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For the last 10 years i have had to deal with...

For the last 10 years i have had to deal with constant back pain, not being able to find a good fitting bra, not being able to work out because of my large twins (breasts) getting in the way, neck pain, should pain from the straps digging into my skin, and just being super uncomfortable. My friend had the surgery done and gave me the doctor's name. Barbara Siwy in Carmel. My appointment is on 2/5/13 and i am getting nervous. Just wondering what i am getting myself into. I am ready though. Just printed off my FMLA paperwork .so here goes. Can anybody on here tell me what i am up against in detail. Leave nothing out.

Over the last few days i have been watching alot...

Over the last few days i have been watching alot of YouTube videos about breast reductions and also reading alot on this website and i am feeling more inspired and ready. I cannot wait to have a new body. Looking forward to moving from over the should bolder holders to itty bitty titties....LOL.

I had my first consultation with Dr. Siwy today...

I had my first consultation with Dr. Siwy today and it went well. I thought i was a 42G but it turns out i am a 42J!!! Holy smokes. She told me that she would like to take off 3lbs from each side and do a free nipple graft. So now all i have to do is be approved by the insurance company (Anthem). i hope they approve me quickly!! (Fingers crossed).

I woke up early this morning (5am) and was...

I woke up early this morning (5am) and was thinking about what the surgery is going to be like and how much pain i may have. But i am soooooooo ready!! As i got dressed and put on my bra (a.k.a.) weapon of mass destruction, i was annoyed because all day long i have to constantly adjust and re-adjust my boobies. I cant wait for the doctor's office to call me and say that the insurance approved my surgery!!

I have been reading a lot of reviews from this...

I have been reading a lot of reviews from this site. They are helpful, imformative, and a little scary. I was told i will need a FNG and reading that alot of you have lost your nipple sensation is a scary thought for me. That is something i assumed i would have for the rest of my life but if i have to give that up to have smaller boobs and no more pain......bring it on!! I have been researching different sports bras online and i never knew there were so many to pick from. I have never even considered sports bras because i have never been able to find one to fit me. They just dont come in 42J! I am so ready!!!

HALLELUJER (In my Madea voice)! I am soooooo...

HALLELUJER (In my Madea voice)!
I am soooooo excited. All weekend I have been hoping that on Monday the doctor's office would call and tell me that my surgery has been approved. I got home with my daughter from grocery shopping and went to the mailbox and wouldnt you know it, there was a letter from Anthem. I held my breath and opened it and when i read "Based on the information provided to us, we are pleased to authorize benefits for the the service referenced above" I screamed and scared the crap out of my daughter! I am so happy!!!

The count down is on!!! I have 6 weeks. I know...

The count down is on!!! I have 6 weeks. I know that seems like a ways off but it will creep up on me so i gotta be ready! I am sitting at work at my desk right now filling out my FMLA paperwork and waiting for 9am when the doctor's office opens to call them and tell them i got my approval letter. I am so excited right now. I am so glad i found this site too because i have become addicted to reading the reviews and addicted to the boobie I am a very private person and would never dream of showing off my body parts off to anyone but i cannot wait to have surgery and be able to post Now i have to make a list of all the things i will need to buy before the surgery and now i have six more weeks to lose some more weight. Since July i have lost 30 pounds and i want to lose about 40 more. So......BOOM BOOM CLAP, BOOM BOOM CLAP........GYM, HERE I COME!!

Just got my letter in the mail confirming my...

Just got my letter in the mail confirming my surgery date and time. My surgery is April 1st at 9:30am and i have to be there by 8:30am. I have to shower in Hibiclens the morning of and do not have a pre-op visit. It also came with an entire page of what drugs NOT to take for 2 weeks prior to the surgery and a map of the hospital. I am so excited. I have 40 days..........

So, last night i had the surgery talk with my...

So, last night i had the surgery talk with my teenagers (daughter 12, son 16) and let them know what was going on. My son heard me on the phone with a friend telling her that i couldnt wait until surgery day! My son was like, Mama! Why are you having surgery, what's wrong with you? Then my daughter said, Surgery?!?!?! Mama what happened to you? LOL
So i sat them down and told them that when i started having kids that my boobs grew and now they make my back hurt really bad and that i was getting them cut off. The looks on their faces was funny and they both grabbed for their chests and looked at each other and said ouch.....LOL. I also let them know that it will be the week they are on spring break and that i expect them to help around the house and helo me out. They both said ok mama and my son went back to his XBOX and my daughter went back to texting on her phone. TEENAGERS!!!

Went shopping today and bought vitamin E oil,...

Went shopping today and bought vitamin E oil, Arnica gel, hibiclens soap, gauze pads, paper tape, front button pjs, 4 lightweight knit jogging suits with front zip up (just my size). Now i need to buy a recliner and some dial antibacterial soap and some easy slip on shoes and pillows. 32 days left!

Something strange happened today. For some strange...

Something strange happened today. For some strange reason, all day today my nipples have been itching like crazy. I guess deep down inside I am afraid of losing my nipple sensation since I will have a BR w/FNG. It has been on my minds a lot for the last few days. But by no means will it keep me from having the surgery. I guess that small sacrifice is worth getting rid of the constant pain associated with these large fun bags that have GOT to go. Can anybody who has had a BR w/FNG give me any advice and tell me what to look forward to?

Jealousy can be a very bad disease to catch. One...

Jealousy can be a very bad disease to catch. One of my co-workers asked me if I was nervous about my surgery and I told her just the opposite. We sat there discussing the idea of losing nipple sensation when another co-worker butted in our conversation and told me that if I had the surgery to change my body that I was going to hell for altering my body and how dare I give the sensation in my nipples on purpose. WTH?!?!? I told her, "first of all you are not a part of this conversation and second, I am making a choice about my own body and I don't recall asking you for your opinion. She made me so mad!!! So, for the rest of the day she kept emailing me quotes from the bible and kept sending me emails trying to encourage me to forget about the surgery. I politely asked her to forget my email address and to keep her quotes and thoughts to herself. Some people have such nerve! My last email to her today was, "JEALOUSY IS A BAD DISEASE TO CATCH, I HOPE YOU GET WELL SOON!!! Here is to 26 more days!!

22 days left!!! I am so excited. I am going next...

22 days left!!! I am so excited. I am going next week to look at a recliner to rent. I am thinking of renting one for 2-3 weeks. I still need to buy a post op sports bra. I am nervous about buying one because I have NEVER been able to find one to fit me.

Today at work this damn underwire was stabbing me....

