44 Y/o Mommy Makeover Countdown After 80 Pound Weight Loss - Carmel, IN

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First consultation is in 5 days. So nervous!! So...

First consultation is in 5 days. So nervous!! So many emotions coming at me right now.. Guilt for spending the $$, excitement to finally get rid of this gross hanging skin, and soo soo nervous!! Never dreamed that I would be scheduling plastic surgery. Currently 5'4" 150#. Would like to lose 10 more prior to surgery.


Consultation over... Surgery is scheduled for Sept 29th... It's getting real:-)


Ok, I have 52 days to get ready for this! Weight is at 148, slow going!! Starting to panic today for some reason. Does anyone have a list of the items that were helpful as far as showering, sleeping, toileting, pain, scar treatment, etc. and also a list of anything that was a waste of $$? Also, any helpful nutritional tips pre and post op for healing? Thanks for any help!

27 days to go

Just a little progress in the weight goal.. At 146 right now with under 4 weeks to go.. Trying to get in the best shape I can prior to surgery... Thanks so much to everyone's stories.. They are helping me prepare mentally for this????. Pics look a little better until I pull this stupid skin out.. Don't know how I allowed myself to feel bad about my body for so long????

Less than 2 weeks to go

I have to say, as excited as I have been to do this, I just wish the day was here already. It will be nice to be able to stop thinking and obsessing about it. Is it bad that I'm tired of thinking about it? Weight is still at 146.. Thinking that is where it's gonna stay????

9 days!!!!

9 days away!!! My mood goes from excited, to impatient, to terrified.. I'm all over the place.. These will be the last before pics I post.. Won't be losing any more weight... Didn't make it to my goal of 140# but I'm okay with that, I'm close.. I had to take my immunization record for my health screening for my new job today. It had my H&W from 1st-8th grade.. I weighed 120# by 6th grade and 141# by 8th grade!!! Food has always been my comfort/weakness... But the majority of my weight has been gone for 10 years, so I definitely feel ready to do this!! Time for some protein shakes and nutrition for healing:-)

5 days to go

Omg nerves!!!! Wish I could sleep through the next 4 days....


Scheduled to arrive at 5am, Surgery at 6am. Pretty much in a daze at this point...


Well, started my procedure 16 hours ago. Took approximately 4 hours. Everything went well. Pain is real, but not unbearable. So glad it's over, now time to re cooperate. Very sleepy as I'm typing so sorry for grammar. I was told that my skin that was removed weighed 4.5 pounds! I'll type more later, Gonna go back to sleep.

Post op day 1

Just a couple pics before I go back to sleep...

Post op day 1

Just a couple pics before I go back to sleep...

Better pics

2nd day post po

Wow, can't believe how good I am feeling. Thought it would be so much worse than this! So thankful. Tightness in chest, but not painful. Stomach hurts when transitioning from chair to standing, but that's getting better too. Hurts to cough. But really, just WOW

4 days post-op..

Last day that my hubby is staying home from work with me. But honestly, he's been busy outside and running back and forth to Lowes. Haven't needed much help these last 2 days. Feeling icky, want to stop the pain pills d/t constipation, but I'm too sore to stop them entirely. Finally had a bm yesterday, about 5 incidents of diarrhea. I had given myself 4 doses of milk of mag, and taken stool softeners and I was soooo miserable and swollen.. so 2 ex-lax did the job.. feel pretty good in the mornings, but the more I'm up and moving, I look pregnant I get so swollen.. used frozen peas on these crazy breasts and on my swollen mons. Lipo there is NO JOKE!! Overall, can tell I am going to be happy with results.. crazy that this is just day 4 post-op!

9 days post op

A few updates pics.. feeling great:-) Just have to remind myself Not to overdo, because that's when I swell like crazy in my lower abdomen and that's when things start to ache.. breasts are not settling in at the same time (go figure????) Still, extremely happy with results this early in. Wow, I REALLY need to do some squats when I am able.. ZERO butt going on ????. Have a blessed day everyone. Prayers and positive thoughts for all upcoming surgeries:-).

Not for the squeamish:-(

Looks like I am getting an infection on my areola and incision... will be calling my PS in the am:-( Things were going too well!!

