22 Year Old, 5'6, Excited to Recieve Bigger Boobs!! (= - Carmel, IN

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I'm not insecure about my appearance, that is not...

I'm not insecure about my appearance, that is not why I am getting them done, I simply want them. I am a Small B and wish to be a small D. I'm extremely excited, yet nervous at the same time (= I have been reading up on reviews since I set up my operation March 13. Iv started preparing myself for that day. Eating clean and working out so I will be in shape and prepared for how I want to look once I get my boobs done.

Florida.. O_0

Crunch Time. HELP! I have planned a trip to Florida for the whole week I am off to heal and relax with some family. My original surgery date is Friday August 8. We plan to fly Sunday August 10. I’m half considering I try to up my surgery date to Thursday August 7 so that I have 4 days to essentially feel better by time I fly Sunday afternoon… any thoughts?

August 7

I called and changed my surgery, It is now August 7th at 8am.. I feel better knowing ill have an extra day to heal and get accustomed before my flight that Sunday.

What items should I buy?

I Officially have the money I need for surgery saved up!!!! YAYYY me! Now I just need to figure out what exactly I need to get for after I get my boobs??? Necessity's Vs. Luxury's, and how do I know what kin/size of sports bra to get for after???? Or should I wait until after I have my surgery to buy them??? Anyone have any suggestions/advice?


The guys in my bf's family are all telling me that I shouldn't do it. Along with some of my hooter girls who are in doubt. They say that no man wants a girl with fake boobs.... it kind of hurt my feelings and now im having second thoughts... Am I making a mistake?? But I really want them done... Has anyone else had this problem?? I don't feel like anyone will be able to tell after its all heeled and over with right??

here are my wish boobs

I'm still kinda freaking out on whether I'm making the right choice. But this what I want to achieve.


So I had to put off my boobs because of some car related issues but since then I have paid off my car, credit cards, and have started to save money again to get them done, I am so excited to finally get things rolling again. I have had all this time to search and I have decided I want bigger boobs than what I thought. go big or go home right? I don't want to get them and wish they were bigger. Only question now is what size and what type of implant... I have emailed my doctors office now all I have to do is wait it out. (-=


My new surgery date is set for May 1, 2015. My next Consultation is Feb 17. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I decided to go ahead and just do it, I am only letting a few select people in on what im doing, I do not need the negativity. I have to find someone who can help take care of me for the first week. I am saving up to do the Gummy Bears instead of Saline. I feel like they will turn out better in the end. People say they feel real and last longer. If I am going to pay the money I want them to look good and be good quality. (-= Until them its time to get back into the gym and eating healthy. wish me luck!


Im slightly freaking out because I need to decide on how many cc's I want. Im going with the gummy bear gel and its between 415 cc or 440cc. I don't want them to look to big and fake on me but I also don't want them to end up being really small? help ladies!

This is my size

415cc or 440?

3 more days!!!!

EEEKKKK 3 MORE DAYS UNTIL I HAVE NEW GIRLS!!!! My mom asks if I feel nervous yet and I can say I have not thought about it. I have kept myself busy, I am sure the morning of I will feel every bit of my nerves but until then Im just staying positive and thinking about how good they will look (-=

Before shot.

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