Today at work this damn underwire was stabbing me. I adjusted and then readjusted and still its stabbing me.....ugh! Finally i grabbed my scissors, went to the bathroom took my bra off and cut out the underwire! 18 more days and i wont need underwire!

On lunch break i went to the GNC store and picked...

On lunch break i went to the GNC store and picked up Smooth Move tea ($5.49) and Arnica 30x ($6.99). Now all i have to do is rent the electic recliner and buy groceries.

Well, 13 more days!!! I am driving myself crazy...

Well, 13 more days!!! I am driving myself crazy making list upon list trying to make sure I have everything I need. And even then, there will be something I forgot. I made the drastic mistake of letting one of my cotton bras go through the dryer! And then I thought, hell in 13 days I wont need this sling shot anymore!!!!! I still need to go rent the recliner. I think I will go pay for that and arrange the delivery on Friday. Now for the past month I have been waiting for a new court date (child support court) and wouldn't you know it.....its for April 17th and my surgery is on April 1st. I hope I can drive by then cause I AM NOT missing that.


Went to put payment down for the recliner rental...

Went to put payment down for the recliner rental today, being delivered on Friday. Today at work made sure all my work was caught up for when i am off work. Tonight spent a couple of hours cleaning my bedroom and walking around the house taking another inventory of what else i need. Going to sit down with my teenagers and let them know what i need them to help with. Constantly reading updates of this site and reading updates on alot of reviews about their first few days post op. Reading the reviews has become an obsession have been working on a blog entry for small boobies. Just trying to stay patient and wait my turn.

The one thing I was dreading is happening...

The one thing I was dreading is happening.

The PS sent me some paperwork about 2 weeks ago as to what time to show up to the hospital and what to do ahead of time. It also gave a list it meds to stop taking 14 days prior to surgery. Well for the last 2 days I have been sneezing life crazy, nose running and now I have this monster size headache. I am afraid I am getting sick and cant even take any cold medicine for it and no ibubrofin for this headache.

My rented recliner arrived today. It is really...

My rented recliner arrived today. It is really comfortable but the only thing I am worried about to being able to raise the lever to lift the leg part. But closing is just a snap cause I can just push my legs down and it closes easy.

I have been counting down the days and now that I only have 9 days left, now I am starting to get nervous, but not scared.....rather super excited. I am worried about the pain as soon as I wake up from surgery though. Every time I have had surgery, I wake up sick and in a lot of pain. But the good thing with that is I will be staying overnight in the hospital and I am sure the nurses will take good care of me that first night

Today was my last day at work before my surgery....

Today was my last day at work before my surgery. It was weird preparing my desk for me not to be at work for 6 weeks. I stopped on the way home and got enough groceries for at least 3 weeks. Tomorrow i will do laundry. saturday i will clean each room one last time. And Sunday i will retwist me and my son's hair and wash my daughter's hair and pack my overnight bag for the hospital stay. I will update everybody the morning of the surgery and then again after (if i am not too drunk from pain meds)

Got my bag packed and just took my shower with...

Got my bag packed and just took my shower with hibiclens as instructed. My last meal was ice just got into bed for the last time with these 42J boobs. My mind is racing right now and i cant fall asleep.....ugh. have to be at the hospital at 8:15am. I will update as soon as surgery is over and i wake up.

Surgery was at 9:30 and lasted 3 hours. My mom...

Surgery was at 9:30 and lasted 3 hours. My mom said they took off 8!

Waking up from surgery was tough, took me a while to wake up and I woke up in PAIN!!! But the nurses were great and instantly put something in my IV that took my pain from a 10 to a 4 in less than 20 seconds. The nurse gave me some ice chips and a warm blanket. Once they got me up to me room I got in the other bed and really loopy and still feel that way. I am

My family came in and were amazed at how small my boobs are not. I feel like I am an A cup but I was told by the nurse that I am a D cup.

Well, right now I am so super sleepy and will update later. I am going to sleep ladies.

Thanks for all the well wishes

Got to the hospital at 8:00am and immediately got...

Got to the hospital at 8:00am and immediately got nervous and scared which is weird because this is not my first surgery. The had me fill out some paperwork and took me back to a room. The nurse went over a few things and had me get changed into a gown. She had me sign consent forms for the surgery and anesthesiologist and started my IV. The anesthesiologist came in and talked to me about my previous surgeries and all my drug allergies. The nurse called my family back (Mom, daughter, sister, and nephew) to the room and explained to them what was going to happen and how long the surgery was going to last.

My PS came in and explained to me what she was going to do. She asked everyone to leave the room so she could mark me up. I asked if my sister could stay because she will be having this surgery soon and wanted to see what she was up against. The PS was fine with that. It only took her about 5 minutes to mark me up and then the nurse came to walk me to the operating room. The had me lay down on the table and even had the table warmed up for me. They really made me feel at ease and told me not to worry. The anesthesiologist told me he was about to give me a margarita with extra within about 10 seconds I started feeling real woozy and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery.

As soon as I opened my eyes I had a lot of pain and intense burning!!! I told the nurse and with in 10 seconds she shot something in my IV and then the next thing I remember was waking up in my room. The nurses here are awesome, they kept asking what my pain was every 5 minutes for about 2 hours. Finally about 4pm I was awake and had to pee really bad. my nurse helped me get up and as soon as I stood up I thought I was going to pass out. I order something from the cafeteria and it was here in about 30 minutes. I ate some pudding, mashed potatoes, and strawberries and drank apple juice. My throat is hurting really bad from the breathing tube and I asked my nurse for some ice to munch on. I got some IV pain meds and they also gave me a Percocet. I have the absolute worse headache right now.

I looked down at my bandage and was kinda shocked. I look so flat chested. I am used to having huge boobs so this size is welcomed but scary at the same time. I guess I am worried the took too much. when my PS came to mark me up I told her I wanted to be a D instead of the C I originally said.

I asked my mom what the PS told her after surgery. She said that she took off 4 pounds from each side and did a Free Nipple Graft. She told her that I did really well and that she was pleased with the results. she said I have to go back next Monday to get the graft protectors removed and let her look at the incisions. she used dissolvable sutures and glued my incisions shut. I also do not have any drains. she said she doesn't use drains.

Ever since I received that last dose of medicine I don't have that burning but I do have a ton of soreness under the breast and on the sides, almost like an ache as opposed to pain. trying to move and shift in the bed in the only time I have real PAIN. it hurt really bad getting out of bed and getting back in bed for the bathroom. Well, I am SUPER sleepy and I am going to take a nap, just wanted to update you guys. Not sure what time they are releasing me tomorrow. I brought my own pillow for the car ride home to put between the boobs and the seatbelt.

