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Tomorrow is the big day! I have always been heavy...

Tomorrow is the big day! I have always been heavy on top, however since a recent car accident, I have been in severe pain. Being larger chested also makes you appear larger and I'm tired of being self conscious. It affects my day to day life and I believe hinders my career path!

I am ready for my procedure so I can become a new me. Correction, a better me!


Today was truly amazing and emotional. The procedure was a success. Though there are swelling and a lot of pain, I believe they meet my desired results. I was prescribed pain meds which truly helps, but as they wear off, I quickly pop a pill. I was provided a compression bar and wrapped up with gauze. I can feel the pan in the incision lines and in the overall breast. The overall painful part was the breathing tube. It gives you a sore throat but nothing unmanageable.

The nurses and staff at the Carmel Surgery center were amazing. Very caring and informative. I felt taken care of eased any concerns.

24 hours Post Op

24 hours since surgery and I'm in pain. Currently, I am taking oxycodon for pain and an antiflammatory pill. Took my first shower today and wasn't bad. I wanted to put a bra back on immediately because they hurt just sitting on their on.

I have been laying on the couch and have difficulty moving around. Walking isn't bad just getting up and down is a struggle.

It's a big difference but I am very pleased . No regrets at all!

Loving the Results!

Day 3 is looks amazing and pain is very reasonable. I am feeling a lot of swelling in my left boob and noticed a good amount of bruises. My main issue now is with constipation. I had a very minimal bowel movement this morning but nothing sense the day before the op. I have had very minimal bleeding and no puss.

My first check up is in morning so I'm excited to hear what she thinks. For the most part, it has been a good experience.

One Week Update- Excited W/ No Regrets!

After one week, I'm feeling great! I had to get off the pain medication because of the side effects. My left side still feel more swollen but other than that i feel great.

I am noticing that my nipples have a lot more sensation, which is a good thing, but will take some getting used to!

Very excited with no regrets!
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Friendly and informative so far. I had to see her twice since the quote from my first consultation expired. Each time she was personable and listened to my concerns and desired results.Will know more after surgery!

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