Birthday Gift to Self....Much Needed Reduction. Carmel, IN

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I'm a single mom with large breasts that won't...

I'm a single mom with large breasts that won't stop growing! After I had my son (14 years ago) they just get bigger and bigger and bigger. Before kid-> 34C; Now--> 38G/40DDD. Before and during my pregnancy I would get asked if they were fake....proud moment. Not so much. Gravity is no joke! And especially if you have dense breasts. I have neck and back pain and some serious indentations in my shoulders. My PS was even surprised by how deep they were.
So anyway, I've been thinking about getting a reduction for a while now. I have a few friends and my cousin who all say it was the best decision they ever made. So I'm going for it. I started researching and talked to my gynecologist and my primary care physician. They were both very supportive and did everything they could to provide the necessary documentation needed to provide to insurance. I was referred to a PS in my town, which there are very few of, by my primary care Dr. and also referred to another doctor in Indianapolis by my Gynecologist. I went to the local PS first. I really liked him. We scheduled my surgery and he had me meet with his assistant. I realized I forgot to ask for photos of past clients. So she brought TWO in for me to look at...let me just say I was HIGHLY unimpressed. I was actually concerned about his quality of work and worried that if I let him do the procedure I would end up disappointed and depressed. In both of the former patient photos the women were still pretty large afterwards and he cut so far up on the inside and outside there would be no way to wear a swimsuit EVER without scars showing!! I had some additional research done and found out this doctor, who is affilated with the hospital, was NOT Board Certified. I cancelled the surgery.
The PS that my gynecologist referred me to is very well known and does great work. He IS Board Certified. Unfortunately, he is out of network so I would have to pay out of pocket even though my insurance covers the surgery and he wouldn't even see me until my BMI was lower. Well the large breasts has been part of the problem with me losing weight. I can't do any cardio because they hurt too much. I was disappointed that I couldn't even see him before being told that. So I looked to see who was part of my insurance network and then researched everyone. I chose Dr. Barbara K. Siwy. I loved her from the minute I met her. She was awesome. Very straight to the point about how she works and what to expect. I loved and appreciated that. So I said yes to her as my PS. She is also going to do tumescent liposuction on my lateral, medial and inner thighs.
I'm exited to do this but anxious and scared at the same time. I saw her again and she said that based on the scale the insurance companies use, the Schnur sliding scale, they would have to take A LOT out! About 1.75lbs each breast. Based on her guesstimate she said that would put me at a low C or high B...the B and my body do NOT go together! I'll look like a pear! And if I am able to lose weight after the procedure I may end up flat chested! So while I'm happy to be doing this, I'm a bit stressed about it too!

3 Days Post Op

So far so good! My doctor was pretty excited about how much was removed from my chest AND my legs. I don't remember much of the conversation because the anesthesia had me in and out of consciousness. But I think she said I should be about a C cup---they look more like B's to me--and she took about 8lbs from my legs--WOW!
Today I have felt the most sore so far. Partially because I started my period today and I get strong cramps. I have to say I'm glad I did this just before my period because my breasts swell a lot just before my cycle and I just kept thinking that my sutures would tear apart if I had done this earlier. So basically I had the surgery while they were already swollen.
They aren't real pretty right now. But I have to say I have no regrets! I feel like a very literal large weight was lifted!!
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