Post op day 1 The pain is not as bad as I...

Post op day 1

The pain is not as bad as I feared. Don't get me wrong, it hurts but its not unbearable pain, no tears or anything. Last night wasn't so bad except for the fact that I had a lot of itching and some burning. I am a little shocked at how small I am. My new boobs are super tight (swelling) and boxy shaped. I guess that will correct itself at some point. I feel a lot of pressure too, kinda like how you feel when your boobs are full of milk waiting to feed your baby. The most pain in under the boobs and along the sides. The nurse looked for me and said that the PS cut me completely across from arm pit to arm pit. The area around the nipples are burning a little which I guess is good because I had a FNG and I have some feeling. Time will tell with sensation I guess.

The gave me something called dilaudid (spelling may be wrong, sorry) and Percocet. The IV drugs just take the edge off while I was waiting for the Percocet to kick in. I woke at 3am to the sound of doctors and nurses running down the hall because someone was coding. I felt so bad for whomever that was and was glad it wasn't me. Scary thought. Finally I woke up at 4am and unhooked me to go to the bathroom. They have these sleeve like things on my legs that go from my ankles to the top of my calves and they are plugged and every 5-10 seconds they fill with air and squeeze one calf and then the other one does it to the other leg. It kinda feels like the calf/leg massagers at the Brookstone store. Feels almost like a massage so it feel kinda good. It is to prevent blood clots. Last night I had a problem with being too hot. I think it was a combination of the things on my legs, blankets and the pain meds. My nurse turned the heat down to 60 and that was comfortable with all the blankets. They come in about every 4 hours and do vitals and check my incisions. Every time she looks at my incisions I look too and am just amazed at how small they are. It also points attention to how big my belly all this time it was hidden by my boobs, cant use that excuse anymore. I am planning to lose more weight after the surgery for sure. Sit ups are in

I haven't spoke to my doctor yet but was told that she will make rounds at 7am and I will get to talk to her about the surgery. the only thing I know now is that she removed 4 pounds from each side. They are putting this really nice ice packs across the tops of my boobs, have a lot of swelling and its making my boobs feel really tight and hard. The ice packs have these soft ties attached so I can tie they around my neck. The nurse told me to NOT rest the ice packs over the nipple part because of the FNG. putting ice over that area will reduce blood flow and they want the blood flow to continue there so I wont lose my nipples. Potentially losing a nipple is a terrifying thought. One thing I have noticed is the bad headache have. The nurse said it could be from the anesthesia. Well my pain meds are kicking in and I don't think I can spell correctly. I uploaded a few pics today. I want to thank everybody for the kind messages, really feels good to be supported by some many people. Feels like a family! Good luck to everybody facing surgery this Month. The pain is not that bad and it will be well worth it this summer when we can sport a tank top with no bra! Cant wait!

Been home from the hospital for about 2 hours...

Been home from the hospital for about 2 hours.

When I got up this morning the nurse fitted me with a surgical bra. I looks like a sports bra almost that opens in the front. At first when I held it up I thought, this thing is way to little and will never fit me. To my surprise it fit like a glove. And there was no spillage! Wow, what a change.

I got a look at my boobs again and they look kinda cone shaped. I was thinking, god I hope they don't stay this shape. Before my boobs were so big that they just ran into each other and never sat perky and separated. But now they are perky, sit separated, and don't even move or flop around. I am so happy for that im just hoping they will soften and take shape soon. My boobs seem so small and for a minute I felt like crying. The pain medicine is making me super itchy all over my body so I am also taking Benadryl. The top of my stomach is kinda swollen and the incisions underneath the boobs and on the sides are kinda stinging. The nurse put some gauze pads under the bra to keep the band from rubbing on my stitches. it is helping the front but not the sides. the next time I go to the bathroom I will put some gauze on the sides too. Maybe I will be rested enough to snap a few pics. On the way home My mom took me to CVS to grab my prescriptions and I got two ice packs, Colace, and gauze pads. I am happy to be home where it is quiet. I am in my recliner and propped up with pillows and my daughter is being such a good little nurse to me. The nurse did give me another surgical bra so I could still have one on while the other is in the wash. I have to wear this bra all the time but the doctor said if I am just sitting around the house, that I could take it off. but I think I will keep it on, it feels better to have them covered and kind of compressed.

I am up in pain waiting for my meds to work. It is...

I am up in pain waiting for my meds to work. It is weird though, its not like sharp pains but more like a burning sensation. Just making small movement is hurting me. and for some reason my whole body is itching so trying to reach to scratch certain places hurt like heck. I know this is probably TMI but....going to the bathroom and going to wipe hurts my stitches. im all kinda screwed up. I haven't seen any stories on this site about Free Nipple Grafts so I have no idea what to look forward to when these gauze thingys get cut off next Monday. and I cannot shower until they come off so I am stuck with the sponge bath thing for now. I don't know if it is from the medicine, but the whole inside of my mouth tastes like metal. The nurses gave me antibiotics as I was going to the operating room via IV and they didn't send me home with any. They gave me scripts for Percocet and tramadol. I was looking at myself in the mirror I was thinking maybe she took off too much. I wonder what size I really am. Before surgery I told her that I wanted to be a D. and they sit pretty high up which I am not used to. like I could totally rock a tank with no My PS did tell me before the surgery started that she wanted me to wear the surgical bra all the time but if I was just sitting at the house I could take it off. I feel more comfortable with it on. One thing that has helped me is a wooden back scratcher I got from Walmart a few weeks ago because with all the itching and my range of motion low I can use it reach and scratch areas on the middle of my back and legs and feet without stretching.

Today is day 2. I woke up about 3 am in some...

Today is day 2.

I woke up about 3 am in some serious pain. I forgot to set my alarm clock on my phone to wake me up to take my medicine. This was the worse pain I felt besides the pain I had when I first woke from the surgery. This pain was a little different though. I felt like sharp twinges or zaps through my boobs from the bottom up. And the area around my nipples was doing it too. And I am assuming that is good to have some sensation there since my PS did a FNG. I still have the burning underneath and along the sides. Last night I slept in my recliner with a ton of pillows. I put a pillow under my arms on both sides to keep my arms from touching my sides. I also noticed some swelling along the sides so I put an icepack between my sides and those pillows and it felt so good. I also put two icepacks on the top real close to my neck/chin and away from the nipple. Every time I take meds I have been taking a Benadryl and 2 Colace pills at the same time. And even with all the pain meds I am taking, I cant seem to get rid of the headache that I have. Not sure what is causing it. Its been really hard to keep my eyes open sometimes and I am just listening to my body and taking naps.

