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So, I have been stalking this site since around...

So, I have been stalking this site since around September 2015. Surgery scheduled for VSG 2/8/16. I have had trouble with my weight since the birth of my first child 15 yrs ago. I have managed to lose a great deal of weight after the birth of my first and second child and was already over weight before conceiving my last child. 3 c sections later, fibromyalgia, sciatica and the beginning stages of high blood pressure i am ready for a change. I am scheduled for surgery in 4 days and sticking to my high protein low carb pre op diet. Surprisingly it hasnt been to bad. The end result is what's driving me. I've been here way to long.

4 days post op vsg

So I had my surgery for my gastric sleeve on Monday 2/8/16. Coming out of surgery was extremely rough. The pain in my chest and back from the gas pumped into me to help the surgeon visualize better was no joke. The morphine didon't put a dentist in my pain. Once I got some dulaudid I felt much better and was able to rest and bit.
The next couple of days I couldn't keep any liquids down and even vomited up some residual blood. Once I passed gas I was much better and eventually was able to go home.
I am staying positive and still hoping the decision I made to have this procedure was for the best.

8 days post op

16 pounds down since the start of my pre op liquid diet. One week and 1 day post op.
The inches are leaving me and I'm getting excited.

20 pds down

20 pounds down since pre op diet 2/1 sleeve 2/8
Hw 236

17 days post op gastric sleeve

Over all feeling good. My scale says I'm down 22 pounds since 2/1. Im going to go with it because its accurate for everyone else in my household. I've managed to try a few new foods and last night I was able to have a little more clam chowder than I would have been able to get in at one time. I'm able to get in my size 12 jeans and I figure 5 more pounds and they will button themail way I like. Just fighting this cold feeling and fatigue I'm sure is from low iron.

Pics before and sleeve surgery

L pic 2 days post op, R pic 19 days post op

3 weeks 2 days post op

Hello. This week I am happy to report that I am able to eat a little bit more than the 1- 1.5 ounces I've been able to get in in prior weeks. Also, the gurgling sounds previously heard in my stomach when anything would hit it seems to have subsiding a whole lot. I could only imagine this to mean that the swelling in my pouch has decreased a lot. I am able to now get in at least 3 ounces at a time. I go for my post op appointment tomorrow morning and I am excited. I am extremely constipated despite the Miralax and prescription stool softener give me to me at the time of discharge. Despite that my scale says that I am 211. That would mean I am down 25 pounds since the start of my liquid diet 2/1. I am now pushing to get to at least 199 by 4/1. Wish me luck.

Losing inches

So, I was 5 weeks post op on monday. My scale says I'm down 31 pounds but again I weigh 4 pounds more at the doctor. Feeling great over all. Still get a little dizzy upon standing which I'm certain is due to lack of carbs. Struggling to eat very much but I'm not going to worry about it.
Start weight 236
Cw 205

Made it to onederland

Hit my first personal weight loss goal yesterday.
Hw 236

Trying to get to 186 by my birhday 5/2 .
I'm keeping to my protein and water and moving around walking a lot. Feeling good at 8 weeks post op tomorrow.

Probably a stall

Well I disn't make it to 186 by my 33rd birthday yesterday but I'm fine with that. I continue to lose inches and that's good enough for me. I know what I'm eating and not eating and how much. I'm not worried I am blessed.



So, I had been so darn tired for a few weeks now. Tired enough to knock me off my treadmill routine. It dawned on me that out of the million supplements I take daily that I was lacking calcium. What a difference 1 day makes. Started my calcium 2x daily and I already feel like a new person. It could be the power of suggestion but I doubt it. I was even feeling a little down in the dumps at times. Imy sure the feeling down has a lot more to do with the shift in hormones more than anything due to he rapid weight loss. I will have to wait and see. The other day I said that I hadn't made my weight loss goal of 186 but today I am 187. I will not complain. Was it the calcium? Possibly. Calcium adds in weight loss. If your missing it like i was please try and get it in.
Surgery 2/8/16

Losing inches

15 weeks post op. Losing inches and not mad about it.
Hw 236-240

16 weeks post op

16 weeks post op as of this past Monday. Had a month later post op with my surgeon yesterday and all of my labs looked great and he was extremely proud of my progress. I felt like i was hitting a little bit of a stall. I realized I Amy have needed to try harder to hit my protein goals of 90g a day and water goals of 64 Oz a day. I started doing both and it seems to be working.


Losing it

Hey everyone.
I am now 5 months post sleeve as of 7/8/16 and I am down 65 pounds. I haven't been this weight about 7 years. Feeling really good. Size 12 are getting lose and I'm wearing 11's and a few 10's. Life is good. I'm sticking with my protein and getting my fluids. Finishing up some classes for my new trade and networking. I'm felling really good and I am very thankful. I could not have done this without the sleeve. 20 pounds til I reach my comfortable weight and personal goal weight

75 pounds lighter!

Feeling really good. Making slow but steady progress. Still attending my support group once monthly and trying to keep up with my protein shakes.
Total weight lost 75 pounds

8 months post

So its crazy to me, I'm down to a size 8 and all the clothes I saved from years past are wayyy to big. The last time I was a size 8 wasn't eons ago. I've lost all my ass. I'm not mad at all at having noassatall. Lol. The crazy part is the last time I was here I had to weigh at least 148 to fit that size. I teetering between 160 and 165. That would mean 75 to 80 pounds lost in 8 months. I keep losing inches. The thing about this is I've learned to be content with being a size 10 or even 12. I'm okay with all of it but the scary part was or is I've stooped my protein shakes. Not even intinitonally. I ran out of powder and didn't reup. Long story short I was vibing in my car on Saturday and all of surround I felt weak and I thought my car was shaking. My arms and legs felt like briitle twigs and my visions began to fade. I felt clamy and all I could do was wave the cars behind me to carry on. I was really afraid. I had call my spouse in Korea to talk to me in case I passed out. I'd been feeling this way the entire week but not to this point. I'm pretty sure its hypoglycemia. I'm scheduling an appt with my PCM. I know I'm not eating enough. Anyone else felt this way this late post op? Please comment and share

8 months post vsg

Dr. Ricardo young

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