Started out rocky, finally looks beautiful!

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Dr. Eppley was running a special $4000 for total...

Dr. Eppley was running a special $4000 for total procedure. I've been thinking about getting a BA for years now. I'm 25, and finishing my final semester for my bachelors degree. I'm 5'6" and 135 lbs., size 34B but I don't quite fill it out. After having my son and breast feeding for 8 months, my breasts have lost their only redeeming quality which was their perkiness. I also gained some lovely stretch marks on my breasts and having been derma rolling to try to get rid of. I'm planning to do 500cc but I am worried they may be slightly too large, at the same time I hear a lot of women say they wish they went a little bigger so hopefully my end result will be perfect.

wish pics

Looking at some wish pics

Post op!

I had my surgery today! Everything went well my results already look amazing! The only problem is that I'm in a lot of pain ????way more than I expected. I also feel really irritated, complainy and bitchy. I think it's bc I'm in pain but I hate my attitude and there's pretty much nothing I can do about it except acknowledge it and apologize (sorry fiancé ????). I hope this pain subsides soon I'm on Vicodin and I still am on the verge of crying, I dunno how I will sleep. Other than that my boobs are amazing!


Day 1 - Post Op

Got a nice nap today, pain is a little bit better tho I'm still taking Vicodin every 4-6 hours. I can tell my breasts are more swollen but the nurse said they may be more swollen tomorrow and start going down by Sunday evening. I'm sad bc I feel like I can't be a mom right now I'm just resting doing nothing while my 22 month old is at the baby sitter and my fiancé is working. I hate feeling so useless! I want this recovery to go as quickly as possible it's so annoying...

Day 2 - morning

Woke up feeling pretty good today! I didn't take any Vicodin after I went to bed last night so I feel much more energized today! Pain is down to a 2 or 3 today. I took some ibuprofen around 2 am and slept until 8:30 am. Getting up and moving around in the morning is definitely a task. I woke up and had my fiancé bring me ice packs and I iced them down for about 10 minutes then I massaged them with this snake fat/menthol/camphor cream and after that I did some stretches. I'm still not ready to drive/work yet but it is Saturday so I think by Monday I will be fine.

Day 2 pic

Day 4

Went to school today :) I'm super tired now watching dancing with the stars, pain is bearable and I'm cutting down on Vicodin and Tylenol. I have some light bruising that is showing up but it's not bad at all :) love my new boobs!

Day 5

I tried on some bras today but only one looked good. I guess I'm a 34DD! Wow, perfect, I love it. The only 34DD I could find was on clearance for $4 ...score!!! I can't wear it yet bc it has a wire :(


I went to my post op visit on Friday, everything looks good, no issues. I bought a new sports bra at old navy today it looks so cute! I'll add a pic. I have been sleeping on my back and sides with no problem though it does feel a teensy bit strange. So far I love my boobs I feel complete now and I'm so excited to get back to my old self and get all healed up. It was definitely worth the money and time ???? I'm so happy!!! Dr. Eppley is awesome, I would absolutely recommend him.

Oh yeah...

I asked my doctor about frankenboob lol. I am SO GLAD I don't have frankenboob bc I think like half of the reviews on here have it. My doctor said its because when you're laying flat on the operating table with ur arms out ur breasts tend to be higher up so a good plastic surgeon will account for this by placing the implants lower. I'm glad my doctor is one of the skilled ones :] I think it is really important who you choose.


I noticed my right armpit incision has lost a few stitches in the middle and is slightly open but not bad bc it's already been healing for 10 days or so before this happened. They are dissolvable stitches so I figured this would happen but it seems a little early. Oh btw, having these incisions sucks! At least it's fall and I can cover up but it's soooo hard to shave and I feel like my armpits smell bad haha. I don't want to wear a ton of deodorant bc I feel like it's getting into my incisions. This is probably the worst part of the whole thing. Anyway, today I bought some manuka honey which is know for it's healing and antiseptic properties. I smothered my incisions with it after I took a shower tonight. I'm going to put it on everyday bc I've heard it heals wounds and ulcers, ever stomach ulcers if you eat it. I'll update as I see any changes.

Day 12


Can't tell much difference though my incisions are obviously healing. Not infected at all and I've been putting manuka honey on my cuts morning and night, so it's definitely not hurting anything, I'm hoping it will make my incisions heal more invisibly, so far I can't tell, I'm holding out hope though :)

Realself FAIL.