One thing that happened that is making me worry. When I go to the bathroom and go to wipe, it feels like my stitches are being yanked. I cant reach behind me without pain so the first BM I have I wonder how I will clean myself without hurting myself. I don't want to move in a was that will rip my stitches. But all in all I am so glad that I got this done. It is not as painful as I thought it would be.

As far as my appetite goes, I don't really have one! I have been eating a lot of pudding to sooth my sore throat from the breathing tube during surgery. I have been eating fresh fruit (strawberries, pineapples, bananas) too. Yesterday my mom make me some sweet potatoes for dinner and that's all I could stomach. My lips and inside my nose feels like the

I have also been coughing a lot. They gave me this little plastic thingy that I have to put in my mouth and take 10 deep breaths every hour to prevent pneumonia and its fairly easy to do.

I have a Jack Russell puppy and she loves to climb up on people and just sit in your lap. Well, my daughter has been keeping her away from me so she wont try to sit on my chest. Well, in the middle of the night I woke up and she had climbed up the recliner and was just sitting across my lap wagging her tail. I looked at her and he licked me hand and laid her hand back down. It was like she knew I was in pain and sit real still cause usually she is all over the place. My other dog knew something was wrong too cause I climbed up here too and lick my hand and then got back down. Its amazing that animals can sense their owner's pain.

I have been making sure every couple of hours that I get up and walk around a little to prevent blood clots.

I cannot get rid of this headache! UGH! Its make...

I cannot get rid of this headache! UGH! Its make me feel sick. I have been dozing on and off all day today. I took the Poo Phd's advice and started talking 100mg of Colace instead of 50mg and it has worked already but gave me the runs. I would rather have the runs than be constipated any day. Still have the burning and just took more medicine and put fresh ice packs on. I have been rotating ice packs every hour

I have the worse headache and have had this...

I have the worse headache and have had this headache since I woke from surgery. Anybody else having headaches associated with the surgery?

Day 3 Well, I can say that I am a...

Day 3

Well, I can say that I am a little irritated this morning. I have had a headache since the surgery that wont go away. All the pain meds were making me itch I think so I am taking Benadryl around the clock. It does help and make me even more sleepy than the pain meds. As soon as my PS office opens at 9am I am going to call them about this headache. I have been rotating icepacks every hour to the top of my boobs and along the side. I still have some burning in those areas but nothing that would make me cry, just sore and irritated. My incisions are itching like crazy too. I will I could just lift this surgical bra and SCRATCH...LOL. But what I have been doing instead and just taking my hands over the part that is super itching and just rubbing real soft and that kinds sooths it for a while. The top of my stomach is super sore and itchy. I know I don't have any drains but I don't know if my PS did any lipo on the sides.

Probably around 2am I woke up and found my Jack Russell puppy laying across my lap knocked out sleep. I didn't even feel her climb up. I rubbed her head and she woke up and came up to me, sniffed my boobs and gently laid back down across my lap. Its like she knows I was in pain and was being careful not to climb on me too rough. I though that was so funny and sweet. So, I let her just lay there and she went back to sleep. She is 5 months old and probably weighs 6 pounds and she had the nerve to be

I got up and use the bathroom, changed out my dressing because I bled through a little, refilled my ice bags, grabbed a snack and got back in the recliner. The whole time I was up I was really dizzy like I had been drinking or something. I looked at my boobs today and they look different from yesterday. They are still high up and kinda hard but they look like the are slightly lower than they were and not as hard up top.

I haven't really had an appetite but am forcing myself to eat. I have been eating pineapples, sweet potatoes, green beans, and lots of chocolate pudding and drinking a lot of water and Ocean Spray White cranberry strawberry juice.

I have been feeling this little zaps throughout my boobs. they don't hurt, just feel weird. I also feel them in my nipples and the ones in the nipple kinda hurts. so, I guess I have some nipple sensation.

I want to thank everybody on here for being so supportive and willing to share ideas with me and listen to all my complaints. I don't know how I would have gotten through if I didn't have this site. There is so much useful information in everybody's comments.

Burning, burning, burning....ugh. My incisions...

Burning, burning, burning....ugh. My incisions underneath and along the sides are constantly burning. I seems to help though so I keep rotating ice packs every hour. I am still battling these headaches since the day of the surgery. I called my PS office and her nurse said the headaches could be a side effect from the Percocet and tramadol. She said I could try extra strength Tylenol in the meantime and save the other meds for if I have bad pain.

I have been pretty dizzy a lot since the surgery and have to hold onto the wall to goo to the bathroom.

I have been sleeping in my recliner and it is pretty comfortable. I put a pillow under my feet, a pillow under each leg, a pillow under each arm and put ice packs between the pillow near my arm pits to soothe the incisions along the sides. I put 2 wash cloths on the top of my boobs and rest two icepacks there as well making sure they don't rest on top of the nipples. The swelling in the top of my boobs is going down and doesn't feel as tight. Last night I didn't put ice packs on top and then when I woke this morning they were back swollen.

My boobs are also not as cone shaped as they were yesterday. I am still taking Benadryl also for the itching. My incisions are constantly itching and my whole body was itching from the pain meds.

I have found it hard to keep my eyes open. I am in my recliner in front of a 50" plasma and trying to watch tv but keep falling asleep and don't even realize I am sleep until I jump. My daughter keeps cracking up at me because she said I look weird sleep sitting up. My daughter has been great. She is constantly adjusting my pillows, keeps bringing me fresh ice packs, keep refilling my juice cup, even put some lotion on my feet. She dragged her mattress off her bed and put is next to my recliner so she could be here to help me when I need it. She is on Spring Break this week so I feel bad that she is spending it taking care of me. But I bought tons of her favorite snacks and candies so she is not complaining and is getting to eat whatever she wants without me nagging

I have been trying to read some reviews about post op days following surgeries and I keep falling asleep while reading

I really appreciate all of the well wishes and advice from you guys.

Last night I still had a horrible headache and was...

