34 Yrs Old Mum. 5ft3, 53kg. Currently 34b Hoping for a Full C-D Cup. 350cc Under

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I've been researching for breast augmentation for...

I've been researching for breast augmentation for almost 10 months. Im so hook on this site as I found so many useful reviews n different point of views in regards of the op. I have always been happy with my body shape (34c) until I had my son 9 years ago, after breastfeeding my breast had significantly shrunk n became saggy. I kept on asking myself "am I really that unhappy to the extend that I want to go under the knife?"..... When I found myself struggling to take my clothes off in front my current partner, I decided that I need to do something about it. I don't feel feminine, in fact I feel like a little boy! So I found a surgeon Dr m cooper base in Wales, had 2 consultations with him, which went smoothly. He is recommended by 4 of my friends that had the same surgery done with him in the past. He was very professional, explained all the procedures, risks, costs....etc on my first consultation. Then I went back on my second consultation to try on different sizer to decide what size I'm having. I use to be a 34c before I had my son n I'm hoping to get a full C or maximum a D CUP as a result. ( I don't want to look massive or out of porpotion with my tiny body frame) He then told me don't go with cup size, go with what I would like to see from the different sizers with a bra n a top on. I tried on 300cc to start with and thought it was a bit too small, then he gradually got me to try on 320cc, 350cc, 375cc and 400cc. Because I'm quite petite (5ft3) and I don't have a lot of breast tissue, he said I shouldn't go more than 400cc to avoid rippling n double bubble. I definitely didn't like the look of 400cc because it look ridiculously big on me (almost felt like I was gonna fall over with the projection) ....I finally settle with 350cc high profile colhensive silicone texture implant. I'm booked in for the surgery on the 14th November which is less than 2 weeks, I'm excited but I'm petrifying at the same time about the procedure n recovery. Im very grateful my partner is very supportive, he's happy with the way I am now n said he will support me with my decision, he said "do whatever makes u happy" and he is willing to baby me while I'm recovering ????
I work full time as a beautician and I can only take 10 days off work after my op, not really sure if I will be well enough to go back to work on time?
The following are a list of question that I would like u lovely ladies to contribute from your experience n thoughts. Many thanks

- have I made the right decision by going for 350cc to achieve a full C or D cup?
- how long is the recovery before I can function properly?
-any special diet or supplements I should have to speed up recovery?
- should I get ice pack to help with the swelling?
- any tips that u guys think that will help with recovery?
- sleeping position?
- how long shell I wear a supportive sports bra for? As long as poss?

I will be very grateful if u ladies can give me some advice.

Many thanks


5 more sleeps to the big day.....

Went to my final pre-op assessment last Monday. The nurse filled in all my medical history, taken swaps, urine samples, blood pressure n paid for my treatment in full....etc. So there's no going back now, I will having new boobies in 5 days (14th November). I can't stop thinking about it and I'm getting very nervous.....hard to explain how I feel, a mixture of excitement but (excuse my language) I'm sh*tting myself!!!
also I have told my colleagues and friends that I'm having a BA as I don't see the point in lying. They will probably know when I'm recovered anyway...... Plus I'm not hurting anyone, I'm doing it for myself not for anyone else. Some people are quite negative about it n kept on asking "why?" "U look great as u are, why change yourself?" "Don't do it!" "u will regret it when ur older".....etc, plus some nasty judgemental comments too! Which really upsets me.... I don't think they understand how u feel about yourself is very important! my view is: we only live once, my time being on this planet is very short n I don't want to live the rest of my life being unhappy with myself when I can do something about it. Not having negative thinking or anything about death but Let's face it, no one is getting out of here alive so why not make the most of it while ur still here? I know there are risks n could potentially have complications but if I don't take the risk, I will be going to my grave (when God say times up) thinking "what if?" I don't want to regret not giving it a go.....Life is full of risks! There are so many accidents occurring everyday, u can't just hide in the house for the rest of ur life, hoping u don't get involve in a accident right? I'm not hurting no one and I'm paying for the treatment myself without asking anyone for financial help, so why am I being judge for doing something for myself?
Luckily, my partner n close friends are very supportive, plus all you lovely ladies reviews, comments and experience are very helpful, comforting n reassuring. This site actually keep me sane every time I'm having doubts. Thank you all for sharing ur experience to help people like me to over come the mental and emotional barriers! :) I hope my experience can help others too :)
Will keep u guys updated again soon. Hope u guys are all healing well xxx

All done! 7 hours post op.....

