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Hi everyone I 38yrs old and have finally decided...

Hi everyone I 38yrs old and have finally decided to do something about my bite. I basically have one back tooth that meets and one front tooth that meets the rest never touch, this means I do all my chewing on my left side and because of that I have many fillings, root fillings and a crown as the poor left side takes all the load.

I don't believe I started out with this bite, yes my lower jaw is bigger and I would never have an overbite but when I was around 9/10 I had a large number of teeth taken out to make room for others? I also had a removable brace to push one incisor at the top out and I remember there being an extra layer down the sides so that I couldn't put my teeth together. I think this is where it all started to go edge to edge :(

I also had fixed braces around sixteen to correct the edge to edge bite, that was horrendous, fixed in bottom to bring teeth in and a metal wire behind my top teeth to push them out but I didn't wear the elastic a as I should of and didn't appreciate the free dental care you get in the uk, and being a teenager I was happy to get them off asap! I'm now paying the price! I also at 19yrs had a car accident where I clamped my teeth down on impact and of course having and edge to edge bite ended up cracking & breaking a few teeth.

Considering all that has happened to my poor knashers they don't look that bad! They are straight just a really bad bite!

My cost is £3000 British Pounds

Anyhow here I am in my first 24 hrs of having invisaline fitted! Ouch! I have loads of those little things on my front top teeth and a few either side of my bottom teeth, they don't bother me too much when the trays are not in and its not that bad to wear the liners, nothing compared to fixed braces that is painful till you get used to them but I do find it awful and painful to take the trays out and my teeth really ache when I first take it out and when I first put it back in.

I love food and cups of tea but due to what I have to go through I'm a three meals and down a cup of tea kinda girl now! :(

Anyway I would love to hear from you all with tips on how to get through life with invisaline!

I'm going out sat night!!! What am I going to do??!!!

Rachael xx

Ps I was told by my orthodontist not to clean the trays with toothpaste

1 Week update

Ok so I have had invisalines for a week now and I things have improved. I started off in pain, taking out was horrendous, I couldn't help but feel down at the thought of putting up with this for a minimum of 9 months, what kept me going was the thought was that I may loose weight due to the hassle it was to eat. However I have started binge eating :( I have to stop that, its like compensation for having to have a mouth of plastic - I deserve that cookie or the whole packet because I have a mouth of plastic & who knows when I can next eat.....I'm going on an all inclusive holiday in a week I will probably come back a stone heavier :(

I went out Sat night without the invisalines in, I didn't feel all that great because of having all the attachments to my top front teeth but no one noticed and considering I didn't have the trays in for about 7hrs it didn't ache too much to put back in.

The trays are now really easy to take out (I can do without looking now which helps with eating!!) and can just about put back in without looking too. My teeth don't ache at all to the point that I am wondering if this first set has done its job and its time to move onto the next lot a week early. My orthodontist said though that you will know when its time to move as there will be no gaps between your teeth and the trays, the tiny gaps are really only on my bottom teeth and top teeth where they will be moving the top down and the bottom up I think.

When I don't have the trays in my teeth have moved lots already, I now have just my left front tooth meeting and nothing else! Lovely! When I have the trays in I want to bite down i think because I have never had a proper bite and it feels good to be able to bite down on something, I have got into the habit of this but I am sure im not supposed to do this?

On fri I took my kids to a theme park and straight after the picnic they ran to go on a catapilla rollacosta ride before I had time to find a washroom and brush my teeth etc. I had to run after them and I wenton the ride thinking the entire time teeth will be rotting away!!!

I do have a lisp, I can hear it and people I am talking too have confirmed this! I was telling my kids of the other day and I could hear myself lisping and my kids wanted to laugh at me. Very hard to sound like super nanny when your lisping big time!

Those that I have told which is nearly everyone I speak to as I like to explain why I cant talk properly probably think why? My teeth are so straight why is she so vain that she needs to straighten them more? I have to explain my bite which is really bad and if I don't do something about it I will end up with false teeth in the future! EEEK!!!


Tray 8 of 14

Hi everyone! Well here I am still with my invisaline mouth and finally after eight trays my front teeth just about overlap my bottom teeth which means no more clanking! I also have two molars on my left side that now meet as opposed to one! It is slow progress but it is working.

As for eating now I just whip em out, eat and whip em back in! Not good I know! I also had a American Hard Gum session in the car on Saturday and very naughtily stuck them back in knowing my teeth would be rotting away but I was going to be back at home shortly. Why I didn't wait because the backs of my new tray 8's are now bright yellow! Not as bad as my friends neighbour who thought it ok to eat a curry meal with her trays in and ended up with green trays!!

Anyway just wanted to touch base, let you know Im still here and all is going well!


Finished trays but having some more!!

Well I got the my final tray, tray 14 in January. I went for my last dental appointment around two weeks ago all set for the removal of the bits they stick on your teeth. But after discussion with my dentist we both decided that though my bite is much improved I am still biting more on the left front of my teeth than on the right so more trays it is! Well I like to get my money's worth! I have only had invisaline since August so I am pretty lucky.

Re my theory of my bite I thought it was because of having to many teeth taken out when I was little, they used to do that to make room for other teeth??! Don't do it now thank goodness! My top jaw is smaller than by bottom so my bottom jaw as almost curved so that the back and front meet but the middle doesn't - it has bowed to fit in with my top jaw. Mother nature is amazing isn't it, how we adjust when things go wrong! LOL! Anyway I still don't have the perfect bite with regards to my molars meeting but it is somewhat improved and when I bite now my front teeth don't clank down, it is actually a pleasure to bite now!
So future plans are once I have completely finished treatment is to leave for six months to settle (hoping I can get them whitened in that time) then after six months look at having some teeth rebuilt at sides to try and get rid of the black corridor. Also my right too next to my front tooth looks small compared to my other teeth and the opposite one is a crown so I would like that sorting out.....not that I am vain or anything! :)

Will keep in touch!

Dr Frances Mackay

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