Dr today

Ok, saw my PS today. Dr. Turkle is so good at explaining things and making me feel listened to. The redness was gone today, and the area that I thought was infected, just needs for me to stop putting bacitracin on it constantly so that it can dry up and eventually, the top layer will come off to reveal healthy tissue underneath... I am not a smoker, but have not had the best circulation to my breast, which can series cause this.. so, long story short, not infected, nothing major... will turn out ok in the end... I need to have patience:-)

Updated pics

Feeling pretty good:-) Trying to be patient. Lots of swelling once I'm up and moving around.. but I just remind myself to look at my before pics!! Can't say enough about Dr. Turkle.

Wound separation

Sorry for the icky photos... just want to be honest about what can happen:-( I started having stitches pop through my incision, with a little pus so my body must have been fighting off the "foreign bodies" in my system.. the glue must have dissolved at approximately the same time.. then 3 days ago, I began leaking ALOT of nasty smelly fluid out of the holes.. that was on Sunday.. called my PS as soon as they opened on Monday, and went straight in.. she cut on it a little to open it up, the tissue just did not have an adequate blood supply.. sooo, wet to dry dressings every 4 hours until it's cleaned out.. the smell is the smell of lymph drainage. (No infection, however, I started Bactrim to be on the safe side ) so I'm spraying a vinegar/water solution to help with the smell.. PS assures me that it will be ok, just gonna take longer to get to the end result.. I go back in 2 days and then again 3 days after that.. I had totally prepared myself for the pain, and not being able to do a lot for a few weeks.. I'm now at 5 weeks and I feel like I'm starting over, only worse:-( Anyways, I'm sure when this is all over, I'm gonna b thrilled with my results, but for those of you going in, prepare yourself for this, it can happen.. I'm not a smoker which can sometimes cause poor wound healing.. I only cried once for about 30 seconds for the first 4 1/2 weeks.... the last 3 days, I can't even tell you how much. Was so not mentally ready for this!! (And I'm a nurse. A psych nurse. I should have been all over the mental part of this)

Wound vac

Hello all. Well after pretty close to a nervous breakdown, I saw my surgeon again today. My incision continues to open and is getting wider. The dead tissue inside was making me nauseous. So she cut as much of the bad stuff out as she could, and suggested a wound vac. She was willing to go back to the Operating room and close me back up, but was worried that it would happen again and I would be devastated. So I'm trying to be patient and do it the smart way. She estimates that I'll wear it anywhere from 4-8 weeks.. (My poor husband!!) Waiting to hear on when it will be delivered so for now it's still saline dressings every 4 hours. Hoping insurance will pay for it, I've heard they are expensive to rent. Fingers crossed. Hope everyone is doing well.

Coming along

Just a quick update on the progress of my open incision.. it's only been 2 weeks since debridement and I am amazed at how well/quickly it is healing. Wet to dry dressing changes every 4 hours and LOTS of protein!! Decided against the wound vac for now because I am in the middle of switching insurance and those suckers are expensive! But in a much better place now that I can see how well it's healing. I'll get there. Love my surgeon. So compassionate! Will eventually need a scar revision but I'll cross that road when this is over:-)


It's been a little over a month since my incision started opening up. Tissue is all looking healthy. Just waiting for it to finish filling in to scar over. So thankful for a healthy body that can heal itself:-) I'm debating on whether I will have a scar revision since I'm sure it's not gonna look ideal. I'm thinking once it is closed up, I will not want to open it up for a revision. May change my mind once it's all over. Hugs to everybody:-)

Weekly update:-)

Better every day:-) Thankful ????

Still healing

Happy New Year ????!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful 2017!!! Quick update.. Still healing, surgeon has me using Sorbsan wound packing now. It's only once a day which is much more convenient... I feel like the healing has slowed waaaay down and am a bit impatient!! Would like to lose about 10 pounds, but have to make sure I am eating healthy to heal. That's it for now:-)

4 months later.....

It's finally healed/closed. I wasn't sure that I would want a revision once it finally healed, but I'm sure now. I know I have to wait a few months, but I'm excited to get this fixed. It's so very lumpy and bumpy. But so Thankful that it healed without further complications:-)

Revision scheduled

Revision is scheduled for May 15th. Doing it under local anesthetic..was told it should take about an hour... so ready:-)

Scar revision complete

On my way home from my revision. Excited to see how it looks when it heals :-) it's a little sore, nothing horrible. Glad it's over. Will post pics later

Revision pic

Completed revision this morning:-)
Scheduled with Turkle and Associates

Extremely professional up to this point, will update after consult:-)

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