I'm glad to say my op went smoothly so far ladies :) 7 hours post op n I don't feel too bad :)
My partner took me in around 11:00am. All the staff were lovely n very reassuring as I was really nervous n scared about the op.....my surgeon, nurses and anaesthesits came to checked me over, drawn on my skin n got me changed into a surgical gown as I waited in my room with my partner in front of a TV. There was another person in front of me so I had to wait for an hour n half before my turn.
Around 3:45pm, nurse came and walked me to the operation room, lied me down n put the IV at the back of my hand. There were 2 other doctors n my surgeon in the room fiddling with drugs n needles at the same time, they all kept me distracted very well by chatting to me none stop, I was completely out within seconds! Did not feel a thing until I woke up with BOOBIE!!! :)
The nurse just came n topped up my pain med n took my gown n sports bra off to check on my dressing, jez.....the girls are massive!!! They are swollen n mahooosive!!!! The feel of having boobies is a bit strange, when the nurse took the sports bra off, it felt like my boobs were about to fall out.....
I'm happy with the experience so far, not actually as bad as I thought it would've been. Fingers cross I hope I will heal fast without too much pain n complications.
I Can't take any pics right now coz it hurts to move my arms so I will update some pics tomorrow ok. :)
I'm officially in my recovery now, I was so drugged up with all the drips n pain med I didn't really feel pain to be fair, it felt more like intense pressure n tightness on my chest which was bearable. I made a mistake by trying to sit up by myself, gosh the pain sent tears to my eyes!!! Please remember to get help if u guys wanna get in and out of bed or trying to sit up or down!!! (After the op) It really hurts! Almost felt like my chest muscles were ripping apart with a burning sensation. i know the reason why I'm not in too much pain ATM it's because I'm still drugged up with med, I should be discharge from the hospital tomorrow morning n I'm dreading recovering at home with less pain medication :(
My partner has been great, not only he took me to the hospital this morning, didn't leave my side til the op then he came straight down to recovery room as soon as the op was over. Helped the nurse escort me back to my room n sat with me for 3 hours, doing all the running around for me n made sure I was completely comfortable before he left.....he will be picking me up in the morning n baby me for the next 2 weeks while I'm recovering. I'm so lucky to have such a supportive n caring partner :)
I will upload some pics tomorrow n keep u guys updated :)
Happy healing everyone xxx

One day post op

Got the all clear from my surgeon. Just came home a few hours ago.....been keeping up with pain medication so the pain is still bearable but still feel very uncomfortable with the intense pressure on my chest. Sometimes I still accidentally hurt myself by not being aware of using my arms or chest muscles :(
Feeling tired, hopefully I can sleep tonight.
Just wondering if anyone know how to help ease off the swelling n pressured sensation on the breast? Sometimes I feel like I'm struggling to breath :(
Many thanks
Day 1 post op pictures are followed:

3 days post op

Notice the swelling has gone down slightly. Feels like my whole rib cage is badly bruised although there isn't any visual sign of bruising at all. Incision n lower breast still hurts with intense pressure :( been keeping up with pain med with occasional oral morphine to help with morning boobs n whenever pain is intense.
I'm using ice pack to help with swelling n pain which feels good but I've read something online that says "don't use ice pack after BA, because ice tense up muscles n it could slow down healing process!" ??? Ladies, anyone can tell me "ice or no ice?" Very confuse.....
I managed to shower the last couple of days but still need help getting dress, sitting up n getting in n out of bed is still a big struggle coz it hurts so much! I didn't realise as how much we use our chest muscles for small things in everyday life! I feel really useless n helpless not being able to do much at all.
My partner has been wonderful, he literally does everything for me! From cooking, making drinks, washing, helping me dress n undress, get me in n out of bed, shopping....etc I really can't ask for a better partner! Don't know what I'd do without him.....

