TT and Muscle Repair for Mom to 4 Grown Kids Suffering from Back Pain - Carmel, IN

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Mom to 22 yo triplets boys (c-sec) and 20 yo...

Mom to 22 yo triplets boys (c-sec) and 20 yo daughter. I've had significant lower back pain since the triplets were born and I'm hoping this procedure will provide some relief as it should improve support to my core. I've already gotten some great ideas here on prepping for surgery, but keep them coming! I'm thinking about doing the Exparel injection and would love feedback on that.

Surgery Day!

My TT with muscle repair was this morning, I also ended up with an umbilical hernia repair which I had thought would be the case. We live an hour away so I made it back home around 1:30. I ended up getting the Exparel injection and the nurses said it definitely the way to go even though it's a little expensive. Pain has been bearable and I've been taking meds every 4 hours (oxycodone). I start blood thinner injections tomorrow and I'm not look forward to that. I started to take pics but chickened out. Hope everyone is healing quickly!

Pain under ribs

I didn't take any before pics other than what was taken at the doc office and I'm regretting that now. The angle of my camera makes my belly button look off center but it's not. Constipation has set in despite colace, Miralax, and MOM. Most of my pain is under my breast bone where the muscles were repaired. I'm using lidocaine patches there since there are no open wounds and it does seem to help. I kind of wish I could fast forward a couple of weeks!

Doing well!

I'm a week out and I'm still trying to take it easy, I'm not in a hurry to get back to normal activities, but I am making sure to get up and move around the house. I'm still using pain meds, which is wreaking havoc on the intestines so it's time to move on to Tylenol. I could definitely tell when the Exparel stopped working around day 2-3 PO. I've made my husband do all of my Lovenox injections so far and Sunday is my last day. I also have 4 more days of Neurontin. I did a lot of research before surgery and knew my focus needed to be on my diet for good healing. I added 1000mg of vitamin C twice a day (Ester c) and a minimum of 60 grams of protein per day, that hasn't been easy and I'm thankful for protein shakes. I've also been trying to avoid lots of sodium and get a decent amount of berries, fruit and veggies. This isn't the time to be losing weight, we need calories to heal and the metabolism increases to heal the tissue. It hasn't been easy to keep calories up, but I keep reminding myself I want this incision to heal and all of the tissues to reattach in my abdomen. I had about a 5cm gap running the full length of my abs and an umbilical hernia. My husband asked Dr Turkle how many stitches she used and she said she does 2-3 sets of stitches to hold the muscle repair so it had to be hundreds. She showed me my before pics with the rolls of extra skin and I was thrilled with my progress so far, I will try to get a copy of the pics at my next visit.

My best purchase so far has been the large wedge pillow for my bed (7 inch elevation). If I had to do it over I would consider renting a medical lift chair, standing up after sitting or lying down is painful, but probably due to the extensive muscle repair. Dr Turkle does minimal lipo with the TT around the waist and in the mons area. Those areas are definitely tender, but I was able to sleep on my side last night for a little while. I gave up the binder early on and have been alternating between a long compression tank or high waisted spanx like shorts.

I start back working next week but I'm fortunate to work from home most days. I'm going to avoid sitting at my desk for more than an hour without getting up. I need to find a timer or something as a reminder.

Overall I'm thrilled with my results even though it's only been a week. I haven't had any lower back pain, which has been a chronic problem since I had the triplets 22 years ago. Even as I've lowered pain meds I haven't had any back issues so I'm feeling hopeful. I can't wait until I can stand up straight, I am getting closer. I almost think my lower abdomen looks more swollen due to my posture. My abdomen feels tight, but I don't think it's terribly swollen. Hope everyone else is healing well!

Making progress

Slowly getting back to normal, but still not much stamina. I'm trying to walk some everyday. I'm still having mild pain, but it's generally where the hernia and muscle repair was (which was a lot), sometimes use Tylenol if I do too much walking. I stopped wearing my binder around day 4 PO (surgeon was fine with it) and have only been wearing compression tanks and shorts/underwear. I need to practice with photos because even though I have mild swelling in the lower abs, I feel like it looks worse in the photos. I'm really happy with results so far, I won't be in a bikini ever, I knew we wouldn't get rid of all of the stretch marks (I carried 3 babies at once so I'm not complaining) and I have a scar on my upper abs from gallbladder surgery, but I feel so much more confident. I'm still kind of uncomfortable in jeans, even though my presurgery clothes are a little loose. I'm mostly in yoga pants or leggings still. I've got to find new tops, everything I own looks like a tent on me. I've been looking a little for professional clothing and haven't had much luck, I'm almost too curvy now! Hope everyone is healing well and if someone is considering surgery and has questions feel free to message me.

Pre-op photos

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