Last night I still had a horrible headache and was super dizzy. Instead of taking Percocet or tramadol, I just took 2 extra strength Tylenol and a Benadryl for the itching. I went to sleep about 11pm and was back up at 4am. I don't understand why I cant sleep straight through and stop waking up so freaking early every morning. I did wake up with a headache again and also woke up to my boobs extremely swollen and tight along the top and on the sides. My PS doesn't use drains, but I cant help but wonder if she had, would my sides be so swollen? The little side pockets, as I like to call them, are puffed way out and super sensitive. I still have the constant soreness and burning underneath and along the sides but today it is not as bad. Or maybe I am getting used to it. My incisions are leaking a little so when I changed my bandages last night I wanted a closer look at the stitches. I thought that the PS cut my straight across with no break. But upon further inspection there is a break in the incision and she put the glue all the way across. Either way the cut underneath is way longer than she originally explained to me but it is what it is. My stitches are itching like crazy. I am still getting those little electric shock zap feelings throughout my boobs constantly. I am also getting those little zaps in my nipples.

I still feel really wiped out like I cant keep my eyes open. Every now and then when I doze off, I jump and wake myself back up. I don't understand that. Finally the nausea has gone away and I took the nausea patch off this morning. I have been staying and sleeping downstairs but yesterday I went upstairs to look for a pair of house slippers to wear. When I got upstairs I looked at this shirt that I could never button all the way and would have to wear a take top under it and kinda wear it as a jacket. Well now I can button it and have room to spare, like its really too big now!!! YAY! This is making me more excited about summer clothes shopping. Basically all of my shirts are going to be too big. Before the surgery I took a pic of me wearing a tank top with a bra on and my boobs just looked huge! I took another pick in a tank top with my sports bra on and my boobs look so much better and smaller. I was amazed at how different my shirts look on me, even my pj top is way too big now.

Last night I decided to put ice packs underneath my boobs and it really helped. The swelling went down some and the itchiness was not as strong. The pain is not at all bad either. Like I don't think I "need" pain meds but I am mainly more sore than anything. Every time I doze off in the recliner I wake up with my Jack Russell puppy on my lap. She eases her self up on my and lightly lays down. She is so sweet cause she can sense I have pain. She has been sleeping across my lap every My bigger dog has been sleeping next to my recliner and every now and then he will stand up next to the recliner and just stare at

I believed that I would spend my days getting caught up on tv shows and time Playing Sims 3 on my computer, but I cannot seem to keep my eyes open. I have dozed off a few times just typing this Again, I want to say thanks to everyone for their support and advice. I really appreciate it.

When i went in for surgery i weighed 267.....not...

When i went in for surgery i weighed 267.....not good. Well, i just weighed myself and i weigh......(DRUM ROLL) ..256!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!

My surgical bra has been really uncomfortable...

My surgical bra has been really uncomfortable today because I have a lot of swelling today so its making the bra too tight. I took a nap this morning and put ice packs on the sides, on top and underneath my boobs hoping to get the swelling down and make the burning stop. I slept pretty good until I woke up completely wet and cold! the ice pack on the right side sprung a leak and had my shirt, bra, blanket, and recliner soaked....ugh! I got up to get fresh clothes and another bra to put on. I used one of my Fruit of the Loom cotton sports bras that I got at Walmart. The bottom band is not as think but it doesn't dig into my incisions like the surgical bra does. With all the movement of getting up, changing the sheet on the recliner, getting changed and fixing me a cup of tea, my boobs were swelled up and super hard and tight. So uncomfortable! Now I am back in the recliner covered in ice packs.

Its so weird, the PS said she wants me up and moving around but when I do that my boobs swell up real huge. I guess I am scared to let them swell real huge since I don't have drains and sometimes I feel like they are going to pop open. Underneath my boobs that stitches are so tight that there is no give at all and so painful right there. I have been putting gauze pads between my boobs and the bra as a cushion so it wont rub as much. I hope that part loosens up soon.

now, I haven't taken any pain meds at all today. I am not in that much pain to need it. I just have been napping whenever I get the urge to sleep. I have notice that I am really jumpy. Kinda like when you fall asleep and jump really hard to the point where you think you fell. I have been doing that for the past couple of days when ever I doze off, cant seem to keep my eyes open.

This blazing burning is driving me crazy. I took...

This blazing burning is driving me crazy. I took some close up pics with my phone with the flash on so I could see the source of the problem since I cant move or pull my boobs up to see.

All burning areas are really red, super stretched and bled earlier today. my boobs feel like they are going to pop. Has anybody else dealt with this? What did you do to relieve the burning? Please ladies give me advice.
Just added photos of the problem areas.

I had my doctor paged and she just called me. She...

I had my doctor paged and she just called me. She said I must be having an allergic reaction to the glue she used. She is called in a prescription for a steroid pack to take and then I see her for my app on Monday at 2:30pm.

My PS called in a script for prednisone pills for...

My PS called in a script for prednisone pills for the allergic reaction to the glue. She told me to also take some Benadryl with it and to put some hydrocortisone cream on the affected areas. My mom and sister were both at work so I had to drive myself. By the time I got up and dressed I was already light headed. I got a pillow and went to the car. When we get in our car we take for granted how easy it is for us to jump in the car, pull the door shut, put on the seatbelt, start the car, and pull off. Well, my experience wasn't so pleasant. I had to move super slow and had to push my seat way up to the steering wheel because I could stretch my arms. I made it down the 6 blocks to CVS and went in. I got my script and a couple of other items and paid and left. On the way back home I was so light headed and actually had the chills, thought I was going to puke. Once I got back in the house (since I was already up) I heated me up some dinner, washed up and put on some more clean bed clothes, took the prednisone, 1 Percocet, and 1 Benadryl, applied the cream, ate my food, grabbed some ice packs and it is back to the recliner I go. I know I said I was done with the percocets but I was in an extreme amount of pain. My The whole time my boobs were hot, swollen, red, itchy, and throbbing!! I don't see how some people have this surgery and then go back to work the next week. No way am I doing that. I am taking my whole 6 weeks and will take more than that if need be.

Thank you to everybody who listened to me complain and tried to give me tips. You gals are AWESOME!!!

Day 5 Ok, this allergic reaction to the...

Day 5

Ok, this allergic reaction to the glue threw me for a loop. Really I am trying to narrow down the actual cause because of two issues:

Issue 1 (didn't think about this until last night)

When the nurse fitted me for the surgical bra she brought it to me in a box. So, I guess the bra was not sterile. and usually when ever I buy a bra I always wash my bras before I wear them. Then the same thing with the spare surgical bra she gave me was not sterile and I have worn them both over the past 5 days. I have sensitive skin and should have known better but I was in a Percocet/Benadryl haze/high

Issue 2:

From day 2 I notice the burning and itching and I it was because of the narcotics and that the Benadryl would stop it. Well, it just got worse and then my skin was hot to touch, red, and I had hives. When I called the PS she said I could be having an allergic reaction to the glue and called me in a steroid pack which I started taking yesterday. Either way it goes whether it was sensitivity to the bra or allergic reaction, the steroid should help.

