26 Yr old On a Journey For PERFECT TEETH - Carmel, IN

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I've always had horrible teeth, but growing up my...

I've always had horrible teeth, but growing up my parents weren't really in a good financial position to buy the me braces. But now I'm grown with incredible insurance! will be starting my treatment this coming Thursday (6/16/16) Well if you count getting the spacers installed as the beginning. A week after I will be having my brackets put on! I'm really excited to get the ball rolling. I initially set out to get invisalign, but after searching several reviews (a lot of reviews which were on this site) I decided my case may be a little too complex to leave it up to plastic and computer predictions. But I'm really excited and will be documenting my journey the whole way. Pics coming soon!

Before pics

Just some pictures before the treatment just to give you guys an idea of what I have to work with.

More pics(I forgot a little bit)

So in addition to braces I will have to get a dental implant, but that won't happen until I'm nearing the end of treatment.

Update! S P A C E R S (8) and Molds

So today I got my spacers. I'm pretty stoked them. I've read so many reviews here that I thought the standard was to get 4 spacers installed but after I had the molds of my mouth taken the Dentist told me I would be getting 8! Which is no big deal I guess, they warned me that I may experience some pain tomorrow but as the day goes on I don't think I will (granted ive been taking tylenol every 2hrs, you know just incase lol). I think more than anything it will be irritating rather than painful, but Yeaa spacers and molds Definitely Pumped (lame I know).

Pictures of Spacers..

You forgot to add these ,????

Just a Little Update

Well 2 of the 8 spacers broke. Which I mean I'm not too worried about, but still worries me. I've followed the instructions of the Ortho which was to not eat any hard, crunchy foods (common sense really) but the day I left the office one of the bottom right ones were already threading . But ironically that's not one of the ones that broke. I'm hoping this doesn't slow down this process.


On the 23rd I got my braces (Woooo-Yeeeaaa!), It took about 2 hours to get them installed. My back molars were still pretty close together even the sides of my mouth that had the spacers in tact the whole week. So after trying to jam the molar bands on for about an hour. The Dental assistant that I was working with just decided to leave one molar band on and re-installed the spacers in between the rest of my molars, they even installed some metal spacer thing in one space (sorry I don't know the technical term it literally looked like they took a paper clip coiled it up and stuck it between my teeth). Even though it took forever to get them installed I'm glad that the process is finally started! Pics coming soon!

Los Dientes !!!

Day 1 to WK3 results

Heres just a visual to see whats been changing these past weeks. Keep in mind I still have only partial braces installed due to need of more spacing between my molars and wisdom teeth that I have.
*Side note if I would have known that having my wisdoms in would have slowed the process i would've had them pulled way before now but. All the dentist and orthos said that it wouldn't complicate or slow anything down, They Lied.

Hitting the Month Mark!

Not really many changes i see here. Some of my friends say they can tell and some say they can't. I'll let you guys decide

3 months in

So I'm in my 3rd month of braces! Things seems to be moving quick. Some issues I see arising but I won't bother to ponder to hard on those things.

Dude where's my diastema

Nothing major here just an update since its been so long . My Gap is pretty much gone but i still have some spaces to close.
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