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I'm a 40 yr old single mom of one that has known I...

I'm a 40 yr old single mom of one that has known I needed a reduction since I was about 25. I've always been large busted since I was 12 but after having my son at 22 they really got GINORMOUS. I'm currently a 42GG (J cup in US size) and my surgeon said I would likely go down to DD or D which is perfectly fine. I just want to go into a store, any store and buy a bra without having to wait for an online sale ($50 instead of $75+) of the dozen or so bras that come in my size and pay for shipping on top of that.

I also have scoliosis which is a curvature of the spine-50 degree curve at the top and 39 degree curve toward the bottom so my spine x-ray looks like an S. Between the curvy spine and weight of my very dense, heavy breasts it's a wonder I've been able to stand upright this long! I can't take it anymore, I'm tired and in pain all the time, have been in physical therapy for back pain but my breasts get it the way of most exercises. I'm uncomfortable going to a gym because there are no sports bras that completely support me. Overall I'm just ready to get this done. I'm nervous but my PS came highly recommended and I've seen her work so I have faith I'm in good hands.

I'm an introvert and wasn't going to post anything even though I've been religiously reading these reviews for weeks now. I've decided that it wasn't fair for me to benefit from all of the insight I've gained without sharing my story too. I only have two more days until the big change! Hopefully work, errands, and house cleaning will keep me occupied so I'm not completely freaking out. I promise to add photos soon ladies!

Night before surgery photos

I'm nervous, super tired from stress and probably should not have worked a full day. I have a tendency to internalize stress so my body is shutting down. I'm ready to get to the other side and post recovery pics!

1 day post op success

Happy to report all went well yesterday. It took about 3.5 hours, and Dr. Grasse removed a total of 3.5 lbs. My right is bigger than left but hopefully that's just swelling. I think the Dr will make rounds around 8 am. She left drains in but the nurse is going to pull them out in a few minutes. I feel much better than I thought I would so soon afterwards. Be back soon!

feeling better than expected 1 day post op

I can't say how shocked I Ann that I'm not completely out of it so soon after surgery. And I have a correction to my earlier post, I had almost 3lbs removed from each breast, a total of 5.5 lbs. So happy about that! I'm receiving a little discomfort from the itchy surgical bra but it's not too terrible. Best wishes you those of you still waiting, hopefully yours will go as well as mine has so far.

day 2 post op

So far so good! sleeping on my back last night was not fun woke up very sore. I found it taking Naproxen this afternoon really helped and I think I don't have to take the narcotic pain meds anymore, we'll see how tonight goes. overall I'm just trying to take it very easy and just walk around the house every hour. my mom and teenager are doing the best they can to help out.

Day 8 post op

I've been delayed in posting my day 8 update due to battling a very bad head cold. Starting to think it's a modified flu (I had flu shot back in October). Anyway, I'm doing great ladies! Saw Dr. Grasse on 3/6, 8th day after surgery. She said everything looked fine but wants to see me back sooner in 2 weeks since I had such a large reduction. She replaced a couple of steri strips, said I was wearing a proper bra (fruit of loom front hook cotton sports bra Walmart $9.94!!!) I'm still impressed and satisfied with the results, no major issues or pain. I can't express enough that Dr. Grasse was the right surgeon for me. She worked wonders! Starting to get a few zingers but not many, I have full feeling in the right breast/nipple but not in the left...yet. I'm not worried, praying it will return eventually. If not, one is better than none. Good luck to everyone still waiting and best wishes to those in recovery with me!

still healing

It's day 13 post op and I think everything looks good. The are a couple of open sore spots under my breasts that I plan to re-cover with steri strips tonight. The original under boob steri strips were disintegrating, stinky so I helped them finish coming off last night. I probably shouldn't have but I really think they were ready. I'm definitely more itchy lately but not too awful. I have been able to sleep on my sides for several days now, each day I feel more comfy. I think the swelling is going down too. Best to all of you girls!

Tired and Achy

I dare say I feel worse now than the first few days after surgery. I'm super tired after basic activities (light housework, grocery shopping) and achy all over. I'm concerned about the "anchor" wounds and regret helping the under boob steri strips off. I will try to see if I can get my PS appt moved up from Thursday. I did have a terrible cold last week that took about 5 days to fight off so maybe it's the residual effects of that. I hope I don't have an infection brewing. Anybody else feel super tired after 2.5 weeks? Any advice on how long this exhaustion lasts, things to do to help feel energized? Thankfully I still have 3.5 weeks off from work...I wouldn't be able to make it thru a 8 hour day without taking several breaks!
Dr. Grasse

Dr. Elizabeth Grasse is highly skilled, compassionate. I was referred to her by another satisfied reduction patient. I'm so happy I found her. She is professional and thoroughly knows her subject matter. I was concerned before my initial visit that the office would be a bit pretentious given the location but everyone was very nice. Highly recommend to anyone within a 1 state radius.

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