6 days post op

Feeling a lot better today, I still have pain first thing in the morning n night time before I sleep the last couple of days so those are the only time I take pain med now n stay off the med during the day. My right boob feels good with not much trouble but my left still gets a lot of pain at the incision area in th morning n night time. It feels like something is ripping inside, burning sensation :(
Still feel quite a bit of pressure during the day, especially when I start walking....it feels like they are stretching so far out that they falling out! Hopefully that feeling will fade......

Hope u guys are healing well.

8 days post op

I had my one week post op check up yesterday. My surgeon took all the dressing n tape off to check the incision, he was very happy with my progress n said I'm healing well :) he put some new tape back on n said I don't need anymore waterproof dressing coz I can get my incision wet in shower now :) he also suggest that I should use cream to gently massage the incisions, apparently it helps healing....any suggestions if what scar scream to get?
Today is the first day that I don't have to take any pain med because I'm not really feeling pain anymore (only when I try to get out of bed hurts) n some pressure occasionally. Fingers cross I can stay off the med if my girls doesn't hurt anymore.
Still can lift or pull anything heavy tho, hopefully I will get bk to normal soon.....
Planning a holiday with my parnter for January, thinking of going to the Far East, maybe Thailand or Malaysia?! Somewhere hot with nice beaches :) something to look forward to.....
I know I'm a little impatient but does any of u lovely ladies knows how long would it take for the girlies to drop? They are still quite swollen n hard.....still feels like I have to big rock on my chest :(
In general, I'm doing well
Hope u guys are healing well too xxx

3 weeks post op

Hi ladies, time flies......it has been 3 weeks today since I had my BA and I'm feeling great. I still get random pain on my left incision occasionally n they only hurt when I'm cold! I think is because my chest muscle or something inside tense up when I feel cold so I get these nasty cramping pain on the lower boobs n incisions. My back still aches but slowly getting better. Apart from that I feel pretty good in general, I eat well, back to work, back to my social night outs at weekend :)
The girls have defo dropped abit compare to 2-3 weeks ago but I feel that they are still high, more dropping to do. They are still quite hard compare to normal boobs but they are starting to soften up a little so it's not too hard to touch anymore.
Also it seem to me as my left boob is bigger than my right? Can u guys see it? Or just me?
Been massaging the incision with cream everyday after shower, notice I can't feel my lower breast?! No sensation at all even when I rub cream on them????
I'm finally able to sleep on my sides, as well as flat on my back without pain, each day does get easier! I don't feel a big improvement everyday in terms of my recovery but definitely a bit better n easier everyday. :) I wasn't sure if I like them in the beginning but I'm starting to really like them now, I think is because I was in a lot of discomfort, pain, couldn't sleep properly n they were really swollen (looked n felt like 2 rocks stuck on my chest) I wasn't so keen on them, but now the swelling has gone down a bit n they feel softer to touch plus I'm not in pain anymore......I'm starting to really like them ???? Most ladies put on their reviews stating that they need to massage the boobs (implant) but I've been told by my doctor that I don't need to massage them?! The only place I need to use cream to massage is my incision. I'm so confuse? Massage or no massage?
Or is it to do with I had the texture implant? Anyone has any idea? Xx

7 weeks post op

Hi guys, it's been a while since I update on here, due to being super busy at work n Xmas period. Hope u guys all had a lovely Xmas :)
I'm 7 weeks out today, most things has pretty much gone back to normal since few weeks ago. I'm please to say that I have no more pain n don't feel pressure on my chest anymore :) they have dropped a bit n certainly feel softer to touch. i've started feeling like they are part of me now n most of the time I even forgotten they are there....lol the only time when I feel uncomfortable is when I attempt to jog or run!? It felt like as if they are bouncing too much n wanting to fall out :( think I need to get a tight n well support sports bra? Any suggestions ladies?
Hope u guys are healing well :) xxx

Dr cooper has been very professional and reassuring. Since he has years of experience with plastic surgeries, including people I know who had surgeries with him couldn't thank him enough. My experience of BA with mr copper has been fab. He was kind, reassuring, knowledgeable. Also staff from werndale hospital in Carmarthen was fantastic with me, I really can not fault the amount of attention n I care I had from the hospital! They literally looked after me and couldn't do enough for me the whole time I was there. Anyone who consider an BA, I will highly recommend mr mark cooper at werndale hospital in Wales.

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