I totally did not sleep much at all after trying to move to my own bed. Everything felt so uncomfortable, I thought I was popping the implants by laying on my side, the onset of swell hell to my tummy was really making itself known, and I ended up moving back to the hospital bed! I still couldn't get comfortable and ended up being super exhausted the next day even though I was so happy and perky the day before...wake up call I guess, I still had major surgery 5 days before! The day was so long and I was so tired. The swelling was really weirding me out and I completely regretted the boob job...that night I finally got some sleep after utilizing the electric hospital bed correctly, super recommend it!

Post op day 6:
It is amazing what a night of decent sleep can do, I felt great today! Just like I did on post op day 4, but starting to feel less strain when I try and stand up, though I am still slightly hunched. No Tylenol today and won't even take any before I go to sleep. I only have pain in one spot near or on my incision where I feels like I ripped it apart or something. Every time I step or lift my leg a certain way that spot feels like a short stabbing burn kinda pain. I'm not sure what that is about but I remember whenever I threw up while standing, the same spot was excruciating. It seems to make me walk with a light limp as to not affect it. Otherwise, no real pain, just discomfort from not being able to stand straight comfortably and sleeping is still definitely a challenge. Showers are amazing too and for the first couple I used a plastic chair and extendable shower head which was great but by day 4, I stood and took a shower without a problem. Exhaustion is also a factor and is much more prominent by the end of the day. Hopefully I will get good sleep tonight! Also. I am already seeing great changes with the breasts that are putting me at ease...starting to imagine the future and I like it!

I am now at three weeks post op and have been...

I am now at three weeks post op and have been amazed at the quick and easy recovery. At my last appointment, the nurse removed all the steri strips over the incisions and I was surprised at how nice the incisions looked. I am suppose to be massaging them daily to help smooth them out and heal them, as well as put on a healing serum twice/day that I purchased through their office.

I had hired a lady to help me lift my 10 month old the past few weeks to stick to the 10-lb weight limit rule, but after telling the nurse of my "mother's helper" she said I could ditch the help and just carefully lift my baby from here on out even though I should still take it easy until the 6 week mark. What a relief! It was quite awkward having someone in my house all day just to help with a few lifts here and there, but I was trying to protect my investment.

I have really felt great the last couple weeks, so haven't been updating, but I put together some before/after pics and thought I would share.
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Although it is early, so far Dr. Turkle has been excellent. I first met with Dr. Aker but he pointed out my minimal love handles and suggested a do a 360 all the way around extended tummy tuck. That terrified me so I wanted a second opinion. Dr. Turkle didn't even recommend lipo and said if I really wanted to do something about the love handles then I could always try cool sculpting. She was awesome and explained the risks first whereas dr. Aker I felt tried to tell me what I wanted to hear and although he was super nice, gave me more of the salesman feel.

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