Realself, you need to work on your mobile site bc I couldn't even view my own picture correctly so I tried to crop it and that was a fail. Now I don't have an original picture of my incision on my right arm that I was using to compare before and afters. Ugh, you guys fail.


I took my measurements today, 35-26-38 :/ I was hoping to be more like 38-26-38 but if I wear a padded bra I guess that would make it different, I think I'm going to need to get some good bras bc I want to have more cleavage and although my boobs are bigger they don't have natural cleavage. I think I'm getting boob envy, wish I had done 550 or 600cc but that being said, I still love my results and I'm so happy. I think 10 years out I will def. have them replaced with bigger silicone, for now I am good where I'm at, I hope I get some of the drop and fluff.


Ok I guess my boobs were going through a weird healing phase, but I LOVE them now. They look better all the time and are getting much softer :) I'm so happy I did this! Thanks again to my amazing surgeon. I went to a party over the weekend and all the girls wanted to touch my boobs lollll, my friend wants to get hers done now so I gave her my Dr.Eppleys information. I definitely recommend him, great work!

Left dropped

My left breast feels soft and fluffy but the right is being stubborn! I've realized it's bc my chest muscle is still really tight on my right non dominant arm. I do much more with my left like lifting and reaching for things so now my right is still tight. I've basically been stretching that arm back a few times a day trying to get a full range of motion and it's helping

Picture update!

Uneven :( wish the right would drop it feels harder too, hurry up!


I can't not wear a bra now I'm kind of pissed. My boobs look weird wearing a tshirt without a bra!! U can tell one is high and one is low. I'm stretching and massaging. This better even out soon!!!! ???? it's embarrassing. I'm getting worried bc it seems tighter and higher than the first day post op.


Merry Christmas! So I massaged the crap out of my right breast and it actually looks a bit better today. They still look uneven but slightly better, my friend had her breasts done twice I sent her a picture and she put my mind at ease. She said that it's normal and the right one will drop down and soften up probably I'm the next couple weeks. Thank god for friends bc it's not like I could call my plastic surgeon on Christmas. Anyway, I think the right will drop and fluff out but I'm very impatient!

Pictures & progression

Dec 26th

I'm trying not to worry or look at my boobs lol. They seem to be improving slightly...


So even tho my breasts are trying to even out still I decided to go bra shopping. I was sized at 32 DD at Victoria's Secret and I got 2 light push up bras. My boobs look amazing and nice and even in these bras!!! Both of them are in the same location, I guess that is why Victoria's Secret is popular, I still need a good bra as much as I wish I didn't have to wear one.


Met with my PS today, Dr. Eppley. So the news is in, I need to have a small procedure to lower the right pocket. ???? I'm not happy with this at all. I'm going to have to have another incision under my right breast. Not cool, if I was more aware of this, I would have chosen that location to begin with!!!! I only chose the arm pit incision bc my doctor recommended it. I do not want to pay a dime for this procedure, it is unclear to me why this happened though it could be surgeon error or just uneven healing. Just upsetting, no one wants to have another procedure when it should have been done right the first time.

Other thought...

$4000 is a big chunk of change. I paid for a specific outcome and I don't think it's fair to pay for a revision. I think this is a scam I don't like it, I do not recommend dr. Eppley. I will ask him for statistics next time I'm in the office, I want to know what percentage of his patients need revisions. That information would have been nice to know ahead of time! Ladies, before you get your boobs done, ask this question!!! If the doctor doesn't know then I would not go further until I get an exact percentage.

$900 revision

Got my quote on the revision. ???? pathetic. No spring break for me I guess. I feel scammed. Thanks Dr. Eppley. You will not be getting any recommendations from me.

Did the revision

So I'm 11 days out from my revision. Here's what they look like.


Absolutely pissed.

Learned to Accept the Asymmetry

The asymmetry is mild anymore but still annoying. I'm just too busy and I don't care to do more surgery right now. Maybe down the road it can be fixed. I wish they were a bit smaller now that I'm a little older. Overall, I like having these breasts over tiny A cups.

Looking pretty great!

My breasts have settled in and softened up, they are more round than I would've liked but overall they are great! Assymetry has disappeared!
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