I also put hydrocortisone cream on the hives and it helped.

Because of the pain I had to break down and take a Percocet last night and was able to sleep pretty good.

When I woke up today I notice that I was not as dizzy as I had been the last few days. BUT, I have noticed that when I get out of the recliner to do anything that takes longer than 10 minutes my boobs start to swell. And there is not any give what so ever so there's not room for them to swell underneath when makes the sides by the arm pits swell big and then that spread up top making everything so tight and painful. And if I happen to stretch or turn in a way that pulls the stitches it doesn't take ten minutes to swell, it take about 2 minutes. It swells so bad that I am always scared that my stitches are going to bust. Please lord no, not that!!!!

Even with the allergic reaction, itching, and burning, and constant swelling...I actually feel a lot better today. By no means do I feel 100% but I am getting there. Here are the tings that I have notice:


Too much movement makes the girls swell. Reaching for something lie a cup or plate makes the girls swell. The two side pockets near my arm pits swell a lot. The front/bottom of the breast cannot swell much because there is absolutely no give because all the skin has been cut away so the swelling shifts to the side pockets and then up to the top where everything get hot, tight, and hard as concrete.

I deal with the swelling pretty quick to lessen my discomfort. I get in the recliner and put my feet up and put a pillow under each are inside the arms of the recliner, then put an ice pack up against my sides and then put my arms on the outside of the pillow are press inward. then I put two wash cloths on top of my boobs and place an ice pack on top of each boob (being careful to place on the nipples). then I put two more ice pack around the front of the boobs (being careful to touch the nipples). so I basically completely surround the boobs with ice packs for about 20 minutes at a time.


on 1st day in the hospital they were giving me IV pain meds, and 2 Percocet, and Benadryl. I was pretty high in the hospital.

on 2nd day when i came home from the hospital I was taking 2 percocets and 1 Benadryl and 2 Colace every time I took meds. On the 3rd day I stopped the Percocet and took tramadol and 1 benedryl and then that night only took an extra strength Tylenol and a Benadryl 2 Colace every time I took meds. On the 4th day I had problems with hives and itching and took round 1 of a steroid pack, 2 percocets, and a Benadryl and 2 colace. The 5 day I am on round 2 of the steroid pack and took 2 tramadol, and 1 Benadryl and 2 Colace. I have been putting Arnica Gel on the swollen and bruised areas but making sure I don't put any on the incisions.


Plain and simple, I don't have an appetite. But I have to eat with the medicine I am taking. The first few days I had a sore throat from the breathing tube and ate a lot of soft foods (mashed potatoes, jello, pudding, soup). I have been eating pineapple every morning. I have been eating ice cream and pudding and oatmeal. So as a result of weight taken off during surgery and lack of appetite, I am t10 pounds light than I was on April 1st! YAY!


When I can sleep I have been sleeping in my recliner. I have a little system

First I place a flat bed sheet over the recliner to keep it clean. then I sit down an pull the leg lever up. I put a pillow long ways under my feet. I put a pillow under each thigh. I put a pillow sideways under each are along the arms of the recliner.

then I put a bed sheet and thin blanket over me. The I put a pillow on my lap and rest my laptop on top of it. I a, also sitting in front of a 50" big screen with an end table on my left side and every thing I need (remote, juice cup, pad and pen for tracking meds, my laptop, my cell phone, and back scratcher and small fan). I have been using the back scratcher to reach thing so I don't have to keep getting up. I take the long back scratcher and reach and pull things closer to me. My daughter just cracks up but hey, its working. I am also using the back scratcher to scratch my back and even scratch my legs and feet.


I have a 12 year old daughter and a 16 year old son and I am delegating all the housework to them. Prior to surgery I made a chore list and instruction for everything just incase they "claim" they can remember! So I have not done any house cleaning...HEHEHEHE!

I want to thank all of you for putting up with my complaining yesterday an appreciate all of the advise and well wishes that I received,

Today has been a little rough so far. For starters...

Today has been a little rough so far. For starters I woke up very nauseous about 6am and have no idea why. I got up to get water and I guess I moved too fast cause I felt a sharp pain under my right arm pit on my incision....OUCH! This right side has been giving me issues since the day after surgery. The PS used dissolvable stitches and then covered them in glue and on the side the glue kinda came up a little so now I can feel the end of the stitches hanging out. So every time I move that side pulls a little and actually burns. I thought to myself, "please don't let my incision be open". I took a pic of it with my phone and it doesn't look open, just hurts like a son of B&$#@! So when I got up to get water I was really dizzy and actually had to hold onto the wall for a minute. I have no idea why I feel so horrible today 6 days out because I thought by now I would be feeling better. I got back in the recliner and went back to sleep and woke back up at 10am to the sound of my teenager arguing....UGH! So instantly I had to declare my self well and get into mommy mode before these kids tear up my house! I got up and simmered down the fight in my Madea voice and told them to sit their asses down some damn wear and I didn't even notice that I was raising my voice until I got nauseous again and then I started feeling my boobs get real tight, hot and hard an then I knew I had to shut up and sit down. I had my daughter get me two ice packs. I went to the bathroom and then took my surgical bra off because I was so swollen so fast that the bra was way too tight. I got in the recliner and applied the ice packs under the front part of my boobs and then two around the sides. I still think that If I had drains that I wouldn't have so much swelling, but im no doctor.

My boobs are hot to the touch even after I take the ice packs off.

I am so looking forward to my first post op appointment so she can tell me if my stitches are coming apart on this right side.

Also something I forgot to bring up and I am not sir if anybody else has experienced this. In the front where she removed the most skin where the stiches are it feels like she stitches me so freaking tight that I cannot stand completely upright because my boobs are stitches down onto the top of my stomach. I notice yesterday when I was trying to stand straight up in the mirror that its pulling so that I have to stand and walk kinda hunched over. I am hoping that once the glue comes off that I will have more room there. If not I wonder how I will ever be able to stretch that part out so I can stand up straight. every time I try to take a real big breath I can feel the glue and stitches pulling.

Because of the stitches and glue mishap on the right side, it hurts to have the surgical bra or sports bra on because the band sits right on top of that area. So for the last two night, when I go to sleep I wrap the ace wrap around me and it feels better than having the bra band dig into the stitch.

God thing is that burning itch that I had along the incisions is letting up considerably. And I slept pretty good last night. I have never watched so much tv in my life. And for the next few days the weather here will be in the low 60's and 70's and her I am stuck in the house....grrrrr

So basically I am bored but this surgery and outcome is going to well worth it.

My sleep pattern is all thrown off. I normally...

my sleep pattern is all thrown off. I normally work 8am to 4:30pm so I usually go to bed around 9:30pm. But since this surgery Monday I am sleeping at all kinds of weird hours. Since Tuesday I been waking up at 4am, eating a snack and taking meds and go pee, medicine kicks in literally 10 minutes later, sit back in the recliner and try to relax and watch tv, 20 minutes later doze off, wake up again 3 hours later in pain and repeat. I feel like I have jet lag. now I am up applying ice packs and listening to my daughter snore. She has been so sweet dragging her mattress downstairs every night to sleep near me in case I need something and cant get up. This week my kids were on spring break and tomorrow they go back to school so I will have to get up and get my own stuff now. But tomorrow is an exciting day because I have my first post op appointment and get to see the nipple grafts and ask my PS some questions about the surgery and the problems I have had this week. This process is comical. First we are all on this site waiting our turn for the surgery and reading every review we can. Then our final few days of countdown til our surgery and we frantically ask as many questions on the site as we can to be ready. then surgery day we are on the site early in the morning seeing all the good luck messages and smiling cause our realself family is rooting us on. Then surgery happens and you wake up in pain but happy and cannot wait to update the realself world. Then you go home and try to heal and then start counting down to you first post op appt. I love you realself girls to death because we only see each other from the neck to the groin (no face shots) and we know more about each others bodies than some of our own family members by the time you have your surgery. I have never looked at so many boobs in my So I am raising my apple juice glass and taking a oxycodone, Benadryl, and Colace pill.......HERE'S TO ALL YOU REALSELF LADIES, MAY WE ALL HAVE THE MOST PERFECT RESULTS AND MINIMAL PAIN AND END UP WITH THE MOST PERKY TITS IN THE (guzzling my apple juice) LOL

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask a questions. for the past...

oh yeah, I forgot to ask a questions. for the past couple of hours I have had this overwhelming dizzy feeling that is throwing me for a loop and I wonder if anybody else has thisl Ok, let me describe it: Imagine you are filling your washing machine with water and soap to wash clothes and the moment happens when there is enough water the agitator starts to shimmy back and forth....that's what I feel like I am doing and I am not moving. Then it changes to like somebody has me in a chair spinning me really fast In a chair and doesn't stop even when I close my eyes. I have had that feeling for the last 25 minutes non stop. What the heck could this be? The medicine?

OMG, these zingers are driving me insane. I have...

OMG, these zingers are driving me insane. I have been trying to sleep since 2am and its not 6am. These dang zingers feel like.......little. electric vibrations crossed with little things crawling then hot then cold then tingling along with extreme nausea and dizziness and then feels like somebody is kneading my boobs to make biscuits.....LORD HAVE MERCY ON ME PLEASE! I have tried ice packs, more pain meds, rocking back and forth, watching no ore tv, praying, took off the surgical bra, put on a sports bra, went bras less and let air hit them, put the surgical bra back on........UGHHHHHHH! Ok, ignore my rants sorry for

First Post Op Appointment Today! Today was rough...

First Post Op Appointment Today!
Today was rough. I didn't get any sleep last night because of the horrible zinger session. I didn't asleep until 5am and then had to get my kids up for school at 6:30am, so it wasn't worth going to sleep. As soon as I got them out the door I set my alarm for noon and went back to sleep. Got up at noon, ate something, sponge bathed, and waiting for my mother to pick me up. I had my ice packs ready and was going to take an oxycodone as soon as we got in the car because I was already in pain and I knew the stitches would hurt coming out. I also had a pillow between me and the seatbelt.
When the PS started snipping off the gauze that was stitched around the nipple I she asked me if I could feel anything. When I told her I never lost sensation she had a shocked look on her face, like "Yeah Right". When I started flinching every time she snipped, tugged, and pulled she said, "Wow, you do have full sensation, that's amazing"!
Some of the sections she was snipping had grown into my skin and she had to yank it through the skin. and a couple of spots the stitch was too far imbedded and she said she would leave it there and let it works its way out.
Even with the oxycodone I was in so much pain that I was in tears and her nurse had to squeeze my hands to keep me on the table! Each time she snipped she would say, "oh sweetie i'm so sorry"! WHEW LAWD.....SO PAINFUL!
After she got the stitches out around the nipples she had to work to get the other stitch points out at the T-junctions and the far sides under the arm pits and the two spots in the center of my boobs. all of which were stuck and imbedded under some glue and she literally pulled some glue up and cut those stitches......OUCH!
By then several spots were bleeding and raw. she put bacitracin ointment on me and covered those spots in gauze pads. The she saw me putting on my surgical bra and noticed the band of the bra was digging in on those spots so she gave another surgical bra 2 band sizes bigger so I wouldn't be uncomfortable. Thanks goodness for that because it did feel better. The gave me my next appointment date, gave me two ice packs and I was out the door.

Then I had to go to the bank to get money and then to Walmart to get more groceries. I had already made a list of what I needed so the trip would be quick. Because I had took that oxycodone I was so dang high that I couldn't walk straight so I had to get in one of those motorized shopping carts and boy did I feel so helpless! We got the shopping done and I felt stupid letting me mother put all of the items up on the belt but I could lift anything and she didn't want me to lift anything either. We stopped at KFC to pick up chicken for dinner because my kids had already called me an hour before letting me know they were home from school and I knew I could cook for them. When I got home they were waiting on the porch to get all the groceries in and even had all their chores done. WONDERFUL!!!!!!
I hugged my mom and she left. I went in the house, changes my clothes, got more icepacks, fixed a plate, ate it and took a quick nap. Whew, what a day.
She told me she took out:
Right breast 1591 grams
Left breast 1820 grams
3411 grams
to calculate the total weight removed:
3411 + 3400= 6811 x 22= 149842 / by 2= 7.4921 7.49 pounds removed!
She said it was ok to shower. ok to use Neosporin on any open or bleeding spots, waiting until all glue comes before putting on scar gels or massage oils. Glue should come off after several showers. Ok to wear sports bras. ok to use Vaseline. She also told me that the nipple grafts was start to shed some and it will be pink underneath and then gradually darken over time. She said the nipples will be hard and dry for a while.
I am please with the results so far. I am glad I didn't lose sensation in my nipples. I am even more motivated to lose the rest of my weight as soon as I am cleared to hit up the gym. So looking forward to this summer.
I will upload the new pics shortly.
I hope everybody who had surgery or had post appointments, that it went well.

Today has been a lazy day for me. I am just so...

Today has been a lazy day for me. I am just so exhausted and cant seem to get enough sleep. The good thing is my pain is getting less intense and I can go longer without pain meds. But when I need pain meds I take them. Took my first shower today and it felt GREAT! I did get dizzy though. Before hand I put a towel on the toilet seat so I could sit down to dry off and not have to bend over or risk passing out. Washing up and drying off was challenging with limited range of motion in my arms. My right side seems more restricted than the left side and I think that has something to do with my right side being stitched too tight which will explain that side when the stitches popped loose. Right side hurts like the dickens!! After I got dried off I used the blow dryer on the cool setting to make sure my incisions were good and dry. All my incisions were kinda of raw feeling o I put a nice layer of bacitracin ointment all over, covered my boobs in gauze and put my surgical bra back on. Got dressed in some lounge clothes, fixed me some oatmeal and got in my recliner with fresh icepacks to soothe the slight burn from the shower.

The glue didn't come off but the water kinda loosened it just a tad. By no means is it ready to come off though.

When I was preparing for the shower and took the gauze off from yesterday I notice some of the tissue from the nipples and incisions kinda came off. Nothing bled though. The edges around the nipple are really hard, rough and scratchy. The middle part of the nipple is really soft but kinda wrinkly and pliable like when your kids have peels on the bottom of their feet from a long bath. So, I am assuming that is going to come off and just be pink underneath.

I am just taking advantage of feeling better and RESTING!!!!!

I ran out of gauze pads, milk and bread and had to...

I ran out of gauze pads, milk and bread and had to venture out to the store. I was a little scred though just thinking of all the what ifs. what if I have an accident and my boobies get smashed. what if someone bumps into me in the grocery store. what if I faint. what if my car breaks down and I have to walk back carrying groceries of which I am not supposed to lift more than 5 pounds, what if what if what if.....LMAO! How crazy is that. Well anyway, I slipped into a knit running suit, grabbed my keys, wallet and phone and me and my daughter hit the store. I made sure I took a pillow with me to put in front of the seatbelt. It was about 79 degrees today and just beautiful out! BUT as soon as the nice breeze hit me I had instant nipple freeze and my boobs got hard! UGH! By the time I had got the 10 minute drive I was shifting hands driving so I could take turns holding my boobs and rubbing them a little. It was almost like I was trying to shh a winning baby. We got to the grocery store and I instinctively grabbed a shopping cart and started to push it and realized how heavy it was to push. Wow, did know it takes that many muscles to push a cart so my daughter pushed it. Then it happened again, nipple freeze and getting hard. My knit suit had two high pockets in the jacket so I was able to kinda cradle my boobs through those pockets without being noticeable in publis. Wow, how embarrassing is this. My daughter looked at me and said, "Mama are you ok? you need to sit down?" I must have looked gray because as soon as she said that a huge wave of nausea hit me and I had chills and got kinda woozy. I held onto the cart for a minute and decided to lean on the cart a little so I would pass out. My daughter is so smart because she said, "mama leaning on the cart and I will pull it, ok?" we got the few items and went to the check out. and then that wave of nausea and wooziness hit me again as we got to the belt. I actually laid my head down on the cart and thought I would puke. The cashier ask my daughter if I was ok and she said, yeah, my mama had surgery and she don't feel good. and at that time the manager of the store was bagging groceries in our lane. He asked what kind of surgery I had and when I told him hi said, "oh, my wife had that surgery last week, you poor thing, you're out here shopping. He then asked the cashier to step back, pulled out his override key and voided my order and told me my purchase tonight was on him and for me to get home in bed! HOW SWEET IS THAT?!?!?!?!

When I got back to my car I was afraid I wouldn't be able to drive back but I did. As soon as I got home I went to the recliner and laid back and took a nap. Now I am up and have the WORST rib pain. Its so bad that I had to unhook my surgical bra because of the pressure on that spot. I have several icepacks going.

To continue on to Part 2 of my Breast Reduction journey, please click here.

This nausea and fatigue is getting to me. I have...

This nausea and fatigue is getting to me. I have absolutely no energy and feel sick all day long. I also have chills. Really weird. I have decided that I am not taking anymore pain medicine other than Tylenol. the only pain I really have is the incision lines are tender and really itchy because they are healing. And my surgical bras and sports bra were all digging into the incision because of the seams on the bras. Last night was tough because no matter how much padding I put un the bra, it was still digging in and making me want to scream. I went to Walmart today and picked up a Danksin seamless sports bra. It was a two pack for only $9.94! Can you believe that?!?!?!?! No $50-$65, plus shipping and handling, allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.....LOL

Sorry, couldn't resist that. It felt really good to get 2 bras for less than $20. And while I was out today I noticed that I felt really light on my feet. No more leaning forward. No more readjusting my boobs in my bra because one boob fell out or to the side. My new boobs are super perky and don't bounce or move. I will say that these boobs have a mind of their own and do what they want. Without warning they get hard, hot, swell, zing, pop, and ping and I can do nothing but rub them and try to quiet them down...LOL Sounds like a newborn that starts screaming while you are in the checkout line and they need to eat NOW! As soon as I walked in the door I took off that surgical bra and put on the new one and it felt great! No digging on the incisions, super stretchy, soft material and didn't even need to add gauze pads under incision lines as cushion. I think I will stick with this brand for a while. And they had several different styles for this brand. I will get some pics posted of it later. Oh, and I did pick up some chewable nausea pills. Let you kn

4 month post op (see part 2)

See part 2

six months

what a difference

Feel great

It has been 9 months since my reduction and i feel great. No more back pain, close fit better, boobs are a perfect tear drop shape. Only drawbacks are my boobs are still numb, my nipples didnt regain original color, i have alot of scarring underneath, still hurts to sleep on my stomach, and skin is constantly dry. But i wouldnt change a thing. I feel so much better. Still cant believe my boobs were that huge. Still only wear genie bras because they are so comfortable and regular bras hurt.underneath.


I had my surgery 1 year ago and it has changed my life. For years i had big boobs that irritated me, constant back pain, and hated my appearance. my back pain is gone!!! My nipples are not the same anymore but that is ok. My breast skin is a lot drier but nothing Vaseline or lotion cant fix. i no longer have to buy huge expensive bras. now i have a drawer full of sports bras that are all under $10. My only problem is my scars under my breasts seem to be stretching a little and two weeks ago i had a spitting stitch coming out that i had to clip. other than that, i wouldn't change a thing. life changing. i feel so much better and no longer walk hunched over. my posture is so much better and i can wear strapless dresses and shirts without shame!!!!

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